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LangleyWhat do I use for formatting a USB stick in Lubuntu? All the USB startup creators are failing17:28
wxlfor putting an iso on Langley ?17:29
wxli use dd, but if you want something more safe there's unetbootin or mkusb17:29
wxlmkusb is developed by one of the lubuntu team17:30
LangleyThey doesn't work17:30
wxlcurrently it's not in the repos but we're working on that17:30
wxli've never had a failure with unetbootin17:30
wxli personally don't use mkusb17:30
wxland dd just doesn't fail17:30
LangleyCan't you just answer my question about how to format it17:31
wxlyou said they don't work?17:31
wxlthat kind of suggested you knew what you were doing17:31
wxli'd just use mkusb https://help.ubuntu.com/community/mkusb17:32
LangleyInstalled Gparted and formatted it. Why cant you just give a proper answer instead of all other kinds of things17:35
LangleyAnd why does linux have so much trouble with usb sticks... ugh...17:36
wxli'm not sure what you're looking for. i have no problem with usb sticks. the "proper answer" is found in using mkusb.17:36
wxlshall i reiterate every step of that wiki page for you?17:37
LangleySorry I gotta go to a movie night17:39
vntrying to boot livecd, does the same as ubuntu xubuntu debian and kali2 - freezes at approx same spot without error - networking.service or whoopsie.service no shell accessible, no syslog, thought of playing with UEFI, but only option I got in my Award BIOS is for CD/DVD..only system that can boot is actually Ubuntu server LTS but grub gets a fatal error.  tried removing my NICs to see if it matters, no.  it's Lubuntu I really want, others were for testing, idea21:40
Langleywxl: Doesn't seem like mskusb is working either. It's stuck at "please wait for sync"22:25
wxlhow do you know it's stuck?22:26
LangleyIt shouldn't take more time to "sync", whatever that is, than it will to actually put the iso on it22:27
wxldon't you think that's the actual syncing?22:27
LangleyWhat is?22:27
wxlcopying the iso22:28
wxldid you look ato see if the process is frozen or not?22:28
LangleyHow do I see that22:29
wxltop is one such possibility22:29
wxlthere's also the system monitor or whatevery they call it22:29
Langley... oh it finished22:29
wxlwell there you go22:30
wxlpatience is a virtue22:30
LangleyI don't get why it can take that much time to copy 2 GB... but you'll have my thanks22:30
wxlthere's a lot of reasons, including the potential bottleneck of using usb22:31

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