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darkxstanyone still on wily? can veryify a couple of SRU's?06:40
darkxstbug 123790406:40
ubot5bug 1237904 in Ubuntu GNOME "Xorg crashed with SIGABRT in OsAbort()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123790406:40
darkxstbug 141877106:40
ubot5bug 1418771 in tracker (Ubuntu Wily) "gjs-console assert failure: *** Error in `/usr/bin/gjs-console': free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x00007f74a804b240 ***" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141877106:40
lindolhi all09:05
darkxsthi lindol09:07
lindoldarkxst, how are you :)09:08
lindolI have read your mention :)09:09
darkxstlindol, has not been the best best week ;(09:10
lindoldarkxst, :(09:10
darkxstricotz, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm3/3.18.0-2ubuntu110:19
ricotzdarkxst, \o/12:37
Sicnusugh... every morning I boot up my Ubuntu Gnome laptop (15.10) and it just acts screwy for a few mins... plus...   something always crashes and I send a report out.12:43
mgedmincould be gjs-console12:48
mgedminthere's a fix, waiting for SRU verification12:49
Sicnusmgedmin, how could I ascertain if that's the issue or not?12:49
* mgedmin is geting ~daily /usr/lib/squid3/pinger crashes12:49
mgedminSicnus, well, when apport asks you if you want to send a report, you could click on the Show Details bit and see the name of the crashed program12:49
mgedmin(after an annoying delay)12:49
mgedminor you could -ls -lrt /var/crash and see what's the last crash file12:50
mgedmin(dunno where the - in front of ls came from)12:50
Sicnusshits owned by "whoopsie"12:50
Sicnusnow that's cute12:50
Sicnuslooks like Xorg and gvfs/gvfsd12:51
lindolhi all :)12:51
Sicnuslindol, mornin'12:52
mgedminwhoa, Xorg?  xorg crashes would be more noticeable than just an error report dialog12:52
mgedminso it's probably gvfsd12:52
mgedmininteresting/no idea what it's about12:52
mgedminI don't get these crashes here12:52
Sicnusit seems to stablize itself after about 30mins...12:52
Sicnusbut it's so unproductive first thing in the morning12:52
Sicnusmy Mouse keeps crashing too :(13:29
Sicnusbrb going to take my docking station out of the loop13:34
SicnusI dont' seem to have any issues when I remove my docking station13:37
Sicnusbrb trying a new docking station13:44
ricotzdarkxst, there is a debian branding ;)13:48
SicnusIwonder if it could be the wireless causing issues....  I just did tons of testing with no problems on a new docking station.  I was thinking, oh... it's fixed.  Then I connect to wifi and it starts going bonkers.14:14
Sicnusbut why would my wifi cause issues with mouse/keyboard in X :/14:15
xela2244hi, how to can i have a sidebar in gnome?16:05
xela2244how can i16:06
xela2244hi, i just installed gnome on unity. But they are using same themes (gtk, icons...). How can i use different theme for gnome and unity?17:41
xela2244and i am unable to change wallpaper on unity17:41
johnjohn101hi, how do i get a custom color for background?22:15

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