mcphailHario: I think wakelocks are disabled by design00:09
Hariowhy? may i ask00:10
Hariothey can be useful00:11
mcphailHario: battery saving. Everything gets suspended or killed00:13
mcphailHario: I think the logterm goal is to expose similar functions through frameworks00:14
Harioyeah, but say, i want to make download manager or torrent app00:14
Harioit kills the doesnloads00:15
mcphailHario: yep. You're supposed to use the frameworks for that00:15
Harioso, is currently not possible?00:15
mcphailHario: not without using the framework, or an exploit00:16
Hariois the framework documented?00:16
mcphailHario: yes, I think so. I haven't used it myself00:16
mcphailHario: alternatively, you can use an exploit. I have a syncthing app on the store which doesn't spawn a GUI, so is not controlled by lifecycle management. It is an exploit which will be closed "soon", but still worked when I last checked. Not very user friendly, though00:20
Hariocould it be used for torrents?00:22
Hariothe framework00:22
Hariowait, you said you haven'r used it00:22
mcphailHario: I don't think the framework would work for torrents00:22
mcphailHario: I don't hink a background torrent app would work without the exploit I described00:23
Hariomcphail: mmm, is the syncthing app open source? i'd like to look at the exploit, probably won't use it anyway, just a bit curious00:34
mcphailHario: just download the .click file and unzip it. I've just wrapped the upstream syncthing binary - https://uappexplorer.com/app/syncthing.njmcphail00:36
mcphailactually, not sure if you can download directly from there. Sure there is a way, though...00:37
Harioyeah, can't download00:38
mcphailHario: one moment - I have a tarball somewhere00:40
mcphailHario: http://themcphails.uk/stc.tar.bz200:46
Hariooh thanks00:46
mcphailHario: basically, it is just a shell script to start the service00:47
Harioso, bash scripts are not suspended?00:49
mcphailHario: not if they don't create a GUI00:49
mcphailHario: but bash scripts need to pack lot of things along with them as they don't have access to all the usual utilities. You'll see I had to pack "sed" in the package00:50
mcphailHario: but expect the hole to be closed "soon"00:53
mcphailanyway, bedtime here. goodnight00:58
Hariogood night01:06
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Vijay_Ubuntu touch on nexus 7 201202:46
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moegyihey guys04:41
moegyinice to meet you all04:41
moegyii want to install ubuntu os on my phone04:42
moegyilet me learn from you04:42
moegyiwhat's it i need to install ?04:42
moegyinice to meet you04:49
JMDHi, first you need a machine running ubuntu, even a virtual machine05:15
JMDAnd a compatible device, I use a Nexus 405:16
JMDIt's all here: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/05:17
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dholbachgood morning07:28
zzarrHello! Ohh... I'm so looking forward to OTA-8 :-)08:06
pstolowskiSaviq, hey, have you seen https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/1494889 ? it has been targeted for ota9 and assigned to alecu. i think it's all on unity8 side though; for us it will be just doc update08:28
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1494889 in Canonical System Image "Play movies directly from Scope" [Wishlist,Confirmed]08:28
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Thursday, and happy Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day! 😃10:12
drwdHello anyone on here? I have a question about wifi and hexadecimal key.10:24
ramsesHDHello. is there any working SIP client on Ubuntu Touch?10:28
alexforsalei got this in my dmesg: unity-system-co: page allocation failure: order:0, mode:0xd0 http://paste.ubuntu.com/13237531/ anybody knows what it means?10:42
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vishnudevguys anyone got answer for this ?12:46
vishnudevI've executed make -j612:46
vishnudevand it was success full12:46
sloIs it possible to get the OTA-7 installed on the Meizu MX4?12:49
sloI can't seem to get it from the About->Updates12:50
ogra_slo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes/OTA-7 if you use the stable channel you should automatically have it12:51
jgdxslo, r6 is OTA712:51
sloIm on r412:52
ogra_and you are on the stable channel ?12:52
sloI think so, its all original12:53
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sloyuep, stable/meizu.en13:01
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ahayzenHi, I've noticed that if my phone is trying to connect to eduroam and is failing/in progress, and then I move away from the hotspot (eg on a bus) it still appears in the list like its still connecting and no network works until i switch WiFi off and on again, has anyone else had this before?13:10
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mardytvoss: I've to confess that I'm quite lost in the code14:08
tvossmardy, hangout?14:08
tvossmardy, or better: gimme 30 until I have stabilized my wifi connection14:09
mardytvoss: I'm in a café for 1-2 hours14:09
tvossmardy, so no ho for you?14:09
mardytvoss: nah... maybe we can talk here in IRC; I guess the source of the confusion is the many files around:14:10
mcphailahayzen: yes14:10
mardytvoss: I spot a pattern with a class having {skeleton,stub,implementation}.cpp files, but I'm not sure of their roles14:10
tvossmardy, so you have got an interface in general (in include), then you have a stub for the client side, and a skeleton for the service side14:11
tvossstub and skeleton take care of handling communication, nothing more14:11
tvossthe interesting bits are all in implementation.cpp14:12
mardytvoss: skeleton is for D-Bus?14:12
tvossyup, so is stub14:12
ahayzenmcphail, yes to the wifi issue? if so do you know if there is a bug tracking it?14:12
mcphailahayzen: I was waiting to see if the dbus wifi bug fixed it before filing one14:13
ahayzenmcphail, i'm on the latest rc-proposed, are there silo's still to land?14:13
mcphailahayzen: not sure. There was a fix in a silo which was _about_ to be landed a day or 2 ago14:14
ahayzenhmm, it might not be fixed then :-/14:14
mcphail bug 148087714:14
ubot5bug 1480877 in Canonical System Image "Access points' "PropertiesChanged" dbus signals freeze UI on mobile devices" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148087714:14
ahayzenmcphail, note this is not when going out of range of one that you have *connected* to...14:15
mcphailahayzen: bug was already marked as "fix released" before ota-7, but it was only a partial fix14:15
mardytvoss: mmm... so libubuntu-location-service is to be used both by the client and the service?14:15
ahayzenmcphail, this is specifically if it is failing to connect but still trying14:15
tvossmardy, yup14:15
ahayzenmcphail, and then you go out of range, then it seems to just keep trying even though its not there14:15
mardytvoss: ok, so I can ignore the stubs as long as I work on the service only14:16
tvossmardy, yup14:16
mcphailahayzen: mine doesn't even try to connect to eduroam (as i don't have access to it anyway), but it stays on my wifi access point list even when I leave and i sometimes struggle to get connected to my home wifi without switching off/on14:16
ahayzenmcphail, well that the trimming of the list seems to be fixed14:16
mcphailahayzen: I can't run rc-proposed 9as I need phone for work) but I'll let you know if I still get the problem after the next OTA14:18
ahayzenmcphail, yeah, i'll continue playing about :-) maybe there are still some bits to land14:18
mcphailahayzen: to be honest, i keep the wifi switched off when I leave the house now due to the bug mentioned above14:18
ahayzenyeah but i want it to disconnect from eduroam and connect to the bus :')14:19
* mcphail wonders which circle of hell networkmanager inhabits14:20
mcphailahayzen: interesting thing is a lot of people who had the dbus bug had it when near eduroam access points as well. Don't know if it is a simple coincidence14:21
mcphailI suppose eduroam access points are very common14:21
ogra_mcphail, you'll have to ask one of the dark priests like awe or cyphermox14:21
ahayzenwhen you are on a university campus or university town yes they are :-)14:21
ogra_they can tell you what to sacrifice to reach which circle of hell to fix NM14:22
* awe doesn't know whether to be offended by the work "dark" or the word "priest". ;D14:22
mcphailawe: if you are going to be one, you're as well also being the other14:22
awemcphail, which "dbus bug"14:22
awemcphail, ;/14:22
mcphail bug 148087714:22
ubot5bug 1480877 in Canonical System Image "Access points' "PropertiesChanged" dbus signals freeze UI on mobile devices" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148087714:22
awemcphail, I've been working on it for close to 2 weeks14:23
awewe're pretty sure we understand the underlying cause(s)14:23
awebut we're still working on fixing it ( in at least two places )14:23
mcphailawe: I was hearing one of the current silos has a near-fix14:23
awenot quite yet14:23
mcphailawe: when you get it fixed, I will buy you a pint14:23
aweso the basic cause is that  we have multiple system daemons that are endlessly added DBus match rules to watch NM signals14:24
ahayzenawe, i seem to have an issue where, for certain eduroam connections it won't connect so it keeps spinning, then when you move out of range of the access point it still tries to connect to it and blocks other connections (cellular data) until i flip wifi off/on again14:24
aweand these processes never cleanup these rules when the APs go away14:24
aweahayzen, that's a different issue14:24
ahayzenawe, is that report somewhere?14:25
ahayzenor do i need to make a new bug?14:25
awenot that I'm aware of14:25
* mcphail needs to put down his sandwich and get back to work14:25
aweI would suggest filing a new bug, however until we fix this perf problem14:25
aweit won't see much attention14:25
ahayzenawe, cool, against network-manager (ubuntu) or indicator-network (ubuntu) .. or?14:26
awemcphail, also in vivid, the per process match rule limit was increased from 51214:26
aweto 5k14:26
awewhich means if you have 8 process all adding AccessPoint object match rules14:26
aweand they all max out14:26
awethe dbus daemon could have ~40k match rules to consider for each message sent on the bus14:27
aweone source is code in loc services, the other appears to be in Qt14:27
ogra_why do we allow match rules at all ?14:27
aweit's a fundemental dbus mechanism14:27
aweit doesn't work without them14:27
ogra_instead of having a proxy process that handles matching once14:28
aweread the spec dude14:28
ogra_pfft specs ... :P14:28
awebasically this is how process (a) says... I want to see signals from process (b)14:28
ogra_right, but if you flood the bus having a proxy would be better14:28
tvossogra_, the bus is the proxy14:29
ogra_so you match once and notify the other listeners instead14:29
ogra_tvoss, yeah, but thats bad design if you can hog it by to many requests14:29
tvossogra_, how would the proxy know about the listeners? ;)14:29
tvossogra_, not debating that, pub-sub is just difficult in these scenarios14:30
ogra_well, the listeners would have to register with the proxy instead of listening directly on the bus14:30
tvossogra_, so that only moves the problem14:31
ogra_it moves it out of the global bus though ... wheer you have other stuff going on that you dont want to slow down14:31
tvossogra_, sure, it does not solve the underlying problem, though14:32
ogra_it cleans up traffic14:33
tvosson one bus, by migrating it to another14:33
ogra_well, i should have said it splits the traffic ... but indeed you are right14:34
tvossat any rate, nothing we can do about the design right now, it is what it is14:34
* ogra_ wonders how that design will work with kdbus ... will we saturate the kernel eventually ? :)14:36
tvossiirc, the match rule matching leverages a bloom filter to speed up14:37
tvossavoiding the O(n) iteration in a lot of cases14:37
tvossnot all of them, though14:37
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mardytvoss: would you mind a very quick look? https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/location-service/last-known-position/+merge/27735815:01
tvossmardy, in 10, finishing an iteration on the trust-store MP15:01
mardytvoss: it's the dumb implementation with no accuracy reduction, but I'd like to know if the logic is correct (and in the correct place)15:02
mardyI only verified that it builds :-)15:02
tvossmardy, ack15:02
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aweogra_, we have bugs in our high level dbus bindings that are causing the issue(s)15:11
awein theory, this kind of thing shouldn't happen15:11
awebut dbus offeres a lot of rope15:11
aweand in this case15:11
awewe've tied ourselves into knots15:12
aweso yea, kdbus would choke too15:12
ogra_heh, fun15:12
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tvossmardy, yup, that looks good15:47
tvossmardy, but please avoid &15:47
tvossmardy, you want a weak_ptr in this specific case, to avoid keeping the session instance alive15:48
mardytvoss: OK, thanks15:50
tvossmardy, also updated https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/trust-store/fix-1504022/+merge/277266 according to your comment15:50
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tvossmardy, hang on, need to push one other revision15:54
tvossmardy, good to go15:56
mardytvoss: OK. BTW, why are you searching the filename as a substring, instead of adding ".desktop" and looking for a match?15:56
tvossmardy, that's essentially the same, isn't it?15:57
mardytvoss: actually, you are also comparing the name 338-343 of the diff, so my question is what are the lines 329-336 for15:59
tvossmardy, those mimick http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/ubuntu-system-settings/trunk/view/head:/plugins/security-privacy/trust-store-model.cpp#L94 following16:01
attenteElleo: hey, have you seen a maliit bug where tapping a key on the osk causes the character to appear twice in the pre-edit?16:08
Elleoattente: I've seen that on X11, haven't had a chance to dig into it though16:09
Elleoattente: is it happening on phone devices for you too?16:09
attenteElleo: no, just X11. i tried checking out an older source tree, but it still exists. so i'm thinking maybe it's an ubuntu-keyboard plugin bug16:10
Elleoattente: yeah, quite possibly16:10
Elleoattente: might be something different in mouse handling to touch handling16:11
Elleoas I know we have our own custom touch area stuff for handling multitouch16:11
Elleoso could be something goes wrong there with mice with respect to press/release16:11
attenteElleo: ok, thanks for the tips. i'll investigate further16:11
Elleoattente: cool, let me know what you find16:12
attentewill do16:12
jdstrandmzanetti: hey, curious. I setup my authenticator for use with github and it seems to work fine, but when I open authenticator, the github account has a timer and keeps cycling through. I guess this is intended?16:23
mzanettijdstrand, heh, yes16:23
mzanettijdstrand, there are 2 ways for OTP, HOTP (as sso.ubuntu.com) or TOTP (like github)16:24
mzanettione is counter based, the other time interval based16:24
mzanetti90% of services I know out there use TOTP16:24
mzanettiin face sso.ubuntu.com is the only one I have that uses HOTP16:24
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jdstrandinteresting. thanks! :)16:25
mardytvoss: approved16:51
tvossmardy, ack and thx16:51
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jaywinkhey all. anyone got any tips on how to proceed with an aquaris 4.5 stuck on boot on the bq logo on white background? this happened when rebooting on flashing the ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/krillin.en-proposed -channel. any other options to get into recovery than waiting for the battery to end?18:20
lotuspsychjejaywink: why did you use the image instead of factory reset?18:22
jaywinklotuspsychje, I just wanted to try the bleeding edge stuff, not do a reset to stable18:23
jaywink(yes I know the risks :))18:23
lotuspsychjeok np just asking18:24
jaywinkok it seems holding power for a looooooooooong time booted. didn't just try long enough. booting to recovery now, hope that works ;)18:25
lotuspsychjejaywink: idle here if you cant get it fixxed18:28
lotuspsychjejaywink: devs will wake up at other times for sure18:28
jaywinksure thanks. just flashing a ubuntu-touch/devel/krillin.en in fastboot18:29
jaywinkOK I guess the problem was this in both flashes (last one failed too): Failed to enter Recovery  .. found this AU: http://askubuntu.com/questions/602035/how-do-i-use-ubuntu-device-flash-with-the-bq-aquaris-e4-5-and-aquaris-e5  ... if a recovery image is always needed for production phones (it's installing now once I tried with that), should probably say that in https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/installing-18:40
jaywinkubuntu-for-devices/ page?18:40
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JanChow (not) to do mobile phone security... http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/11/everyone-blames-someone-else-as-classified-military-smartphones-lack-patches/19:05
ogra_what does make them "military" ? the camouflage rubber bumper `19:06
JanCogra_: an extra delay in pushing security fixes  :p19:06
ogra_ah :)19:06
JanCgoogle writes patch, sends them to manufacturer, manufacturer tests, sends to carrier, carrier tests, sends to DoD, DoD tests, patch gets deployed (several months after the vulnerability was published)19:08
JanCall that provided your phone isn't too old19:08
ogra_you think the DoD has carriers involved ?19:08
JanCogra_: apparently19:08
ogra_i mean ... that alone is already ... ummm ...19:09
JanCthey designed their own phone, then dropped the project when they discovered it would have been very outdated by release time and cost 4.5k / phone19:09
JanCso then they had to scramble to get other phones, and went to the carriers for that19:10
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sloOk, seems that now that Im on WiFi that I can update my phone...22:11
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