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bzoltan_jibel: brendand is not online, but I think somebody from the Mir team should know about this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13245871/07:17
bzoltan_Mirv:  do you know anybody early bird from the MIr team?07:18
Mirvbzoltan_: RAOF is a late bird07:23
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bzoltan_Mirv:  I wonder if it is related to the testtools problem brendad was talking about07:29
jibelrobru, hey, I tried to trigger an autopkgtest run with https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-057-2.5-autopkgtests/build but it does nothing08:36
jibelrobru, any clue?08:36
jibelit returns immediately, no job in the queue08:37
robrujibel: doesn't look like you triggered the job... Did you click "build" on that page?09:05
jibelrobru, I did :)09:06
jibelrobru, several times09:06
jibelrobru, I did it again and it worked09:06
robrujibel: it's the same as all the rest of the Jenkins jobs, you have to click once to log in then click again to actually trigger it09:07
jibelrobru, yeah I know jenkins a little bit, but pressing the button did nothing09:08
jibelanyway now it's running09:08
robrujibel: yeah "did nothing" means "redirected through sso then redirected back to the same form you were looking at before".09:09
robrujibel: looks like it exploded pretty bad09:09
jibelrobru, nothing nothing, and I pressed several times. but it okay now it's running09:10
jibelrobru, heh, I picked the wrong package apparently :)09:11
robrujibel: you may have better results if you run it on a silo that exists :-P09:11
jibelrobru, man, it existed half an hour ago09:11
jibeldoes it mean it is not the day to test autopkgtest on silos and I should do something else?09:12
robrujibel: you can test it, it just has to be a request that isn't already landed09:16
jibelrobru, so after requesting an autopkgtest I wait 15 min for the result?09:17
robrujibel: I'm not sure how long it takes but the train will poll for results every 15 minutes09:18
jibelrobru, ack09:18
robrujibel: i expect the current code will be plagued with false negatives (failures that aren't real failures) because it doesn't distinguish between regressions and "always failed" the way proposed migration currently does. We're working out how to get that up to par for the next iteration09:20
jibelsil2100, apparently silos 3, 57 and 0 landed but I don't see any message in vivid overlay's changelist, is change bot dead?09:20
sil2100jibel: hm, let me check what happened09:21
jibelrobru, yeah we need that, triggering a test must be automated not manual and we also need to test rdeps09:21
sil2100jibel: by silo 0 you mean the libphonenumber thing?09:21
jibelbut it is a start09:22
jibelsil2100, yes09:22
sil2100jibel: I see a message about it from 2 days ago09:22
jibelsil2100, I mean dialler-app09:22
jibelsil2100, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/64809:22
jibelsil2100, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/64709:22
robrujibel: we decided not to do automatic tests in case it would overburden the test infra, but i think ultimately the plan is to have landers submit autopkgtests prior to submitting for qa so it at least doesn't waste your time.09:23
jibelsil2100, and https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/64409:23
sil2100Ok, need to check09:23
sil2100Aww come ooon, looks like my instance died09:23
jibelrobru, if it triggers a test when it's marked ready for qa it won't overburden the infra09:24
jibelrobru, on average it's less than 20 silos a week with peaks at 3009:25
jibelthat won't kill the infra09:25
jibeleven if you run them 3 times per silo09:25
robrujibel: i was envisioning the other way, landers must get passing autopkgtest before at cab be marked ready for qa. Like bileto would only mark it ready after successful testing09:25
robrujibel: the concern was from pitti, if we auto test after every build it's too much, the test infra is quite weak and overburdened already09:26
jibelrobru, I agree with pitti and it's why I think running once when the lander thinks it's ready for QA is a good compromise09:27
jibelit's what we'll do manually anyway09:27
jibelso if we can save this button pressing task it's all good09:27
robrujibel: yeah it's in the plans, lots of rough edges need to be polished up still09:28
robrujibel: for now though the feature is there, you can poke at the autopkgtest and see what happens. Hopefully we'll get it smoother soon and landers can start doing it09:29
jibelrobru, although what we really need is reverse dependencies testing. not all packages have autopkgtest but frequently rdeps do have tests and proposed-migration finds lot of regressions this way09:30
robrujibel: yeah the next step is to enable full britney, it will do rdeps and everything just like proposed migration. But that's a big task to enable in the train, will be some time for that to go live.09:33
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robrujibel: oh for silo 51 it looks like it didn't have any tests, the log shows it skipped submitting anything09:50
jibelrobru, right, I just picked a random silo to see if the build was working09:51
robrujibel: yeah it seems i need to rework this quite a bit, the silo status makes it sound like it's doing something. I'm working on a major overhaul of the silo status reporting that should clarify what is actually going on, but could be a few days before i finish09:56
xavigarciasil2100: ping10:05
sil2100xavigarcia: pong10:05
xavigarciasil2100: hi! I have a question... I would need to move libuntiy-api-dev to main repository, as it is a dependency for a new project we are planning to land and that will be a dependency of the sound indicator10:06
xavigarciasil2100: can you help me with that?10:06
sil2100xavigarcia: it's already handled :)10:07
sil2100xavigarcia: I did that last week actually10:07
xavigarciasil2100: ah, ok...cool!10:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1512784 in unity-api (Ubuntu) "[MIR] unity-api" [Undecided,Fix released]10:07
xavigarciasil2100: great!, then I guess silo 51 should be good to go10:07
xavigarciasil2100: and now a second question. I need to add the project gmenuharness to the repository10:08
xavigarciasil2100: it's a new project, and contains the base to implement integration tests for all indicators10:08
xavigarciasil2100: this is the url: https://launchpad.net/gmenuharness10:09
xavigarciasil2100: we'd need to land this asap to avoid having the issues we've got for ota-8 and the indicator-sound silo10:10
sil2100xavigarcia: ok, in that case you'll need to prepare the packaging and go through the normal landing procedures, after which the package will need to be preNEWed and then NEWed by someone from the archive team10:10
sil2100xavigarcia: a preNEW procedure is getting some archive admin review your silo after it passes QA10:11
sil2100To check the packaging etc.10:11
jibelsil2100, I forgot to ask during the meeting, can you 'enable' the OTA version in the RC channel so we can test before the image is promoted to stable?10:11
xavigarciasil2100: ok... the packaging should be ready, so I will create a silo for it10:11
xavigarciasil2100: thanks!10:11
sil2100Normally we wouldn't need a preNEW procedure, but since overlay landings go directly to the overlay PPA I would prefer someone to check it early10:11
xavigarciasil2100: sure10:12
sil2100jibel: ok, yeah, that's my priority today, will give you a sign once it's done10:12
jibelsil2100, thanks10:13
jibelsil2100, can you check if you can restart your instance, it should be fixed11:07
sil2100jibel: yeah, the e-mails got sent, the instance restarted11:07
brendandsil2100, hey dude11:18
sil2100brendand: hey11:20
brendandsil2100, do you know what happens to old version of e.g. messaging-app when a new one lands in the overlay ppa?11:21
brendandsil2100, is it just 'disappeared'11:21
sil2100brendand: no, it's still there, you can download it if needed but it's not super trivial - it's superseeded by the new version but still there11:21
sil2100I have a script that downloads selected versions from the overlay11:22
brendandsil2100, but in terms of being available for install using apt etc?11:23
sil2100brendand: bzr branch lp:landing-team-tools and use the overlay-ppa-dl-package script - you can download either .deb binaries (by default), or grab the source by giving the -s options11:23
sil2100apt also should be able to install it if you explicitly give it a version number11:23
sil2100hm, or let me think11:24
sil2100Actually hm, no, apt won't see it I think11:24
sil2100brendand: I suppose the only option is to download the .deb's directly and installing with dpkg I think11:25
sil2100brendand: but I would have to check if apt won't find the package if you give the version number directly11:25
sil2100brendand: ok, so as I thought, it seems that apt just wont see it11:29
brendandsil2100, ok11:32
brendandsil2100, makes it a bit more difficult but at least its possible11:35
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xavigarciasil2100: ping again :)13:08
xavigarciasil2100: could you please take a quick look to this build? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-000-1-build/540/console13:08
xavigarciasil2100: I think something is wrong in the project configuration13:09
xavigarciasil2100: for example: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libgmenuharness does not exist13:09
sil2100xavigarcia: is the branch configured as bzr split?13:11
sil2100xavigarcia: yeah, so I don't see the .bzr-builddeb directory13:12
sil2100xavigarcia: check how other projects are done and be sure to include the same things in .bzr-builddeb of your bzr branch, since otherwise it won't generate the tarball from the source tree13:12
xavigarciasil2100: oh, ok... will do that13:13
xavigarciasil2100: thanks!13:13
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=== ev changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Train trouble? ping trainguards | CI problems? ping cihelp | Train: http://bit.ly/1hGZsfS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: OTA-8 preparation in progress
sil2100rvr: ping14:44
rvrsil2100: pong15:05
sil2100rvr: hey! Is your krillin free right now?15:06
rvrsil2100: Yes15:06
AlbertAtrainguards: so this says landed, but I only see the packages released into stable-phone-overlay15:32
AlbertAand not in xenial or xenial proposed15:32
AlbertAdid I not configure the entry properly for dual landing?15:32
greybacktrainguards: hey, this is to fix a ftbfs on armhf xenial: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/646 can someone hit merge please?15:41
Mirvgreyback: publish? it's not set to "Publish without QA"?15:52
greybackMirv: ah boo, I chose the wrong option15:53
greybackMirv: okay, now I can press buttons15:54
AlbertAMirv: any idea why this didn't make it to xenial ? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/60416:10
MirvAlbertA: the silo was configured to use overlay PPA (dual landings should have the field empty - vivid will go to overlay anyway), so the mir is in... overlay PPA also for xenial dput ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/landing-012 ../build-area/qtpim-opensource-src_5.0~git20140515~29475884-0ubuntu16~xenial1~test1_source.changes16:27
MirvAlbertA: s/wrongcopypaste/https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=xenial16:27
Mirvalso some unity-scopes-shell it seems :P16:27
Mirvas I'm MOTU I was able to copy the unity-scopes-shell to archives, but the mir is in main so needs core-dev16:30
greybackMirv: hey, I've a qtmir bug fix I want to land fairly soon (https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/654) - think I should wait for https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/646 to migrate? Will a dual landing work after a xenial-only landing?16:31
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Mirvgreyback: OTA8 blocker is good enough reason, so I'll merge&clean 646. it has at least built so it will probably migrate. dual landing should work fine since the trunk is always xenial/dev anyway. and if not we'll just do some manual publishing once.16:39
Mirvnoting to myself I shouldn't be here, but it seems no other trainguards are here either right at the moment16:39
greybackMirv: nice , thank you for the help16:41
Mirvgreyback: ok go ahead in building 65416:42
greybackMirv: just kicked off16:42
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AlbertAMirv: thanks, so should I just make a sync from overlay entry to get it into xenial?16:43
MirvAlbertA: either that or just get some core dev like RAOF to copy-package it to xenial-proposed16:45
AlbertAMirv: cool thanks16:47
robruAlbertA: that is strange17:23
robruOh I see, hmm I should make the train just ignore that field for dual silos17:25
AlbertArobru: yeah sorry, I didn't catch that you are not to supposed to use that field anymore...17:29
robruAlbertA: I recommend just getting a core dev to copy manually. If you make a sync request you still need a core dev anyway so it's a bit pointless for you17:33
AlbertArobru: yeah I'll ask RAOF on his monday17:33
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