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Guest87962i recently installed kubuntu 15.10 on my system and the sound system is not working on it..? any help..?03:54
Guest87962videos are not playing on the dragon player as welll...03:54
shurtagulwhy is there wine, wine1.4, and wine1.6 all in the repository?04:13
silv3r_m00nhi there04:17
silv3r_m00nhi there, suddenly a problem, when i login to plasma desktop the windows dont have any title bar, no background wallpaper and no bottom panel visible04:17
silv3r_m00nhow to fix this04:20
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elevenTwelveanybody have a suggestion for a channel for java topic?06:24
pontoffeltierhi there06:56
pontoffeltieranyone here?06:57
dahliahi, how come when I install wine it uninstalles kde? is there any way to get it back?07:00
hateballdahlia: That sounds strange. What version of Kubuntu are you on, and how are you installing Wine?07:25
dahliahateball: kubuntu 15.10 amd64, wine 1.6 from aptitude07:35
hateballhmmm, I am not on 15.10 right now so I cant check07:35
hateballdahlia: any reason for using 1.6 instead of 1.7?07:35
dahliaI didnt see 1.707:36
hateballhmmm, maybe I am mistaken... but I thought 1.7 would be there by now07:36
hateballI am on 14.04 on this machine so I cant verify07:36
hateballseems it is indeed not07:37
dahliaI've had this problem before on 14.04 with other packages... I think it may have something to do with doing a dist-upgrade07:40
dahliatry to install something simple and it wants to uninstall all of kde07:41
hateballDo you have any other repos outside the official ones?07:41
dahliaprobably, like the one for nvidia drivers07:42
hateballI always dist-upgrade and there's not been an issue with Wine at least... Altho I havent been using it on 15.10. My 14.04 behaves as expected.07:42
hateballdahlia: could you pastebin what it looks like when you try installing wine?07:42
dahliatoo late, I reinstalled kubuntu07:43
dahliafortunately it was a new install07:43
dahliaI vaguely remember fixing it on old install by reinstalling kde-plasma-desktop07:44
dahliais there a way to make sure gnome apps pick up the color scheme I set in system settings?08:28
dahlianever mind I found it08:31
jsonifydoes anyone in here use Eclipse?08:32
hateballjsonify: Are you taking a poll or do you have an actual question08:40
jsonify@hateball, i was going to ask a question, but I figured it out08:47
jsonifyi just want to say that I think Kubuntu is beautiful08:49
YossarianukI have to say since upgrading to 15.10 on my work PC, now that the slow login is fixed seems really nice - I used to have an issue when I came in the morning the machine was really sluggish initally - that seems completely cured now.09:08
Yossarianukso thanks everybody !09:08
Yossarianuk<<< happy camper09:09
dahliaIs there a hidden super-sekrit document somewhere which tells how to get samba working? o.009:10
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html09:11
dahliaall google had to say didnt work for me :(09:11
hateballPersonally I'd just upgrade any and all machines to Linux and use NFS over the headache that is SMB09:12
dahlianot an option :P09:13
dahliaand nfs is ancient09:13
dahliathose documents dont seem to match the files that kubuntu installed. They mention config variables that dont exist in the supplied configs09:19
Yossarianukdahlia: generally 'super secret documents'  only exist for closed source stuff...09:25
Yossarianukdahlia: nfs is 'ancient' but its also pretty reliable - nfs4 is newer...09:26
dahliaYossarianuk: I mean the documents that work. The stuff I find with google are ancient blog posts or forum posts09:26
dahliaYossarianuk: using nfs is not an option thank you09:26
dahliaand have you ever had your nfs client lock up when the nfs server goes down? I have many times and it's NOT fun09:27
Yossarianukdahlia: not in the last 5 odd years no. isn't that related to using async ?09:30
YossarianukI tend to use glusterfs not network shares now (geo-replicated)09:31
Smurphydahlia: Tell NFS to use udp. It won't lock up the machine.09:36
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dahliathank you everyone who is telling me how to use nfs. However, I'm trying to share with *windows* machines.09:37
hateballdahlia: use webdav perhaps?09:40
dahliawhats that?09:40
hateballanything that isnt SMB is less painful :p09:40
hateballdahlia: sharing files over http09:41
dahliano thanks09:41
dahliaif smb doesnt work on 15.10, just tell me09:42
Yossarianukdahlia: ah sorry you hadn't said you needed windows to connect..09:43
dahliaOK I have another question. How do I stop the screen from blanking? I dont see any screensaver listed on the system settings09:43
dahliaI got it to stop locking but it still blanks after maybe 10ish minutes09:44
dahlianvm found it in power management09:45
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xela2244hi, is there a safe way to install gnome on kubuntu 15.10?10:08
dahliaI thought there was a way you could have both and select the one you wanted on the login screen but I dont remember how. It might be apt-get install gnome-desktop but dont blame me if it breaks :)10:12
xela2244dahlia you can install it. But gnome and kde don't really work together10:13
dahliaxela2244: ya you have to pick one at login10:14
dahliabut I think gnome apps run in kde10:14
dahlialike right now I have gnome-clocks running in kde10:14
xela2244ok thanks10:16
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kaddihi, i kep getting disconnected from irc on konversation but the connection with quassel is stable12:43
kaddiis there a way to fix it so that i can use konversation?12:44
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Roeysomething is weirding out on my system and it looks like shift keys / alt keys keep getting turned on rapidly15:10
Roeyand also clicks15:10
RoeyI tried monitoring with xev but I don't see naything15:10
orlandojhi everyone, how can someone help me to get the "at" kubuntu 1515:14
soee_orlandoj: can you be more specific ?15:15
marco-parilloIs at (http://linux.die.net/man/1/at) not installed? So at -V returns bash: at: command not found ?15:18
orlandojI am a new user and I've just installed the last version but I can get the "at"  altGR+2 does not work for me15:18
orlandojI have kubuntu 15.0415:19
marco-parilloWhat keyboard mapping? Sorry, I have a 'native' @ in en_US.15:20
orlandojI am in Belgium, so im using the belgian keyboard15:22
orlandojis there an easy way to get the @ ?15:29
marco-parilloSorry, I cannot help; maybe somebody from Europe without that character can.15:30
orlandojok thanks anyway15:32
SimoniousWhat is are PPA and aptitude?15:37
SimoniousLets try that again: What are PPA and aptitude?15:38
SmurphySimonious: PPA is a repository, and aptitude is an add-on to apt-get15:44
marco-parilloPPAs are great way of easily adding software. Sometimes newer versions than exist in the official repositories, sometimes things that never get there. The nice thing about adding a PPA (rather than installing a .deb) is that you receive updates to the PPA automagically.15:56
marco-parilloThat said, some PPAs are explicitly for helping folks test things BEFORE they are fully baked, so they can affect your system.15:57
hay207hi guys, how much time pbuilder takes when creating a distro release environment? is it downloading the release, cause my download net graph monitor isnot showing / being at max speed..16:12
Picihay207: I'd be concerned if it took longer than 20 minutes16:12
hay207ok thanks16:13
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hay207is it downloading the release, or what is it doing, last line is : Retrieving Release.gpg,, almost now took 18 minutes .16:22
hay207i'm taking about pbuilder16:24
hay207nvm, it works now, after retyping command16:34
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robotdevil1is there a way to select things from the system tray without a mouse?17:15
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melrayNeed help on how to do this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13250013/19:41
melrayNevermind I got is solved...19:48
josiIs there an issue with kaddressbook in 15.10? I can't seem to get carddav contacts to show up anymore.21:30
geniijosi: I do see a bug reported to KDE, but not sure if it applies to your specific setup https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kdepim-bugs/2014-June/094367.html21:33
hay207hi guys, when decrypting my pgp email , after copying it to a text file, i receive: gpg: decrypt_message failed: file open error21:41
hay207typing this command: gpg -d pgp.txt21:41
bprompthay207:    shouldn't the email app manage the decrypting?21:45
hay207ok, i m trying the terminal21:46
bpromptjosi:    dunno, I don't run 15.10 myself, I use 12.04 :)21:46
bprompthay207:    dunno.... I'd say offhand, check the .txt for any characters that aren't expected by gpg to decrypt it, like non-printable characters before/after the encrypted block21:47
josiwell I like messing around with the newest of the kdes . though only on my laptop hehe21:48
bpromptjosi:    well, you're "messing around" it very well I notice, so... success!21:54
josiyeah, I'm trying to figure out if there's a bug somewhere with my issue21:58
josiI haven't found much useful debug information yet21:59
bpromptjosi:    I've had issues before with the contacts or addressbook or the organizer, they all seem to use the same libs, and the issue IIRC had to do with the Akonadi database, was corrupted or something, I recall that just going to ~/.kde/share/config and removing the akonady configuration files, would rejog it in and the calendar and addressbook will launch22:02
josihow strange . I can add contacs and they appear on the server correctl and I can see the them in kaddressbook. but those that already are on the server are invisible22:05
josiyeah maybe an akonadi wipe helps22:05
bpromptjosi:   bear in mind that, the data is maintained by the akonadi database and managed by the running daemon, thus22:05
josilog out and delete, log back in?22:06
bpromptjosi:    don't have to, I did it right on the session, and worked22:07
josinope seems getting rid of akonadi didn't help22:15
bpromptjosi:     what if you run kaddressbook at the command line?  so it shows a more verbose session, and then try to run carddav(whatever that is), the terminal messages would show why it may not be launching22:17
bpromptjosi:    also... hmmm wondering if you deleted those files while the services were running, and you may not have deleted them all22:18
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tytanHello, everyone. How can I set the menu to look like in openSUSE 42.1? It's more like a classic layout which I prefer :)22:22
keithzgtytan: I think they use a different menu widget entirely? Although if you merely want "classic", you can just right-click on the menu button, choose "Alternatives...", and then choose "Application Menu".22:28
denza242hmm, kickoff right?22:29
tytankeithzg: Thank you very much. Have you seen their menu?22:29
denza242i think Netrunner has it22:29
tytanThe same as openSUSE leap?22:30
denza242tytan: possibly22:30
denza242hmm, there aren't any screenshots with the menu on the netrunner site22:31
denza242however, I'm sure there's a video or two floating around22:31
denza242in any case, that style menu is, as keithzg said, the "Application Menu"22:31
tytanMeow :)22:32
tytanKubuntu 15.10 works pretty nice btw (If a dev is reading)22:32
keithzgAha, looking at http://opensuse-guide.org/kde.php it looks like it's just the standard "Application Menu" widget these days. I seem to remember back in the KDE 4 days OpenSUSE had their own menu widget they were using, which is what I was vaguely assuming here.22:33
tytanI'm reading ...22:34
* keithzg kindof misses Lancelot Launcher, but frankly launches apps pretty much exclusively from KRunner or a terminal anyways, heh.22:35
tytanamazing (=22:37
josiwell I did a find "akonadi*" kmail korganiser kaddressbook while I was only logged in the console . and the issue's still there.22:45
josiit's so wierd that adding and removing works fine22:45
josijust not showing contacts on the server .22:45
bpromptrobert13:  get tomatoes, lemons, avocadoes, onions, chilli powder, and don't forget the milk23:07
bpromptguess he didn't want the list :P23:07
* genii slides bprompt a fresh coffee23:09
bpromptafter a get the milk, I'd make some Cafe Au Lait =)23:10
Hudsonkemmysqld why its running? wht use it?23:47
bpromptHudsonkem:    run "lsof" on the process,    get the mysqld process ID with ps -ax, and then use it with lsof ->   lsof -p PIDHERE23:55
bpromptHudsonkem:   other than that, you can always turn it off from System Settings > startup and shutdown23:56

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