smosercbolt, "it depends"01:26
smoserruncmd is executed via 'scripts-user'01:26
smoserruncmd is executed via a script named 'runcmd' that gets written into the 'scripts/per-instance' dir (/var/lib/cloud/instance/scripts/per-instance)01:27
smoserand then that dir is executed run-parts style, so C locale sorted.01:28
cboltty smoser01:40
mwaksmoser any update about the PR? https://code.launchpad.net/~edouardb/cloud-init/scaleway-datasource/+merge/27486114:16
smosermwak, so you 're ok that it wont be enabled by default, right?14:18
nilujesmoser: by default, you mean we'll need to update the cloud-init configuration file to add the scaleway provider?14:19
mwaksmoser: yes, no pb with that!14:20
nilujeso yep that's ok :)14:20
smoserbut really... i thikn you're the providers, right? look into exposing something in dmi. and then we can.14:21
smoserok. next thing.14:21
nilujesince we have no choice but doing a network resource, we'll make some documentation to ask to our users to do some configuration to use the provider14:21
smoseri run 'tox' on my system ehre, and your tests fail.14:21
* niluje retries14:21
smoseri think they end up timing out14:21
smoserrequests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool: INFO: Starting new HTTP connection (1):
smosercloudinit.sources.DataSourceScaleway: DEBUG: Trying to get user data (bind on port 1018)...14:22
nilujegive me a sec, I don't have the code in mind14:22
nilujeindeed, it seems there's an issue. The test were running fine when I did them. I'm looking into it and will be you when fixed14:25
nilujeOooook, of course they were, I was running nosetests and not tox, we'll fix the issue14:28
smosernosetests woudl just use your system dependencies rather than those in the tox14:28
smoserso possibly a dependency difference14:29
* niluje finds tox useful, but hates it14:30
smoserniluje, i share those feelings.14:30
smosermine extend to pip14:30
nilujemine extend to pip and setuptools14:31
smoserbut, they're useful for creating similar environments.14:31
smoserwhen you have some spare time, you can create 'pip-distro-env' for me.14:31
smoserthats what i really want14:31
smoserpip-distro-env ubuntu-14.04 urllib3 pkg1 pkg3 ....14:32
smoserand have that create me a venv with those things in it at the right versions.14:32
smoser(for ubuntu-14.04)14:32
smoserthats interesting. but not what i'm interested in.14:33
nilujenot sure to understand what you're looking for then14:33
smoseri want to be able to easily test a venv of a set of python dependencies at the versionsx they are at for a bunch of different distros14:34
nilujelooked right for that14:34
nilujeidk if it's mature or usable though14:34
nilujebut having a tox-like with docker seemed fun14:34
smoserbut 'pip install . -r test-requirements.txt'14:35
smoserwhat would that do ?14:35
smoserjust a pip install14:35
smoserwhich is generally (ideally) selfl contained anyway.14:35
smoseri guess it would help with getting the python at the correct version14:36
smoserbut then i want somethign to know all the package versions for those things too14:36
nilujeyou mean you want to test your package with every version of its dependencies?14:37
Odd_Blokeniluje: Just every set that you might find packaged for a distribution.14:37
smosernot *every* version, but the right versions14:37
Odd_Blokesmoser: Trying to do it with pip is probably impossible because of changes made in packaging.14:38
nilujecan't you make more tox environments, and pin dependencies in it?14:38
smoserdox is similar in concept though. and actually using the *packaged* versions is even superior (outside of the additional weight)14:38
smoserniluje, yeah, you can do that. but figuring out what package is at what version in what distro... just that is a PITA14:38
smoserthats why i was trying to have *you* do it for me. and maintain that database :)14:39
nilujeok :p14:41
smoserbut thanks for the pointer to dox. containers of each environ are definitely a way to do that.14:45
smoserand as Odd_Bloke pointed out, that covers the depends packaged differences too.14:46
Odd_BlokeYeah, then hopefully all you would need is a mapping from pip name => package name for each distro.14:48
nilujecan't run tox in my environment15:01
nilujeI'm on osx ( :( ), cloud-init unittest require to be on linux, I'm trying to run them on a docker container, but python setup.py sdist tries to make a hardlink which fails because cloud-init is an exported folder15:03
Odd_Blokeniluje: You're doing sdist, or tox is doing sdist?15:04
nilujetox is doing it15:04
nilujeI'll clone cloud-init in the docker, that's just inconvenient but that'll work15:05
smoserniluje, you want me to give you an instance somewhere ?15:14
smoserah. ok. you found a solution.15:14
smoseri  just launch instances on "the cloud".  i wonder if you have a cloud provider you'd recommend :)15:14
nilujeever heard about digital ocean? they're quite new but they look promising15:15
kwadronautthey're cheap. Loads of webdevs have their unpatchd wordpresses and such over there ;-)15:27
nilujekwadronaut: that was a joke, b/c I'm working for Scaleway, another cloud provider :p15:29
kwadronautniluje: ah so I can bug you for some free goodies? ;-)15:38
nilujekwadronaut: poke mwak instead!15:40
smoserniluje, they're 32 bit arm, right?15:49
smoserno kvm15:49
nilujeyes, dedicated hardware15:50
smoserright. but i cant run kvm there.15:50

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