liuxgI am now using snapcraft to build my project. I find that if I change my source codes, it does not pull automatically. I can pull it, but it seems that it does not automatically build it upon the dependency. how to deal with this?02:36
elopioliuxg: sounds like this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/147790402:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1477904 in Snapcraft "snapcraft.yaml needs to make all stages dirty (was: the can't add file without recreating entire package)" [High,Triaged]02:40
liuxgelopio, yes, I need to pull the code every time, it wastes time02:42
liuxgelopio, in fact, I want to compile  local source codes instead of pulling the code every time from the github, which takes a lot of time. sometimes, bzr projects are huge as well. I have to use snapcraft clean every time for a little change.02:43
elopioliuxg: yup, we have to fix that. sergiusens is working on sources, please leave your comments on the bug so he takes into account your use case.02:46
sergiusensliuxg, you are talking specifically about the go plugin, right?02:48
sergiusensliuxg, you are talking specifically about the go plugin, right?02:52
sergiusenselopio, https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/goget-ubuntu-touch/1473333/+merge/27741203:02
elopiosergiusens: omw, things are happening :)03:03
elopiolet me give it a try.03:03
Bluefoxicyokay why is there an amd64+generic and amd64-generic?03:04
elopiosergiusens: you have a mess with the license headers in that project :)03:05
sergiusenselopio, you don't say? I copied this from go-dbus I think03:08
Bluefoxicyaw crud.03:35
Bluefoxicythere are no mirrors with snappy03:35
BluefoxicyHence it takes 1 hour to download03:35
Bluefoxicyoh wait it's 15.04 not 15.1003:36
Bluefoxicyand apt does not work03:58
Bluefoxicyneither does dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration03:58
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liuxgI have a executable binary called fswebcam (/usr/bin/fswebcam) in a snappy package, I want to use it to capture a picture as described in the https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/build-apps/your-first-snap/. I want to use golang to invoke it to capture a picture. How can I do it? currently, I am using the way at https://github.com/liu-xiao-guo/webcam-http/blob/master/api.go, is there anything wrong with it? thanks06:51
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fgimenezgood morning08:17
mvohey fgimenez, good morning08:23
fgimenezhi mvo, how's the release going?08:24
mvofgimenez: I think we are good, I was reading trello/tg/mail so far only but nothing that looks like a blocker so I will go ahead and do the promotion next08:27
fgimenezmvo, great! :) let me know if i can be of any help08:30
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Kindness Day! 😃10:01
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mvofgimenez: if you have a moment, it would be great if you could do some smoke testing with the new webdm http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/tmp/webdm_0.10_all.snap11:55
fgimenezmvo, sure, on it11:56
fgimenezmvo, i'm getting this on kvm http://paste.ubuntu.com/13247033/, both rolling/edge and 1504/alpha, is it built for armhf?12:21
mvofgimenez: checking, sorry, I just had build it before leaving for lunch12:55
mvofgimenez: I had a unclean build env that caused this package to be broken, I uploaded a new version now that should be better.13:43
fgimenezmvo, ok thanks, i'll try it now13:44
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mvofgimenez: ups, sorry13:45
mvofgimenez: the url is not quite correct, one sec13:45
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mvofgimenez: its actually now http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/tmp/webdm_0.10_multi.snap13:47
fgimenezmvo, ok thanks13:59
mvofgimenez: fwiw, I did a quick test install on my bbb and it was fine13:59
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fgimenezmvo all seems to be working fine except for the remove buttons, with any installed snap/framework, when i try to remove i get "ERROR: snappy package not found"15:05
fgimenezmvo, this is the body of the response from the server http://paste.ubuntu.com/13247844/, with a 500 error code15:06
fgimenezthe status "uninstalled" is strange, i get this from the list of snaps http://paste.ubuntu.com/13247865/15:09
sergiusenselopio, https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/goget-ubuntu-touch/1473333/+merge/27741215:11
sergiusensI fixed all your comments15:12
mvofgimenez: hm, interessting. so any removal fails right now. let me try15:14
elopiosergiusens: needs fixing.15:17
sergiusenselopio, nah15:18
elopiojust drop the test. It's friday and QA knows it.15:19
sergiusenselopio, done ;-)15:19
elopio(that's a joke, of course. Don't drop the test :)15:20
sergiusenselopio, too late15:20
sergiusenselopio, just kidding ;-)15:20
sergiusenselopio, should be fine now15:20
elopiosergiusens: +1.15:22
mvofgimenez: I can reproduce the error you see15:29
mvosergiusens, Chipaca: if someone could help with  https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/webdm/new-snappy/+merge/277433 that would be cool, hopefully something simple but with that branch fgimenez and I get "Error: snappy package not found" when trying to remove any snap. this seems to be workng ok with 0.9.415:51
fgimenezmvo, sergiusens, Chipaca the server returns this http://paste.ubuntu.com/13247844/ with a 50015:52
kyrofajdstrand, found another bug in snappy-debug. Is there a place to file bugs/submit MPs?15:54
jdstrandkyrofa: https://code.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy-hub/snappy-debug16:01
jdstrandbut just against the snappy project, but an MP is good enough for me16:01
kyrofajdstrand, on its way!16:03
kyrofa... right after standup16:03
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Chipacamvo: is it bad if I jot that down as a "do over the weekend" task?16:15
Chipacamvo: or is this a blocker?16:15
mvoChipaca: never16:17
mvoChipaca: no, no not at all16:17
longsleepChipaca: Do you have a minute, i might have found an issue with the firstboot service boot order change16:18
mvoChipaca: I will see what I can do to control the damage, but only the "edge" channel of webdm is affected16:18
mvoChipaca: and once the release is out I should have some cycles again16:18
Chipacalongsleep: certainly sir16:19
longsleepChipaca: problem is that now some snap provided services can run before firstboot16:20
longsleepChipaca: To be exact, the services which have no external networking, start on ubuntu-snappy.frameworks.target16:20
sergiusensChipaca, mvo fgimenez maybe we can just start using the rest api for removal, DONE ;-)16:21
sergiusensmvo, oh, this is very specific to webdm and its build against new snappy APIs16:22
Chipacalongsleep: augh16:23
longsleepChipaca: so i think, the snappy services need to wait on firstboot or something, not sure what happens when the frameworks target is run after firstboot instead of after run-hooks16:25
mvosergiusens: heh, indeed, maybe I should venture a bit into JS land16:25
longsleepChipaca: a crude workaround could be to add a fake external port to the snap which has config applied by firstboot, that makes such snaps to start after snappy-wait4network.service16:26
Chipacait's starting to feel like a game of whack-a-mole16:26
Chipacabut without the cute eep sounds16:26
Chipacai need to sit down with graphviz and some patience16:27
Chipacaor, well, somebody does :)16:27
longsleepChipaca: i am adding the ugly details to bug 151143516:29
ubottubug 1511435 in Snappy "ubuntu-snappy.firstboot fails when oem snap contains preinstalled snap" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151143516:29
kyrofajdstrand, https://code.launchpad.net/~kyrofa/snappy-hub/snappy-debug_escape_regex_strings/+merge/27746316:32
jerryGany1 know about opengl on snappy?16:37
jdstrandmvo: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/55#issuecomment-15648234816:39
jdstrandkyrofa: thanks!16:39
mvothanks jdstrand16:41
jdstrandmvo: thank you :)16:41
* jdstrand hugs mvo16:41
* mvo hugs jdstrand16:41
jerryGstatus of opengl support on snappy?16:42
davmor2jdstrand, mvo: man get a room alerady16:42
* Chipaca hugs mvo and jdstrand16:42
Chipacalet's land that sucker16:42
* mvo hugs Chipaca and davmor216:42
Chipacadavmor2: you're just jealous of our love16:42
longsleepfeel the love in snappy channel16:43
* jdstrand hugs Chipaca, davmor2, mvo (again) and longsleep :)16:43
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ChipacajerryG: 無16:43
davmor2okay okay I feel the love, /me hugs everyone16:44
jerryGChipaca: 为什么16:45
jerryGChipaca: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/snappy-devel/2015-October/001114.html16:45
jerryGChipaca: :{16:47
ChipacajerryG: you asked about “opengl support”. I can't even answer “no” to that question, because the question itself seems to assume things that aren't quite right16:49
ChipacajerryG: hence, mu16:49
ChipacajerryG: intel architecture snappy ships with the kernel-side gpu drivers, that are one part of what's needed for supporting opengl16:50
ChipacajerryG: there is a mir snap, that i think uses those drivers, but would you consider that “opengl support”?16:51
ChipacajerryG: there is no X in snappy, for example16:51
ChipacajerryG: not today; possibly never? I don't know16:51
jerryGChipaca: can i use sdl file with snappy ?16:52
ChipacajerryG: what's a sdl file?16:52
Chipacarichmb: o/16:58
richmbI had some questions about the apt-get(non-snappy) version of ubuntu core16:59
richmbthis wiki page hasn't been updated in a while, but the releases seem upto date17:00
richmbis this something that will be continued to be supported?17:01
Chipacano idea; i work on snappy itself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯17:01
richmbwe ran into some troubles trying to port snappy, but the ubuntu core rootfs was easy to bring up.17:02
zygarichmb: what are you porting to??17:04
richmban Altera Cyclone V arm Soc17:05
liuxgwhen I am trying to run a snappy command, it complains "another snappy is running, try again later". what is the reason for this? it happened a few times to me.17:06
ogra_richmb, the ubuntu-core tarball has nothing to do with snappy, it is "just enough OS to run apt in a chroot" and is used for buildds and the like ... a snappy ubuntu-core rootfs has massively different content17:08
ogra_snappy image currently come fron system-image.ubuntu.com17:08
richmbI understand that.  I wanted to know if the ubuntu-core tarballs would be available for future ubuntu versions.  As the wiki page hasn't been updated in a while.17:09
ogra_richmb, you have to ask infinity in #ubuntu-devel ... it was never an official product i think17:10
Chipacaliuxg: every so often a snappy update runs automatically17:12
ogra_(RaspberryPi2)ubuntu@localhost:~$ snappy list17:12
ogra_Name        Date       Version Developer17:12
ogra_ubuntu-core 2015-11-13 3       ubuntu17:12
ogra_webdm       2015-11-13 0.9.4   canonical17:12
ogra_pi2         2015-11-13 0.16    canonical17:12
ogra_mvo, ^^^ looks all fine17:12
liuxgChipaca, i really do not want it to update. how can I stop it?17:12
Chipacaliuxg: from memory: echo 'config: {ubuntu-core: {autoupdate: false}}' | sudo snappy config ubuntu-core - | grep auto17:13
richmbthanks orga17:13
Chipacaliuxg: although that might be autopilot instead of autoupdate, depending on what snappy you're running17:13
SaMnCo-desktopgetting the exact same situation, it seems the auto update features are active by default17:13
Chipacaused to be called autopilot, becase we like confusing people ;-)17:14
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: yes17:14
SaMnCo-desktopChipaca-  this is not cool. Back to Windows days where the system would reboot in the middle of an important task?17:14
liuxgChipaca, it seems it is an update. at one time, it prompted me there would be reboot sth like that.17:14
Chipacaliuxg: yep17:15
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/blob/master/docs/autoupdate.md17:15
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: except, as i said, it might be called autopilot instead of autoupdate, depending on what you're running17:15
SaMnCo-desktopChipaca-  yeah, I have autopilot on my BBBs and Rpi217:16
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: and it's exactly like windows, except for everything17:16
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: :-)17:16
SaMnCo-desktopthx for the link, useful. Still, I would not have a behavior that forces the reboot of the system being active by default17:16
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: i mean, it's an option you can turn off, and it prints out how to abort the reboot if you're logged in17:16
jerryGChipaca: sdl file is for opengl.  How do i make an image with intel opengl graphics drivers?17:17
SaMnCo-desktopWhat if it's my drone in the sky?17:17
ogra_SaMnCo-desktop, then turn it off :)17:17
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: if you're putting the default image on a drone in the sky, you're going to have a bad time17:17
SaMnCo-desktopogra_-  I understand I can turn it off, I am just saying, something that reboots a device should not be active by default17:17
liuxgChipaca, it will be finished once it is updated, right?17:18
SaMnCo-desktopbut well, we don't have to agree on everything ;)17:18
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: yes, you're saying that. I disagree, because of several things17:18
ogra_SaMnCo-desktop, if you produce a drone you likely use your own oem snap and will define what config options are on in it17:18
mvoogra_: \o/17:18
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: the biggest is that it's not really on by default; it's on if and only if the gadget snap you used to build the image sets it17:19
mvoogra_: mail is out17:19
ogra_mvo, yay17:19
SaMnCo-desktopChipaca-  so that means the images on the website have that active by default17:19
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: the default image has it on, because the default image is for developers and clouds, where you most likely want to keep things up to date (and if you don't, you know you don't, and you disable it)17:19
SaMnCo-desktopI just downloaded them this morning17:19
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: and it's already on a drone in the sky? wow you're fast17:20
SaMnCo-desktopIt's just I have 7 devices, downloading tons of stuff, and I didn't know about this thing, and it just means I have to run my scripts all over again17:20
SaMnCo-desktopand it's slowww to run Docker / LXD stuff on BBBs...17:21
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: why does an update mean you need to run your scripts again?17:21
ogra_yes :)17:21
SaMnCo-desktopChipaca-  because it downloads stuff17:21
ogra_everythin is slow on a BBB17:21
ogra_except actual embedded stuff ...17:22
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: but the download doesn't vanish on update17:22
SaMnCo-desktopChipaca-  it does on reboot though17:22
SaMnCo-desktopthat what scripts are for: automate stuff17:22
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: why does the download vanish on reboot?17:23
SaMnCo-desktopChipaca-  I'm not following you. I had a docker image running, and a docker pull going on. The update killed Docker17:24
SaMnCo-desktopas a consequence, both actions went down17:24
SaMnCo-desktopand now the system is about to reboot. I can catch it (hopefully) but that means the system is not functional anymore17:24
SaMnCo-desktopand I'll have to restart the commands17:24
SaMnCo-desktopto start Docker and pull the images I want17:25
Chipacaah, the download was interrupted by the reboot, and it doesn't know to resume, now i got it17:25
Chipacai thought the download had finished17:25
SaMnCo-desktopyeah, it's a trivial bash script17:25
SaMnCo-desktopstarted remotely17:25
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: well, a few things. one is that if you're on stable, updates are infrequent (not more than once a week, and that's pushing it)17:26
ogra_well, supposedly once a month actually17:26
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: the other is that you can disable it, but if you do it's on you to run update every so often to make sure you're current17:26
ogra_we just had a few busy weeks17:26
Chipacai said once a week because i think if we try to do more often than that mvo will undergo a phase change17:27
Chipacanot sure if he'll melt or just evaporate17:27
Chipacabut it won't be pretty17:27
SaMnCo-desktopthe good side is that I now have a much more clever install / cluster management script for the next batch :)17:28
SaMnCo-desktopif it had happened while I was afk, I would just have found things broken17:28
SaMnCo-desktopnow I know how to fix it :)17:28
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: also, if you stop the reboot, the system isn't broken or inconsistent17:28
ogra_you should just put it in a snap17:28
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: the update is separate17:28
SaMnCo-desktopogra_-  yep, that's the plan17:29
ChipacaSaMnCo-desktop: *also* also, note it updates everything, but only system updates cause the reboot17:29
SaMnCo-desktopbut right now it's for my talk at DockerCon, I don't have a lot of time17:29
Chipacaok, i'll stop chatting to you and let you get back to cussing the system into shape then17:29
* Chipaca goes for some more tea17:30
SaMnCo-desktop:D have a good one17:30
longsleepReading the changes in the latest 15.04 stable release, what is actually the snappy REST API and how do i accesss it?17:33
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sergiusenselopio, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/9718:51
richmbAre there any training or classes on snappy that could help with porting.19:30
tedgrichmb: We've done a few Snappy clinics that might help: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-qBHd6_LXWYm8qttcXaosAIzejTa5IPj19:35
Chipacalongsleep: wrt the REST API, hold on19:51
Chipacalongsleep: there's a pull request with docs19:52
Chipacalongsleep: but it is going to be revamped for 16.0419:52
Chipacalongsleep: i'll get you the link of my internet holds up19:53
Chipacalongsleep: https://github.com/chipaca/snappy/blob/rest-doc/docs/rest.md19:54
Chipacalongsleep: i'll expect to get to merging that over the weekend, or early next week19:55
Chipacalongsleep: in particular, the details of how to handle licensed snaps is going to be different real soon now19:56
bagohi all21:58
frecelbago: hey21:59
frecellool: ping21:59
bagoi have an android smart tv box and was wondering if it's ok to use the raspberry pi2 sd card ubuntu on it?22:00
bagoor the beaglebone 122:00
bagoit is armv7 (cortex-a5)22:01
frecelI see no reason why that wouldn't work since it's just another external input22:01
frecelpractically there is no difference between connecting a ps4 and a pi to your tv22:02
bagoso the snappy armhf rpi2 img using win32diskimager should boot from sd?22:04
frecelbago: oh you just want to plug the sdcard to your tv22:07
frecelwithout the rasperry pi itself?22:07
bagono i want to run a persistent ubuntu on sd card but leave my android intact22:08
bagoi'm not sure what board my tv box has22:08
bagoit seems to be an odroid c1 with a tuner card22:08
bagowould it help if i linked the url to the box?22:10
bagoi basically want to run ubuntu on this http://www.smartvboxs.com/products/Amlogic-S805-Quad-core-1G-8G-Mali-450GPU-Android-4.4-VIGICA-C100S.html#.VkZgNHbhCJA22:12
bagokodibuntu ideally but ubuntu would be a good start22:13
bagois it possible to brick my device by trying?22:17
tedgYes, and it probably won't work.22:25
tedgYou really need to support the specific board when it comes to ARM stuff.22:25
tedgIt's not like x86 where the CPU and BIOS are rather standardized.22:25
bagoright so i'd have to port it to a new board?22:26
tedgCorrect, what ever CPU/configuration/etc that box is using.22:27
bagohow big would that be for an amateur?22:28
tedgReasonably large, but everyone needs to start somewhere. :-)22:28
bagowith a windows pc :)22:28
tedgBut if there's no CynogenMod port or ASOP tree, it'll be nearly impossible.22:29
bagohow would i find out if there is?22:29
tedgGoogle :-)22:29
bagoi'm not really sure what board i'd google though tbh :)22:31
bagoi have had openelec boot from sd card so i assume it must be possible, it had no wifi but i think the driver is available it's just it was compiled on a similar device22:35
loolfrecel: pong22:53
frecellool: there are rumors going around that you were working on getting snappy to run on an intel edison22:54
freceldid you have any succes with that?22:54
loolfrecel: yes and no; it's on the "nice to complete someday" list, but I'm happy to give you pointers if you'd like to resurrect22:55
frecelI bought my edison to try building an ubuntu smartwatch so I would appreciate any help22:57
loolfrecel: so basically the top thing that was missing was initrd loading and someway to repartition the device safely; with latest released image and the new flashing tool, it's all doable, but I didn't have time to assemble an image22:58
frecellool: so at it's current state it just get's stuck in a reboot loop?23:01
loolfrecel: there is no current image for edison23:11
frecellool: did you document your work so far in any way? I have not done anything like this before so I'm not even entirely sure where to start to be honest23:19
loolfrecel: so the latest bootloader also added support for the external SD card23:21
loolfrecel: I'd start by creating an x86 SD card image and starting snappy manually with intel's kernel + snappy initrd + snappy rootfs from the u-boot prompt23:21
Chipacalool: the edison uses uboot?23:32
loolChipaca: yes23:32

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