wileeedaftykins, may be sainthood there01:20
daftykinsjokes on him, i have to sleep early 8D01:20
wileeenew user, big dreams, probably really young, heh, one here everyday lately, suppose I had some dream at one time01:21
wileeefunny picture and story, grew up around this town, http://www.kgw.com/story/news/local/2015/11/12/4-masked-bandits-caught-newport-ore-art-gallery/75653184/01:28
TJ-amazing! my reverse-engineered installshield archive decompressor works first time05:11
* wileee waits for the user with single install always wanting grub vs the no grub match05:11
wileeeheh, cool05:11
TJ-I always get GRUB so I forget about how it can be invisible05:12
wileeeyeah me to05:12
wileeeit does a lot, I know maybe 1%05:12
wileeeI can read though if needed05:13
TJ-With mine the LUKS pass-phrase or key-file device needs attaching05:14
wileeeah, I've jsut been multibooted, limited computers so all on a couple.05:14
wileeegot my acer d250 mini as the backup, heh.05:15
TJ-I dug out 2 notebooks I've had since 2002 this week; going to get them fired up again :)05:22
TJ-made me realize how software devs have squandered memory and CPU cycles. Those used to perform better then, than many current PCs do with latest software05:24
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:27
TJ-morning, damn!05:27
lotuspsychjeTJ-: hey mate :p05:27
TJ-I was supposed to go to bed before midnight05:27
lotuspsychjedoing overtime again05:27
TJ-Programming is too adictive :)05:27
lotuspsychjeTJ-: do you program also?05:28
TJ-That's how I started out, writing machine code and assembly language back in 1980 :)05:28
lotuspsychjewhat languages05:29
TJ-most over that time05:29
lotuspsychjeme and my brother fooled around with BASIC, but thats about it :p05:30
TJ-I prefer close to the metal, so C and C++, but I've done some big Java systems.05:31
lotuspsychjeICT is such wide spectrum plenty ways fro every talent05:32
lotuspsychjemorning OerHeks05:33
OerHekshi lotus05:34
lotuspsychjethe covergence is upon us :p05:34
lotuspsychjeTJ-: and one for you: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Kubuntu-New-RMs05:36
wileeecleanup Isle 405:57
lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all12:21
daftykinshallo \o12:27
lotuspsychjehey daftykins :p12:28
daftykinswhat film did we see? :D12:32
lotuspsychje10 things i hate about you12:38
lotuspsychjeold college comedy12:38
lotuspsychjethey all ZZzzzZZ in #ubuntu12:48
daftykinsit is a strangely quiet day!12:49
daftykinsjust ordered in a £160 IPS 2560x1440 27" HannsG display last night for someone12:51
daftykinsthey also want to drive it from a really cheap laptop, so i've just spotted a basic looker... http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00Y0LWQAW ;)12:51
lotuspsychjelooking good12:52
daftykinsweird it only has one DIMM slot, so 8GB RAM max! D:12:53
lotuspsychjecan always add ssd later12:54
daftykinsi saw a cheap HP on another site, to get RAM in you had to take the whole thing apart O_O12:55
lotuspsychjeyeah i had one the same to change a cmos battery12:55
lotuspsychjeeven screen had to come off12:56
pauljwHi everyone14:32
daftykinsheya \o14:54
daftykinshow do? :)14:54
pauljwgood daftykins thanks.  you?  :)14:54
daftykinsyep all good here ta :) just digging into a clients email issue14:55
daftykinsEriC^^: o/16:03
daftykinsi always feel our 'customers' have such warped perceptions of what 'broken' 'doesn't work' and fix' mean16:03
EriC^^yeah that's true16:03
* daftykins is an overthinker ;)16:07
EriC^^i think you're pretty practical16:09
EriC^^i've been learning a shit load of magic tricks16:13
ioriahi. anyone knows where the ubuntu log of yestarday is ? i can't find here http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/11/12/16:16
daftykinsthe 7th was missing the other day too, when OerHeks looked i think?16:18
daftykinsi reckon there's a coverup going on :D16:19
OerHeksYes, last log was the 11-3 ?16:27
ioriait misses from 3/11 to 12/1116:28
daftykinswell Eczan was a complete idiot17:37
TJ-did I miss something :D17:39
daftykinsguy asked which kernel to pick during a server install, i said i wasn't sure of any time you're asked that during server installs... eventually he gets so worked up that i'm claiming he's 'lying' he leaves saying he'll get help elsewhere17:44
daftykinsall in his own head O_O17:44
TJ-'purple screen' certainly sounds like the Plymouth splash screen17:49
TJ-It's about time we started charging a 'frustration deposit' !18:00
TJ-it's true - some skin on the table usually makes people think first :)18:01
daftykins"i have problems but you're not allowed to see... here's a darkened room, there are no lights... tell me what this object is"18:01
TJ-oh ... and you can't touch it18:01
daftykinsso in other news i've gone into the business of extracting blood from stones18:09
daftykinsi have no idea what you do in situations where a system has somehow been using funky partitions the whole time :D18:12
TJ-it may be corruption; it may even be misreporting somehow... I've simulated this by creating a large HBA on a disk *after* it was partitioned - and some PC manufacturers hide their Windows recovery images in an HBA18:19
TJ-regardless of the partition, the ext* tools will read the metadata and superblock to tell us if the file-system instide matches any of the partition dimensions we can see or deduce18:20
daftykinsVizio TVs were in the news recently for having a policy where they sell what you watch to marketing :) you have to opt out!18:47
TJ-Doesn't surprise me; folks have allowed themselves to become the product by using all those 'free' web applications like Google, Facebook, et al18:48
daftykinsthey can be pretty impressive though!18:49
daftykinsi'm starting to think it's spaghetti bolognese time18:49
TJ-Already making it here :)18:51
daftykinsi tried something new and cooked two portions of mince at once, so tonight will just be heating up18:51
daftykinsthat bellflower has one funky disk alright18:52
TJ-I often make large stews that last 1/2 a week :)18:52
daftykinsah, see i've been very hesitant toward this 'leftovers' approach18:53
daftykinsit's very alien to me18:53
TJ-it's not leftovers, that implies scraps. It's efficient production!18:54
daftykinstrue :>18:55
daftykinslooks like another one i didn't catch due to assuming their setup again!18:56
TJ-It's the whole 'incomplete data' issue - in-person you pick up a lot of stuff simply by looking. With remote support you have no context at all, so you've got to specifically identify everything18:59
DosTuMaiIf I make more, means I eat more. Not a good thing because I hate seeing food sit there.18:59
* daftykins helps out with that19:05
TJ-You need to learn self-control :)19:05
DosTuMaiOnce cooked 3 days worth of food. Felt like it was a waste to leave it sitting there. Ate the lot.19:06
DosTuMaiOCD doesn't help with that. Food is for eating.19:06
DosTuMaiMain reason I like to stick with Gnome classic.19:08
daftykinstrue, no food in that DE19:09
TJ-ffs! bellflower! I'm off for dinner, can't take any more19:09
daftykinsme too, RUN whilst the going's good!19:11
PiciOerHeks: fyi, ubottu doesn't do channel logs, thats ubuntulog's job.20:38
OerHeksPici, oh oke, we were missing some logs lately, today is running.20:38
Piciyeah, I think it might have been a netsplit related problem20:39

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