rick_h__we having fun?00:53
_stink_3 kids bath and bed01:16
_stink_no. :P01:16
cmaloneyHeading to CHC01:40
Scary_Guyhey, on the off chance that any of you are near Allan Park and have extra thermal paste, I'm building a computer and don't have any02:03
Scary_Guyor if any of you know a computer store that keeps late late hours and doesn't charge a premium for it, that would be nice too02:05
cmaloneyWish I could help on both counts02:05
cmaloneyMicrocenter is the only place I can think of and they close at 10pm02:05
Scary_Guyshit, if I drive like crazy I might make it,  thought they closed at 9?02:06
cmaloneyTHought Best Buy had thermal paste at one point but haven't stepped foot in one in a while02:06
Scary_Guymaybe I can get my friend to get some02:06
cmaloneyChecking site02:06
Scary_Guythat's cool, no need, I have the interweb too02:07
cmaloneyDammit, you're right02:07
cmaloneythey're closed.02:07
Scary_Guythanks a ton02:07
Scary_Guyanyone here have jabber+otr?  I just got bitlbee working and no friends are online07:25
Scary_Guynever mind, he showed up08:37
cmaloneyMorning, btw.15:04

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