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cynixx3How bad of an idea is it to install php 5.3.10 on ubuntu server 15.10? With mcrypt, curl, and mysql support.05:28
OerHekscynixx3, precise 12.04 lts comes with 5.3.1005:42
OerHeksif it is a bad idea, don't know, you sure have a reason05:43
cynixx3could I use the 12.04 repository of those packages to install on 15.10?05:46
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MrByhi, i sucessfully installed landscape and openstack. Now i want to extend openstack with other units like ceilometer, etc... is there any documentation howto do it?07:50
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zuljamespage: is that pylxd with py3 or py27?14:44
jamespagezul, py27 - I was trying to backport the pylxd package for the UCA14:46
zuljamespage: ack14:46
jamespageso its a package build failure rather than just in git14:46
jamespagezul, I think that the constants in the ssl module have changed - might need to tweak based on version in use14:47
jamespagethe pull request for websockets had something in it to that effect I think14:47
zuljamespage: yea14:48
zuljamespage: looking at it now14:48
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zuljamespage: this works http://paste.ubuntu.com/13247939/15:22
jamespagezul, looks ok - you might what to push the hasattr in the runtime code out of the method call, so its called once rather than one every socket creation?15:27
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zuljamespage: yeah15:30
jcastroutlemming: or rcj: can one of you guys submit fixes to this answer? http://askubuntu.com/a/125252/23515:45
jcastrothere are questions people are asking about how the mirrors are set up that I can't answer15:46
jcastroalso I totally forgot we moved away from s3 for those things15:46
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paule32i have problems with squid316:55
paule32this is my config16:56
paule32and this is the php script16:57
paule32but squid seems to be not filter website's16:57
paule32i have use iceweasel with proxy enabled16:58
paule32port is ok16:58
paule32how can i make it work16:59
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sarnoldpaule32: hmm, be careful with that php script, you've written an sql injection bug into it on line 15; perhaps squid mangles inputs enough that users can't actually exploit it, but I wouldn't want to rely on that.17:54
sarnoldpaule32: what happens if the query returns nothing? will the $row[2] reference blow up?17:54
paule32sarnold: i run the in the console, it waits for input and iff i type in "foo" press return/enter key it print outs "ERR"18:03
sarnoldpaule32: ah, good; that just leaves the sql injection :)18:04
paule32but squid don't realize it18:05
paule32any ideas?18:09
sarnoldpaule32: I don't see %DST described here, http://www.squid-cache.org/Doc/config/logformat/ -- are you sure that part is correct? do you get any errors or warnings in any of the log files at squid startup or when querying the squid proxy?18:11
Delianti need to be able to connect to sftp to save my backups (only used rsync before), how do i generate a cert and connect? (yes i tried connecting normally with just user@host)18:14
jellyDeliant: sftp is just a subsystem of ssh.  Look up key-based authentication for ssh.18:15
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Deliantso i should just be able to ssh-copyid it as if it was rsync?18:16
Deliantnaa.. uha18:17
Deliantnormally ftp up the .pub file as .ssh/authorized keys then?18:18
sarnoldDeliant: I like to -append- the public portion to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys -- you may have one or two there already for other systems or other programs..18:22
paule32sarnold: ?18:23
sarnoldpaule32: how about other logs?18:24
paule32in the log:18:25
paule32helperHandleRead: unexpected read from blockscript #Hlpr0, 4 bytes 'ERR18:25
Deliantsarnold: sorry, i think thats what i meant. rename the .pub to authorized_keys and normally ftp it to the server18:25
sarnoldpaule32: interesting, that may be an error from connecting to the mysql daemon. add more debugging around the connect failure18:26
Delianthm ok, so i ftp'd over the .pub key from the cert i generated to my sftp backup server and put it in ".ssh/authorized_keys", but it still won't allow me to connect through sftp18:45
sarnoldDeliant: check ls -ld ~/.ssh ~/.ssh/authorized_keys -- the ssh daemon is very picky about those having correct permissions18:49
Deliantits 60018:50
sarnoldDeliant: and ~/.ssh/ ?18:51
Deliantwhen i try adding a key to my desktop filezilla client it says the key format is not supported for sftp and asks if i want to convert it to .ppk?18:51
Deliantah right, not 60018:51
sarnoldDeliant: are you sure with filezilla that you're not confusing sftp and ftps? ftps is every bit as terrible as ftp and should be avoided.18:53
Deliantim very familiar with filezille (i usually use rsync), but when i try to add keyfile under "SFTP" tab it wont accept the rsa key i just generated18:54
Deliantits just saying its not a supported format by filezille though, so maybe not applicable18:55
Deliantand its on my server i'm trying to do this anyways18:56
Deliantdamnit, why couldnt they just have used rsync :|18:56
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Pwnnafor mdadm, do i need to create a partition table for my drives before creating an array via mdadm?21:21
paule32i dont can't filter url's/domains with helper mysql21:24
paule32anyone experinces with it?21:24
OEPIs there anyone here with experience with the Apache 2 MPM ITK module on Ubuntu 14.04? I am trying to use it but get the "No MPM loaded" error when I start Apache.21:35
yeatsOEP: do you have a LoadModule directive in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf (as described on this page: http://mpm-itk.sesse.net/)?21:40
capricorn_1Pwnna> you need to create a partition table21:40
OEPyeats: We do have "LoadModule mpm_itk_module ..." in a modules.conf, we are using a custom /etc tree though21:41
yeatsOEP: anything in /var/log/apache2/error.log (or similar)?21:43
Pwnnacapricorn_1: i just tested in virtualbox and it seem like i just did mdadm --create /dev/md0 --num-devices... /dev/sda /dev/sdb ... i didn't actually explicitly create a partiton table?21:45
OEPyeats: It doesn't seem to be producing any log output.21:46
capricorn_1I have this in my notes:21:46
capricorn_1mdadm --create --verbose /dev/md0 --level=021:46
capricorn_1        --raid-devices=2  /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc121:46
capricorn_1mdadm -Cv /dev/md0 -l5 -n5 -c128 /dev/sd{a,b,c,d,e}121:46
capricorn_1mdadm -S /dev/md0   stop array21:46
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capricorn_1mdadm --detail --scan21:47
capricorn_1you may output the above command into mdadm.conf file which might look like21:47
capricorn_1DEVICE          /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd121:47
capricorn_1ARRAY           /dev/md0 devices=/dev/sda1,/dev/sdb121:47
capricorn_1ARRAY           /dev/md1 devices=/dev/sdc1,/dev/sdd121:47
capricorn_1mdadm -As /dev/md0      start an array21:47
Pwnnabut if you jsut want to use the entire disk do you even need partition tables?21:48
capricorn_1I would think so. How do you know what kind of formatting is going to be there? I've always partitioned drives for linux ext[3,4] types21:50
capricorn_1that makes it easier to recover in case of problems. Since you are playing in virtual environment you may try both and see what happens.21:50
TJ-Pwnna: partitioning is optional for non-boot devices21:50
Pwnnawell don't you just create a lvm ontop of the md[0-9]+ devices and then do mkfs.[fav-fs] /dev/mapper/lv-vg1 or whatever21:51
TJ-Pwnna: for example, LVM LVs rarely use partitioning, unless they're for VM guest images21:51
PwnnaTJ-: is this documented somewhere? I can't seem to find it on search21:51
TJ-Pwnna: bootable requires some form of partitioning unless it's a floppy (emulated) boot, for example21:51
yeatsOEP: you'll want to make sure that logging is correctly configured - otherwise, you're flying blind21:52
Pwnnahmm i guess that makes sense21:52
Pwnnabecause only on boot does the partition table make a difference, or if you want multiple partitions. but it doesn't matter because we're creating logical structures on top of multiple disks with mdadm and lvm?21:52
TJ-Pwnna: ISO 9660 El Torito is another exception, in there's no MBR/GPT required, but that's a different thing altogether21:52
Pwnnabut the question is is this documented somewhere?21:52
capricorn_1you are dealing with software raid here so it's necessary to take care of "lower levels" first. No?21:52
TJ-Pwnna: is 'what' documented, precisely? whether or not to use partitions? It's an administrator decision usually21:53
OEPyeats: Well, if I start it with prefork, it will produce log output, but not with itk.21:53
PwnnaTJ-: i suppose i'm looking for why something needs/don't need to have a partition table. everyone on the internet just say use gdisk to create a partition table without justifying this choice.21:53
yeatsOEP: from the glance I took of the page I shared above, it looks like itk is supposed to run alongside mpm-prefork21:54
yeats(but I may be wrong)21:54
yeatsnever having used it ;-)21:54
TJ-Pwnna: if the array is on bootable disks, either those disks need to be partitioned, and the array built on partitions, or if whole-disk arrays, the MD device needs partitioning *and* it needs to use metadata version 1.0 (or 0.9) so the meta-data isn't at the start of the underlying devices21:54
OEPyeats: Yeah, I can load the two modules together, but when it comes the time to setgid I get a failure in the logs. It makes me think apache doesn't see itk as a compatible mpm. :P21:55
Razzdollhey all- was wondering.. im not the greatest, and absolute beginner, is this 300MB storage limit? http://pastebin.com/TAk6urGf21:55
OEPThey have some pretty funny version requirements there on that page.21:55
PwnnaTJ-: so if that means I can create a partition table ontop of /dev/md0? like using fdisk or gdisk?21:55
TJ-Pwnna: yes, of course, once the block device is available you can do whatever you want with it21:56
capricorn_1I would go by this: https://raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Linux_Raid21:56
Pwnnabut what would be the point of having a partition table on /dev/sdX when you have a raid + lvm on top?21:56
Pwnnaand just put your partition table up there21:56
TJ-Pwnna: to make /dev/sdX bootable by the firmware. The RAID might be in a LUKS-dm_crypt container21:57
TJ-Pwnna: On GPT there'll be an EFI-SP or BIOS Boot partition21:57
Pwnnayeah so does that mean the data there cannot be raided?21:57
Pwnnaunless you have a hardware raid or something?21:57
Pwnnabecause it has to live on one disk and one disk only21:57
TJ-Pwnna: correct; unless the UEFI/BIOS 'knew' about the software RAID. With RAID-1 mirrors, as long as the metadata is at the end of the disks, then firmware can still boot from either drive21:58
TJ-hardware RAID can be ignored since even the firmware only sees the 'logical' device, not the underlying devices21:58
Pwnnaso that means my boot drive cannot be RAID0 or RAID5/6, right?21:59
Pwnnabecause it's not a mirror and  things can be everywhere21:59
Pwnnathat's interesting.21:59
OEPyeats: Oh, actually I think you are right. I just noticed the call to setgid() is actually coming from itk. Something else must be the matter, like the privilege drop happened too early.22:00
capricorn_1Creating RAID in virtual machines is pointless. That needs to be taken care of in KVM or core OS in the first place.22:00
Pwnnacapricorn_1: i'm just testing the process of creation22:00
capricorn_1I know, just mentioned ...22:00
Pwnnai have to provision a handful of servers with the same RAID layout so i want to test..22:00
PwnnaTJ-: i suppose it's possible to put /boot and /efi on one super tiny storage device (4GB flash module), and then have / be mounted from a different disk array backed with raid22:01
Pwnnaor even multiple storage in RAID1, as you were saying22:01
TJ-Pwnna: yes22:01
Pwnnathat's pretty cool.22:01
Pwnnaso do you even need to create a parititon table on the lvm volumes, then?22:02
Pwnnadoes it even matter?22:02
Pwnnalike MBR/GPT on top of /dev/mapper/lvvg0 or whatever22:02
TJ-Pwnna: I provision servers with RAID-1 mdadm RAID, using meta-data 1.0, with the raw devices allocated to the MD device and the MD device partitioned. The partitions 'show up' on the underlying devices and therefore the system is bootable with or without RAID support in worst-case scenarios22:03
Pwnnaright, but suppose if you want to mount.. a /data drive backed by RAID622:03
TJ-Pwnna: what that means is a single disk can read the boot-loader and boot part of the way even without MD RAID support22:03
TJ-Pwnna: then I'd probably not partition the raw devices, and I'd allocate the 'RAID' device to a VG22:04
TJ-Then use LV for allocating space22:04
Pwnnaand just not bother with partitions in the sense of GPT/MBR at all22:04
Pwnnais this the /correct/ way to do things?22:04
Pwnnabecause i don't know enough about this. this is the first time i've done a none-raid1 setup.22:05
Pwnnalast time i had a single disk for boot + raid1 for /data22:05
TJ-Pwnna: MBR/GPT is about hard partitioning... once set, its fixed22:06
TJ-LVM takes all the 'hard' away and lets you be flexible and reassign things at will22:06
Pwnnaahh that's good to know22:06
TJ-LVM makes it trivial to do snapshotting, cloning, creating mirrors, etc etc22:06
Pwnnado you have any experience with LVM2's builtin raid support?22:07
TJ-assigning temporary LVs for testing and destroying them after22:07
Pwnnai've tried to do some tests and can't seem to correct things correctly..22:07
Pwnnacreate things*22:07
TJ-Pwnna: I use LVM mirror RAID for both the data and mirror log on some systems22:07
capricorn_1having "basic partitions" makes it possible to recover in case you have problems. For example, I have a KVM server with simple / partition with functional OS, i.e. all utils to manage other partitions etc. After that LVM kicks in and some VMs use it as "raw partitions"22:07
maswanI've done a little bit of lvm raid:ing, and I'd by far trust md above that just for sheer usage base22:08
Pwnnai'll investigate that later22:09
Pwnnathanks all!22:09
capricorn_1based on what I see here: https://raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/RAID_setup I would create partitions, single at that to make it easier. Good luck22:12
maswanI prefer whole disks22:13
maswanI'm with Neil there22:17
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Razzdollwould anybody know please?22:27
herrkinTJ-, are you arround?22:56
herrkinI have problems with my swap again, it seems everytime I update ubuntu-base it screws the swap22:56
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