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pittiGood morning04:15
TheMusoMorning pitti. :)04:26
pittihey TheMuso!04:32
pittiLaney: FYI, I sent an RT for bos01 which burst into flames04:38
hikiko hello05:30
didrocksgood morning05:34
hikikoGood morning didrocks05:43
didrockshey hikiko, how are you?05:50
darkxsthey pitti, didrocks hikiko06:43
didrocksgood evening darkxst06:44
darkxstdidrocks, not really, spent the afternoon fighting with gdm3, but it is done now ;)06:48
darkxstthe migration stuff was a pita, but should work06:48
didrocksdarkxst: I guess you will be happy once this is really built and tested on a wider scale :)06:50
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darkxstdidrocks, well I would be more happy if I could find a graceful way to upgrade gdm daemon without breaking the lock screen, but that seems to be a general issue, not related to the merge06:54
hikikohey pitti darkxst06:57
didrocksdid I missed pitti? I didn't see him saying hi here :p06:58
didrocksah, it was before I joined :)06:58
didrocksdarkxst: how are you breaking the lock screen?06:58
darkxstdidrocks, pitti is always up early!06:58
pittihey hikiko and darkxst!06:59
pittiça va didrocks !06:59
didrocksyeah, 6:30 is already early06:59
darkxstdidrocks, the auth channel between gdm and gnome-shell is quite fragile06:59
didrocksI don't want to get up at 5:30 just to beat him :)06:59
darkxstI suspect that is part of the reason fedora forces updates to delay until reboot06:59
didrockspitti: ça va, et toi ? :)06:59
pittioui, je ne pouvais plus dormir, j'ai me léve à 4:30 à nouveau :(06:59
pittididrocks: je vais bien, merci !06:59
didrockspitti: argh :/06:59
didrocksdarkxst: ah, you meant, breaking for the session until reboot?07:00
didrocksdarkxst: or then, for each gdm update?07:00
darkxstdidrocks, after a gdm update, you can't unlock it07:00
darkxstand yea just until reboot07:00
didrocksargh, but for each update?07:01
didrocksthat's quite ackward, indeed07:01
darkxstdidrocks, I don't know if it happens on 100% of updates, but its been happening atleast sometimes for a while now07:12
darkxstand sometimes its gnome-shell loosing the auth channel, which is recoverable, but not by a normal user07:13
didrockspitti: waow, I didn't know that python gettext was assuming ascii for encoding07:20
pittididrocks: ?07:20
pittididrocks: neither did I, and it certainly shoudln't?07:20
pitti>>> gettext.gettext('ça va ♥')07:20
pitti'ça va ♥'07:21
didrocks"If the charset encoding is specified, then all message ids and message strings read from the catalog are converted to Unicode using this encoding, else ASCII encoding is assumed.07:21
pittior do you mean for matching strings in .mo files?07:21
didrockspitti: I have some _("") returning in a language that returns me some UnicodeEncodeError07:21
didrocksthe typical *** UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character '\xe3' in position 5: ordinal not in range(128)07:21
pittiuh, so this would be lgettext() then or bind_textdomain_codeset()?07:23
pittiwhy on earth doesn't that default to $LC_CTYPE07:24
didrockspitti: yeah, seems that's what I need, I would like to understand exactly what's going on before adding it though07:24
didrocks(I just bind_textdomain for now)07:24
pittido you have a small reproducer for this?07:28
pitti$ python3 -c 'import gettext, locale; print(locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, "")); gettext.textdomain("gtk30"); print(gettext.gettext("Add a class"))'07:30
pittiEine Klasse hinzufügen07:30
didrockspitti: no, well… I can reproduce it in one command in Ubuntu Make07:30
didrocksbut yeah, I should do something wrong I guess…07:31
pittiif I run this under LC_CTYPE=C it indeed fails with UnicodeEncodeError, but that's to be expected07:31
pittiwith LC_CTYPE=C.UTF-8 it works07:31
didrockscan be as well the .mo file which is wrong for that lang07:31
didrocks"Eu não aceito" is what it doesn't like in PT_br07:32
pitti.po files specify their own content encoding, but if it's wrong it might not match indeed07:32
didrocksbut "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"07:33
didrocksso sounds good…07:33
didrocksI initialize gettext in https://github.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-make/blob/master/umake/__init__.py#L3207:34
didrocksand the failure is when I print the "I don't accept" pt_BR translation set in https://github.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-make/blob/master/umake/__init__.py#L3207:35
pittididrocks: your setlocale() call is someplace else?07:35
didrockspitti: I never called setlocale07:37
didrocksit's using LANGUAGE=, right?07:37
pittididrocks: if set, yes07:37
pitti$  python3 -c 'import gettext; gettext.textdomain("gtk30"); print(gettext.gettext("Add a class"))'07:37
pittiEine Klasse hinzufügen07:37
pittiindeed that works too07:37
* didrocks reads http://www.wefearchange.org/2012/06/the-right-way-to-internationalize-your.html07:37
pittiI thought one had to call setlocale(); one must do in C, but perhaps python does it automagically07:38
didrocksyeah, I never needed to in python contrary to C07:39
didrocks(and the doc list the env variables that it's using)07:39
pitti$ python3 -c 'import locale; print(locale.getlocale())'07:40
pitti('de_DE', 'UTF-8')07:40
pitti$ python -c 'import locale; print(locale.getlocale())'07:40
pitti(None, None)07:40
pittiso that's new in py307:41
pitti$ python -c 'import gettext, locale; print(locale.getlocale()); gettext.textdomain("gtk30"); print(gettext.gettext("Add a class"))'07:41
pitti(None, None)07:41
pittiEine Klasse hinzufügen07:41
pittiso that works only because py2 blissfully ignores all the encoding stuff07:41
didrocksafter reading barry's blog post, seems like I'm doing the right thing in python3…07:42
didrocksas gettext is returning unicode there…07:42
didrockspitti: ok, I have a small reproducer, are you on xenial?07:50
pittididrocks: yes; is there anything else? :-)07:50
didrocksahah :)07:50
didrocksso apt install ubuntu-make07:51
didrocks(to get the .mo file)07:51
didrocksLANGUAGE=pt_BR python3 -c "import gettext; gettext.textdomain('ubuntu-make'); print(gettext.gettext('I don\'t accept'))"07:51
pittiso I'll install ubuntu-make and language-pack-{gnome-,}pt in a schroot07:52
didrockspitti: I don't think you need other langpacks, but yeah07:53
didrocksLANGUAGE=pt_BR python3 -c 'import sys; print (sys.stdout.encoding)'07:54
pitti$ LANGUAGE=pt_BR python3 -c 'import sys; print (sys.stdout.encoding)'07:54
pittion my desktop07:54
pittiin the schroot it says ANSI_X3.4-1968 (i. e. "ascii")07:54
didrocksgetting that on my clean shell07:54
didrockswhen changing only LANGUAGE07:54
pittibecause my other LC_* are unset in the schroot07:55
pittididrocks: what does your "locale" say?07:55
didrocksLANG=pt_BR.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=pt_BR python3 -c 'import sys; print (sys.stdout.encoding)'07:55
pittifor LC_CTYPE in particular07:55
didrockspitti: ^07:55
pittiLANGUAGE does not set any LC* or encoding, it's just for picking a language07:55
didrocks(well, I just use env variables, so locale returns the french LC="fr_FR.UTF-8")07:55
pittiunlike LANG which is an entire locale07:55
didrocksLC_ALL is empty though07:56
pittithat's fine07:56
pittiif you have $LANG it's the defualt for LC_*07:56
pittimost people have only $LANG or $LANG+$LANGUAGE07:56
didrocksyeah, so the issue happens when I set LANG= in addition to LANGUAGE07:56
didrocksLANG=pt_BR.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=pt_BR python3 -c 'import sys; print (sys.stdout.encoding)'07:56
pitti$ LANG=pt_BR.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=pt_BR python3 -c 'import sys; print (sys.stdout.encoding)'07:56
pittiin my schroot07:56
didrockspitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13245981/07:57
pittididrocks: oh! may it be that you don't actually have the pt_BR.UTF-8 locale?07:57
pittididrocks: locale -a ?07:57
didrocksoh right, I don't have it installed07:57
pittithere you are :)07:57
didrocksso, you think that issue happens for people not installing the locale?07:58
didrocksand so, sys.stdout.encoding returns ANSI_X3.4-196807:58
didrocksinstead of UTF-807:58
didrocks(there is a default encoding by locale?)07:58
pittiright; "LANG=pt_BR.UTF-8 locale" should complain loudly07:59
pittilocale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory07:59
pitti$ LANGUAGE=pt_BR LANG=pt_BR.UTF-8 python3 -c "import gettext; gettext.textdomain('ubuntu-make'); print(gettext.gettext('I don\'t accept'))"07:59
pittiEu não aceito07:59
pittididrocks: but that shouldn't be possible to do with the GUI -- you can only select locales if you installed the langpack07:59
didrockspitti: I still don't get why python doesn't take thus the encoding from LANG…08:00
pittiso perhaps people who manualy set it08:00
pittididrocks: because it doesn't know which encoding that is08:00
pittiif the locale isn't installed08:00
didrocksisn't what the .UTF-8 from LANG= is about?08:00
pittithe ".UTF8" is just part of a name08:00
pittian identifier for humans08:00
pittie. g. aa_ET is also UTF-808:01
didrocksok, so a way to avoid crashing on those condition would be to force my own encoding?08:01
didrocksas I know my .mo files are UTF-8 encoded08:01
didrocksah no, the issue is in the print()08:01
pittididrocks: I'd suggest calling locale.setlocale()08:02
pitti$ LANG=pt_BR.UTF-8 python3 -c 'import gettext, locale; print(locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, ""))'08:02
pittilocale.Error: unsupported locale setting08:02
pittiand only if that succeeds you set a text domain08:02
pittithat might be the most elegant way08:03
pittiif the env specifies an invalid/broken/missing locale, it just uses C08:03
didrocksyeah, so fallbacking to C…08:03
pitti    locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, '')08:04
pitti   gettext.textdomain(...)08:04
pittiexcept locale.Error:08:04
pitti   # maybe print some warning08:04
pitti    pass08:04
pittiyay for my perfect indentation this morning!08:04
didrocksahah good enough :)08:04
didrockslet me still confirm that's the issue on the bug report08:04
didrocksbut I'll add that anyway, good way of protecting myself08:05
didrocksthanks a lot for looking at it pitti!08:05
* didrocks hugs you08:05
pittididrocks: je t'en prie !08:05
* didrocks is quite happy that wasn't so straightforward :)08:05
hikikoTrevinho, unity has compile errors...08:39
hikikoTrevinho, first error: /home/eleni/canonical/staging/unity/unity-shared/BamfApplicationManager.cpp: In member function ‘void unity::bamf::Application::UpdateWindows()’:08:44
hikiko/home/eleni/canonical/staging/unity/unity-shared/BamfApplicationManager.cpp:427:43: error: ‘bamf_view_’ is not a member of ‘unity::bamf’08:44
hikiko   for (GList* l = bamf_view_peek_children(bamf::bamf_view_); l; l = l->next) :s08:44
hikikowrong paste08:45
hikiko/home/eleni/canonical/staging/unity/unity-shared/BamfApplicationManager.cpp: In member function ‘void unity::bamf::Application::UpdateWindows()’:08:45
hikiko/home/eleni/canonical/staging/unity/unity-shared/BamfApplicationManager.cpp:427:53: error: ‘bamf_view_peek_children’ was not declared in this scope08:45
hikiko   for (GList* l = bamf_view_peek_children(bamf_view_); l; l = l->next)08:45
hikikothat's the 1st error08:45
hikikommm now I look at it I should use a pastebin :p08:46
willcookemorning all08:56
didrocksmorning willcooke08:57
Laneyhey hey09:01
Laneypitti: bos01> oh dear09:02
darkxsthey willcooke, Laney09:02
Laneyhi darkxst09:02
Laneyoh man, still no phonon fix!09:03
didrockshey Laney! :)09:06
didrocksLaney is up before seb128, this guy is really back on his French schedule after a week :p09:06
pittihey Laney09:06
pittiLaney: pitti, the breaker of all clouds..09:07
willcookeqengho, For the last couple of days Cr. has added another icon to the launcher when running and the original just launcher yet another Cr.09:08
Laneyhowdy didrocks09:12
didrocksgood good, had some nice interesting python encodeissue this morning :)09:15
didrocksand fixed bad translations in pt_BR, making Make failure09:16
didrocks+ my first Atom.io contribution \o/09:16
didrocksand it's Friday :p09:16
willcookecongrats didrocks09:16
didrocksthx ;)09:17
TrevinhoOuch, irc didn't connect... But morning09:21
willcookeqengho, but removing the old icon and readding sorts it09:21
willcookehey Trevinho09:21
Trevinhohi willcooke09:21
willcookeTrevinho, sounds like the can find us some real hardware for U7 testing on Intel, nVidida, AMD09:22
Trevinhowillcooke: this is cool!09:22
seb128re desktopers09:22
Trevinhowillcooke: even just intel would be fine for me... But still09:22
Trevinhothe more the better09:22
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1512290 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu Wily) "gnome-screenshot produces very low quality blurry screenshots" [High,Fix committed]09:25
Laneythis guy is CORRECT!09:25
seb128do we tag bug #1515810 as a gtk 318 issue?09:27
ubot5bug 1515810 in gedit (Ubuntu) "Doesn't merge into unity panel when maximized" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151581009:27
seb128it's not really09:27
seb128but I think we said we need to teach gtk to have a flag for that?09:27
Laneythat or rls09:28
Laneyshould triage the -incoming bugs btw09:28
Laneydoes anyone plan to do that?09:28
willcookeSeems like something that needs more that just one person to go through it09:29
willcookeso, hangout on Monday?09:30
pittiLaney: meh, they fixed bos01 this morning, but seems it's just dying again09:30
Laneypitti: oh I just assumed it wasn't fixed yet09:30
seb128well, we need one person to approve nominations09:30
seb128seems a job for a manager ;-)09:30
Laneywillcooke: are you in the right team to do bug nominations?09:31
seb128but I'm happy to help triaging the list09:31
willcookehow do I check Laney?09:31
pittiLaney: at least it held up for some two hours which reduced the queue quite a bit09:31
seb128willcooke, you try to nominate a bug09:33
Laneywillcooke: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-greeter/+bug/128687809:33
Laneydo you have "Nominate for series"?09:33
seb128"Target to series"09:33
seb128do you have access to ^09:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1286878 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "Doesn't scale well on a hidpi display" [Medium,Triaged]09:33
* seb128 bets he doesn't09:34
Laneywell that's what you need to triage the list09:34
willcookeI can nominate09:34
seb128right, I'm not saying he shouldn't09:34
seb128you can? good !09:34
Laneynominate but not approve09:35
seb128well, can you approve nominations ? or just suggest those ?09:35
Laneyor target but not nominate09:35
Laneywhatever the stupid terminlogy is09:35
seb128Laney, bug #1512290 should be verification-failed if there is a regression, no?09:36
ubot5bug 1512290 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu Wily) "gnome-screenshot produces very low quality blurry screenshots" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151229009:36
Laneyprobably if it makes the thing crash09:36
willcookeseb128, Laney  - Don't think I can approve09:36
Laneywillcooke: are you in bug control?09:36
Laneycan't remember if that lets you actually approve them09:36
seb128no it doesn't09:36
Laneywhat does then?09:36
seb128you need to be in ubuntu-drivers I think09:36
seb128or https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release-nominators09:37
seb128that's part of the drivers09:37
willcookeqengho, but now "open link in browser" from xchat opens a new Cr. window and doesn't load the page09:37
seb128infinity is admin of that group09:38
seb128willcooke, maybe ask to be added there?09:38
seb128~ubuntu-release-nominators that is09:38
willcookeseb128, will do. thx09:38
* Laney checked with #launchpad, but probably09:39
willcookeoki, so Laney seb128 - you guys (and others) will nominate and then I will approve them?09:40
willcookeGuess I can nominate too right?09:40
seb128I usually do approve things as well09:41
seb128I think I'm going to keep doing that for obvious things09:41
seb128but let me know if you prefer be doing those09:41
Laneywait what?09:41
willcookeoki, I will take a pass of the list on Monday, or once I am a member, which ever is later and then we can sync up afterwards09:42
LaneyI can't only nominate, it approves them right away09:42
didrocksyeah, if you have rights (that every ubuntu core devs do), it will approve right away09:45
seb128didrocks, I don't think it's coredevs09:45
seb128it's ubuntu-drivers afaik09:46
didrocksseb128: well, I can approve for sure, and I'm not in any of the 2 teams09:46
Laneynah it's uploading permissions + drivers09:46
LaneyI think09:46
seb128didrocks, you are not in https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-drivers ?09:46
seb128I'm in through UDS organiser09:46
* Laney not09:46
Laneythat is some magic team09:46
seb128launchpad permissions are weird09:46
seb128and ~ubuntu-release-nominators is misleading then09:46
Laneyit's an extra group on top of the uploaders09:47
Laneyfor this kind of case09:47
didrocksfunny that some people are in that team where they are less involved in ubuntu than uploaders btw :p09:47
seb128yeah, that can makes sense though09:48
seb128people defining quality and goals and not all doing technical work09:48
didrocksrandom canonical upstreams?09:48
seb128like Pat is driving the touch product and dealing with bugs and targets but he's not packaging09:48
didrocksthat list is really weird…09:49
seb128yeah, agreed on that09:49
seb128but like having QA might make sense09:49
seb128if we trust them to define the quality goals09:49
seb128random individuals less so09:49
didrocksfor those yeah, not telling everyone in that list doesn't make sense09:49
didrocksbut a good part of individuals is weird09:49
Laneythat "Will" "Cooke"09:50
Laneywho even is he?09:50
seb128but we don't even know if that team is actually used09:51
seb128since we are not member of it and have access to the nominations09:51
seb128so it is a least not a direct mapping09:51
Laneyuploader + driver10:02
seb128thanks Laney!10:02
Laneyseb128: what do you think about demoting phonon-backend-vlc auralquiz?10:03
seb128does it mean mitya57 and slangasek failed at getting at the bottom for the phonon issues?10:04
* seb128 reads IRC backlog from the night10:04
Laneysome patches but he didn't upload...10:04
* Laney tries them10:25
seb128them? the patches?10:25
seb128I was about to do the demotion10:26
seb128should I still hit enter? ;-)10:26
seb128we can fix up things later on10:26
LaneyI assumed silence was no :P10:26
Laneydo it if you're happy10:26
willcookeLaney, seb128 - is this the list I should work from?  http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-x-incoming-bug-tasks.html10:27
* willcooke blocks out some hours10:27
Laneyprobably wait until you're in the team so you don't have to do get us to pres butan10:27
seb128Laney, sorry I was in another discussions so delayed the demotions a bit10:27
Laneywillcooke: rls-x-notfixing is the "we don't commit to this" tag10:27
willcookegot it10:28
Laneyso either way they get out of the incoming list10:28
seb128Laney, ok, demoted10:28
willcookeoh, good news... seems my details weren't amongst those lifted in the TalkTalk hack10:28
seb128eventually we are going to hit the other side10:28
seb128phonon-backend-vlc 0.8.2-1ubuntu1 in xenial (version older than the phonon-backend-vlc 0.8.2-1ubuntu2 in xenial published in xenial)10:29
seb128I don't understand the demote tool10:29
seb128why does it try to upload non current versions?10:29
Laneyseb128: new package in proposed, just remove from release10:30
Laneyyou (maybe) got to do the last action10:30
* seb128 takes a bigger hammer in case it's needed10:31
Laneywe have the "force" hint ;-)10:31
seb128transition weeks are so much fun10:31
Laneythat gets you sacked from the release team though10:31
seb128would be nice to get that done today10:32
Laneyah good job gtk is blocked10:32
Laneyseems .3 broke some stuff10:33
* Laney looks at .410:33
seb128yeah, cf my comment yesterday evening just after you left :p10:33
seb128binding booog10:33
Laneylooks like it all happened at the same time10:36
Laneylike the upstream commits were after I made the package and -3 was just around the same time I uploaded it10:36
Laneydoh doh doh dohd ohdodhodh10:36
czajkowskiLaney: happy friday eh :)10:39
seb128hey czajkowski! how are you?10:39
seb128Sweet5hark, hey, could you have a look to bug #1515761 ?10:48
ubot5bug 1515761 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "Libre office writer reports error when opening MS Word files after running recent trusty update." [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151576110:48
seb128just to check if it's a regression or just a local/one user thing?10:48
Sweet5harkseb128: /me reads10:50
larsuLaney: is bug #1512290 the one you mentioned in the tg group?10:50
ubot5bug 1512290 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu Wily) "gnome-screenshot produces very low quality blurry screenshots" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151229010:50
seb128larsu, hey again ;-) and yes10:50
Laneylarsu: yeah, I assigned it to you10:50
Laneysorry :(10:50
Laneyand hey!10:50
Laneygood gym?10:50
seb128how was the gym today ?10:50
* larsu feels very good now :)10:53
larsupitti: ugh, that MR is the worst11:03
pittilarsu: the unbreak-my-desktop brightness thing?11:03
pittiyeah -- this is a kernel/driver issue, not a "let's bikeshed with user settings between off and low"11:03
larsuya. Thanks for taking a strong stance against it11:04
pittiuserspace should use the brightness range that the driver offers11:04
* larsu will pile on11:04
larsupitti: clearly11:04
larsupitti: also, that MR doesn't add the key to gsettings?!11:06
larsuor is that in deskto-schemas or similar?11:06
pittilarsu: maybe, I didn't bother to read that far11:06
pittithis is conceptually wrong, I see little point in discussing the implementation11:07
larsuya, of course11:07
Laneythis person works for us...11:07
larsuno point in reviewing11:07
larsuold habit11:07
larsu"oh ... a diff"11:07
Laneywhy not come to ask before writing code?11:07
pittiwell, feel free :)11:07
pittibut if anything we already have too many settings..11:07
seb128why is the mr emailing the desktop list?11:08
Laneyso many avenues for discussion11:08
pittiI set ubuntu-desktop as a reviewer -- bad/wrong team?11:08
pittiI nacked the patch, but said I'm not the ultimate naysayer, and that it's the desktop team's decision11:08
seb128unsure we have a team better fit11:08
Laneyit caused people to notice it11:08
pittisorry for the spam then11:08
* Laney stabs publisher11:09
seb128no worry11:09
Laneyhurry up11:09
seb128it might be good in fact11:09
seb128getting some activity on the list ;-)11:09
pittiI think as soon as anyone in the team acks or nacks the team reviewer goes back to that individual11:09
larsuseb128: lol11:09
seb128pitti, be +1 your nack in this case, good call! :-)11:09
seb128larsu, btw how high is the nautilus menus thing on your todo? we should probably get that and the new geo lib landed in the next weeks if we can11:10
seb128big changes early in the cycle11:10
seb128then we can collect feedback and deal with bugs11:10
larsuhighest on my list is wording a comment that doesn't sound too harsh11:11
larsuseb128: but seriously: yes.11:11
seb128larsu, sorry it feels like you got quite some pings/stuff dumped this week11:12
larsuno worries11:12
* seb128 hugs larsu11:12
* larsu hugs EVERYONE11:12
seb128almost the w.e don't worry, we can all relax ;-)11:13
* Laney is going to a big family party for Rosie's family11:13
Laneynot sure this is going to be relaxing :P11:13
pittiLaney: uh, I don't like these much11:14
seb128Laney, well, maybe entertaining then? :p11:16
seb128in any case good luck!11:16
Laneyit's some kind of wedding party but not an actual wedding11:16
* Laney doesn't really know11:16
Laneymaybe free food & wine :)11:16
Laneyand I get to go to Norwich which is always nice11:16
Laneyalso it appears I have 3 more days of holiday to burn before the end of the year11:17
LaneyBYE GUYS!11:17
seb128oh, I should probably look at those as well11:18
seb128I've been good and took 15 days to go to Scottland but I still have like 8 days left11:19
Laneyya so 8-5 = 311:19
LaneyHenry Days11:19
pittithe hr.c.c one probably tries to be clever, but the accrual still confuses me a lot11:21
seb128I don't really understand what thas is about11:21
seb128they add you a fraction of the yearly count every month?11:21
LaneyI just look at the year end total or whatever it says11:21
Laneythat seems to be right11:21
seb128yeah, that's what I do11:22
pittiI'm just not sure if that includes holidays which got approved, but weren't taken yet11:22
pittie. g. the christmas ones11:22
Laneyit's not like we actually build up days in that way11:22
Laneyno, it says 8 for me now11:22
willcookepitti, same11:22
Laneywhich includes the Christmas ones11:22
LaneyI mean, which accounts for them11:22
larsuhm I don't count as ubuntu desktop :(11:25
Laneyin what sense?11:25
larsuteam on lp11:26
larsubecause upload rights11:26
larsubut I just noticed it when disapproving that mr11:26
Laneyah right11:26
Laneywell u-s-d is a different team anwyay11:26
Laneyso you can set the status which matters11:26
czajkowskiseb128: not bad thanks at a database conference - which are a little intense but god. Beside us is IBM running rapsberry Pi on Ubuntu hooked into couchbase as their demos so it's nice to see different people doing cool things11:28
seb128where is that?11:28
seb128larsu, don't feel left out :-(11:29
larsuI don't ;)11:30
seb128good :-)11:30
* Laney gets 83 emails11:36
czajkowskiseb128: all your base in London today11:36
seb128Laney is ZE MAN11:36
seb128Laney, well done!11:36
czajkowskiLaney: oh so what you're saying is you want an even 10011:37
czajkowskiI can send you some more to help you out11:37
Laneyhey czajkowski11:39
Laneyonly if they say "here have some free pizza"11:39
seb128Laney, man, you have been busy11:44
seb128I only got 23 emails11:44
seb128still better than nothing ;-)11:44
LaneyI got another 47 just now11:44
Laneyno change rebuilds YEAH!11:45
Laneyactually quite a few of them were real11:45
Laneythis took up like 3-4 entire days11:45
Laneyoh, got phonon-backend-vlc to build11:45
seb128I'm 2 uploads ahead of you still :p11:46
seb1282695 vs 269311:46
LaneyI was like 18 behind the other day11:46
Laneybefore all these rebuilds11:46
Laneywhat is this sorcery11:47
seb128I'm playing tricks :p11:47
Laneyyou need to add https://launchpad.net/~laney/+synchronised-packages on too11:47
Laney:) :) :)11:47
seb128that's cheating!11:47
Laneythat's the real stuff11:47
Laneywait what11:48
seb128the real master is pitti it seems11:48
seb128he wins fairly in each category11:48
Laneyoh yeah ffmpeg was indeed a copy11:48
Laneydestroyed in +uploaded-packages even11:49
seb128one day, one day...11:49
* Laney goes to make tea before phononing11:50
Laneythen really doing gtk .311:50
* seb128 thinks about getting some food11:50
* larsu sympathizes with seb128 11:51
* Laney might actually get to some merges today!11:51
Laneygot some scary things on my list11:53
Laneymdadm, lintian, dbus, bzr11:54
seb128speaking of dbus, it's red of version, needs a merge from debian ;-)11:56
seb128lunch, bbiab11:56
Laneyyes exactly11:59
larsuseb128: enjoy!12:01
larsuLaney: not sure what to do about the black window problem... maybe Trevinho can help12:09
larsuebassi commented on the bug, but not really helpful12:09
Laneydid you think bisecting would really be helpful?12:10
Laneyif so, might be good to do it12:10
larsuyeah :'(12:11
Laneybut might have to suck it up and get the sync request work on the compiz team's schedule12:12
* larsu checks if this is happening in 3.1612:13
andyrocka friend of mine is experiencing some issues on 15.10 with his trackpad12:16
andyrockbasically sometimes the pointer jumps in the top left corner12:16
andyrockhe's using a thinkpad12:16
andyrockdo you know something about it?12:16
larsuLaney: same problem12:18
Laneylarsu: It sounded to me like it always existed but got more pronounced or something12:19
larsuI don't see a difference on my machine12:20
Sweet5harkseb128: issue seems unrelated.12:20
Laneyseb128 said he went back to 3.16 because of it12:20
larsuhm I'll ask him when he's back from lunch12:22
LaneyI could imagine that the effect varies depending on hardware12:23
Laneybecause I certainly see it but I wouldn't describe it as that annoying12:23
LaneyI notice it more on dialogs12:23
Laneylike open a file chooser in gedit12:23
larsuright, me too12:24
larsubut about the same on 3.16 and 3.1812:24
desrtgood morning desktop people12:29
Laneydefinitely worse here12:29
seb128larsu, Laney, see http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/gtk.ogv12:29
LaneyI don't see any black flash on 3.1612:29
seb128it's 3.18 then ld_preload 3.1612:29
LaneyI see some resizing/drawing effect but it's not black12:29
Laneyhey desrt12:29
Laneyhappy friday12:29
desrthappy friday to you too, Laney12:29
desrtalso to hikiko :)12:29
Laneythe chosen12:30
seb128hey desrt!12:30
desrt(she always used to say happy [day])12:30
seb128Sweet5hark, good12:30
hikikohi desrt :)12:30
hikikohappy friday!12:30
desrts/used to say/says/12:30
* desrt heats water for coffee and listens to music through speakers playing through a $30 chipamp bought from amazon hooked up to an ancient (1st model) eeepc running pulseaudio network streaming12:31
desrtthis is nice.12:31
larsuseb128: :(12:32
larsumorning desrt and hikiko12:32
hikikomorning larsu :)12:33
desrthello seb128 and larsu12:34
seb128larsu, sorry :-/12:34
larsuseb128: it'd be fine if I could reproduce at least12:35
seb128you don't see it at all?12:35
larsuI see it in both 3.16 and 3.1812:35
larsumost notably when opening multiple windows at once12:35
larsuor while compiling and then opening a window ;)12:36
Laneylemme bizezt12:36
larsuLaney: do you not have it in 3.16?12:36
seb128our bisect master didn't pick up the challenge?12:36
larsuhow am I seeing this then12:36
seb128larsu, weird that you see it in 3.16 :p12:37
larsuindeed :)12:37
seb128nobody reported that on launchpad from wily12:37
* Laney just jhbuilt the gtk-3-16 branch to check12:37
larsuthat's what I did12:37
Laneythen jhbuild run gedit -> ctrl-o12:37
larsu3.16.0 doesn't have it12:38
larsugtk-3-16 does12:38
seb128you just said it did12:38
Laneydid you build .0?12:38
larsunow I did12:38
* larsu bisects like attente12:39
seb128gtk 3.16.n didn't have it for me either12:39
larsuLaney: I built the branch, saw the same bug, then built 3.16.0 and don't see it anymore12:39
seb128can I suggest you built the wrong thing (tm)? :p12:39
larsuyou can, but you'd probably be wrong12:40
Laneyoh snap12:40
* Laney noms czajkowski 12:40
czajkowskiLaney: :)12:40
seb128larsu, try me! bet is on ;-)12:42
czajkowskiLaney: context is a wonderful thing or it does look a tad odd in here :P)12:42
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Laneyurgh 10 steps12:43
Laneyczajkowski: it's good to me mysterious12:43
* Laney swooshes off12:43
larsuyou're doing it as well?12:43
=== fredp is now known as Guest33880
Laney13/11 12:36:25 <Laney> lemme bizezt12:44
larsu6 steps :P12:44
Laneydidn't sound like you managed to get it the same way we do12:45
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larsuLaney, seb128: https://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk+/commit/?id=9da241b2d0251cafa30a9da13d0299e496a9bded12:48
* larsu makes sure this is actually it12:48
seb128doesn't make sense12:50
seb128that was commited for 3.16.112:50
seb128but I don't have the issue with 3.16.7 from wily12:50
larsuwhatever I'm seeing is a bug as well though12:53
larsuanyway, grabbing food now :)12:55
* Laney carries on with le bisect12:55
Laneythis is fun, I see why attente loves these so much12:55
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Laneybisect win!13:25
Sweet5hark<- huge fan of bisecting (or bibisecting)13:28
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willcookeLaney, once I've targetted for X, should I remove the rls-x-incoming tag too?13:44
LaneyI guess so13:45
=== Guest56507 is now known as balloons_
willcookeseb128, you ok for me to do that ^^^  Or should I leave it as it is for now?13:45
seb128+1 to do it13:46
Laneyhave to keep track of which ones to approve then13:46
seb128https://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk+/commit/?id=74f2d9448f24bbfdaf32ae6b328ed3e126700afe then?13:47
seb128seems easy to revert ;-)13:47
seb128though there are equivalent commits for different widgets13:47
Laneyprobably ought to understand it...13:51
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qenghoGood morning!13:53
willcookehey qengho!  See scroll back a Cr issue I'm having today.  Basically, old launcher icon went "funny".  Would launch Cr but a new icon was create on the launcher which shows the pips etc..  Plus when I try and open a link from xchat I get a new window and no link copied over13:57
qenghowillcooke: Hrm. Thanks.14:01
willcookeqengho, hey, any time :)14:02
qenghoTHAT'S WHAT I FEAR14:02
willcookeqengho, what can I do to debug?  I'm afraid I removed the original icon14:02
willcookeDid the icon change recently?  It looks to be a slightly different colour?14:03
qenghowillcooke: I think I can figure it out. I have an idea where to look.14:03
willcookeqengho, ah cool, thanks14:03
willcookethis is on my 14.04 box14:03
qenghowillcooke: the happyaron was asking about snaps at my 1AM. What did you want us to do?14:04
willcookeqengho, let's take this to /query14:05
qenghoI didn't have much to tell him, even if I was awake.14:06
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larsuLaney: cool!14:38
larsuI wonder what bug I'm seeing here14:38
davmor2larsu: if it has 8 legs it's a spider and the don't appreciate being called bugs ;)14:39
gQuigsI'm happy to make a pull request to remove software-center, empathy, and brasero..  or is there a reason to wait?14:49
seb128I'm not in favor of removing software-center until we sort out the impact on unity dash and other things using it14:53
seb128also until we have at least packagekit 1.0 and a building gnome-software14:53
seb128like at least swap it out for something that is pushed and likely to replace it14:53
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=== CardinalFang is now known as qengho
gQuigsseb128: yea, installing software on the dash breaks if you remove software-center14:56
seb128so don't14:56
gQuigsok :)14:59
jcastroc'mon seb128, let 'er rip!15:01
seb128jcastro, stop hating!15:02
jcastrono one opens up the dash and is like "man I can't wait to install things from the software center."15:02
flocculantnot everyone using usc actually has a dash ...15:02
mdeslaurjcastro: so you'd rather not have it work? :)15:02
davmor2jcastro: There's an airport down the road don't make me get on a plane!15:02
seb128flocculant, that comment is irrelevant to the discuss though, we are speaking about changing the Ubuntu Desktop seed15:03
seb128flocculant, which is including Unity and such a dash15:03
flocculantok :)15:03
jcastroseb128: I am half joking, but half want to see a flamethrower burning down some things early in the cycle.15:03
seb128jcastro, let's burn juju15:04
seb128that's a thing :p15:04
mitya57Laney, thanks for phonon & phonon-backend-vlc uploads! I have been too busy in the last days that I didn't even have time to read IRC logs :p15:05
gQuigsheh'  juju can install software and has a gui..15:09
* gQuigs runs away15:09
Laneymitya57: np, I just nicked some stuff from Debian15:12
Laneybut we also removed them from xenial to make the other stuff transition :P15:13
Laneyit would have been cooler to fix them instead15:13
Laneybregma: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=757261 seems to be waiting for you btw15:15
ubot5Gnome bug 757261 in g-ir-scanner "g-ir-scanner fails incorrectly on systems linking with --as-needed by default" [Normal,Assigned]15:15
* didrocks waves good evening and good week-end15:15
didrocksgoing to catch a train15:16
Laneybye didrocks!!!15:16
* Laney tries to type really fast these days15:16
Laneyhappy SNCF15:16
Laneyenjoy the tune15:16
didrocksLaney: merci ! ta da da :)15:16
Laneyhe always misses out one note15:16
larsuargh this commit is killing me15:25
* seb128 is away for some errands15:25
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seb128be back in some hours to deal with another round of emails and backlog before calling it a week15:26
seb128see you in a bit or have a good w.e if you are off by then!15:26
seb128willcooke, I played a bit with https://trello.com/b/FQgY4lpN/gnome-work but it imported things under your name because the script has your key, using mine returns a lack of permission error, need to figure out why later on15:27
seb128(it does the same on a test board I created/owned)15:27
willcookethx seb12815:28
cyphermoxhas anyone else noticed this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/151607816:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1516078 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "pulseaudio fails to load modules" [Undecided,New]16:23
LaneyI don't even have any pulseaudio messages in my syslog16:26
* pitti waves good bye, have a nice evening!16:26
Laneysee you pitti, happy weekend!16:26
larsuhappy weekend pitti!16:28
* Laney vim ubuntu.xenial/desktop16:37
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* qengho afk.16:46
Laneyseb128: back?17:32
LaneyI have a bit in my seed diff dropping gcc and make17:33
Laneyforgot why... do you remember?17:33
LaneyI suppose because dkms?17:33
=== jhodapp|intervie is now known as jhodapp
willcookequittin time17:48
willcookel8r sk8rs17:48
seb128Laney, back now...18:37
seb128Laney, unsure, but dkms seems likely18:37
seb128cyphermox, no such error here18:42
=== Pharmasolin1 is now known as Pharmasolin

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