tsimonq2wgrant: ok, this is starting to frustrate me, could you maybe tell me the usage of https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html#source_package_publishing_history please? Maybe I will finally understand it.00:01
wgranttsimonq2: The usage?00:01
tsimonq2wgrant: yes, in python00:02
wgrantIt's an object.00:02
wgrantYou can't just "use" an object, you need to do something with it.00:03
sarnold".. and its end-of-life date is April 2015 .." hehe :)00:03
tsimonq2sarnold: but then how do I update the python module to devel?00:03
wgrantThe client requires no updates.00:04
wgrantYou just pass a different version when you construct the Launchpad object.00:04
tsimonq2ok, how?00:04
tsimonq2(sorry for asking all of these questions, there is just a large lack of documentation, and if not, it is hard to find)00:05
tsimonq2wgrant, sarnold: how would I accomplish what I want to accomplish?00:05
blrtsimonq2: reasonably certain that is documented in the launchpadlib getting started section00:06
tsimonq2blr: where is that? :P00:06
sarnoldtsimonq2: there's a bunch of examples here, this might be useful? https://help.launchpad.net/API/Examples00:06
blrthe link wgrant provided earlier00:06
tsimonq2sarnold: nope, as you see above, all I want to know how to do is to call source_package_publishing_history at this point00:08
sarnoldtsimonq2: it just seemed likely that there'd be a similar API being used on the examples page; it covers a lot of ground, afterall.00:10
wgranttsimonq2: source_package_publishing_history is an API object. You can't just "call" it.00:11
wgrantYou can retrieve it, and then you can do things with it.00:11
tsimonq2well how?00:11
wgrantCall methods on it, read its attributes, etc.00:11
* tsimonq2 throws his hands up00:12
wgrantIn [2]: [spph.source_package_name for spph in lp.distributions['ubuntu'].main_archive.getPublishedSources(order_by_date=True)[:5]]00:12
wgrantOut[2]: [u'gnome-documents', u'nfstrace', u'iagno', u'ebook2cw', u'grub2-signed']00:12
tsimonq2ok, for the future, I feel terrible that I don't know a good portion of this terminology. Is there any sort of thing that I should read to help me to just be able to read the docs and go from there?00:13
tsimonq2(the docs as in https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/devel)00:14
wgrantHave you read up on REST APIs in general?00:15
wgrantThe concepts in Launchpad's API are all pretty standard.00:15
tsimonq2I should do that00:15
tsimonq2wgrant: THANK YOU for FINALLY giving me that information00:15
cjwatsonI think people have generally found https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib pretty useful as well.00:48
cjwatson(as William said earlier)00:48
tsimonq2I figured out how to do this, thank you wgrant, cjwatson, blr, sarnold01:38
sarnoldnice :)01:38
tsimonq2well, I have the code I need01:38
tsimonq2time to whip up the result01:38
tsimonq2actually, I got approval from the Lubuntu team, and this will be a bot that resides in #lubuntu-devel01:39
tsimonq2well, gotta go, I will hack on it a bunch and maybe let you guys know when the final result is implemented01:40
tsimonq2thanks :)01:40
sarnoldhave fun!01:40
LaneyIs getting in ~ubuntu-release-nominators still the "right" way for non uploaders to be able to approve bug nominations for Ubuntu?09:38
keepguessingI am failing to sign the code of conduct. http://paste.ubuntu.com/13249314/18:09
keepguessingThis is the first time I am doing it. and may have missed some steps.18:09
keepguessingfrom the logs I see I create a secret key. I am not sure what that means. could anyone suggest?18:09
sarnolddo you already have a gpg key created?18:12
keepguessingsarnold: no. I am in a container. I am not sure how to create a gpg key.18:17
keepguessingsarnold: I am finding out how to generate one via google. I will get back if it continues to fail.18:18
sarnoldkeepguessing: your gpg key is a long-lived entity; "in a container" worries me a bit that you may be treating it as an ephemeral thing. You need to create the key, publish the public portion, associate it with your launchpad account, be sure that you can use it reliably, etc etc18:20
keepguessingsarnold: I will mount it from outside from the host. I did not know I needed it earlier. Now I do.18:25
keepguessingI was trying to understand what the 4 options for the --gen-key was providing. So I googled. I learnt a lot about it from this url. thought if someone is interested they could read this. apart from the gpg gnu page. http://security.stackexchange.com/questions/72581/new-pgp-key-rsa-rsa-or-dsa-elgamal18:42
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keepguessingsarnold: I was able to sign and create my ppa. But dput hangs while upload a source.changes file while uploading.20:07
keepguessingI am behing a proxy server at work.20:07
keepguessingwould this effect me?20:07
keepguessingit fails with connection error 111.20:08
sarnoldkeepguessing: that could be a proxy / firewall; dput supports many methods to connect, perhaps one of the others would work for you? check out the dput.cf(5) manpage for details20:09
keepguessingsarnold: the man page does not tell me about the http option.20:38
keepguessingsarnold: it says that it exists but does not tell me what other parameters value should be20:38
keepguessinglike the http server for the upload. [I saw that it is differnt for different protocols] if I use the existing one it fails with 405 for the http20:39
sarnoldkeepguessing: sorry, I don't know what methods launchpad actually support; I use ftp (for no good reason), I know others use scp or sftp.. I can't recall which I've heard that he used, now...20:41
sarnoldkeepguessing: there's a chance the 405 came from your proxy server rather than launchpad; do you have any access to the proxy to suggest different configurations, in the event that the 405 was generated there?20:41
keepguessingsarnold: no I do nothave access to it.20:45
keepguessingsarnold: I am trying to use sftp now.20:46
keepguessingsarnold: but it also hangs.20:46
sarnolddang :/ you may need toask admins how to get out of your network, hehe20:48
keepguessingsarnold: alright. i am modifying dput's http module to honour the proxy.20:53
keepguessingok I need to know the http url for the http method to work.21:25
keepguessingI am not sure what that is.21:25
wgrantkeepguessing: There is no HTTP upload method.21:34
wgrantLaunchpad only supports FTP and SFTP uploads.21:34
keepguessingwgrant: ah I see.21:38
keepguessingwgrant: how can I make it work with a proxy?21:38
wgrantkeepguessing: If you can't use FTP or SSH through the proxy, you'll need to get your network configuration fixed or use another network.21:41
keepguessingwgrant: ok. so ssh is supported? or you mean sftp?21:42
wgrantkeepguessing: SFTP runs over SSH.21:43
wgrantWhereas FTPS is FTP over SSL.21:44
wgrantOnly FTP and SFTP are supported.21:44
keepguessingwgrant: I see. thanks.21:45

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