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avisi'm the owner of ubuntu company and website and want to throw all workers a party02:40
avisin the uk02:41
avisis it 4am there ?02:41
avisjust be sure that if you want to attend the party you find a federal officer that will approve your going there is your an ubuntu employee02:41
avisthats it thats the bottom line your.  i'm famous for these parties.  hope you enjoy it.  i'm a Houstonian.  it'll last 2 days and probably start at 6am02:42
zmoylan-pii think ralph wiggum is all grown up now... :-)02:44
avissorry to be here again if you are a Canonical employee you are further invited to the ubuntu party.  i'm paying up now for that.  it lasts two days and will start as soon as possible.  please spread the word.  be sure and have a federal officer approve of you being there first.  thats it.  just ask one of those, and your in.02:57
diddledan_wtf is a federal officer in the world of ubuntu/canonical?03:00
zmoylan-pisomeone with access to nerf? :-)03:01
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:03
popeyGood morning.08:33
popeybrobostigon, did you know the channel stats page is down?08:33
brobostigonpopey: yes, i had to shutdown apache, it was causing the vps itself too oom frequently, after i have finished this MWA, i will look into using a different web server.08:34
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Kindness Day! 😃10:01
SuperMatthappy kindness day? Maybe I should let her indoors know about this10:13
* diddledan_ cuddles JamesTait in a kind manner10:14
diddledan_SuperMatt: I almost missed the "know about this" part of that sentence10:14
diddledan_i.e. "maybe I should let her indoors"10:14
SuperMattshe's actually probably still in bed right now10:15
SuperMattbloomin' students!10:15
* JamesTait wonders if diddledan_ is getting a little *too* kind. 😉10:17
diddledan_lol @ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DanielLlewellynJNR/posts/jWCSQDfGym7?pid=6216580955761590418&oid=11140371482178727706710:29
bashrc_the long arm of the law10:36
davmor2JamesTait: Man I had this ready https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFzns8Go9KI and the you go and switch it on me so I'll go for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVg2EJvvlF810:46
JamesTaitdavmor2, just keeping you on your toes. 😉10:48
davmor2JamesTait: to perfectly apt songs for today though me thinks :)11:06
JamesTaitdavmor2, +111:18
JamesTaitdiplo, did you get an avo?11:19
diploJamesTait: No, didn't have any in my local shop, will have to get some at my big shop this weekend12:38
foobarrywhat is this gardening tool my neighbour gave me12:39
* zmoylan-pi waits for the ascii art..12:40
foobarrythe pole is 4ft long, no handle12:40
foobarrythe https://goo.gl/photos/UpJcP8s6PpXVhqWy812:40
foobarrythe edge is sharp12:40
foobarryonone side12:40
foobarryim stumped12:41
davmor2foobarry: looks like a hacker for weeds to me12:41
foobarrytypes "weed hacker" into google. gets arrestd12:42
foobarryhmm. like a cavex hoe12:42
foobarryno pics of spades or hoes has anything like it12:43
davmor2foobarry: reminds me of one of these but not so elegant https://www.greenhousepeople.co.uk/products/1909/carbon-steel-japanese-razor-hoe-right-handed/?gclid=COio6MG2jckCFVEYGwod9iEJ7Q12:44
foobarrythe thing is, its on a 4-5 ft pole12:44
foobarryweed hacker sounds good  and probably right12:44
foobarrybecause if you are yanking and poking weeds around rose bush, this would be great12:45
foobarryso far these words are gicving me unsafe pictures12:46
zmoylan-piit looks the wrong shape for a how as it doesn't have an angle that would allow you to use it on ground surface, it's too flat.  maybe a modern billhook for trees/hedges?12:47
zmoylan-pi*for a hoe12:48
daftykinscrikey a day time mapps12:50
diddledan_crikey, a day time daftykins !12:51
diddledan_and me too!12:52
zmoylan-pidaylight... so THAT'S what that is!!12:52
diddledan_all three of us!12:52
daftykinsa day time diddledan_!12:52
daftykinsi was up early to go to a job with a telco engineer pal :>12:52
diddledan_\o/ money12:52
daftykinsheh these guys have one of those dogs that's massive at 8 months old, licking my face D:12:52
daftykinsmmm need to get a patch panel in to put all the network and phone onto12:53
diddledan_daftykins: you gonna mount it like this? https://twitter.com/allanjude/status/66483578580004864012:55
daftykinslookin' sweet ;)12:55
daftykinsyou know that actually is a concern of mine, i've got no practical skills so i'm ok with getting all the cabling done but actually mounting it to something... not a clue :>12:56
diddledan_it's certainly an interesting mounting12:56
davmor2isn't that a sign of the apocalypse12:56
diddledan_davmor2: daftykins mounting things?12:56
daftykinshe says shelf unused, but clearly it's there to catch the bits12:56
zmoylan-pimounting in laundry room... with lots of vibration nearby..12:57
davmor2no the three of you online in the daytime12:57
daftykinsdavmor2: it's ok, i spy no horses :)12:57
* diddledan_ mounts daftykins instead12:57
* zmoylan-pi points at cute ponies12:57
diddledan_ride em cowboy!12:57
daftykinshey i just realised that's a netgear GS724, i've got one of those for someone :D12:57
daftykinsfirst got killed by lightning :D12:58
* diddledan_ digs the spurs into daftykins' belly12:58
* daftykins whinnies12:58
daftykinsi think we're scaring the children12:58
zmoylan-pii'm picturing baldric with a bridle from blackadder...12:59
diddledan_it's good for their psychological development12:59
davmor2the 4 cute pony riders of the apocalypse doesn't sound right some how12:59
zmoylan-piwhilest death riding a horse called binky is perfectly ok... :-)13:00
diddledan_or fluffy13:00
diddledan_I'd totally have a pet called fluffy13:00
daftykinsmmm sugar cubes, thanks diddledan_13:01
diddledan_no probs13:01
daftykinshttps://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B016B90WR4/ - seems alright13:04
daftykinsdialup mapp(s)!13:05
zmoylan-piwhen i tried irc clients on android it used to drop the signal every few minutes when it turned off the screen for powersaving13:07
daftykinsthere's a wifi option for that13:07
zmoylan-pinow when i use java irc client on nokia dumbphone, it just keeps connected. it doesn't care about power :-)13:08
mappim in spain daftykins:)13:08
foobarryfirefox sucks. wont tell me which tab is using 100%13:08
daftykinsmapp: you can't trick me, you could stand in both at once!13:08
daftykinsfoobarry: not its' fault, per-process tabs is coming soon13:09
mapp100% im in Belamdena:)13:09
mappnear malaga13:09
daftykinsmy trip has been delayed to January13:09
mappyou coming gib?:P13:10
daftykinshehe, depends how hard it is to get from one side to the other13:11
daftykinsno doubt fly into Malaga13:11
mappso 1hr30 ish13:12
mappim gib 4 life now:P13:12
mappgot my id card gibraltar citizen13:12
mappil probably be here for 5-10 years:)13:13
* mapp is a traveller13:13
popeyWindy out there.13:13
mappnot in the gypsie kind:P13:13
mappvery windy recently13:13
mappbut remember13:14
mappi wear shorts 350 days a year13:14
mappits never so cold:)13:14
zmoylan-pithat'll upset those eating lunch...13:14
daftykinsother 15.25 you're in the pool?13:14
mappeven when its "cold" its not13:14
mappnah im prob sleeping;)13:15
mappgotta sleep soetimes13:15
zmoylan-pitoday was first soup because it's cold out winter day so far...13:15
mappyou know it sucks i was told our pal from Grosvenor died recently13:15
mapp32 i think:( cancer13:16
daftykinsthat's no age to go13:16
mappwe werent friends, but i knew him you know..i went there prob 5/week13:16
mappfor 8 bloody years13:16
mapphad many cigarettes with him;/13:17
mappsad eh13:17
mappmy friend asked if i knew him..of course i did13:17
mappim a regular at any casino:P13:18
daftykinsi met someone the other day bored on a Sunday afternoon saying he was in the island for work and wanted to know if there was a casino to go to :D13:18
mappstill sad...32 im bloody 3013:19
daftykinsi had to give the bad news that the island closes up so there's nowt13:19
mappsmoking will kill you kids!13:19
mappnever start:)13:20
zmoylan-piyou could have offered to sort him out for 50 notes and then given him an old monopoly set :-)13:20
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mapp50 notes wont change anything though13:20
mappid like to come back and live near popey again :P but cant afford to!13:26
mappstuck here13:26
mappsil be going to russia/ukraine once im allowed anyway:P13:36
mappsland of the free13:36
daftykinsthat's a novel name to give it ;)13:37
mappsbut its true13:38
mappsfreedom fighters13:38
SuperMattanyone able to tell me when "apt" appeared in Ubuntu?13:38
SuperMattnote, I'm not referring to apt-get13:38
SuperMattwas it 14.04, or some time before then?13:39
mappsif you go to Moscow or even Kiev theyre all huge friends of ours:)13:39
mappspeople who have problems are idiot13:39
mappseverytime ive been in Kiev people ask me how they can move to europe:)13:40
mappsbut wetern media make ukraine sound scary13:40
daftykinsmapps: did you get radicalised? :P13:42
mappsyou know im pro ukraine anyway:P13:42
mappsand pro Russia13:42
mappsmakes it hard13:43
diddledan_lol @ google survey - they want to know if I participate in water sports13:43
mappsi told you13:44
mappsim 50% russian :) but i still like our friends in ukraine13:44
diddledan_I think that's the problem - some russians like some ukrainians too much :-p13:44
mappsukraine is basically russia, we all know it13:46
* daftykins neighs at diddledan_ 13:46
mappswe have 2400 monument of stalin in russia, ukraine has almost double13:46
* diddledan_ strokes daftykins ' mane13:48
popeydirecthex, what's the name / nickname of the linux porter guy who made a Mono based game framework?13:48
directhexflibitijibibo? he forked monogame13:48
directhexwhich was an XNA successor13:49
popeythats him13:49
directhexhis version, FNA, is more of a 100% accurate XNA implementation w/ SDL2 back-end13:49
directhexethan lee13:49
davmor2popey: why?13:50
diddledan_fred dibnah13:50
popeysee my next tweet to find out more!13:50
daftykinsif you folks had 11 wired ports around your house, would you want a £20 switch and 10 ports provided... or £65 and 19 ports provided?13:52
daftykinsLAN this is13:52
diddledan_you could get two £20 units :-p13:53
daftykinsthere is that, it'd look pretty pants though13:53
daftykinseven if it will live in a basement13:53
davmor2popey: most of the steam games are sdl2 and can use a controller, so can some ot the games that were ported already and are in the store for 14.0413:54
diddledan_you would need to find some method of making the extra 8 ports on the bigger unit look used for something - maybe get a few traffic generators to hang on the end of a cable for each unused port13:54
popeyYou may have missed the bit where I said "open source" :)13:54
diddledan_benefit of such approach is blinkenlights13:54
davmor2popey: https://libregamewiki.org/SDL_games  pass on what works with them13:57
davmor2popey: isn't xplane sdl2 based...is it xplane13:58
mappsmy dads house has gone from 1.2mil to 4,8 million..who can pay this13:59
* mapps cant even afford a room13:59
mappsit says 2006 worth 1.8 no 4.8 million14:00
davmor2popey: flightgear maybe, although I thought there was a more arcady version14:00
directhexgrr focus issues14:00
mappswhy cant i retire14:02
davmor2popey: frozen bubble there is your answer, doesn't matter what the question is frozen bubble is the answer ;)14:02
bashrc_the answer to life, the universe and everything?14:03
diddledan_as if I need to tell any of you that14:03
daftykinsone would hope not! ;)14:03
daftykinsi never did read all the novels though, despite having them all in a hardback14:04
diddledan_it's one of those things that you just absorb rather than study/read14:04
directhexdo you want to hear why frozen bubble sucks?14:07
directhexbecause i am happy to explain why frozen bubble sucks14:07
bashrc_why does frozen bubble suck?14:10
zmoylan-pibecause you suck at frozen bubble? :-)14:10
davmor2directhex: don't make me come over there and force feed healthy food14:11
davmor2directhex: that was the best polite threat I could make ;)14:13
* daftykins wonders what everyone is talking about14:13
directhexfrozen bubble is actually unusual for a FOSS game, in that it has a coherent art direction14:14
davmor2directhex: this is true14:14
directhexbut what it lacks is coherent level design. standard puzzle game fare (especially puzzle bobble, which frozen bubble is a rip-off of) have a carefully gradiented difficulty curve14:14
directhexwhereas FB difficulty spikes all over the place14:14
directhexbecause new levels are appended, not correctly inserted in a game-beneficial order14:15
davmor2directhex: yeah keeps you on your toes stop whining14:15
directhexit's not "keeping you on your toes" it's just schizophrenic and inconsistent14:16
directhexwith re-ordered levels it'd be fine14:16
* zmoylan-pi awaits directhex's commentary on solitare... :-)14:17
diddledan_windows solitaire has the advantage of adverts!14:18
directhexand 3d acceleration!14:18
diddledan_fully 3D cards?!14:18
directhexas of vista, minesweeper and solitaire are direct3d14:19
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diddledan_I long for the day when we can accurately represent a three-dimensional equivalent of a two-dimensional object like cards14:19
zmoylan-pii want a deck designed by m c escher... :-)14:22
diddledan_popey: omg, muskehounds!14:22
davmor2one for one and one for all, muskehounds are always ready...14:24
diddledan_God has left the bathtub overflowing again here in Hampshire14:32
diddledan_it's widdling down14:32
popeybright and sunny here14:38
popeyhad to close the blinds14:38
* zmoylan-pi wishes i had worn gloves when i went to shops as it was so cold outside...14:39
SuperMattit's going to be a killer winter14:46
awilkinsI think we're getting hail here14:47
zmoylan-piit's always a killer winter.  we've already had homeless die of cold here in ireland this winter14:47
awilkinsMy feet certainly feel colder than yesterday14:47
daftykinsoften i feel that way on my sofa, then flick the wireless boiler control on beside me and it says it's half a degree warmer than the night before o014:54
awilkinsWho do people recommend for buying Bitcoin?15:14
* daftykins looks at Azelphur 15:16
SuperMattdaftykins: would you like a sick bag?15:16
awilkinsBut Azelphur gets *paid* in bitcoin15:17
awilkinsWhy would he know where to buy them ;-)15:17
SuperMattyou could buy them from him15:17
daftykinsSuperMatt: i... what?15:17
awilkinsI get the feeling he has a lot of fun spending them on fun things15:18
SuperMattyou were looking at Azelphur, so I thought you'd like to take precautions15:18
SuperMattI obviously don't know Azelphur, and cannot say if it's really a requirement, just some light-hearted joshing15:19
diddledan_I upset someone a while back doing that :-(15:19
SuperMattthat's always a possibility15:21
daftykinsah, i didn't spot the connection15:23
diddledan_perhaps your contacts are tarnished? you need gold-plated ones15:27
daftykinsi don't wear contacts ;)15:37
diddledan_I like how that reporter thinks that the RVR number determines the distance a pilot is allowed to see rather than telling the pilot the distance it's physically possible to see15:38
diddledan_it suggests that if I were to tell a pilot one number and a different pilot a completely different number then they'll both see different amounts of runway15:39
daftykinsset them all to maximum!15:43
daftykins"sorry FAA, the pilot was trying to land but switched to a thousand-yard stare at the crucial moment"15:43
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awilkinsSmall town decides to use Big Corp tax dodges : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QElOlY9gi5E16:50
diddledan_are they doing the double irish sandwich?16:57
daftykins6 months later: Fair Tax town closes due to nobody sweeping the streets16:59
awilkinsI think it's more of a protest17:00
daftykinsyeah i got it :>17:00
awilkinsI don't think streetsweeping would be affected because it would be paid for by business rates17:00
daftykinsyeah, bad example - i don't know how things work :D17:01
daftykinsdon't know how they work down here on the rock, let alone for mainlanders17:01
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sebsebsebdaftykins: you kow what a RJII cable is yeah?18:58
daftykinsconnector, yes18:59
daftykinsBT phone connector in another parlance18:59
sebsebsebdaftykins: ok, but it's not a standard ethernet cable is it?18:59
sebsebsebyeah my Mum's got the wrong cable it does indeed seem18:59
daftykinsoh you wrote II, it's 1118:59
sebsebsebyes RJ11 that's what I mean18:59
sebsebsebRJ11 cable18:59
daftykinsRJ10 is the little square one that's narrow than RJ4518:59
sebsebsebit seems to fit into the ethernet ports ok, but then not work19:00
daftykinsah no i've got the two backwards19:00
sebsebsebethernet is cat5 I think or cat6?19:00
daftykinsthat's the cable type19:00
sebsebseband would just say ethernet cable I guess19:00
daftykinswe're talking connectors :)19:00
daftykinshere we go, RJ10 is 4P4C, RJ11 is 6P4C19:00
daftykins(position and conductor/contact)19:01
sebsebsebnot what a postion and conductor contact is19:01
daftykinsP = holes for a wire19:01
* sebsebseb was never that good at networking, but knew the cable was probably wrong when seeing what it was19:01
daftykinsC = there's one in there.19:01
daftykinsso the actual plastic moulding has channels for more separate wires than may be actually present, if you get me19:02
sebsebsebdaftykins: RJ11 cable is no ethernet cable right?  may look lilke one may fit like one, but is not, hence not working, as I expected?19:02
daftykinsyeah that'll typically be a modem one19:02
daftykinsfor an xDSL line19:02
sebsebsebyeah I Looked on google seems it can connect routers and19:02
sebsebsebdaftykins: ok guy in PC World she asked, got it wrong then, didn't know his stuff19:02
daftykinsthere's a nice image19:03
daftykinsnetwork cable for example has 4 pairs, 8 wires, so it's an 8P8C connector19:03
sebsebsebyeah I knew there were differnet types of cables like this, she didn't quite reolise, altough I said get ethernet before19:03
sebsebsebI think it explains why this one fits in the ethernet ports, even though it not being such a cable19:04
sebsebsebwhat you put19:04
sebsebsebso it's for a DSL modem you said?19:05
sebsebsebor probably19:05
daftykinsmost likely19:05
daftykinsdepends how many there are in it :>19:05
daftykinsthe gold contacts would need counting19:05
sebsebsebyou mean what's actsaully in the cable  itself?19:06
daftykinssurely most things from PC World are blister packed too o019:08
sebsebsebdaftykins: what do you mean by blister packed?19:08
daftykinsthe plastic moulded packets that are a pain to get into19:09
daftykinssomething that'd likely have been labelled19:09
sebsebsebdaftykins: packaging looks ok actsually,   she woudn't have read it or even understood19:10
sebsebsebI just looked again at that.19:10
daftykinsbut it may've had terms of what it is on it19:10
sebsebsebdaftykins: RJ11 cable  Ideal for connecting ADSL modems to ADSL microfilters19:11
sebsebsebthat's what it says on it19:11
sebsebsebthe packaging19:11
daftykinsyep that'll be the one :D19:11
sebsebsebyep the wrong cable in this case19:11
daftykinstime for food, bbl19:12
popeydirecthex, is mono 4.0 coming to ubuntu at any point?19:29
directhexpopey: my plan is to get 4.2 in by the end of the year19:35
directhex4.2 stable release is next week, so skip 4.0 (which is in experimental)19:37
sebsebsebmono I thought was pretty much dead or un heard of now?19:40
popeydirecthex, thanks!19:55
popeybrobostigon, did you see haiku got in to google code-in? https://codein.withgoogle.com/#!20:20
brobostigonpopey: i saw, yes, :)20:20
foobarrywifey is really spoiling the afterglow of the detectorists by watching some american cheese20:44
diddledan_is it mouldy?20:48
foobarryit is nauseating20:50
foobarrycouldn't be further opposite to the whimsical understated dry comedy of d..ists20:51
diddledan_d8s (following the same pattern as i18n and l10n names)20:54
brobostigonwaynes world is on in 4 mins on 5* , :)20:56
diddledan_party time20:57
* diddledan_ airguitars20:57
zmoylan-piyou're worthy...20:59
awilkinsThe SpaceBeta patch notes are their usual holyfuckingshit list of things : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=19947021:33
awilkinsI like the new scenarios21:38
awilkins"Distress call"21:38
awilkinsHopefully one is the wedding procession being set upon by pirates21:38
awilkinsAnd you can just rock up and watch them all burn21:38
awilkinsFuck, nutters are shooting up Paris21:53
awilkinsPardon my language21:53
zleapawilkins: i saw, rip open borders22:05
zleapthey will put back the armed guards and shoot anyone who tries to enter without a passport,22:05
zleapor i think they would if given the choice22:05

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