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xnoxapw: is this a really bad ultrabook to choose? http://www.dell.com/uk/p/xps-15-9550-laptop/pd?oc=cnx5504&model_id=xps-15-9550-laptop it will only like ship in december/january01:54
xnoxand it's all the stuff that doesn't work yet: type-C, skylake, nvidia graphics, 4k display...01:55
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apwxnox, sounds ideal, buy two :/08:33
xnoxapw: well, it's better than my orange ideapad...10:20
* xnox bets regardless of choice of hardware I'll still be a laughing stock.10:20
apwxnox, you have little to no luch in h/w :)10:23
xnoxapw: looked at thinkpad T, X, W series, they are either 2 generations old cpus - like haswell, or have little ram, or are 300-500 quid more expensive than dell. =(10:24
ckingthe cool part about thinkpads is that one can download the hardware maintenance  manuals for free and one can strip the machine down and rebuild them easily. dells are a bit tricker to do that from my experience10:28
apwxnox, t'is true, then again they are good10:37
xnoxcking: well. i think i've had enough tinkering with stuff. pieces of casing hit the fan of my old laptop and it smoked up at debconf in switzerland. I only upgraded ssd or some such there. And my last three phone repairs didn't go well: fixed screen, physical button stopped working, or fixed screen but broke the light sensor & power on-off button. even my desktop self assembled vibrates for no reason making noise.10:40
xnoxand dells are more soldered on, but lighter when compared with thinkpads.10:41
ckingxnox, yup, sometimes its just good to get a value priced machine and dump it after 3 years rather than continually nursing it along10:42
tseliotapw: hey, I don't see the new kernel here: https://launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel-team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa14:20
apwtseliot, https://launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel-team/+archive/ubuntu/unstable14:20
apwtseliot, rtg has his own ranch now14:21
tseliotapw: ok, good to know, thanks14:21
apwtseliot, helps prevent ifddling in devel from messing up versioning in the main CKT PPA, which makes bjf's life a misery later14:21
tseliotit makes sense14:22
apwtseliot, we have made bjf have sad faces a couple of times in there recently, so he kicked us out :)14:24
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manjobjf, have you guys settled on a kernel version for 16.04 ? 18:36
manjoogasawara, ^ ? 18:45
ogasawaramanjo: aiming for v4.4 18:46
manjoogasawara, any chance for pulling in stuff from 4.5? what would be the date by I need to tell you what patches from 4.5 we might need? 18:47
ogasawaramanjo: we can of course evaluate cherrypicking bits from 4.5 if needed.  As always, the earlier you get us that list, the better.18:48
ogasawaramanjo: Kernel Freeze is Apr 7, but I'd want somthing landed much much earlier than that.  I'd assume you'd know the list by the time the 4.5 merge window opens.  So I'd say that should be your target.18:50
infinitymanjo: Leann's above mention aside, given that 4.4 will be a Greg LTS, it wouldn't be a bad idea if you asked nicely for the 4.5 bits you need to land in 4.4 proper upstream, if they're suitable for stable@18:50
manjogot it ! 18:52
manjoinfinity, ogasawara thanks a ton for the info. I will make sure we have those patches cced to @stable.. and in case there are some lingering patches in 4.5+ I will ping you with cherrypick requests18:56
bjfinfinity: and the fact sabdafl told the world it would be 4.419:24
infinityGood old sabdafl.19:25

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