antonmonrings all04:32
pieter2627morning all05:04
magespawngood morning05:50
pieter2627hi magespawn06:01
pieter2627hi thatgraemeguy06:15
inetprogoeie dag mense08:11
antondag sĂȘ08:21
* Squirm lewks around08:59
Sxuzappl are quiet around here today09:07
SquirmSxuza: Seems like it09:35
magespawngood morning09:45
Kilosafternoon everyone10:24
magespawnhi there Kilos10:42
Kiloshi magespawn 10:49
magespawnwhats up Kilos?12:07
Kiloswhen im awake im trying to get online banking sorted and trying to get a three months statement fro absa12:08
Kiloswhat a schlep12:09
Kilosthey have some estatement thing but that will only show next month and i want a statement now12:10
Kiloswhats  up your side magespawn ?12:10
melodiewhat's up qwebirc80092 ? can you ask a question ? :D12:36
qwebirc80092Ah ha, there be life on the screen..... greets.12:36
melodieirl too ;)12:36
qwebirc80092I have no official login, new to IRC etc.12:37
melodiesure np12:37
melodiehow can I help you?12:37
qwebirc80092how come so many "lugs" are dead?12:37
magespawnHey Kilos, not much really, same old same old really, busy putting a printer back together after repairing one of the parts13:07
melodiehi Kilos Cryterion magespawn 13:17
magespawnhi melodie 13:18
melodieI didn't know a printer could be repaired13:18
magespawnsome parts can be, this was just a mechanical lever that when you close the printer door it operates a switch to let the printer know13:21
magespawnthat the door is closed13:22
magespawnmost people buy cheap printers, so it is often more cost effective to buy new ones13:22
magespawni have a habit of trying to repair equipment where i can, i do not like the throw away attitude that seems to be normal13:29
Kiloshi melodie 13:30
Kilosi have the same prob magespawn 13:30
Kiloshate throwing away stuff that can be repaired or use for spares for the next faulty thing13:31
melodiesame here, and I didn't imagine people in African countries throwing whatever item which can get fixed13:33
Kilosyeah we like to fix things13:36
Kilosalso money is tight for buying new stuff all the time13:37
melodiethis is why some people create alternative monies13:39
melodielocal money to help trading locally between the people13:39
magespawnchat later, home time for me13:55
Kilosgo safe magespawn 13:57
Squirmthatgraemeguy: 14:40
=== magespaw1 is now known as magespawn
magespawngood evening15:54
Kiloshi magespawn 17:53
Kilosevening other peeps too17:54
Kilosill be slow17:54
inetprohaai oom Kilos 17:56
Kiloshi inetpro 17:58
inetprohoekom jy stadig wil wees? 17:59
Kilosek skype my meisies17:59
inetproah, ek sien 18:02
inetproal is dit net met een oog wat nie meer mooi wil sien nie 18:02
melodiehi inetpro 18:04
inetproHi melodie, all still good there? 18:05
melodieinetpro yes thks!18:06
inetproall good thanks, just hot and tired after another busy day 18:06
melodieplease have a look here, and if you agree on the idea, please pass on the message around you:18:07
inetprowill check a bit later 18:08
inetpromelodie: hmm... interesting, but how do we address bandwidth waste at another level?18:19
melodieinetpro adress : we make bug reports against unnecessary depends?18:20
melodieI did one here:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+3.0/+bug/151070918:20
inetproall these autoplay videos on Facebook, YouTube and other solcial media :-)18:20
melodiejust today I finally found which package is the cause, I'll install debian netinstall in one of my laptops and build on it18:21
melodieinetpro we can't adress them all, however the social media often face greenpeace for that matter18:21
inetproand all these automatic updates of modern operating systems, a huge problem for us with the small pipes18:22
melodieyou mean Windows 7 for instance? 18:30
melodiebecause with Ubuntu (or other distros btw) you can set it up to your liking 18:30
inetpronot just windows, everyone seems to be guilty these days18:31
inetpromany updates are often not really necessary18:31
inetproAndroid is particularly bad as well18:31
inetproit's a tough problem when security issues need to be patched asap18:32
inetpropersonally I know how to deal with the issues and how to reduce bandwidth and all but most end users simply don't want to deal with it and live with the defaults18:35
melodiesecurity patches are one thing, icon themes and gtk themes are what I will be targetting for some days from now on18:35
* inetpro likes the idea to slim it down18:36
magespawni tend to have a look through what it wants to update and decide from there18:48
Kiloshot last couple of days hey inetpro 19:53
Kiloslooks like the big drought is here19:53
inetprobig time 20:08

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