cjwatsonrobru: which series?00:16
robrucjwatson: we're trying to kick a touch image with vivid + overlay ppa00:16
cjwatsonrobru: running00:16
robrucjwatson: oh thanks00:16
cjwatsonstgraber: ^- you can stand down unless you want to work out why it's not on iso.qa :)00:16
cjwatson(so I'm told)00:17
robrucjwatson: isn't this something I'm supposed to be able to do? I used to.00:17
cjwatsonrobru: I'd have thought so00:17
cjwatsondamn, didn't run this in screen, oh well00:17
cjwatsonBTW I think for an urgent phone build it's fine to start SMSing people well before it's got to two hours after your first request here00:19
cjwatsonwell, 1.5 from when you said you were ready00:19
robrucjwatson: right that was rather disorganized00:21
robruof me00:21
cjwatsonI suspect the answer is that Vivid Daily should be unarchived again for this purpose, maybe00:24
cjwatsonyou can get to it by checking Archived at the left, but then there are no options to request a build there00:24
robrucjwatson: that's sort of what I was expecting to find.00:24
cjwatsonpresumably also because it's archived00:24
* cjwatson re-signs everything on cdimage with both old and new keys and pushes00:52
cjwatsonand I've updated https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto as well00:58
cjwatsonrobru: as luck would have it my ADSL connection died, but the build survived anyway; cdimage bit is done, should be into system-image shortly01:14
robrucjwatson: excellent, thanks!01:15
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apwcould i request that linux 4.2.0-18.22 and family be copied up from wily-updates to xenial-proposed please11:41
cjwatsonapw: you can do that yourself, copy permissions == upload permissions12:05
apwcjwatson, i guess i am used to the world where copies could mess up the overrides, but i think i remember infinity saying that was ok now ... so yes i should be able to12:06
cjwatsonapw: copy-package --from-suite wily-updates --to-suite xenial-proposed -b linux   # or some such12:06
apwcjwatson, i will go make it so12:06
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stgraberLaney: ^16:49
Laneythanks, one minute16:49
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stgraberslangasek: hey, looks like you did a copy-package run for google-cloud-sdk but forgot to accept them in the queue. utlemming then asked me to release them too, so we ended up with the same stuff twice :) I've accepted mine now and rejected yours.20:00
stgraberI usually spend 5 minutes remembering what args to pass to copy-package and then I pretty much always forget --auto-approve... :)20:01
infinityWhen I'm copying to stables, I often intentionally skip --auto-approve as a sanity check to make sure it hits the right queue.20:02
infinityBut then one has to remember to look and accept. :P20:03
stgraberyeah, I usually do a dry-run first to make sure I'm not accidently copying to the primary archive instead of partner (which is my usual fear when releasing utlemming's stuff) :)20:04
stgrabercopy-package lets you do some crazy stuff :)20:04
slangasekstgraber: bah.. sorry :)20:19

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