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dandraderltinkl, would you have time to review that https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/fallbackCursorNames/+merge/277288 (and related branches)?13:44
ltinkldandrader, yup sure, after I'm done with the new decos13:58
kgunndednick: just in case, you saw bug 151535614:03
ubot5bug 1515356 in Canonical System Image "After a boot the dash doesn't display until touched" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151535614:03
dednickkgunn: yeah.14:07
dandraderltinkl, ok, thanks. just make sure you claim them before you start (to signal you got them)14:13
ltinkldandrader, yup14:13
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mterrydandrader, we talked about a monitoring version of DDA, right?  Did we decide anything about its feasibility?  I'm going to start looking into that15:56
dandradermterry, well, DDA is getting moved to ubunut-ui-toolkit15:57
dandradermterry, let me find the branch....15:57
mterrydandrader, yeah I remember hearing that15:57
dandradermterry, this time it's actually happening :)15:58
dandradermterry, lp:~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/migrate_unity8_gestures15:58
dandradermterry, it's almost top-approved15:58
mterrydandrader, heh lots of reviewers15:59
dandradermterry, it's a lot of code15:59
mterrydandrader, so at a wild guess, this will make it harder for me to trick it into merely monitoring15:59
dandradermterry, let me recap: you want the application to respond normally to the drag from the bottom edge, and at the same time you want unity8 drawing something on top of it, following the gesture?16:05
mterrydandrader, basically yes (the drawing something on top of it will be instead, "fading something out as the drag progresses", but yeah16:06
dandradermterry, I guess for now we can modify unity8's DDA to have this "monitoring only" mode16:08
dandradermterry, and later, once untiy8 moves to uitk's SwipeArea, we propose that change to their code base16:09
dandradermterry, or, actually, propose the change and then move unity8 to use uitk SwipeArea16:09
mterrydandrader, I'll look into how complicated the change is16:10
dandradermterry, shouldn't be. but it may take a while as you haven't seem the code before16:10
mterrydandrader, yeah makes sense.  Good excuse to learn the code a bit  :)16:11
dandradermterry, and now that we know that we will have to move this change into uitk as well, extra care has to be taken on how to expose this in the public API16:11
mterrydandrader, yeah, I can't just add toplevel properties called "bool mikesMonitorMode: true"16:12
mterryBut first, lunch!  :)16:12
dandradermterry, I think what you have to do in this mode is the following16:13
dandradermterry, not regiter candidacy for touch ownership with the TouchRegistry16:13
dandradermterry, but instead just register yourself as a watcher straight away16:13
dandradermterry, and once you recognize the gesture, do not request ownership over it or grab the touch16:13
mterrydandrader, thanks!  will start looking there.  And bug you if I need a rosetta stone  :)16:15
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