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RidgewingMorning all !07:24
Ridgewingflexiondotorg, pingy ping-thingy07:25
marco-parilloLots of fresh, new on the daily build this morning: https://lists.launchpad.net/kubuntu-council/msg00050.html14:30
marco-parillo112 upgraded, 17 newly installed, 2 to remove and 0 not upgraded.14:30
sgclarkooh lovely shades of green15:55
sgclarkanyone testing applications? has anyone been able to sign into google and use KTP with it? Mine is totally busted and I can't even find a way to turn it off lol.15:56
marco-parillosgclark: It did not work for me. I got an GMail warning me about a possible security hole that they helpfully closed.16:01
marco-parilloSorry it has been some months since I tried and I deleted the e-mail. If you ping me here afternoon PST, I can try again when I am home (work blocks many services, so it would not be a good test from work).16:03
sgclarkhmm. Mine just downright rejects me. Auth failure. https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35494916:03
ubottuKDE bug 354949 in auth-handler "Can't connect to gtalk account (Authentication failed: invalid-authzid)" [Normal,Needsinfo: waitingforinfo]16:03
sgclarkjust curious if anyone has google working16:03
sgclarkno worries16:03
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ahoneybunaround sgclark?21:11
sgclarkahoneybun: sorta, whats up? (wearing kde hat atm)21:12
ahoneybunI'm trying the ktp thing I think21:12
ahoneybungoogle hangouts on the desktop21:12
sgclarkahh ok, yours works?21:12
ahoneybunit takes my password but does not show me online21:13
ahoneybunnow it told me auth failed21:13
sgclarkyeah same21:13
sgclarkyep same failure21:13
ahoneybunI mean it was broken i think before21:13
ahoneybunbefore 15.08.321:13
sgclarkcan you add your self to the bug I linked above?21:13
ahoneybunseems I still have power in there21:15
ahoneybunI can change a lot of the details21:15
ahoneybunmm where do I add me21:15
sgclarkwell once you get it, they don't really take it away unless you really mess things up lol21:15
ahoneybunI added my self to the CC 21:15
ahoneybunso I guess we can say it is still in 15.08.3 lol21:16
ahoneybunit was reported against 15.08.221:16
ahoneybunalso it is upsteam21:16
sgclarkoh, should prolly update that21:16
ahoneybunI can21:16
ahoneybun.3 is not on the list21:17
ahoneybunmm I guess you cant just say it effects you like on LP21:17
sgclarkthat seems to be my main blocker for putting 15.08.3 in backports. but if it is broken in .2 as well..21:17
sgclarkyeah, I am not a big fan of kde's bug system..21:18
sgclarkterrible time finding anything on it21:18
ahoneybunmm I guess I can say it +1 on it21:18
sgclarkyeah, I expect your logs will have the exact same error as the rest of us. has something with sasl221:19
ahoneybun"Scarlett Clark and I have this bug in 15.08.3 over at Kubuntu 15.10 as well so it is upstream and still there for sure." is my comment21:19
ahoneybunwhat log?21:19
sgclarkI ran it under gdb to get output21:20
sgclarkI posted mine, should be enough, as it was exactly the same as other reporters21:20
* ahoneybun is clueless21:20
ahoneybunI wonder what is going on with that currecy bug from akademy21:20
ahoneybunkrunner can not convery money right21:21
ahoneybunthe backend website it was using is gone21:21
ahoneybunRiddell and I said they should use duckduckgo 21:21
sgclarkerr ouch21:21
ahoneybunit pointed to a .xml file I believe21:21
ahoneybunput "15.00 usd to eur" in krunner and see :)21:22
ahoneybundoes not seem to be a bug report 21:25
ahoneybununless I'm searching wrong21:25
sgclarkperhaps not, I have a terrible time finding bugs in kde bugzilla21:27
keithzgIt goes look like there's only 2 open bugs files against the "converter" component in krunner: https://bugs.kde.org/buglist.cgi?bug_severity=normal&bug_status=UNCONFIRMED&bug_status=CONFIRMED&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=REOPENED&component=converter&list_id=1311557&product=krunner21:52
keithzgNot many bugs ever, it seems, so perhaps most are filed against respective backends instead? https://bugs.kde.org/buglist.cgi?bug_severity=normal&bug_status=ANY&component=converter&list_id=1311557&product=krunner21:54
valorieI was told that something about 2-stage authentication was the problem with google22:06
valoriebut I never managed to make it work in ktp either22:06
keithzgvalorie: I have it working these days on my Jolla, which uses Telepathy as the backend, but I *don't* have 2-stage authentication set up with Google. And I actually had to turn down Google's security settings anyways to get normal plain IMAP access :( In the Google account settings this is a user-friendly but then unfortunately rather blunt option of just toggling on or off "Allow less secure apps".22:18
keithzgHmm, although I did just fire up a 15.10 VM and try it and I get the same error with the authentication.22:22
keithzgAdmittedly I haven't tried it on my Jolla for at least a week or two. I'll have to double-check that when I get home then.22:26
ahoneybunkeithzg: I think this is it https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34081922:27
ubottuKDE bug 340819 in converter "KRunner uses incorrect currency conversion rates" [Normal,Resolved: duplicate]22:27
ahoneybun1 USD in EUR22:28
ahoneybungives 1e+99 EUR22:28
ahoneybunso the bug is there22:28
ahoneybunhola soee22:29
keithzgahoneybun: A bit weird that it was resolved as a dupe of https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=345750 which is a *newer* bug, heh.22:30
ubottuKDE bug 345750 in converter "The currency conversion doesn't show proper values" [Normal,Confirmed]22:31
ahoneybunthing is I remember commenting on a bug at akademy22:32
keithzgahoneybun: You should be able to just search for your comments then, eh?22:36
ubottuKDE bug 350652 in general "Krunner does not give the correct unit conversion for euro" [Normal,Confirmed]22:37
ahoneybunyep thanks keithzg22:37
ahoneybunI've marked that bug as a copy of 34575022:39

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