ubottuEriC^^ called the ops in #ubuntu (multiple nicks from flooding in chinese)07:03
bazhangfix my bmw! I use ubuntu20:06
bazhangutf-8 = stranger danger20:25
geniiSeems so :)20:26
bazhang<jamesguessis> I'm using 16.0421:19
bazhangapt-get install toolchain21:20
Unit193!xenial, dimwit! :---D21:22
ubottuUnit193: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:22
bazhangsome of the emacs hackeration must have borked the bot21:22
bazhang@random emacs emacs vim emacs21:23
bazhangif you lost the bot, you've lost the war21:24
Unit193bazhang: Which bot?  ubottu or Drone`?21:27
genii... either21:27
bazhangUnit193, it's a paraphrase of 'if you lost walter cronkite..etc etc'21:28
Unit193Sure, just had to go with it though!21:29
bazhangchu wont like those results!21:29
geniik1l_: Beat me to it21:49
bazhang [nemdiggers] #ubuntu21:49
bazhangno way thats a troll21:49
Unit193[16:49:23] There is no such nick nemdiggers21:49
k1l_had told him in pm and "is there a rule against it?" was his answer21:50
geniiIt's either the same guy or same crew that do this a lot, offensive racist names or slurs with some of the letters reversed. Been going on for a while now, they already know better21:51
Unit193Yes, we have a rule requiring common sense, you broke it: http://i.imgur.com/VwNkNyW.jpg21:51
k1l_yeah, i suspect it the same troll as the other ones with racists nicks with  some twisted letters21:52
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
ubottuLatrodectus called the ops in #ubuntu ()23:45
k1l_have set +r for #u23:46
Unit193Drone` would have done it too soon.23:47
k1l_good bot23:49
k1l_what is drone running as software?23:50
Unit193I can't parse that.23:50
k1l_erm. ubottu is a supybot. what is drone? or did you hack that yourself?23:51
k1l_ah ok. thanks23:52
k1l_set -r again since its quiet support wise now anyway23:56

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