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gshmuubuntu-device-flash can't flash recovery image00:54
gshmuhow to fix this?00:54
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mardyMirv: hi! About bug 1508260, the upstream change has been approved, so I think we can backport it to Qt 5.5; should I assign the bug to you?07:27
ubot5bug 1508260 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "un-starring a scope jumps several scopes to the right" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150826007:27
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Mirvmardy: yes. feel free. 5.5 only?07:42
Mirvmardy: we've 5.4.1 (vivid overlay), 5.4.2 (xenial), 5.5.1 (PPA)07:42
Mirv I'm assuming we want it for vivid overlay too so thus all three07:46
mardyMirv: mmm... no idea, actually, the importance on the bug is not set; but if we have the possibility, of course fixing it everywhere would be better :-)07:47
Mirvmardy: the main question is whether to OTA Or not, but I guess the answer would be yes, and the bug was filed by QA07:48
Mirvtargeting to OTA-907:48
Mirvand then the -gles packages, so 6 qtdeclarative builds for one patch :)07:50
Mirvso nice, updating three versions. if we'd get 5.5 in xenial, it'd be back to two.07:50
attentehi, is anyone encountering a bootloop on mako when flashing or updating OTA with devel-proposed?07:56
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Mirvattente: devel-proposed (xenial) does currently get the device stuck at the Google logo, AFAIK (still)08:00
Mirvattente: last known good image is #336 for mako08:00
Mirvattente: rc-proposed is the meaningful channel since it has practically all the same fixes without the problems of completely newer Ubuntu version08:01
attenteMirv: ah, ok, thanks!08:03
attenteMirv: is there a bug number for this by chance?08:04
Mirvattente: bug #1512323 at least08:07
ubot5bug 1512323 in Canonical System Image "Cannot flash devices with devel-proposed/ubuntu - hangs on manufacturer's logo during flashing process" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151232308:07
attenteMirv: thanks!08:08
tvossMirv, so devel-proposed is busted for now?08:36
jibeltvoss, yes, since first xenial build08:37
jibeltvoss, bug 151232308:37
ubot5bug 1512323 in Canonical System Image "Cannot flash devices with devel-proposed/ubuntu - hangs on manufacturer's logo during flashing process" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151232308:37
tvossjibel, ack and thx08:38
robin-heroHey! I've just flashed an image to my phone (N4) from the rc (not the rc-proposed) channel. But something is weird, the indicator-datetime is showing the dates not fully translated and wrong order. Is it a bug? It's okay with OTA-7.08:53
jibelrobin-hero, what language did you select, what is the format you see and what is the format you expect?08:56
robin-herojibel: Hungarian, some examples: expected: Holnap 8.00 what I see: Tomorrow 08:00, expected: Nov. 21. Szo 9.00 what I see: Szo 21 nov. 09:0009:01
jibelrobin-hero, okay, I'll try. In French it look good so far09:01
jibelrobin-hero, could you please file a bug against indicator-datetime https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+filebug09:03
jibeladd as much details as possible09:03
robin-herojibel: Will do it, just first I want to try something. I downloaded  indicator-datetime.mo and copied it to my phone, now the phone is rebooting...09:06
robin-heroHmm, the same...09:12
robin-herojibel: filled a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/1515924 Could you mark as you also affected?09:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1515924 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Indicator-datetime events are in wrong time format with other language" [Undecided,New]09:26
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robin-herosil2100: Hey, could you or somebody take a look at this bug above^^^ ? If more languages are affected too, it is a very serious bug.09:41
popeythanks robin-hero09:45
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robin-heropopey: for what? :)09:49
popeybug reports :)09:50
robin-heropopey: Ah, okay :)09:51
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Kindness Day! 😃10:01
sil2100robin-hero: let me take a look10:07
sil2100hm, translation issues, we'll have to make sure to get those properly translated on LP10:09
mardytvoss: hi! Do we have a way to delete the aiding data from the commandline? If we don't, should I add it to usl-cli?10:11
robin-herosil2100: as I see most strings are changed in August with this language, and it is okay with OTA-7, which is released September10:11
tvossmardy, we don't, wondering about the use case you have in mind10:12
mardytvoss: debugging, to try to reproduce bugs that might happen on cold start10:13
robin-herosil2100: And as I see it is translated properly.10:14
tvossmardy, ack, makes sense. So I would propose to just add it to the cli, with the cli leveraging providers::gps::AndroidHardwareAbstractionLayer directly instead of talking to the service10:14
tvossmardy, will require sudo, but that's fine I think10:14
mardytvoss: ah, this will make it easier10:15
tvossmardy, *ideally* we would move the gps provider out of process anyway10:16
tvossmardy, so with directly talking to the hal, we can easily cover the later on case, too10:18
mardytvoss: meanwhile, I updated the MP, and I'd like to write a test for it; any advice if it could fit any of the existing test classes, or anyway where to start from?10:19
tvossmardy, will have a look, and give it some thought10:20
mardytvoss: thanks10:20
tvossmardy, https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/adjust-default-timeout-for-gps-xtra-download/+merge/27742610:22
mardytvoss: +110:26
gshmuhelp, (remote: flash tools is error)  http://paste.ubuntu.com/13246631/10:36
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Mirvmardy: tsdgeos: hey, what do you consider as proper upstream validation of the silo 046? can you just test your bug and set https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/649 to "Ready for QA", or would you want me to test something more general? I was thinking it not needing AP tests to be run, but I can run some if needed. The best way to test list + grid views is probably manual.12:35
mardyMirv: this fix restricts the cases affected by my previous patch, so testing that the unit tests run should be enough (since I tested my previous patch well)12:38
mardyMirv: but I'll now install the silo and run some smoke testing, just to be sure12:38
Mirvmardy: ok, thanks! yes I know it's a refinement to the previous patch.12:39
mardyMirv: yep, I meant to say is that it cannot make things *worse* than they were :-)12:45
Mirvmardy: ah, right!12:46
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tsdgeosMirv: mardy: if the unity8 bug is fixed, it's an improvement already :d13:34
tvossmardy, would you mind giving https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/651 a spin?13:44
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mardytvoss: sure13:45
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mardytvoss: do you know how I can accept the HERE licence, after refusing it in the wizard?14:41
popeymardy, system settings -> security & privacy -> location14:45
mardypopey: yeah, I don't have it14:45
mardypopey: do I need to have a SIM card?14:45
popeyhmmm, odd14:46
popeyyours doesn't look like that?14:46
mardypopey: nope, I have only the options "Use GPS" or nothing at all14:49
mardypopey: I'm looking at the source code, it checks if here is installed14:49
davmor2mardy: what image did you flash on what device?14:50
mardydavmor2: ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu on Nexus 414:51
davmor2mardy: there is no here on the ubuntu channel14:51
mardydavmor2: ah, that explains it then :-)14:52
davmor2mardy: no worries14:53
jgdxkenvandine, i'll make a small mock for org.gtk.Menus so I can check for regression after the design refresh and slotslayout migration. Are you okay with that? I can do it in a separate branch.15:07
jgdxkenvandine, *in the wifi panel̈́15:07
kenvandinejgdx, good idea15:07
kenvandineseparate branch please15:07
kenvandinebut sounds like a great idea15:08
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ogra_what is history-daemon and why does it eat my phone ?18:35
ogra_(runs at 600% CPu on my MX4)18:35
* ogra_ reboots that slideshow18:36
jibelogra_, which image?18:49
ogra_todays rc-proposed ....18:50
ogra_reboot fixed it though18:50
ogra_i'll keep an eye on it18:50
jibelogra_, there is a fix for a crash of history daemon but it is not on a image yet18:51
jibelshould be on next one18:51
ogra_ah, good18:51
jibelhm, actually I don't see the publication18:52
jibelogra_, for reference it was bug 151435018:53
ubot5bug 1514350 in history-service (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/history-daemon:*** Error in `/usr/bin/history-daemon': double free or corruption (out): ADDR ***" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151435018:53
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tvossmardy, still around?20:00
studio_popey, are you still there?20:30
popeyHow are you?20:31
studio_i have seen, you are co-founder on ubuntu mate, right?20:31
studio_i need an image for my new rpi2, where can i download it?20:32
popeystudio_, https://ubuntu-mate.org/wily/ at the bottom of that page20:32
studio_btw, i am fine, and you?20:32
popeyGreat thanks.20:32
studio_on the "buttom i get "Mac (PowerPC) and IBM-PPC (POWER5)" but not rpi2 ... ?!20:33
popeysorry, wrong page, https://ubuntu-mate.org/raspberry-pi/20:34
popeylinked from the previous page20:34
studio_ahh ... big thanks :)20:35
studio_back to ubuntu-touch, how do i use the --download-only option in ubuntu-device-flash?20:37
studio_for exp. "ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-developer"?20:39
studio_more nice would be the "ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu" channel ... ;)20:40
studio_any idea?20:40
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popeystudio_, sorry, was afk for a bit.20:46
popeystudio_, ubuntu-device-flash touch --download-only --device=krillin --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-developer20:47
studio_"unknown flag `download-only'"20:49
studio_i am on 15.10 right here20:50
studio_that is my problem. is it still working under 14.04?20:51
popeywhat version of ubuntu-device-flash do you have?20:51
popey0.31-0ubuntu1 here20:51
popeydpkg -L ubuntu-device-flash20:51
studio_ubuntu-device-flash --help don't give me an option about version ...20:52
studio_dpkg tells me ubuntu-device- 0.30-0ubuntu amd6420:56
studio_how did you get the upgrade to 0.31 ?20:56
studio_ehm, i used dpkg -l ubuntu-device-flash, not the bid "L" ...20:59
studio_ehm, i used dpkg -l ubuntu-device-flash, not the big "L" ...20:59
studio_popey, are you on 16.04?21:03
studio_popey, "cat /etc/*release" tells me, i am on 15.1021:05
studio_popey, are you still there?21:10
popeySorry, yes, I'm on xenial (16.04)21:10
popeybut you're only one point release difference from me21:11
popeythat command line should work21:11
popeymaybe you mis-typed it?21:11
studio_ahh, ok i use it on an vitual box image, but on 15.10 the command is not working21:11
studio_copy and paste, how can i mistype that?21:12
popeyI don't know why that's not working21:13
studio_ubuntu-device-flash touch --download-only --device=krillin --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-developer21:15
studio_unknown flag `download-only'21:15
studio_so where is the problem in that command?21:15
geniiPut touch after the options21:16
genii( in the manpage this is the order shown)21:17
studio_same ... "unknown flag `download-only'21:17
geniistudio_: You tried like: ubuntu-device-flash --download-only touch --device=krillin --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-developer21:20
studio_cool, that is working :)21:21
studio_genii, big thanks :)21:22
geniistudio_: Glad to be of assistance21:25
studio_have to leave, have a nice weekend, bye all ...21:25
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