tewardis there an easy way to let my user run `sudo service bind9 restart` or `sudo service bind9 *` without having to enter my password?00:00
teward(where the * indicates any directive that would be passed to the init scripts)00:00
tewardinit.d scripts*00:01
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RoyKteward: visudo - add NOPASSWD for those commands you don't want to enter a password00:22
tewardRoyK: including the arguments?00:22
teward(such as the arguments given to 'service')00:22
RoyKteward: see the manual00:29
repozitori have successfully setup mail server, by this tutorial01:11
repozitornow i don't know how to login to mail account, using thunderbird!!!!01:11
repozitorany idea?01:11
AvatarAif you want to also send mail from that server your difficulties have only just begun01:24
repozitorAvatarA, so is there exist any tutorial?01:24
AvatarAvery few good ones but you need to understand what is happening if you want to be able to tweak and fix things01:25
repozitorAvatarA, just show me a proper url, please.01:26
AvatarAalso see the follow up on SPF and DKIM if you want to send mail without it ending up filtered in spam or just refused01:28
AvatarAalso search google for PTR records01:29
repozitori know how to setup ptr01:29
patdk-lapdo you have a /24?01:40
patdk-lapif not, ask your isp01:40
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caliculkHello, I seem to be having issues with a Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS instance. It seems to randomly shut off, there is no reason being as to why in syslog. I have ran memtest, fsck, and spinrite on the primary drives.05:50
caliculkI would really appreciate any help in trying to narrow down the problem. The most recent thing I did before it seemed to crash was to delete an ipset rule and then run a script to update it with the latest IPs, but I have done that before and it doesn't crash, so I don't think that was the contributing factor to the machine crashing.05:50
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rbasakteward: sounds perfectly reasonable.09:44
Raj009Hi! How can I check the encryption method used for a partition? Basically I want to know if a passphrase is used or random key is used for encryption.09:49
TJ-Raj009: if a random key is used that implies the encrypted partition won't be accessible after a reboot09:58
Raj009I intended to use random key for my swap. But not sure which partition I chose - whether root or swap.09:59
Raj009So can I assume that if I had used random key on root, I wouldn't be able to boot at all?10:00
TJ-Raj009: did you do the encrpytion config manaully or via the installer? if it was automated the config will be in /etc/crypttab10:00
Raj009it was done via the installer, but I did not use the guided paritioning - instead I chose the manual parititioning10:00
TJ-cryptswap usually uses /dev/random to generate a one-time key, and that would be in the 'key-file' column of /etc/crypttab10:01
Raj009thanks @TJ.. I will check this file.10:09
jamespagecoreycb, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ceilometer/+bug/151540910:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1515409 in ceilometer (Ubuntu Vivid) "swift proxy with ceilometer pipeline fails to start version conflict" [Critical,Triaged]10:13
jamespagecoreycb, we probably need to consider how we deal with that - both ceilometerclient and neutronclient have minor version bumped on stable/kilo branches; the problem is that all of our stock testing passes just fine - until someone touches an edge case like that we don't see this type of problem.10:37
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coreycbjamespage, great12:58
coreycbjamespage, I'm not sure what we can do other than picking up new releases12:59
coreycbjamespage, I suppose we might be able to get away with patching requirements.txt12:59
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ayr-tonIf I use bind9 geo dns features, placing different IPs for each region, users around the globe will ask records from my DNS servers everytime? Or the DNS servers around the globe would cache this information according to my lease time?15:59
patdk-wkwhy would dns servers not process dns traffic correctly?16:05
patdk-wkthough, you should perfer the infomation to be cached, unless your attempt to do some kind of failover usage16:05
patdk-wkand the geo dns feature does not work very well16:06
patdk-wkit only works if the user and the dns server they are using, are closely located16:06
ayr-tonpatdk-wk: Do you have some documentation for this? About this behaviour?16:10
ayr-tonshowing that doesn't work well if the dns server are not close?16:10
ayr-tonOr why the feature doesn't work very well?16:10
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patdk-wkheh? documentation?16:18
patdk-wkwhat more documentation about this behavure do you need than the dns rfc from like 30 years ago16:18
patdk-wkyour dns server ONLY sees the location of the requesting dns server16:19
patdk-wkyou have no idea where the client is16:19
patdk-wkhow can you possibly geoip a client correctly, assuming your geoip tables are accurate if you have no idea where it is?16:19
patdk-wkyou can assume the client and the dns server it is using is close, but there is no way to know16:19
patdk-wkif this worked, and worked well, no one would bother attempting to do anycasted services16:20
patdk-wkanycasted dns will work better then geoip dns, but still have some of the issues16:20
patdk-wkif you attempting to route traffic16:20
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hallynsmb`: bug 1465935, there isn't a testcase (no sru justification at all) in description?18:46
ubottubug 1465935 in QEMU "kvm_irqchip_commit_routes: Assertion `ret == 0' failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146593518:46
hallynarges: d'oh!  i am so far behind.  I didn't realize you had already merged libvirt from unstable in wily!19:15
hallyni assume zul wasn't as ignorant as i..19:15
hallynso i will not do a upstream merge, that would be a step backwrad.19:15
hallynthanks for that!19:15
argeshallyn: yea did it for wily not x19:26
hallynarges: ?  it says wily in changelog19:29
hallyn1.2.16-2ubuntu2) wily;19:30
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argeshallyn: sorry just agreeing with your earlier statement19:42
hallyndoh, misread19:51
kgirthofer_can I grep by color?19:52
kgirthofer_i.e. grep things that are shown in red19:52
sarnoldkgirthofer_: it'll be a little difficult, there's multiple ways to express 'red' in ansi color escapes19:57
kgirthofer_ah ok19:57
kgirthofer_makes sense19:57
sarnoldkgirthofer_: try this: grep "\e[31"19:58
sarnold(I stole the thing from http://misc.flogisoft.com/bash/tip_colors_and_formatting )19:58
sarnoldif that doesn't work, it might be because of the <esc> encoding.. ^V<esc> should insert a raw escape into a command line, so something like grep ^V<esc>[31   ought to do it too, but that probably can't be copy-pasted, is hard to work into scripts, etc.20:00
bryn__ I keep getting permission denied everywhere on my server. From opening text files to creating a directory. How do I change to permissions so that I can access the whole project file on the server?21:57
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keithzgbryn__: If it's just a specific folder, you can always go "sudo chmod -R go+rw foldername". That will change it so that all members of the owning group (hence "g") and also *all other users anyways* (that's the "o") gain ("+") read and write ("rw") permission to that folder, and all its contents recursively ("-R").22:08
keithzgBe *very careful* with this though because you're making it so that any user can write to any file in that hierarchy.22:09
bryn__Hey, thanks for the reply, can you check this: http://pastebin.com/uij4YWGa22:09
keithzgbryn__: Looks like your sudoers file is messed up. Did you try and change it at some point?22:10
ikoniaI suspect it's more than the sudoers file22:10
ikoniabased on what he's saying in #ubuntu22:10
bryn__Over 100 people working on this server, most likely.22:10
ikoniabryn__: talk to your systems administrator22:11
keithzgikonia: Fair enough, not on #ubuntu right now; I'll bow out then :)22:11
bryn__I am the sysadmin22:11
ikoniathere is a lot of information not being shared22:11
ikoniabryn__: impossible22:11
ikoniabryn__: hire a professional system to recover this server properly22:11
bryn__I prefer Google22:11
ikoniaand thats why your server is broke22:12
ikoniaand why you don't know how to change file system permissions22:12
bryn__I'm learning22:12
ikoniaclearly not22:12
bryn__learning through failure22:12
keithzgYeah frankly if you're the sysadmin of a server with over 100 users and you don't know something as basic as that, you need to hand the keys to the kingdom over to someone else until you learn a LOT more.22:12
ikoniaI suspect your server will have problems that will start to grow with time as more files in /etc are parsed22:12
keithzgPlay around with a VM first, with snapshots you can revert to when you screw up, if you're determined to learn by breaking things22:13
bryn__I'm trying this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=177259922:14
ikoniado not try anything else22:14
ikoniayou will make things a lot worse and potentially stop 100 people22:14
ikoniacontact/hire a professional sysadmin for a recovery / re-install with data transfer job22:14
bryn__I call you22:15
bryn__it worked now, using that link22:16
ikoniaas I said, based on what you've said, I suspect a lot more has been changed in /etc22:16
ikoniaand your server will have more problems22:16
* keithzg figures bryn__ is just trolling at this point22:17
ikoniaI also don't think you're being honest22:17
ikoniaas gksu woudn't be on your distro or present on a server install22:17
bryn__I installed it. The permissions like good for now.22:18
keithzgikonia: Eh, now *that* I wouldn't be so sure of. Anyone who'd hire this guy as a sysadmin---if we believe that part---may well install a desktop version of Ubuntu!22:18
ikoniahe couldn't use sudo - but he managed to install gksu22:18
keithzgYeah, I'll definitely agree things weren't adding up.22:18
ikoniathe whole thing in #ubuntu was miss-direction22:19
bryn__Someone remove admin rights from Ikonia he is trolling and banning me for no reason.22:23
bryn__This is completely unfair22:23
bekksbryn__: *plonk*22:23
bryn__Im having technical issues and because im learning and new to this stuff he kicks me.22:24
ikoniaI'll remove the ban on you22:24
bryn__Everyone starts somewhere buddy. What is wrong with you?22:24
ikoniaI don't believe you are being honest22:25
ikoniawin 722:25
ikoniaI don't have a problem with everyone starting somewhere22:25
bryn__I am being as honest as possible and you were right. I just tested sudo and it did not work, i was under the assumption i was using sudo but I did not check again.22:25
ikoniaand it did not work22:26
ikoniayou said a minute ago it did work22:26
ikoniafunny that22:26
ikoniaand you said you installed gksu using sudo22:26
bryn__I thought I had because i was able to access some files, but they were outside the "etc"22:26
ikoniahow did you install gksu without sudo22:26
bryn__I thought I had, sorry.22:27
ikoniano you didn't think you had22:27
ikoniaas if you type gksu and it's not there it will tell you it's not there22:27
ikoniayou said you tried that ubuntu thread, install gksu - ran the command and it worked22:27
ikoniawhat's really going on here ?22:28
bryn__I just told you I thought i had, but you are right now that I try it it says that UI error.22:28
ikoniahow did you think you had installed it22:28
ikoniawhat command did you use to install it ?22:28
keithzgbryn__: If you really are the sysadmin of this, to even start to fix things you'll be best off rebooting the system into recovery mode. If you aren't able to do that, then frankly you clearly don't have valid access to the machine in question...22:29
bryn__I'm in a rush and trying to solve this ASAP, i clearly missed it, and proceeded with the other stuff.22:29
bryn__I tried this: sudo apt-get install gksu22:29
ikoniabryn__: so that command would have errored22:29
ikoniaso thats problem one22:29
ikoniathe second command you run to launch gksu22:30
ikonia"gksu" would have complained that the command wasn't there22:30
ikoniaso how did you tell me you had installed gksu, ran the command in the forum post and it had worked22:30
ikoniawhen a.) it's clear gksu did not install b.) it's clear gksu did not work as it wasn't installed22:30
ikoniaI strongly suggest you hire someone to get your system in a production state, then take some lessons on the basics of learning linux,22:31
bryn__The only option is a server reset, yeah?22:31
ikoniaI'll leave you to your own work as I'm not comfortable that you are telling the truth22:32
bryn__Could you unban me from the Ubuntu please22:32
ikoniayou are22:32
ikoniaalthough I'd suggest you keep it in this channel22:32
ikoniaas this is the channel for server discussion22:32
bryn__Thanks, yeah - I will. Thanks for your feedback also, but a little harsh on that previous ban.22:33
ikoniabut as I said, I don't believe you are being honest22:33
bekksI guess the /etc/sudoers not being owned by UID 0 is a clear sign of a totally broken system.22:33
bryn__I believe it is22:34
bryn__I will my a** kicked tomorrow22:34
sarnoldhint: _always_ use visudo when you're modifying the /etc/sudoers file. infact forget the name entirely, pretend the only way to work with the file is via visudo.22:34
bekksbryn__: Soyou messed up the server like that?22:35
bryn__I tried changing permissions for a directory and ended up getting UID 0 error.22:35
bekksSo what was the command you issued?22:36
bryn__sudo chown -R jesus: /var/www22:36
bekksThat command will not touch /etc/sudoers22:36
bryn__Yeah that, and other that touched the whole server directory22:37
bekksWhich other command?22:37
bryn__Don't remember exactly, but sudo chown -R jesus: /jesus22:38
bekksThat command will not touch /etc/sudoers either.22:38
bryn__etc is within "jesus"22:38
bekks /etc/sudoers is clearly outside of /jesus22:39
sarnolddid you symlink /etc to someplace within /jesus???22:39
ikoniayou can't symlink etc22:39
ikoniathe machine won't boot22:39
sarnoldor .. mistype the command sudo chown -R jesus: / jesus   perhaps?22:39
sarnoldsure, but it'll keep running "fine"22:39
bekksikonia: you could create a symlink TO /etc/sudoers in /jesus22:39
ikoniabekks: that is fair22:39
bryn__"jesus" is the root. Its the "/" where everything exists within22:39
Jordan_Ubryn__: Please pastebin the output of "history | grep chown", which should tell us all of the commands you have run (at least within this particular shell session) that include "chown" in them.22:39
bekksbryn__: / is the root.22:40
ikoniajesus is not the root22:40
bekksbryn__: /jesus is a directory under /22:40
bryn__Yeah I didn't remember exact, I thought jesus was root22:40
bryn__Now I recall I did do sudo ... /22:41
ikoniayour a sysadmin on a server with 100+ users and you don't know where the root file system is22:41
ikoniathis is a huge concern22:41
bryn__I feel the same22:41
bekksIts quite unresponsible of his boss.22:41
ikoniaI don't believe it to be honest22:41
bekksme neither.22:41
bekksAnd we stell got no pastebin of "history | grep chown".22:42
bryn__It isn't a "business" so its nothing to seriously worry about.22:42
sarnoldikonia: I dunno, seems about average experience level of the usual "I want to set up a minecraft server" admin :)22:42
patdk-lapI want to setup a wordpress server22:43
bryn__bekks I did history | grep chow22:44
bekksbryn__: Pastebin it.22:44
bekksbryn__: Do not pm that to me. Pastebin it and provide the URL to your pastebin.22:46
bryn__Honestly, I did the command, but can't see any list of commands used.22:46
bekksPastebin the output.22:47
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:47
bekksWhy do we have to ask you 5 times for getting a pastebin.22:47
ikoniawhy is the sudo command for the install of gksu not there22:48
ikoniaor the running of gksu ?22:48
bekksBecause he is not honest.22:48
bekksI am out of this issue.22:49
ikoniayou'd see the history command too22:49
bryn__It doesn't matter though, since sudo isnt installed. It wouldn't work22:49
ikoniathe fact tha tthe lines jump from 109 to 121 shows it's being edited22:49
ikoniabryn__: it does matter22:50
ikoniaas it's something you said you did22:50
ikoniaand yet for some reason it's not logging commands22:50
ikoniajust 2 commands with random numbers22:50
sarnoldbryn__: sudo _is_ installed, you just broke it with something you did.22:50
ikoniabryn__: did you edit the pastebin to not show all commands ?22:51
bryn__I am very new to this. I am not sure what I am looking at in terms of commands and such with terminals.22:51
bryn__That's the exact copy paste22:51
ikoniabryn__: did you edit the pastebin ?22:51
Jordan_Uikonia: It's expected that the number as part of the history would jump. I asked them to use grep, which will filter out other commands with other numbers.22:51
ikoniaso your history starts at 109, rahter than 0, misses out 110-120 and shows 12122:52
ikoniaJordan_U: idiot - I missed the grep, thank you22:52
sarnoldbecause the two spaces in front of '121' got there _somehow_, and the easiest explanation is that you fiddled with the output..22:52
bryn__I didn't fiddle with the output nor do I have ambitions to do so22:52
Jordan_Uikonia: You're welcome.22:52
ikoniaJordan_U: my fault toally, good spot22:52
bryn__What grep?22:53
bekksthe one you typed.22:53
ikoniait filters results22:53
Jordan_UUnfortunately without histappend (which I think should be the default in bash, or at least some better solution) we can't be sure that all commands (even recent ones) are reflected in the history.22:54
ikoniacertainly default on an ubuntu install22:54
patdk-lapnot on any of my installs using ubuntu defaults22:55
bryn__I'm just going to reset the server tomorrow. But I have a question, I shoudn't get permission errors on a fresh install right?22:55
ikoniapatdk-lap: got it on a 14.04 install here22:55
patdk-lapnone of mine, but then I only do jeos installs22:55
sarnoldbryn__: it depends what operations you're trying to perform.22:55
bryn__creating new directories in the var/www and editing etc/couchdb22:56
Jordan_Ubryn__: By "reset" do you mean re-install, restore from backup, or something else?22:56
bryn__I have a snapshot22:57
ikoniahow did you snapshot ?22:57
bekksSnapshot? Isnt that a physical server?22:57
bekksSo it is a virtual machine?22:58
bryn__I don't know22:58
bekksThen how did you snapshot?22:58
thebwtlvm snapshot?22:58
bryn__A colleague is taking care of that part22:58
bryn__So I have no clue22:58
Jordan_Ubryn__: Is that colleague also taking care of restoring based on that snapshot?22:59
bekksSo get your hands off that machine and leave the rest to him :)22:59
bryn__He's like me :)23:00
bekksThen hire someone who isnt.23:00
bryn__But we don't want any help from hiring people,23:01
bryn__Since its a fiddle n' diddle thing23:02
bekksSo he broke the production server, and knows he'll have to tell his boss, very soon.23:04
sarnolddefinitely the kinds of learning mistakes best made on a personal system :)23:05
ikoniasorry but I don't believe almost any of it23:06
bekksI'm just sure he broke something :)23:06
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