oacyhello everyone, the dd command to create an image of a drive partition (sdb1) on another drive would be the same as when creating the drive (sdb) image, I guess; 'sudo dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=path/to/image/file bs=...' ?02:42
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oacyin other words, could I just replace sdb with sdb1, when i am imaging not the whole drive, but a partition of it?02:44
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thsohn_Hello World02:54
smokelessoacy https://askubuntu.com/questions/512059/using-dd-command-to-create-bootable-usb-stick02:56
oacysmokeless, it is not for booting. it is just a partition image.03:04
wa_r_ch_i__ld1hey, anyone know how to submit browser based authentication popups?03:09
Guest8401alguém me lembra como atualizar o ubuntu MATE?03:10
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srulihi, i want to change the boot order in grub, how can isee the current order while logged in to system?03:15
wileeesruli, you might run past us what your doing, grub has built in tools.03:17
sruliwileee:  1. change boot order, 2. not to display grub, just boot into first option and to see grub menu user has to hold down shift or some other key03:18
wileeesruli, what all is on the computer and in grub?03:18
sruliwileee:  windows, ubuntu and debain, i want to boot windows03:19
sruliwileee: and when i wat linux i will hold down shift key on boot03:19
wileeesruli, Ah, you can set grub to default to windows. The hidden grub is the hard part with multi OS is all, not really sure you can.03:20
wileeesruli, there is a timeout that grub sits at, messing with smaller times is the general method, you want to get to grub for recovery at the least.03:21
sector_0hey guys03:21
sector_0I have a problem with my cd command03:21
isReKT2000In what way?03:21
sector_0whenever i use cd I can't "select" files from the new current directory03:21
sector_0for example let's say I have a file "file.txt" in the home directory...03:22
sector_0if I do "cd /home"03:22
sector_0I can't for example do "vi file.txt"03:22
isReKT2000then you can't do nano or emacs etc etc03:23
wileeesruli, What ever OS is at the top of grub has the grub control as of now, the ubuntu or debian assuming nothing has been removed in either with grub.03:23
isReKT2000is nano working?03:23
sector_0ok maybe I used a bad example03:24
isReKT2000maybe; maybe not03:25
zykotick9sector_0: ahhh cd /home wouldn't be your user's home directory.  try "cd" by itself to get to home.03:25
isReKT2000good idea zykotick903:25
wileeesruli, I suspect your not fully understanding, could be my explanation, ask anything you need to.03:25
sector_0zykotick9, I know I was just using a example03:25
sector_0proper example that I just tried...03:25
sector_0I did "cd ~/Desktop"...03:26
isReKT2000cd by itself?03:26
sector_0now there's a folder there named "stuff"03:26
sector_0normally if I start typing "/stu" and I hit tab it would auto complete..this doesn't happen03:27
SchrodingersScatsector_0: having a leading / means starting from root03:27
zykotick9sector_0: don't start with /03:27
sruliwileee: i dont want a timeout, i know its not easy to do on mulit os boot, but i still dont want grub viewable on boot, when i need it i will hold down the shift key03:27
SchrodingersScatsector_0: it would just be stuff, or ./stuff or ~/Desktop/stuff03:27
sector_0my bad I guess03:28
sector_0sorry for the mix up03:28
SchrodingersScattab complete wants to help you more than you think :)03:28
wileeesruli, seems like you been chasing this awhile?03:28
Bashing-omsruli: A common reference: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Setup#Configuring_GRUB_2 , Tutorial to do all you require .03:28
sector_0Everything is working fine now03:29
sruliwileee: u might have seen me around with all sorts of quiestion, solved all so far, this is my next issue ;-)03:29
sector_0...but I swear to god this thing wasn't working a while ago03:29
SubCoolAudio isnt playing to my HDMI output or USB Turtlebeach headset03:30
SchrodingersScatsector_0: you may very well have a bad case of ghosts, but regular #ubuntu can't help you there.03:30
wileeesruli, Mainly I'm trying to keep you away from 3rd party stuff, so I would look here, it has the boot pin for windows info as well, https://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html03:30
sector_0SchrodingersScat, heheh03:30
sruliwileee: there are a few third party grub customisers, as u say i keep away03:31
wileeeboot/grub/customizer is a bad choice is all03:31
wileeecool sruli your smarter than some there, easy trap, heh.03:32
sruliwileee: it seems on grub2 is easy to achieve, let me have a go, will let u know in a few min03:32
* wileee hides the gui kernel remover03:32
goddardanyone use entr know if I need to include the -R option for ls?03:39
goddardor will it understand it needs to go recursively?03:39
sruligoddard: to display sub dirs u'll have to use -R03:41
Quakerhello guys03:43
goddardsruli: right i understand how ls works just not entr03:44
nudoge                                                                                       03:46
goddardsruli: when i do ls -R . it works03:47
goddardsruli: when I do ls -R . | entr echo "file change" it just prints entr: cannot stat '.:': No such file or directory03:47
sruligoddard: reached my knowladge limit on ls, sorry03:48
Bashing-omgoddard: As a thought, pass to entr the full path  through the pipe ?03:52
goddardBashing-om: no dice03:53
SchrodingersScat!ls | goddard03:57
ubottugoddard: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:57
SchrodingersScatgoddard: or go to #bash and !ls03:57
goddardSchrodingersScat: not really asking about ls exactly03:59
goddardSchrodingersScat: more entr03:59
SchrodingersScatgoddard: try find then?04:00
SchrodingersScatalso, is that maybe an echo error? if it can't echo .:04:00
SchrodingersScatwait, nvm :(04:01
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me-1hi...  I want to edit  /etc/grub.d and add http://paste.ubuntu.com/13245153/ but dont know what to replce in my setup with http://paste.ubuntu.com/13245161/04:23
chris1where r u guys from04:23
Quakeri m from france04:23
chris1oh i m from Malaysia04:23
wa_r_ch_i__ld1is there a way to write a bash script to insert text into a browser popup?04:24
chris1can i install unity desktop environment in backbox 4.404:24
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Ariaoktaviandapuada yg indo???04:25
Ariaoktaviandapubackbox 4.404:27
k1l!backbox | Ariaoktaviandapu04:28
ubottuAriaoktaviandapu: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.04:28
wileeewa_r_ch_i__ld1, Humor us, why?04:28
Ariaoktaviandapui,m not install backbox just kali linux 2.004:29
wa_r_ch_i__ld1@wileee im trying to embed this NTLM (microsoft auth) protected site, and the end user doesnt want to have to enter their credentials04:29
wa_r_ch_i__ld1id like to have some sort of script to enter the credentials in the popup but dont know if thats even possible04:29
Ariaoktaviandapuyou change localhost in my internet04:31
SchrodingersScat!info xautomation | wa_r_ch_i__ld104:35
ubottuwa_r_ch_i__ld1: xautomation (source: xautomation): Control X from the command line, and find things on the screen. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.09-1 (wily), package size 34 kB, installed size 183 kB04:35
uRockI installed the latest kernel in 14.04 using "sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-vivid" will removing "linux-headers-generic" stop me from getting the 3.13.* kernel updates?04:37
SchrodingersScatwa_r_ch_i__ld1: if you really wanted to you could make patterns of the popup, have it scan for that in the screen, click it, type in the password, etc. Although wmctrl may make selecting it easier if not already, and then tabs to find the password box and submission button.04:39
k1l!kali | Ariaoktaviandapu04:39
ubottuAriaoktaviandapu: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)04:39
k1lkali is not even based on ubuntu. please seek their support04:39
sruliwileee: i managed to get hidden grub on dual boot04:40
wileeesruli, cool, how?04:40
srulicombination of things, 1. in /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober the template has something like " if timeout set = 0 then set 10" so what ever u don in etc/default/grub it will get overwritten on update-grub, so i changed to 'set 0' 2. I added 2 entries on /etc/defualt/grub/ GRUB_FORCE_HIDDEN_MENU=true and GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=hidden, i dont know if those 2 entried had any effect as i only got it working after fixing the os-prober template04:44
wileeesruli, Did you update grub after the additional commands?04:48
TJ-sruli: You almost got it but made the wrong change. That "timeout=10" is only written into grub.cfg *if* quick_boot =1 - 12 lines above your change is quick_boot="1". Change that to quick_boot="0" and the timeout won't be changed, nor will the timeout_style04:49
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aarobcso, according to this guide http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/how-to-setup-a-gaming-virtual-machine-with-gpu-passthrough-qemu-kvm-libvirt-and-vfio.1371980/ there should be a /usr/share/qemu/bios.bin but I've installed everything possibly relating to qemu and there still is no bios.bin to be found in that directory04:52
SubCoolOk, would someone mind working with me on Dropbox. I am using it in a headless environement, but its acting all weird. I remove all the files http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1583040  - but. it still isnt woring properly. When i try to use it after setup, it doesnt start, restart - anything.04:52
SubCoolive done apt-get, ive done the headless installation. im about to do a remote ver upgrade of my OS, WHich i doubt will work. but- im trying.04:53
sruliwileee: yes i updates grub after changes04:53
sruliTJ-: i will try that now, u are tlkaing about os-prober file, right?04:53
sruliTJ-: what about GRUB_FORCE_HIDDEN_MENU=true and GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=hidden are they required?04:55
TJ-sruli: yes, that file. if you look at that stanza, the settings are only written into grub.cfg (by the cat <<EOF) in adjust_timeout() when "if [ "$quick_boot" = 1 ] && [ "x${found_other_os}" != "x" ];" - both conditions need to be TRUE. so force quick_boot = 0 and the condition will never be true05:00
sruliTJ-: what about GRUB_FORCE_HIDDEN_MENU=true and GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=hidden are they required?05:00
TJ-sruli: I'm not entirely sure, there are so many permutations it gets confusing without testing them :D05:01
wileeehallelujah says the chorus05:01
TJ-sruli: GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=hidden would normally be set that way05:01
srulialso i guess setting i made is good to hide the grub, but i cant get it by pressing any key ! have to boot live cd not and change05:01
TJ-sruli: right, always best to set the timeout=1 so Shift is still detected05:02
sruliTJ-: but i do not want the menu visable, i set GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=305:03
me-1hi.. I dont see grub menu at start05:03
wileeeme-1, See anything at all, shift may show something esc if W8-1005:05
sruliTJ-: i have 2 entries for quick_boot =1, i should set both to 0?05:06
me-1wileee,  no blank black screen and then ubuntu logo and it boots directly into ubuntu . I dont have other OS05:07
TJ-sruli: it depends on what code generation they control05:07
wileeeme-1, try running sudo update-grub to bring it up to date. Have you changed grub or removed another OS?05:08
me-1wileee,  I have updated it and it doing the same from day 105:09
srulithe fist one is in the begining of the file, prefix="/usr" exec_prefix="/usr" datarootdir="/usr/share" quick_boot="005:09
TJ-sruli: looking at the code in 00_header and 10_linux, quick_boot won't affect 'timeout' there05:09
wileeeme-1, Err, my error, when you have just ubuntu you need to hit the shift key to see grub, or esc if uefi.05:09
wileeegrub is bypassed with single installs, you have to key it up05:10
me-1wileee,  ok try and see . thank you05:10
TJ-me-1: how many monitors do you have?05:10
wileeeno prob, sorry for any confusion.05:10
me-1TJ-,  one05:10
TJ-me-1: OK05:10
sruliTJ-: so what do i change to allow key press to show grub?05:11
srulitired shift, doesnt show05:12
srulialso tried esc05:12
TJ-sruli: when do you press the key?05:12
TJ-sruli: because the transition from firmware POST to GRUB is so fast, I generally hold shift down whilst POST is still reporting so its down when GRUB gets control05:13
srulii hold it down fro the start05:14
TJ-sruli: Is it UEFI or BIOS?05:14
havoc-hiveI am running ubuntu 15.10 on a optiplex 745. I threw in a linsys usb wifi and cannot get it to work. any help or suggestions?05:14
TJ-sruli: is the keyboard USB or built-in05:14
srulibuilt in , laptop05:15
TJ-sruli: OK, none of the obvious issues there, then05:15
TJ_GUYS I NEED HELP, but there are so many channels.  I need help with unencrypting my home directory from a ubunu live.05:15
TJ_the command doesnt work...05:15
TJ_What channel should I join?05:15
sruliTJ_: what command r u running to mount it?05:16
TJ_The one it says to do, one sec05:16
TJ-sruli: Sometimes, on some laptops, the key codes seem to mess things up. Try Ctrl as well :)05:16
TJ_ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly05:16
TJ-TJ_: "sudo ecryptfs-recover-private /target/home/.ecryptfs/${USER}/.Private" - assuming you've mounted the root file-system at /target/05:17
sruliTJ-: ctrl doesnt do it either05:17
havoc-hiveTJ_: i dont think you can unencrypt home in live mode, only in installed05:17
TJ-sruli: weird!05:17
TJ-havoc-hive: yes you can!05:18
sruli TJ_: what response do u get?05:18
TJ_Well sruli, It didnt say error05:18
TJ_It says Seraching for encrypted private directories05:19
sruli TJ_: does it say searching for encrypted....05:19
TJ_Yeah Its asking for my password05:19
sruliTJ_: and it stays at that?05:19
sruliTJ_: ther eu go enter ur password05:19
TJ_It said sucess but I still cant go in through GUI :(05:20
lickalottHey all.  Had an odd issue today.  I have a 32" tv that I decided to try to use as a monitor.  I tried VGA which works okay but it's not digital.  So I tried HDMI.  Even with the same resolution the desktop won't fit in the tv screen.  The launcher is off the screen.  Is there a way to correct this?  I don't have a scaling option on this particular tv.05:20
TJ_If It mounted like it says where did it mount too?05:20
sruliin unity dash enter gksu nautilus05:20
TJ-TJ_: usually under /tmp/ecryptfs.XXXX/05:21
TJ_Oh I see it now05:21
TJ_that part was covered by the irc05:21
TJ_Let me see what I got05:21
TJ_I was about to shoot my computer05:22
TJ_Yeah my computer wouldnt start it said that something was wrong with the graphics05:22
TJ_I could only boot up in live05:22
TJ_I could get through the disk encryption but not home05:23
TJ_thanks guys05:23
sruliTJ_: how could u get throught eh disk encryption?05:25
TJ-sruli: I assume TJ_ meant LUKS/dm_crypt root file-system05:26
sruliTJ-: i changed the template to quick boot on live cd, wierd thing is running update-grub on live cd removes windows from grub menu05:29
TJ-sruli: is os-prober running?05:29
TJ-sruli: you can run it manually to test it "sudo os-prober"05:30
sruliTJ-: not sure, running update-grub from normal boot noew05:30
srulisetting timeout to 0 in os-prober does not allow grub menu at all05:32
sruliTJ-: is there a way i can test grub changes without a restart?05:32
john_nashhi, somehow my kid pressed some keys as a result of which everytime i press a key it says the same aloud05:32
john_nashlol, how to disable that sound?05:33
OerHeksjohn_nash, Insert+Q to quit orca reader05:33
john_nashwhere is insert05:34
Giraffe_not a full keyboard john_nash?05:34
OerHeksins,next to del05:34
srulijohn_hash: settings > Universal Access > Seeing > turn off Screen reader05:34
TJ-sruli: there's the emulator but that takes a heck of a lot of setting up05:35
sruliTJ-: so we'll stick to the 5 minute cycle on every test05:35
john_nashthanks its done05:37
john_nashso dumb of me05:37
lotuspsychjejohn_nash: we all here to learn mate05:37
sruliTJ-: how can i upadte-grub from live cd to include windows?05:39
OerHeksjohn_nash, so your kid has a high iq, have fun05:39
john_nashthanks :)05:39
breakfrontsAfter setting my GTK appearance, gnome-terminal doesn't seem to be adjusting to it05:46
srulilickalott: no clue, sorry05:48
Joanneanybody on Ubuntu 15.10? I left the topic yesterday, had to move out05:51
JoanneIf I delete any file using any file manager (and if the directory is a softlink), the file manager crashes05:52
ussher_Im finding my i7 with 16gig of ram and SSD becomes real slow by the end of the day and trying to figure out why.  when scrolling it uses 99% of cpu of 1 processor: (htop screenshot) http://hostsaba.com/htop.png how can i figure out why?05:54
wileeeussher_, you scrolled htop?05:55
JoanneX is killing your CPU, taking 99%05:55
sruliussher_: what hardware brand? (laptop / pc)05:55
ussher_scrolling phpstorm.  in the morining its lightning fast, in the afternoon its horrible05:56
ussher_hardware is bits and pieces put together.  graphic cards are 2x nvidia cards. going to look for other stuff now05:57
Joannetry getting a dstat report, if system is still slow, can you get sensors output?05:57
breakfrontsMy GTK3 theme settings are being ignored despite setting them with lxapperence and having a .config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini present. What could be the problem? GTK2 works fine.05:57
JoanneIn my experience, leave the default GTK theme as much as possible, there are tons of GTK themes available for free in the market, however, the one that works the best is always the best05:58
Joannenot many people program GTK themes/icons the right way and it always breaks stuff05:58
Joanneand this wasn't a problem back for GTK2.x05:59
ussher_hardinfo report http://hostsaba.com/hardinfo_report.html05:59
Joanneits for GTK 3.x ... hasn't matured so much, and its still new05:59
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breakfrontsJoanne: I can't change my font of theme at *all*06:03
breakfrontsthat's an issue06:03
mascot66991Sorry if its not relevant for this irc beforehand06:03
mascot66991I had like to branch a development branch at my bitbucket repo how do i do that06:04
mascot66991i already have a development brnach at local and want another one as i am working on two different features and want to make different pull request for each and want commits to say different06:05
mascot66991anyone to the rescue06:05
havoc-hivei am having trouble install a usb wifi onto ubuntu 15.10. anyone with suggestions?06:06
Ben64havoc-hive: can you give more details? what problems are you having, which adapter is it06:06
havoc-hiveBen64: the adapter is a linksys wusb6300 and i am having problems with is showing up in any form on ubuntu06:07
havoc-hiveBen64: i dont think it is regestering at all with the computer cause its not even lighting up on the stick06:08
havoc-hiveBen64: the computer i am installing it on has no connection to internet at all06:08
breakfronts My GTK3 theme settings are being ignored despite setting them with lxapperence and having a .config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini present. What could be the problem? GTK2 works fine.06:08
havoc-hivecan anyone help walk me through on making a bridge connection between laptop and desktop?06:13
ussher_sruli: that hardware info any use?  I tried to use dstat to watch the cpu, but it doesnt seam to change at all even with htop saying 99%06:17
srulisome times with brands like toshiba and sony i get high cpu and could'nt resolve06:18
ussher_my guess is its something to do with the graphics cards, but dont know how to figure out how to fix it. Not sure how to identify what the cause is.06:19
ussher_The current solution of rebooting in the middle of the day is getting to be a bit of a pain, so was hoping to try to fix it.06:20
Ben64havoc-hive: seems like you'd need to download an compile a driver for that adapter06:20
karex_Hi everyone, what files should I get/extract to analize system security (access, etc)? I tried to google it, but not succeeded yet.06:22
karex_I mean log files06:22
karex_Is there a list of common log files to analize in practice?06:23
ussher_karex_: /var/log/auth.log will show you whos been trying to access your machine.06:25
havoc-hiveBen64: I figured out how to bridge the connections. I found the drivers and how to install them through terminal. I will do that... thanks06:25
LucaxHello, I want to transfer my files to my Seagate external drive, 3T but now I read that Ubuntu 32 bit is not able to connect with a seagate drive larger than 2.2T, is there a workaround without reinstalling to a 64?06:33
Quakeryou can try to make an ftp server06:34
Quakerif you have a second computer it can work06:34
Quakerbut from what to where Lucax06:34
Lucaxpractically what is happening is: the Seagate will appear, but I can not create new folders or drag and drop folders from my computer onto the external06:35
somsipLucax: boot to a live cd that's 64 bit, mount your local drive and your external drive, copy06:35
LucaxQuaker: from my local drive to seagate external06:35
EriC^^why can't a 32bit access it? O.o06:35
wowa_sInvalid AABB aabb06:36
somsipEriC^^: yeah, I don't get that either but maybe it's a real thing06:36
Quakeryes he s right from a live cd you can do it06:36
wowa_s/join #33306:36
LucaxI dont know really what is the problem, but the ext-drive won't take the files from my drive + the option of creating a new folder is greyed out06:37
Quakeri dont understand why an external harddrive plugged with USB cant connect06:37
somsipLucax: so it's just mounted without write permissions then?06:37
trijntjeThis is a bit of a vague question, so I'd be happy with a vague answer. I have two laptops with the same make and model, both running 14.04. On one, a particular bioinformatics analysis takes 40 hours to run, on the other it only takes 6 hours. Does anyone have any pointer on where to start looking for an explanation?06:38
Lucaxsomsip, how to change the write permissions?06:39
Lucaxmaybe it is read only06:39
nils17hi. I want to batch rename some folders I am finding with FIND... and cut off the last 4 characters away from these folders names.. how can I do that?  (e.g. folder1abcd leads to folder1)06:39
somsipLucax: you should really change the way it's mounted, but once it is mounted you can usually get access using chmod06:39
EriC^^nils17: are the last 4 chars the same?06:40
Quakertrijntje, hd speed ?06:40
trijntjenils17: with the cut command ;)06:40
somsipLucax: http://askubuntu.com/questions/138878/changing-file-permissions-on-usb-external-hard-drive06:40
LucaxNils! install Pyrenamer, it is excelent06:40
Lucaxor GPRename, it is equally helpful06:40
trijntjeQuaker: I hadn't thought of that, thanks. They do have the same model harddisk, but pretty new so one could be having issues06:41
nils17hi.. its for use in a script.. so terminal would be cool..06:41
trijntjethough the analysis is not very IO dependent06:41
nils17e.g.   find / -type d -exec ..................................06:41
EriC^^nils17: are the last 4 chars the same?06:42
nils17yes.. in THIS case they are the same.. but I asked about "last 4 characters" to learn about that06:42
LucaxWhen I want to mount my Seagate Ext-drive I get this: mount: only root can mount /dev/sdb1 on /mnt/usb-Seagate_Backup+_Desk_NA5K6YRY-0:0-part106:43
hateball!sudo | Lucax06:43
ubottuLucax: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo06:43
nils17trijntje: yes.. can you help me combine the cut command with find / exec / mv ?06:43
Quakertrijntje, does it have many programs running ?06:43
hateballnils17: you can use the rename command as well, it accepts regexp06:44
nils17I know that at the moment:   find / -type d -exec mv {}06:44
nils17and THEN??06:44
trijntjeQuaker: I dont think so, its a pretty standard install as far as I know, I haven't added a lot of services or anything like that06:45
trijntjenils17: you should probably take some time to read about bash, this channel isn't really the place for these kind of basic questions06:45
hateballnils17: Also there is #bash which may be helpful06:46
Lucaxto run as sudo, does it simply mean to type the sudo command in terminal and pop! I have authority to do whatever I like, like mounting my ext-drive?06:47
Lucaxdoes $ mean that I am running as Sudo?06:52
Lucaxand does Superuser and Sudo mean the same?06:52
somsip!zh | jeff_ fs_wsf07:01
ubottujeff_ fs_wsf: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:01
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fs吴老师好 】07:02
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EriC^^!ops | multiple nicks from flooding in chinese07:03
ubottumultiple nicks from flooding in chinese: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang07:03
xiaoyuxiaoyu come07:03
Lucaxhow to mount my drive as sudo, I dont get why this should be so difficult, isnt there a simple GUI solution for beginners, to mount an ext-drive is a beginners issue, not for techies07:07
EriC^^Lucax: you should be able to click on it in the filemanager07:07
Lucaxyes it should be that easy but it is not mounted, it asks me to mount from root07:08
EriC^^ok so type sudo mount /dev/sdxY /mnt07:08
Lucaxjust like that or do I have to replace something in your command with my own details?07:09
EriC^^Lucax: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 and paste the link here07:09
Lucaxatcha, blooming terminal is just showing blinking07:11
Lucaxnow it is ok07:11
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
Lucaxsorry no link07:12
Lucaxmount: special device /dev/sdxY does not exist07:12
EriC^^sudo parted -l...07:13
Lucaxit gave no result07:13
EriC^^type sudo parted -l07:13
EriC^^paste it in paste.ubuntu.com07:13
Lucaxok I have the link07:13
LucaxI just have to sign up to this paste.ubuntu07:16
Lucaxwhat is paste.ubuntu?07:16
sruliTJ-: u around, i fixed it! 1 minor change in templates!07:16
Lucaxcan I come back to you Eric, I have lunchtime here07:17
sinisterdooris it true that libreoffice doesn't support page border clip art?07:17
wileeesinisterdoor, You look in the onboard manual?07:18
andrew_46ashok: hi :)07:18
ashokhow u07:19
sinisterdoorwileee,sure :P .it doesn't say anything about that.I checked http://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/23126/artistic-edges/ but it's 2013 so I am not sure if it's current as of 5.0.307:19
andrew_46ashok: I am well but bear in mind this is a support channel....07:19
sinisterdoorI want this: http://www.farhangnews.ir/sites/default/files/content/images/story/91-11/08/15.jpg07:19
ashoksorry bro i want to need best thems can i apply07:20
ashoki need help07:20
wileeeyou sure do07:21
wileeesinisterdoor, Not sure really without doing the looking around, I'm a fan of using the app that shows what your trying to do as an example however.07:22
sruliwhat would be the safest way to clone a installation partition07:25
somsip!info clonezilla | sruli (or just plain dd)07:25
ubottusruli (or just plain dd): clonezilla (source: clonezilla): bare metal backup and recovery of disk drives. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.10.11-1 (wily), package size 678 kB, installed size 2624 kB07:25
hateballsruli: clonezilla-live is a nice way07:26
srulisomsip: if i clone  partition to another drive, how do i install the boot?07:26
somsipsruli: if you do a bare metal clone, AIUI it will copy *everything*07:27
srulii dont want to copy full drive, i have 4 os's i want to copy 2 os's drives are not same size, will it still work?07:28
somsipsruli: I dont follow you.07:30
srulisomsip: i dont want to clone the full hard drive only 3 partitions, also if the target hard drive is not the same size as source will it work?07:31
somsipsruli: if the target is bigger, you will need to resize the partition to whatever you want it to be after.07:32
sruliok, tnx07:32
Kartagishow can I stop update manager asking me if I want to install 3.16.* kernel packages?07:36
DJ_HaMsTai just installed vnc into my vps. im trying to connect but its actively refused. the tightvnc server is running, what can be causing my error?07:37
cynixx3I am trying to add a repository to sources.list but when I run apt-get update I get a 404 error. The URL is wrong because apt-get adds a /packages directory when the repo doesnt have that. What do I do?07:38
wileeecynixx3, this a ppa?07:39
cynixx3no, archives.deb.org07:40
wileeecynixx3, what release?07:40
wileeethat is debian, you're using a debian repo are you?07:40
cynixx3oh crap. I'm using ubuntu 15.10. not compatible?07:41
cynixx3okay well here is my goal, get php 5.3.~1007:42
wileeecynixx3, precise?07:42
LucaxWhen I want to adress someone in particular with colors, how do I do that here on mIrc?07:42
hateball!tab | Lucax07:43
ubottuLucax: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:43
cynixx3I would have thought lucid.07:43
somsip!who | Lucax07:43
ubottuLucax: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:43
wileeecynixx3, if you can get that in 15.10 your in your own, not really supported here is all. If you had a good reason maybe.07:43
LucaxI just get a list of channelusers if I type tab07:44
cynixx3I have a php script that is not running on php 5.6, I do not know at which version it stopped working but I know it works on 5.3.1007:45
somsipLucax: som{tab} gets me and 'someone', repeated tab cycles07:45
LucaxEriC^^:  I have the link07:46
cynixx3Thanks for clarifying that repo issue wileee07:46
wileeecynixx3, No problem, hope you get the php thang resolved.07:46
Quakeri want to be a hacker07:51
cynixx3wileee, one more quesiton. How bad of an idea would it be to change all the repos to use lucid instead of wily and then install php 5.3.2?07:51
Quakerapt-get install brain07:51
cynixx3Then maybe change back and disable php upgrades?07:51
mac1Hi Quaker07:52
wileeecynixx3, bad idea really, that 5.3 can be gotten by deb, either install could throw in dependencies and libraries that conflict. This is a backwards way to go is all, fix the script to run.07:52
wileeecynixx3, I though OerHeks posted a php lin earlier that showed the dispersal per release and 5.3 was 12.0 still supported, maybe conform this and do a vm or dualboot.07:55
Quakerhello mac107:55
wileeesorry 12.0407:55
Quakerwhat do i need to be a good at making programs ?07:56
Quakerand hack07:56
mac1Quaker, First learn Python Language.07:57
wileeebeing able to read a channels topic would be your start07:57
Lucaxpardon moi franceux, heuv on se earth can moi procedure with mounting moi external 'ard drive?08:06
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.08:06
alpaca_sida_xDjajajaj ful xd08:11
alpaca_sida_xDsomeone here?08:12
trijntjeHow can I display which installation media was used to install ubuntu? I know its possible because it get included automatically in bug reports, but I don't know where to find it on my system08:22
trijntjefound it in /var/log/installer/media-info08:25
Lucaxwhat if I quite simply run sudo mount-a?08:27
NexusStarcould someone help me with installation problem of docker on trusty running in vmware?08:30
wileee!detail | Lucax in english08:30
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)08:30
LucaxI am unable to mount my external drive and now I can not even see it in the filemanager, whenever I want to mount it asks me to run as root but I dont know how to do that, first of all since I am a beginner I look for GUI options quite naturally, now I am trying random commands and next is unknown....to man08:33
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trijntjeLucax: the easiest thing is just to format it as fat or ntfs instead of ext08:34
est31is there a way to execute script hooks when an user logs in / logs out / the session gets locked / unlocked using lightDM?08:34
NexusStarI follow installation instruction from docker.com and when run docker --version it reports 1.9.0 but keeps Cannot connect to Docker daemon08:35
wileeeNexusStar, Isn't docker a 3rd party?08:36
Lucaxformat it as fat or ntfs, the word format disturbs me a little, does it mean wiping out the files in the external drive or is this type of formating more of a reconfiguration or a formatchanging08:36
NexusStarwileee, Yes08:36
trijntjeLucax: no, if you format it you will lose all data on the disk08:37
wileeeNexusStar, Not supported here is all you will have to follow other support is all.08:37
NexusStarwileee, you suggest ask this to docker channel?08:37
wileeeif there is one yeah08:37
Lucaxto format it to fat32 or ntfs means loosing all the data?08:37
Lucaxwell then this option is not valid for me08:38
NexusStarwileee, ok08:38
wileeeLucax, Do now what the file system is now, ext?08:38
Lucaxit is mac08:38
Lucaxapple hfs08:38
somsipLucax: htfs by chance?08:38
wileeeLucax, That is your problem, read only mount I believe if you get there generally.08:39
Lucaxit says only HFS08:39
pihpahI am trying to run Ubuntu from a usb stick but all I get is Ubuntu's splash screen. How can I figure out what's wrong?08:39
Lucaxaah wileee we are getting somewhere08:39
est31pihpah, try ctrl-alt-f108:39
wileeepihpah, try hitting the shift key to see text.08:39
trijntjepihpah: you might see error messages if you hit the 'up' arrow. Else hold shift when starting the usb and select 'check cd for defects'08:40
Lucaxit seems to be I can just change its format in Disks08:40
trijntjeLucax: dont do that!08:40
Lucaxthere is a long list within the Edit Partition option08:40
somsipLucax: always best to give us all the information to avoid going round in circles. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/hfsplus08:40
Lucaxok ok ok08:40
somsipLucax: also http://superuser.com/questions/84446/how-to-mount-a-hfs-partition-in-ubuntu-as-read-write08:40
trijntjeLucax: easiest: go back to mac, backup all files, format ntfs or fat, put data back, use the disk on windows/linux and mac ;)08:40
pihpahnothing, looks like it's completely frozen.08:43
pihpahI suppose I have to turn off splash screen to see what's going on.08:43
est31yea try to disable the splash screen while it still works08:44
pihpahest31: I've tried, none of aforementioned methods worked.08:45
wileeepihpah, blackscreen any blinking cursor or anything?08:45
pihpahNothing, just splash screen with Ubuntu logo.08:45
wileeepihpah, You know how to insert nomodeset?08:46
pihpahSomething's wrong with my laptop. It takes about 5 minutes before I see grub menu.08:46
est31you boot off stick?08:46
est31perhaps there is a problem with your hdd08:46
pihpahyes, I do08:46
est31e.g. it scans first for the hdd, then sees the stick, and decides to boot from that08:47
wileeeest31, for 5 minutes08:47
est31and scanning for the hdd takes time because it has problem08:47
est31just a wild theory08:47
pihpahest31: what if I disconnect my HDD, would that help?08:47
est31you could try08:47
wileeeno wild theories please plenty if good support here08:47
pihpahest31: well, as I remember from my previous experience with broken hdd usually it took not much time to figure out that it is broken and can't be used. Not sure what changed since UEFI replaced the old BIOS.08:51
pihpahSo why it takes so much time before system will try my usb stick, this is a question.08:52
wileeepihpah, You been to the uefi wiki?08:53
pihpahyes, I read about that.08:53
wileeefirst mention of uefi, kida crucial info08:53
Lucaxsomsip: partitionally speaking. I still get nowhere08:54
pihpahOh, here we go, grub menu showed up. As I said it took about 5 minutes.08:54
est31ah so it seems lightdm has hooks for login and logout08:56
Lucaxsomsip: I followed your links and it told I had to disable journaling, so I plugged my ext back to mac and checked but journaling is already disabled and the disks shows that it is read and write, does the disk appear as read and write only for mac and becomes read only for unix?08:56
est31but not for lock/unlock08:57
est31bad bad08:57
somsipLucax: no idea myself. If I want to copy something to OSX, I scp it. I just remember people haveing problems mounting HFS+ before in here (not HFTS or whatever I said earlier)08:57
Lucaxok, thanks anyway08:58
pihpahSo, this is it: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/ju4zcsp3rbcq6ob/AACLSewb6uxeyRm1yBTwWVmma08:59
srulii am trying to install ubuntu-server 14.04.3 x64 from uefi usb stick , i get error "cd-rom drive contains a cd which cannot be used for installation..." how do i add ubuntu server iso to usb stick? i have other iso's (ubuntu desktop and others) which work fine from this stick09:05
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yoann_salut ! je suis a la recherche d'un programme qui me permettrais de déclencher l'arret programmer mon ordinateur. merci09:08
hateball!fr | yoann_09:11
ubottuyoann_: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:11
yoann_ok thank09:11
EriC^^sruli: dd the iso to the usb09:13
EriC^^sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync09:13
sruliEriC^^:  no, cp its a uefi usb so i have a load of iso's and grub.cfg menu, all live iso (ubuntu desktop etc) work fine, for some reason its not liking the mount of the usb, in syslog i get /dev/sdb1 is not a ubuntu cd09:17
sruliEriC^^: i wan to mount is a /cdrom but "umount /dev/sdb1" returns "invalid argument"09:18
ocxhello all09:21
ocxi am having dns-nameservers in my /etc/network/interfaces for some reason after a reboot the /etc/resolv.conf reads what could be the problem?09:22
EriC^^sruli: not sure what you mean09:22
sruliEriC^^: when trying to install i get error "incorrect cdrom detected" installer is expecting it to be mounted at /cd-rom, so i want to umount usb and mount it to /cd-rom, but when i exec from tty2 "umount /dev/sdb1" i get an error "cant umount /dev/sdb1: invalid argument" so question is how do i umount it?09:24
freddyi have a small problem09:26
freddytrie to use telnet09:26
freddyfor a remote pc09:26
EriC^^sruli: you could try to mount bind /dev/sdb1 's mount location to /cd-rom09:26
freddyand its loading loading and nothing09:26
ocxi am having dns-nameservers in my /etc/network/interfaces for some reason after a reboot the /etc/resolv.conf reads what could be the problem?09:26
sruliEriC^^:  how do i find the current mount location from /bin/sh ?09:27
EriC^^type df09:27
freddynot even the ssh works09:28
freddynor putty09:28
freddycan someone help me ?09:29
sruliEriC^^: its not mounted09:30
freddyanyone ?09:31
EriC^^sruli: this is an xy problem i think09:31
est31freddy, are you sure the remote pc has telnet?09:32
est31or ssh?09:32
freddypretty sure09:32
EriC^^sruli: you say you have a bunch of iso's on a usb and you're running from grub the server iso and it says /cdrom can't be found?09:32
est31does ping work freddy ?09:32
sruliEriC^^:  only ubuntu server iso gives me this error09:33
ren0v0how do i connect my android 6 device to ubuntu?09:33
ren0v0it "connects" but directory is blank09:33
Mathisenren0v0, sudo apt-get install mtpfs09:34
est31freddy, so it worked before, and now is broken?09:35
ren0v0Mathisen, nope, no change09:35
est31and is there a firewall between the remote box and you09:35
freddyactually it never worked09:35
EriC^^sruli: is the usb mounted somewhere?09:35
freddyfor two days im trying now09:35
EriC^^sruli: is /dev/loop0 mounted?09:36
ren0v0Mathisen, seems they changed location of usb connection options09:36
Mathisenren0v0, i dont know then :(09:36
est31ren0v0, what does sudo mtp-detect  say09:36
est31can you put it onto a pastebin09:37
freddyIPTables isn't a problem all ports are enabled09:37
sruliEriC^^: i cant find where the usb is mounted, df is not showing it, neither is loop0 showing as mointed09:37
ren0v0est31, its fine, bloody android 6 changed location of the USB options, its now in  notification bar and default is "charge only"09:37
EriC^^sruli: try sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999909:38
est31freddy, so it worked before?09:39
est31or you setting it up now09:39
sruliEriC^^: its text based installer not reached the point of network config yet09:39
est31freddy, what does nmap -v -sT <address> say?09:40
freddyi check09:40
sruliEriC^^: df shows me 3 mounts "none mounted at /run" "devtmpfs mounted at /dev" and last one "dev/sda2 mounted at /dev" (sda2 is a windows fat32 boot part)09:40
EriC^^sruli: what does lsblk show?09:40
srulicommand not found09:41
srulii am in /bin/sh09:41
freddyokay now i see the problem09:41
sruliEriC^^: how to i force umount of sda2? that mounted to media and i guess thats cuasing the issue09:42
est31umount /dev/sda209:42
freddysome idiot disabled is and only left 80 and 443 ports09:42
freddylast it had 25 and 22 too09:43
sruliest31: device busy.. i asked how do i force umount09:43
freddynever mind thanks any ways :)09:43
est31-f param?09:43
est31freddy, np09:43
chotaz`wDoes this channel have logs?09:44
sruliest31: cant forcibly umount, device busy09:44
est31There is -l param too, but it has the potential of being destructive09:46
Mathisenchotaz`w, http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/09:46
est31chotaz`w, look at greeting message by ChanServ09:46
srulidestructive to what? usb or hdd?09:46
EriC^^the filesystem09:47
EriC^^sruli: i think something else is wrong, i'd recommend googling the error09:47
est31best is to do lsof /dev/sda209:47
EriC^^( no offense just lazy )09:47
est31and then manually killing the involved processes09:47
est31or terminating otherwise09:47
sruligoogled, for 2 hours now, nothing which helps09:47
est31sruli, it won't save opened data, but from what it seems it will at least keep the file system consistent09:49
srulilsof command not found09:49
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
est31ah seems that lazy umount will stall until the device isnt busy anymore09:50
wushhello everyone, I have this command to make an image of a partition on another drive. could you please tell me if it's correctly set: 'sudo dd if=/dev/sdb3 of=/media/user/mypartitionname/mydisk.img bs=128M conv=noerror,notrunc' ?09:52
est31wush, I'd prefer ddrescue over dd with noerror param09:53
est31if your disk has errors, ddrescue is smarter09:53
est31and you can do logfiles09:53
est31its a bit slower though09:53
est31(logfiles make you save progress)09:53
wushest31, oh, I've used dd before, familiar is sort of easier as I am not too advanced in this09:54
wushjust, I wanted to know if I could use it for a partition (sdb3) like above, as the same command when I used it for a whole drive (sdb) ?09:55
est31welcome to unix :)09:55
wushest31, thank you!09:55
wushest31, there is also one more peculiarity. the partition in question, sdb3, is an extended partition. I wanted to image it in order for the image to contain all the partitions under it. would the image contain these?09:59
wileeewush, you don't image an extension but the partitons within09:59
wushwileee, so if I use sdb3 in the command, the partitions in there would be within the resulting image?10:01
est31wush, what does sudo hexdump -n 512 /dev/sdb3 say?10:01
wileeewhat command?10:01
est31"hexdump -n 512 /dev/sdb3"10:01
est31executed as root10:01
wileeeman dd10:01
est31and output to a pastebin10:01
est31and link posted here :)10:01
wushest31, it is here: paste.ubuntu.com/1324652310:04
=== security is now known as Guest2883
est31wush, that's LUKS10:07
est31its not an MBR partition10:07
wushest, correct10:07
est31probably it will save what you want to get saved.10:07
zetheroojust got an update for grub and Debconf pops up asking where to install GRUB to ... I selected the sda device and it's partition (where Ubuntu is installed on) and clicked "Forward" but the next screen says "Writing GRUB to boot device failed - continue?"10:09
wushest31, so the image would contain all partitions under extended partition, then?10:09
vmusrcan I alter the dns server supplied by dhcp via dhcp-relay?10:09
est31wush, well the term "extended partition" doesn't apply here, because it is for mbr based partitions10:09
wileeezetheroo, this a uefi?10:10
est31but yes, the image would contain all virtual partitions10:10
zetheroowileee: no idea (Thinkpad T440p)10:10
wushest31, but that's how the partition is labelled in disk utility. and also it says master boot record.10:11
sruliwhich debain based console can i install with eufi usb stick?10:11
wileeezetheroo, pop open another terminal and run sudo fdisk -l and pastebin it.10:11
sruli\\server with console not gui10:12
zetheroowileee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13246551/10:13
est31wush, well it is possible that LUKS itself resides inside an mbr virtual partition, idk10:13
est31but only the LUKS partition is accessible through sda3.10:13
wileeezetheroo, you want grub in sda not a partition10:13
wileeethat is the mbr10:14
wushest31, ok, thank you, I will just try and see what happens10:14
est31wileee, master boot record. old way to organize the partitions on the disk10:14
est31and to contain a small executable which boots the os10:14
zetheroowileee: that's what I thought at first, but that too doesn't seem to work ..10:16
zetherooif I tell grub to install to just /dev/sda and click "Forward" the next screen says "Continue without installing GRUB?"10:17
zetherooand if I leave that option unticked and click again on "Forward" I am just taken back to the previous screen where I am asking where to install grub10:17
wileeezetheroo, are you sure your choosing correctly?10:17
guest-PmYTg4how does it work10:18
zetheroowileee: ^10:18
wileeehold on10:19
wileeezetheroo, what brought up a gui, I usually see this in a terminal, a little confusing here for me.10:20
zetherooSoftware Updater10:20
wileeezetheroo, Ah, so if you hit forward show me the screens you go through if you can if it errors.10:20
wushest31, thank you for your help!10:22
zetherooif I click "Forward" I go here: http://tinypic.com/r/9pz5z6/910:22
zetheroowileee: and if I click "Forward" again I end up back at the previous screen10:22
zetheroowileee: that grub-install error only shows up when I select sda1 to install gub to10:24
wileeezetheroo, not sure I follow that.10:24
wileeelast statement10:24
EriC^^zetheroo: you're not supposed to install grub to a partition, usually it goes on the disk10:24
zetheroo wileee:  http://tinypic.com/r/2w3wbbn/910:25
marlincAny idea when umake will support IntellIJ IDEA 15?10:25
wileeezetheroo, Have you used any other grub controller like grub customizer?10:26
CAQUITASMe gusta hacer caquitas10:26
wileeetime for food10:27
CAQUITAStime for poops10:27
zetheroowileee: not that I can recall10:28
zetherooEriC^^: yep - doesn't work there either ...10:29
zetheroodo I have to select both /dev/sda and /dev/sdb ?10:30
zetheroosdb is just a data disk without any OS installed10:30
zetheroowell, kinda stuck here ... not sure what to do ...10:32
wileeezetheroo, open a terminal and run sudo grub-install dev/sda   and see if it finishes10:33
zetherooshould I leave the Debconf windows open ?10:34
zetheroo"Installation finished. No error reported."10:35
zetheroook, so it worked in the terminal so I just selected the option in Debconf to not install grub and finished the update10:36
wileeezetheroo, strange than that it errors in that deb, same basic action, you can just finish it I think and confirm after with that command and a sudo update-grub just to have a look.10:36
wileeeah cool, even stranger, heh10:36
zetheroo^ that was done after the update closed10:37
zetherooI noticed the package name of the grub update was beta2 - is that normal that beta packages are used on LTS releases?10:38
wileeezetheroo, I wonder if your changing of the time out caused this, grub should not be showing anyway.10:39
wileeenormal yeah10:39
wileeezetheroo, can you bring up grub if needed?10:40
zetheroo"I wonder if your changing of the time out caused this, grub should not be showing anyway." - not following you ..10:40
zetherooon boot?10:40
zetheroohaven't tried ...10:40
wileeezetheroo, yes10:40
zetheroowhats the key to press? ... F8?10:40
wileeethat timeout affects that, it is the wait time from grub to boot generall 10 seconds10:41
wileeezetheroo, shift10:41
zetherooI guess I can try it next time I boot up10:41
zetherooI didn't change any timeout settings though10:41
wileeezetheroo, hard to say, in these matters, I could swear I never swear, but I'm wrong. ;)10:42
wileeeI forget10:42
=== nairolf is now known as Nairwolf
wileeezetheroo, cool thing about grub especially in this basic use is that it can be purged and reloaded if needed, pretty flexible in fixing if goals are norm10:44
NairwolfHi, I've received an update of grub, and the menu seem doesn't work well10:44
zetherooright ...10:44
zetherooNairwolf: ha ... you don't say :)10:45
Nairwolfit ask me where I want to install it, I choose my disk /dev/sda and he says me that nothing was choosen...10:45
Nairwolfzetheroo you have also an issue ?10:45
zetherooNairwolf: just finished sorting it out ;)10:45
Nairwolfokay, what have you done ?10:45
zetherooI opened a terminal and did "sudo grub-install /dev/sda"10:46
zetherooall was ok so I told the update gui to not install grub10:46
wileeeNairwolf, Hold on don;t just run commands10:46
zetheroothen did both "sudo grub-install /dev/sda" and "sudo update-grub" again in terminal10:46
Nairwolfokay, thanks10:47
wileeezetheroo, be very careful, don't just spit out your fix, people will run stuff.10:47
zetherooNairwolf: but you should be sure that you want to intall grub to /dev/sda and not some other device10:47
Nairwolfbut it's strange that the gui menu doesn't want to recognize where I want to install it10:47
Nairwolfyes, i'm sure it's at /dev/sda10:47
wileeewe have no idea the know sda for sdz10:47
Nairwolfit's where I have /10:47
zetheroowileee: right - of course that is what worked for me ... may or may not work for someone else ..10:48
zetherooNairwolf: yeah, same here10:48
zetherooNairwolf: what version of Ubuntu /10:48
NairwolfXubuntu 14.0410:48
zetheroosame here10:48
zetheroocan you view the details of the updates?10:48
zetheroolike this http://tinypic.com/r/2w3wbbn/910:48
NairwolfI have /dev/sda1 for /boot/efi10:49
Nairwolf/dev/sda2 for /10:49
Nairwolf/dev/sda3 for swap10:49
Nairwolf/dev/sda4 for /home10:49
wileeeNairwolf, his was a msdos, not even close10:49
zetherooyep, that's not the same anymore10:50
Nairwolfso, what I'm supposed to do ?10:50
wileeeNairwolf, should be uefi help along soon, matter of patience as usual, I wonder if there is a bug though.10:50
zetheroowileee: but why not let him try to install grub via term ?10:51
Nairwolfsorry, my english isn't good, what do you mean bu "should be uefi help along soon" ?10:51
wileeezetheroo, uefi does not use the mbr10:51
EriC^^Nairwolf: try sudo grub-install10:51
zetherooNairwolf: can you get to seeing the details of the update like here: http://tinypic.com/r/2w3wbbn/910:51
wileeezetheroo, hold back please let the regular uefi help, help.10:52
zetheroowileee: roger that10:52
zetherooI just am keen to know what package version it is10:53
EriC^^!info grub-pc trusty10:53
ubottugrub-pc (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (PC/BIOS version). In component main, is optional. Version 2.02~beta2-9ubuntu1.4 (trusty), package size 169 kB, installed size 553 kB (Only available for any-i386; any-amd64; any-powerpc; any-ppc64; any-ppc64el; any-sparc; any-mipsel; any-ia64; any-arm; any-arm64)10:53
wileee!info grub 14.0410:53
ubottu'14.04' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed10:53
EriC^^zetheroo: yeah it's using a beta for grub-pc10:53
EriC^^!info grub-efi-amd64 trusty10:53
ubottugrub-efi-amd64 (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-AMD64 version). In component main, is extra. Version 2.02~beta2-9ubuntu1.4 (trusty), package size 43 kB, installed size 186 kB (Only available for any-i386; any-amd64; any-powerpc; any-ppc64; any-ppc64el; any-sparc; any-mipsel; any-ia64; any-arm; any-arm64)10:53
Nairwolfthis is what I had after the gui update : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13246691/10:54
EriC^^zetheroo: it's always been like that though10:54
NairwolfI will try to make sudo grub-update10:54
EriC^^Nairwolf: that doesn't look like an error though10:55
Nairwolfsome lines are in french, it is said for the line "adding boot menu entry for EFI firmware configuration" -> done10:55
zetherooGoogle-ing for "2.02~beta2-9ubuntu1.4 bug" turns up some reports ...10:55
MoL0ToVsomeone can explain to me why libreoffice 5.0 is available on windows and not on ubuntu?10:56
Nairwolfso, does I need to make "suod grub-update" or "sudo grub-install /dev/sda" ?10:56
zetherooMoL0ToV: it's is ... just not in the official Ubuntu repos .. ;)10:56
EriC^^Nairwolf: what's the problem exactly?10:56
MoL0ToVwhen in official rep?10:56
NairwolfI don't know10:56
EriC^^Nairwolf: why did you come here asking about grub?10:57
NairwolfMoL0ToV : It's already in the recent release 15.1010:57
zetherooEriC^^: I think he still has the Debconf dialog open ... !?10:57
NairwolfEriC^^: Because I've received an update from grub and the gui didn't recognize my device10:57
MoL0ToVok thx10:57
EriC^^Nairwolf: what gui?10:57
zetherooEriC^^:  same issue as I had with the Debconf dialog :)10:57
Nairwolfthe gui for the grub-update10:57
zetherooEriC^^: Debconf gui10:57
Nairwolfyes, maybe it's what zetheroo says10:58
EriC^^Nairwolf: ok, try sudo grub-install in the terminal10:58
wileeeMoL0ToV,  there is a ppa10:58
Nairwolfokay, it returns "installation done without errors"10:58
Nairwolfthanks ;)10:58
zetheroolike this http://tinypic.com/r/ao1ftc/910:58
EriC^^Nairwolf: ok, type sudo update-grub10:58
zetheroo EriC^^: ^^10:58
zetherooand this http://tinypic.com/r/9pz5z6/910:59
Nairwolfit's done10:59
terminator_hi all10:59
NairwolfWhy I had the gui interface ? I've never seen it before, and I've already seen grub updates10:59
terminator_how i cant install wine in back box ??/11:00
Nairwolfthanks guys ;)11:00
terminator_how i cant install wine in back box ??/11:00
wileeeterminator_, ubuntu only here11:00
terminator_the back box base ubuntu11:01
wileeeno derivatives11:01
EriC^^Nairwolf: no problem11:01
zetherooMoL0ToV:  to install on Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.04 from libreoffice repo:   http://paste.ubuntu.com/13246720/11:02
zetherooI have it installed like this and it's fine.11:02
phionaim running windows in virtual box, is it ok if i dont install protection on it? like anti virus and firewalls?11:03
CirclePixelGoodnight overactive Linux distribution channel11:03
akikphiona: you should treat it the same way as your other windows boxes11:04
zetheroophiona: if it's online it's just like any other Windows OS online11:05
wileeeit's all in the delivery11:05
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MoL0ToVzetheroo, i wait until is added to official repositories11:11
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jeffreylevesqueanyone know if this init script is correct - https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/blob/master/puppet/template/vagrant_mounted.erb11:54
LayanXubuntu user hear??12:07
Layanany xubuntu user hear??12:08
jacopociao a tutti12:12
Christian87I would like to backup a file everytime as soon as it changes to another linux server. Is there a ready to run tool besides building something with inotify and rsync?12:19
maximомг что я тут делаю?)12:19
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Gnjurachi where are my RSA keys located by default12:23
cx405Hi! I am looking for a "note taking" software, that saves notes as TEXT files, so they can even be manually edited or created. Syntax like Markup or similar. Is there such software?12:24
lotuspsychjecx405: maybe notepad++ ?12:25
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ruffleSmy screen flickers during boot process. is there any fix for it?13:07
daftykinsis it stable once it reaches the desktop?13:08
ruffleSi get this error message. 4 lines of messages.13:09
ruffleSthe flickering seems like the system is transitioning from one screen resolution to another13:09
daftykinsruffleS: do we get to see them?13:09
ruffleSdaftykins, i think so, yeah... i could try to record it and upload it on youtube, i guess...13:10
daftykinswell boot messages may just be in your boot log13:10
ruffleSdaftykins, is it to be found in /var/log/boot ?13:10
lotuspsychjeruffleS: when did this all starting to happen?13:11
daftykinscat /var/log/boot.log; or perhaps dmesg13:11
ruffleSlotuspsychje, post install13:11
sruliI wan tot add Init=/bin/sh to grub for one of my debain boots (have 4 on my machine) however i dont want it to get overwritten on update-grub how can i resolve this?13:12
lotuspsychjeruffleS: no i mean, since when did you ahve this error?13:12
ruffleSi'll try to find the error message. bbl13:12
srulisorry meant ubuntu13:12
daftykinssruli: are you one of those folk that run debian then lie to us to get help? :)13:12
srulidaftykins: lol no,13:13
srulii'm a die hard ubuntu13:13
=== nudtrobert1 is now known as nudtrobert
lotuspsychjesruli: and you dualboot with debian?13:13
srulilotuspsychje: no it was a stupid typo as the last few forums i researched this were debain...13:14
srulii dual boot 4 ubuntu's13:14
srulianyone can help with this?13:15
ggherdovHello. I have an ubuntu VM on which I just "apt-get purge"-ed many kernels I don't use anymore (they kept piling up after each update). Now, err.. the machine doesn't boot anymore :)13:16
ggherdovI don't think I removed the current kernel, but something went wrong anyways. Whatever. I am now accessing the filesystem via a bootable ubuntu image.13:16
ggherdovQuestion: where would you go looking for anomalies? My first thought is to check what kernel GRUB is trying to load, but I don't find the /boot/grub/grub.cfg . Could this be the problem?13:16
ruslanguys, I have a strange problem I'm strugling with on ubuntu 15.04 on an intel NUC: When I move the mouse against the left edge of the screen, the screen crashes (becomes solid color - but is still on). At that point I cant do anything (not even switch to another tty).13:16
daftykinssruli: boot with 'text' appended to the kernel boot params if it's 14.04.13:17
goalehello everyone, I tried to create the image of an extended partition (using its device name in 'if='). my aim was to image not the whole drive, but only the partitions under extended partition. but the resulting image was only 1kB. what do I need to do only to image said part of the drive?13:17
daftykinssruli: i'm assuming you're after a console login only? no X starting?13:17
daftykinsgoale: what's the purpose of this? use clonezilla, it's a bootable ISO in itself as well as installable in live sessions.13:18
lotuspsychjeruslan: did you try this on LTS also?13:18
srulidaftykins: on that one i am after a /bin/sh13:18
lotuspsychje!recovery | ggherdov tryed this?13:18
ubottuggherdov tryed this?: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode13:18
ggherdovlotuspsychje: thanks, will check13:18
daftykinssruli: yeah it gives a TTY login, so just login... or use recovery boot instead. you need to say what you're trying to achieve, right now it makes 0 sense.13:19
goaledaftykins. it doesnt matter what I use. I need the part of disk to be copied13:19
ruslanlotuspsychje, no I didn't (this is a work computer). I've read about different graphics problems with NUC+Ubuntu but didnt find anything similar13:19
goaleI dont need iso13:20
goaleI mean only the extended partition to be copied, with partitions under it13:20
daftykinsgoale: i'm just saying clonezilla is excellent image taking software - so yeah, it actually is helpful - and i'm just saying multiple ways to run it, bootable or not.13:20
daftykinsgoale: you have to do the logical drives one by one.13:20
lotuspsychjeruslan: i would try LTS on it, at least to be sure having stable13:20
srulidaftykins: lets call it the fastest recovery boot ;-) . i did not get ur previous message, where do i put what text?13:20
daftykinssruli: no lets call it what it is - what are you trying to achieve?13:21
srulii need quick and dirty access to 1 of my other installed os's13:23
daftykinsso recovery console then, don't modify - just use it like it's designed to be13:23
navin_can I query about problems with my ubuntu os here, so that some one here can help??13:23
daftykinsnavin_: yep that's this channels purpose13:23
ruslanlotuspsychje: OK, I will try to free some time this weekend. I'll make it crash now, to see what syslog says brb13:24
lotuspsychjeruslan: and dmesg also13:24
navin_some keyboard keys like the symbols with number keys do no work with shift, some work with only right shift key, sometimes right arrow does not work13:24
daftykinsruslan: just make sure you're on the latest BIOS, with NUCs.13:25
srulidaftykins: i want quick access, no recovery comes close to the speed of booting with Init=/bin/sh13:25
navin_the problem occurs most of the time13:25
navin_pls help13:25
daftykinssruli: your query being about boot time is utterly ridiculous, i don't think that method is supported.13:26
srulidaftykins: well it works, i just dont want it to get overwritten in grub-update13:26
navin_some keyboard keys like the symbols with number keys do no work with shift, some work with only right shift key, sometimes right arrow does not work13:27
lotuspsychjeruslan: <daftykins> ruslan: just make sure you're on the latest BIOS, with NUCs.13:27
daftykinssruli: you're obviously adding it wrong, then13:28
navin_some keyboard keys like the symbols with number keys do no work with shift, some work with only right shift key, sometimes right arrow does not work13:28
ruslanlotuspsychje: I am13:28
ruslanlotuspsychje: Nov 13 14:22:41 rwd kernel: [21315.075261] [drm:valleyview_update_wm [i915_bpo]] *ERROR* timed out waiting for Punit DDR DVFS request13:29
lotuspsychjeruslan: ok, you can try an LTS liveusb perhaps, see how things work out there?13:29
srulidaftykins: u are saying if i add it to /boot/grub/grub.cfg it wont get overwitten on grub-update?13:29
lotuspsychjeruslan: could be a kernel thing also13:29
daftykinssruli: no i'm telling you that the way you're adding it, is wrong... and if you're editing that file... it says right at the top "don't edit me"... /etc/default/grub is the place to make changes13:30
lotuspsychjeruslan: you could tryout latest mainline kernel on 15.04 or testing 14.04.313:30
lotuspsychje!mainline | ruslan13:30
ubotturuslan: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds13:30
daftykinssruli: if you managed to skip past the direct warning which says 'do not do this' then something bad is happening :)13:30
lotuspsychjeruslan: in your case, would be nice to file a new Bug also for future NUC installers13:31
navin_shift+number keys not working please help13:32
ikonianot working where ?13:32
navin_ikonia: the symbols are not displayed when I press shift + number keys, although they work on rare occassions13:35
sruli daftykins: therefore i am asking where would be the right place to put it!?13:36
=== christer is now known as hardcampa
daftykinssruli: i just said that didn't i.13:36
daftykinssruli: i guess you read IRC about as well as you read th grub.cfg :)13:37
ruslanubotto, lotuspsychje: thx for the help13:37
ikonianavin_: where are you trying this ?13:37
lotuspsychjeruslan: no sweat mate, hope it helps13:37
navin_ikonia_: say, i am writing in a text box and I want the 'hash'( symbolshift+3) or brackets in the 9 and 0 keys, it does not get displayed13:39
sruli daftykins: my original question was where would be the place to put it ;-)13:39
daftykinssruli: right but you're actually going about the task wrong, so that had to be enquired upon.13:41
navin_the shift+ number keys not giving expected symbols, pls help13:42
sruli daftykins: among the reasons i divorced windows years ago was the freedom doing what the hack u want in linux without a big Bill telling yae or nay13:43
urbanendeavourwhat does this mean?13:44
urbanendeavourFailed to fetch https://apt.dockerproject.org/repo/dists/ubuntu-trusty/Release  Unable to find expected entry '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list/binary-amd64/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)13:44
lotuspsychjeurbanendeavour: have you added ppa's?13:45
navin_the shift+ number keys not giving expected symbols, pls help13:45
lotuspsychjenavin_: have you chosen the right keyboard layout?13:45
daftykinssruli: that's a really poor attitude, logic and sense still applies, try and bear that in mind.13:45
cx405Hi! I am looking for a "note taking" software, that saves notes as TEXT files, so they can even be manually edited or created. Syntax like Markup or similar. Is there such software?13:46
navin_lotuspsychje_: yes..13:46
lotuspsychjenavin_: wich ubuntu version are you on?13:46
navin_lotuspsychje_: ubuntu 14.0413:47
sruli daftykins: 100%, i dont mess around on my work machine, but i fell in love with linux and i love the freedom of being able to do new and wierd stuff on my hobby pc13:47
retnadarcx405: I use zim13:47
urbanendeavourlotuspsychje, it was malformed13:47
lotuspsychjenavin_: ubuntu should choose the right keyboard for you, maybe its your hardware thats broken?13:47
navin_lotuspsychje_: ubuntu 14.04 lts 64 bit13:47
lotuspsychjeurbanendeavour: what you mean?13:48
urbanendeavourI had an error in the file13:48
daftykinssruli: #ubuntu-offtopic13:48
lotuspsychjeurbanendeavour: have you added ppa's of any kind to install software?13:48
navin_lotuspsychje_: they do work sometimes and they work perfectly in livecd13:48
lotuspsychjenavin_: what kind of keyboard is this?13:48
navin_lotuspsychje_:laptop keyboard13:49
srulidaftykins: tnx for all ur help upto now ;-)13:49
lotuspsychjenavin_: what brand of laptop?13:49
srulidaftykins: u r a gentleman13:49
navin_lotuspsychje_:compaq presario a90013:50
lotuspsychjenavin_: you sure its set to azerty or qwerty correctly?13:50
lotuspsychjenavin_: chosen the right language layout for keyboard?13:50
lotuspsychjenavin_: if livecd worked good, somlething else happened meanwhile13:51
navin_lotuspsychje_: other keys are working gine. it is the right language layout, i have checked..13:51
navin_lotuspsychje_: i don't understand what happened13:52
lotuspsychjenavin_: have you played with keyboard settings after you installed?13:52
navin_lotuspsychje_: no, i have looked onto it only after the problem arised..13:52
lotuspsychjenavin_: might be interesting to look at bottom of laptop what default language your compaq has13:53
lotuspsychjenavin_: then compare keyboard in ubuntu setup13:53
lotuspsychjenavin_: you could also try recoverymode/fix broken packages13:53
lotuspsychje!recovery | navin_13:54
ubottunavin_: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode13:54
navin_lotuspsychje_: there is no specific language written at the bottom.13:55
navin_how to try recoverymode/fix broken packages??13:55
lotuspsychjenavin_: enter grub and choose recoverymode13:56
navin_lotuspsychje_: what should I do after that?13:56
haskell_Hi, is there a tool that let's me restrict incoming/outgoing traffic, i.e. I would like to manually specify what sites I would like incoming traffic from, and what sites I would like outgoing traffic to go to?13:56
daftykinshaskell_: ##networking14:04
haskell_daftykins, thanks, I guess doing something on ubuntu os doesn't always make it #ubuntu ;)14:04
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cx405Hi! I am looking for a "note taking" software, that saves notes as TEXT files, so they can even be manually edited or created. Syntax like Markup or similar. Is there such software?14:09
daftykinshaskell_: :) that's my take anyway!14:13
retnadarcx405, did you take a look at Zim? It uses markdown, saves in plain text files and can be edited or read in a regular editor if necessary.14:13
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linuxuz3rhow do i get kernel keys for ubuntu14:19
linuxuz3rfor signing modules14:20
linuxuz3rhow do i get kernel keys14:28
daftykinsnot sure if anyone knows what you mean, i certainly don't14:30
daftykinshence no replies14:30
linuxuz3rfor one thing the linux kernel is now secure14:30
daftykinswhat are you trying to achieve?14:30
linuxuz3rim compile a graphics driver14:30
=== yudifebriyanto is now known as Moxel
linuxuz3rit says something is tainted14:31
linuxuz3rnot tainted but doesnt have the right signature14:31
linuxuz3rwhen i load it14:31
daftykinscan you try and reduce the amount of enter key presses you use? it makes your messages very spammy and harder to read.14:31
linuxuz3ri need to sign the kernel module14:31
linuxuz3rits side effect of using bash14:31
daftykinsno it's the youth of today's impatience :)14:32
daftykinsmaybe if you pastebin'd that output someone could take a glance14:32
akiklinuxuz3r: you don't have to worry about the tainted message. it is just saying the the module has some other kind of license than gpl14:34
linuxuz3rbut my apps are crashing14:34
linuxuz3rit gives me module: module function error cannot allocate memory14:35
SkyriderGreetings everyone14:35
SkyriderI wish to reinstall my VPS.. Should I install Ubuntu 14.04 or 15.04. (server)14:36
akiklinuxuz3r: and when you compiled it, there were no errors?14:36
linuxuz3ri tried several programs14:36
PiciSkyrider: Since 14.04 is an LTS, I highly suggest using that...14:36
Skyrider15.04 isnt lts yet?14:36
Myrttino, it's not14:37
SkyriderThanks :)14:37
PiciSkyrider: LTS releases are every 2 years, so 12.04, 14.04 and 16.04 (being released in April)14:37
cfhowlettSkyrider, 15.04 will NEVER be LTS14:37
Skyriderbecause of never versions over 15.xx?14:38
cfhowlett12.04 > 14.04 > 16.04 ... see the pattern14:38
Skyriderah, double, thanks :)14:39
PiciSkyrider: if you haven't realized it already, the ubuntu version numbers are the YEAR.MONTH of release.14:39
akiklinuxuz3r: https://github.com/Canonical-kernel/Ubuntu-kernel/blob/master/Documentation/module-signing.txt maybe that will help you. i haven't touched that ever14:40
akiklinuxuz3r: there's info of those keys14:40
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nivahey guys I am getting kernel panic's with the BCM43228 . Any ideas ?14:45
rud0lf_I have added "/media/rud0lf/LinuxData/android-studio/bin" in bashrc. When I see $PATH, it shows the path .14:47
rud0lf_But it also says: "/media/rud0lf/LinuxData/android-studio/bin:/media/rud0lf/LinuxData/android-studio/bin: No such file or directory14:47
rud0lf_I dont understand.14:47
quakerme too14:48
rud0lf_Why is it happening? What have I missed? Btw I have also added theat partition in fstab in order to auto mount it.14:48
rud0lf_Can something wrong there affect this?14:49
ikoniarud0lf_: pastebin your bashrc14:50
linuxuz3rdid you do export PATH=$PATH:directory1:directory1?14:50
linuxuz3rdid you do export PATH=$PATH:directory1:directory1 ?14:50
rud0lf_This is my fstab: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13247763/ and this is my bashrc:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/13247772/14:52
rud0lf_I did not write export :|14:52
rud0lf_Someone told me to add the line " PATH=$PATH:directory1:directory1" only14:53
ikoniarud0lf_: why do you have the "user" option set ?14:54
rud0lf_ikonia, the description was saying that user option means any user can mount it. SoI thought this is what I need.14:55
rud0lf_Is it wrong? Should I use defaults?14:55
ikoniano no, nothing to cause an issue14:56
ikoniaso if you do "echo $PATH" now, what do you see ?14:56
ikoniayou have your android stuff listed 2 times14:57
ikoniabut other than that, looks good14:57
wa_r_ch_i__ld1hey, anyone know how to enter a backslash (\) in xdotool key event?14:59
rud0lf_Ah...I think I have also added it in .profile. But can it be the cause of the prob? Because I am still not able to execute a file in that directory.14:59
EriC^^rud0lf_: which file are you trying to execute?15:00
netwsGuys in samba logs I have following message string_to_sid: SID @administration is not in a valid format, Im trying everything but I cant find a cause15:00
netwssomeone has an idea ?15:00
rud0lf_EriC^^, studio.sh for running android studio.15:00
daftykinsnetws: grep your configs for it15:01
EriC^^rud0lf_: type ls -l /media/rud0lf/LinuxData/android-studio/bin/studio.sh15:01
rud0lf_EriC^^, ls is aliased to `ls --color=auto'15:02
rud0lf_bash: type: -l: not found15:02
rud0lf_bash: type: /media/rud0lf/LinuxData/android-studio/bin/studio.sh: not found15:02
EriC^^rud0lf_: ok, well you typed type15:02
ikoniathere you go15:02
EriC^^but ironically it told us the file doesn't exist15:02
netwsdaftykins: I have this group in smb.conf in write list and read list15:02
OnkelTemAny ideas how to upgrade bash?15:03
daftykinsnetws: 'this group' ?15:03
rud0lf_EriC^^, Sorry...it says the file is there.15:03
netwsdaftykins: @administration group15:03
OnkelTemI have 4.3.11(1)-release, but it has some critical [for me] bugs, so I'd like to upgrade it15:03
rud0lf_EriC^^,  -rwxr-xr-x 1 rud0lf rud0lf 6253 Oct 15 12:03 /media/rud0lf/LinuxData/android-studio/bin/studio.sh15:04
daftykinsso comment out that line and reload and it'd likely go away15:04
netwsdaftykins: but it is there for some reason to restrict read operations for group @administration15:04
EriC^^rud0lf_: ok how are you trying to run the file?15:05
daftykinsnetws: right but it sounds like it doesn't like that usage, run testparm to confirm15:05
EriC^^you need to just type studio.sh to run it15:05
rud0lf_EriC^^, yeah..I am doing that only.15:05
netwsdaftykins: I have to recconect I will back in a momment15:05
nedogood evening15:05
EriC^^rud0lf_: try typing type studio.sh15:05
rud0lf_EriC^^, studio.sh is hashed (/media/rud0lf/LinuxData/android-studio/bin/studio.sh)15:06
nedocan someone help me??15:06
cfhowlett!help | nedo15:07
ubottunedo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:07
nedook sorry15:07
rud0lf_EriC^^, I dont know. It was working yesterday. Now I cant run it from the directory also.15:07
ikoniaso thats the problem you need to work on15:08
ikonianot the path one15:08
EriC^^rud0lf_: i think it's complaining about something else15:08
EriC^^( the script itself )15:08
EriC^^maybe it uses the cwd or something15:08
rud0lf_EriC^^, if I try to run it from the directory, it says permission denied :|15:09
nedoi have installed linux mint 17.1 with dual boot on my asus..Unfortunately i have discovered that i have installed a 32-bit version instead of a 64-bit version15:09
nedowhat problems could give it to me????15:09
ikonianedo: you need to talk to mint support15:09
ikonianedo: not ubuntu support15:09
ikonia!mint | nedo15:09
ubottunedo: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:09
EriC^^rud0lf_: type head -1 /path/to/studio.sh15:09
nedoi apologize15:10
ikonianedo: not a problem15:10
nedothank you15:10
netws_daftykins: I executed testparam but nothing special beside warning about one share longer than 12 characters and older clients may have problems with it15:10
nedogood bye15:10
angelicahi i m new to linux i mast install this: wps-office- is correct if i type this: sudo apt-get install wps-office- in the softwer centeer or there is more to it?15:10
ikoniaangelica: no15:10
ikoniaangelica: rpm is not meant for ubuntu15:11
rud0lf_EriC^^,  head: cannot open ‘/path/to/studio.sh’ for reading: No such file or directory15:11
EriC^^rud0lf_: use the actual path15:11
rud0lf_EriC^^, Same error15:11
angelicaaw so what i should install ?ata15:12
ikoniaangelica: what do you want to install ?15:12
EriC^^rud0lf_: can you open the file somehow?15:12
rud0lf_EriC^^, I can open it with gedit.15:12
angelicai can enter in it i think is like  a unzip but duno how install stuff15:12
ikoniaangelica: what do you want to install ?15:13
EriC^^rud0lf_: i think you've mounted the filesystem with noexec, or you're missing a shebang15:13
angelicawps office like15:13
EriC^^rud0lf_: check the first line for #!/something/here15:13
rud0lf_EriC^^, #!/bin/sh15:13
EriC^^type mount | grep /LinuxData15:13
angelicai m from windows XD15:14
angelicainstalled xubuntu15:14
daftykinsangelica: who told you to use this suite?15:14
rud0lf_EriC^^, /dev/sda12 on /media/rud0lf/LinuxData type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,data=ordered,user)15:15
EriC^^rud0lf_: ok, it's mounted with noexec15:15
EriC^^meaning you can't execute files15:15
EriC^^rud0lf_: edit /etc/fstab if you want it removed15:15
daftykinsangelica: is there a reason you want to use it instead of Libre Office which comes with xubuntu?15:15
rud0lf_EriC^^, so there is something wrong with my fstab. Because I added  "UUID=015be9bb-8fb7-44a7-9f2c-f712d573582e/media/rud0lf/LinuxDataext4user00" there15:16
angelicaa compiuter guy because i ask for a low memory requirement for this pad because he lagged badly with windows xp15:16
rud0lf_The user option is wrong.15:16
EriC^^i think user lets anybody mount it, and noexec is implied with it15:16
daftykinsangelica: i don't think there'd be much to gain; but you needed to pick the i386 .deb file download to install15:16
EriC^^if you want anybody to mount it, but can execute anything then use user,exec to override15:16
daftykinsangelica: however, this is a very unwise method of installing software on xubuntu because it won't get updated15:17
cfhowlettangelica, wps is more demanding than libreoffice.  also, less developed and maintained.15:17
ikoniaangelica: if he's out of resources on XP - this isn't going to help15:17
angelicaaw so i mistake i piked the 68615:17
howlymowlyhi everyone..  short question: I set my "default" python environment in ubuntu 15.10 to python 3.5 with this command:  "sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/python3 python3 /usr/bin/python3.5 10"  how do I change it back to python 3.4?15:17
zykotick9rud0lf_: i'd suggest you try "users" instead, just a test - might not work.15:17
daftykinsangelica: you also chose an rpm which is for Redhat/CentOS15:17
daftykinsangelica: do you know how much RAM you have?15:17
ikoniachange 3.5 to 3.415:17
cfhowlettangelica, exactly ^^^ .  there is a .deb available from the wps site15:17
howlymowlyikonia: done that, did not work ;)15:18
angelicai can check15:18
ikoniadefine did not work15:18
rud0lf_zykotick9, ok. EriC^^ there is also an option defaults which implies:  rw,suid,dev,exec,auto,nouser,async.15:18
howlymowlyikonia: when I type in "python3" it still starts the python3.5 console instead of the python3.4315:18
rud0lf_or user,exec will do?15:19
ikoniahowlymowly: check if the symlink has been updated15:19
angelicamm maibe not is not in the system as i used to be lol15:19
EriC^^rud0lf_: what do you want it to do?15:20
howlymowlyikonia:  /usr/bin/python3 it points to /etc/alternatives/python3  ??15:20
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
cfhowlettangelica, http://wps-community.org/downloads15:20
angelicadon, know how check my  ram XD15:20
rud0lf_EriC^^, the drive is always attached to my PC. I just want the partition to auto mount and to be used normally.15:21
angelicaty alot15:21
howlymowlyikonia: and /etc/alternatives/python3 points back to python3.515:21
EriC^^rud0lf_: ok, use defaults then15:21
Turnip_Greenangelica click the icon in the top right of the desktop and select "About this computer".  It will tell you how much RAM you have.15:22
howlymowlyso...  ;)  ikonia any idea, what I did wrong?  I mean the command worked to change to python3.5 from python3.4 ...15:22
rud0lf_EriC^^, defaults implies nouser. Does that mean a user can not mount or unmount it?15:22
EriC^^rud0lf_: maybe defaults,nosuid15:22
EriC^^yeah, but it will be automounted when you boot anyways15:22
daftykinsangelica: if it was too bad for XP, no ubuntu will save your machine.15:22
rud0lf_EriC^^, All right... I will try :) Thanks a lot15:23
angelicawell before didnt worked at all now im  talking with u :)15:23
PC_Ubuntu_Guydaftykins  depending on the spec of the XP machine, perhaps Xubuntu might work better in regard to a lighter DE15:23
angelicatop right i have the clock15:24
angelicau mean left the blue mouse ?15:24
cfhowlettangelica, lubuntu is optimized for older computers.  or perhaps lubuntu.15:24
Turnip_GreenDirectly next to the clock15:24
Turnip_GreenIt looks like a small gear.15:24
EriC^^rud0lf_: no problem15:25
daftykinsPC_Ubuntu_Guy: not even close if XP ran bad :P15:25
angelicai will try it but wish to try understand this a bit before i move to try and install another not quite an expert15:26
PC_Ubuntu_Guy:-) only trying to add to your helpful suggestions, as I'm not fully following the conversation for this one15:26
angelicais hard for me to find the ram because my version is in italian too15:26
daftykinsangelica: perhaps #ubuntu-it has some people15:26
cfhowlett!lubuntu | angelica, try lubuntu first.15:27
ubottuangelica, try lubuntu first.: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.15:27
angelicais ubunto softwere center ?15:27
zykotick9angelica: from a terminal, "free -m" might show you the RAM15:27
angelicatotal 149515:28
angelicathere are other voice15:28
angelicaused free cache etc15:28
Infamousuff thats not alot15:28
cfhowlettangelica, ubuntu will not give you anything close to satisfactory results on that small amount of ram.  lubuntu or perhaps xubuntu.15:28
zykotick9angelica: it was the total that you wanted.15:29
angelicai have xubuntu in this not ubuntu15:29
=== quantic_ is now known as quantic
Infamousangelica, you can just remove unity for xfce on your current installation15:30
Infamousyou dont have to switch distros for that15:30
angelicayea in true was a small notepad my mom had with xp but not fuctional with 1giga i think i upgraded another 500 then put xubuntu in15:30
angelicathink viruses but hardware issue too15:31
daftykinshmm not too bad, then.15:31
daftykinsangelica: so yeah just use the office xubuntu came with15:32
shomeWhat do most of you think of xfce ?15:32
angelicawith this its working but i dont know to install stuff15:32
shomeI happen to love it15:32
daftykinsshome: this isn't a place for opinions, support only - #ubuntu-offtopic for chat :)15:32
angelicaok can read exel stuff too ?15:32
daftykinsyes it has a word processor, spreadsheet... etc.15:32
angelicamy main issue is not nececary the wps i wanted to install but installing stuff in general15:33
angelicasudo mast be  a comand line15:34
angelicasince here there are no exe duno what is bin to install ?15:34
=== Gravity is now known as Guest31154
cfhowlettangelica, sudo apt install <packagenamegoeshere>15:35
angelicaok thank alot is enought the pakage name or i mast tyoe the place he is in ? like windows like c/download etc ?15:36
zykotick9angelica: additionally, if you are trying to install a DEB that you've downloaded "sudo dpkg -i foo.deb"15:36
daftykinsangelica: you never install anything that way, it's not like Windows at all.15:36
daftykinsangelica: don't install from .deb or manual downloads at all, use the software centre :)15:36
zykotick9daftykins: makes installing the requested WPS difficult...15:37
daftykins!manual | angelica might be a good idea to have a look at this15:37
ubottuangelica might be a good idea to have a look at this: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/15:37
daftykinszykotick9: right but we've established there's no need to install it.15:37
zykotick9daftykins: ahhh, i missed that part15:37
angelicathank alot guys15:37
zykotick9daftykins: don't get me wrong, i agree with the "stick to the repo" suggestion :)15:37
daftykinszykotick9: :)15:38
=== labrador is now known as laborer
angelica:) if stuff are in zip , gz or rpm i mast umpak them before installing ?15:45
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest83583
tewardangelica: ZIP and .gz are just compressed files, usually containing source code that you have to compile, or they have an executable you run to install.15:46
daftykinsangelica: as i've already said, you don't install software this way.15:46
tewardangelica: .rpm is an already built package, but it's not for Ubuntu...15:46
tewardand you don't install software this way15:47
teward(not usually)15:47
angelicaok got it :)i m hiwired on windows sr guys15:48
pauljwangelica: find the software manager for xubuntu in the menus and use it for finding and installing available files from the repositories.15:49
sirscrubsalotI have an old HP-Compaq tablet... is there a version of ubuntu that will support most of the tablet's features such as the tablet-stylus wacom features? (it originally came with windows xp tablet edition). 2gb ram / intel core duo / model : HP TC440015:49
sirscrubsalot~2006 was the release date of that tablet ^^15:50
pauljwangelica: it may be referred to a a package manager.15:52
angelicai see so there are some compatibile with xubuntu15:53
angelicanoobwise easy to instal15:53
pauljwangelica: yes, each distro has a source of files that are compatible with it.  using the proper repositories will insure that you don't break your system installing new software15:54
angelicasince there is no wps in it may i ask the libre office included in xubuntu can open a exell with pasword from office of windows cause wps could another i dont remember the name couldntt15:55
angelicaabiword is here i think15:56
angelicanot sure if open exel sheet to  thank all alot sr for my bad  english15:57
terminator_ who has vpn for ubuntu??15:57
pauljwangelica: i have no idea about the ability to open a password protected spreadsheet or not.  all i can say is try.15:59
terminator_ who has vpn for ubuntu??15:59
angelicainstalling libre office from the softwere center u gave me guys at least i think15:59
angelicasure will do:)15:59
decciI am trying to build .DEB package15:59
deccipkg-gencontrol: warning: Depends field of package srvadmin-omilcore: unknown substitution variable ${shlibs:Depends}16:00
decciI am able to build .DEB package but still I see this warning..is it serous/16:00
EriC^^decci: did you use dh_make ?16:00
EriC^^to make the templates?16:00
decciEriC^^: I ran debian/rules clean && build && binary which runs dh_*16:01
decciEriC^^: Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}16:01
decciEriC^^: Its control file where we specify the shlibs dependencies16:01
EriC^^odd, i think that's standard16:01
decciEriC^^: Though I can override it on rules file, but still I want to know how to get this fxied16:02
decciEriC^^: But looks like it is trying to execute something which it is not able to16:02
EriC^^it looks like it doesn't like the variable there16:02
decciEriC^^: override_dh_shlibdeps:         dh_shlibdeps --dpkg-shlibdeps-params=--ignore-missing-info16:03
decciEriC^^: If I pass it in rules file, the warning doesnt appear16:03
decciEriC^^: but I am not sure what effect will it bring when I instal this package16:03
EriC^^decci: what are you making a package of?16:04
EriC^^and will you upload to your ppa on launchpad?16:05
EriC^^( cause launchpad is really whiny about packages, it doesn't even like if the description contains the package name as the first word )16:06
isReKT2000i'm preparing to install ubuntu (i'm downloading the iso)16:07
daftykinsisReKT2000: ok?16:08
decciEriC^^: As of now I am just packaging it..no plans to put in launchpad16:11
decciEriC^^: I just want to fix dhlibs issue16:11
EriC^^decci: what is it?16:11
EriC^^c program with Makefile ?16:11
decciEriC^^: This is just a small system management tool16:12
decciEriC^^: pkg-gencontrol: warning: Depends field of package srvadmin-omilcore: unknown substitution variable ${shlibs:Depends}16:12
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=== dyus is now known as dyus123
Eczanhello guys16:16
Eczaniif anyone is available to help me with installing ubuntu please tell me16:16
daftykinsEczan: just ask when you get stuck16:18
daftykins!manual | Eczan but read here for more16:18
ubottuEczan but read here for more: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/16:18
Eczani have ubuntu 14.10 cd i want to add it into vmware , but there is no .iso file , only iso settings files16:18
daftykinsEczan: 14.10 is already EOL, so don't install it16:19
Eczanwhat is EOL ?16:19
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:19
daftykinsit's dead, Jim.16:19
Eczan!download ubuntu16:20
daftykinsso grab yourself a supported release - LTS is generally best, as it'll remain in updates until 201916:20
daftykinsso grab 14.0416:20
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Wily, and help keeping the servers' load low!16:20
k1l_Eczan: see ^16:20
decciEriC^^: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=56683716:21
ubottuDebian bug 566837 in dpkg-dev "dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${shlibs:Depends}" [Wishlist,Fixed]16:21
EriC^^decci: cool16:22
EczanUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS (Trusty Tahr)  ?16:22
KrapulatI’m trying to remove varnish (apt-get remove varnish; also tried apt-get remove --purge varnish) to reinstall later 4.1 and I get this error: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) . How can I do that?16:23
ech0s7i'm using a Wi-Fi dongle to connect to wifi, and configured static ip in /etc/network/interfaces16:23
ech0s7the problem is that at boot, the wlan doesn't take automatically the address, it does if i unplug and plug at runtime, why ?16:23
EriC^^Krapulat: what was before the error?16:23
ikoniaKrapulat: it should give more than just that16:23
KrapulatEriC^^, ikonia: dpkg: error processing package varnish (--purge): package is in a very bad inconsistent state; you should reinstall it before attempting a removal16:24
ikoniaKrapulat: have you tried a reinstall ?16:25
Krapulatikonia: yes16:25
capuhello guys, i have a problem with my Bluetooth device since one of the updates.16:25
EriC^^Krapulat: what does that say?16:25
paule32hello have problems with squid316:27
Krapulatikonia, EriC^^: http://pastebin.com/4yJUfUwC16:27
paule32here the php script: http://pastebin.com/p1zAkhDQ16:27
paule32and here the config: http://pastebin.com/kE3kbVGT16:28
paule32the script seems to be return always OK16:28
EriC^^Krapulat: try stopping the service before installing/removing16:28
paule32but i check the mysql database of "foo" if the site "foo" is blocked16:28
hay207hi guys, how long does pbuilder takes, it's stuck at  Retrieving Release.gpg16:29
paule32but squid3 give me no error page16:29
hay207almost 15 minutes passed now16:29
KrapulatEriC^^: http://pastebin.com/fWE5m41916:29
EriC^^Krapulat: no idea16:30
ioriaKrapulat, ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/ | grep varnish.postrm   ?16:30
Krapulatioria: it shows “varnish.postrm”16:31
ikoniaKrapulat: are you actually using 14.04 ?16:31
Krapulatikonia: yes16:31
ikoniawhy are the init scripts failing16:32
ikoniawhat happens if you manually use those init scripts16:32
Krapulatikonia: the problem is with varnishncsa. It can’t start because it thinks varnish is not running (but it is)16:34
d0lph1n98is there any possibilities to get a package name conflict?16:34
=== laborer is now known as labrador
d0lph1n98same package name in different ppa16:34
d0lph1n98when apt-get install packagename16:35
zykotick9d0lph1n98: fyi, apt-get will choose the highest version number16:35
d0lph1n98what if there are two same version number in two different ppa?16:35
geniid0lph1n98: Yes. In such cases, usually apt will try to install the newest one, as determined by it's version number, so long as it adheres to Debian packaging guidelines16:36
Krapulatikonia: so is it impossible to remove the package to install it later?16:36
d0lph1n98so if there are two package with same name and version number, the apt will choose based on timestamp?16:37
geniid0lph1n98: If there are two identical versions in two different locations, the first match wins ( as decided alphabetically by it's placement in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ dir16:37
geniid0lph1n98: If you want always a specific repo to be preferred, read up on pinning16:38
d0lph1n98and apt-cache search packagename will still list out both packages?16:38
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto16:38
d0lph1n98no, i just wondering how apt avoid those conflicts16:39
diegoaguilarHello, right now build-esential package gets outdated versions of g++ compiler16:40
geniid0lph1n98: apt-cache policy packagename  lists available versions of the package, in the order which they would be installed16:40
diegoaguilarwhat's suggestion for getting last compilers versions16:40
d0lph1n98diegoaguilar: https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/InstallingGCC16:43
=== greyback is now known as greyback|eow
diegoaguilard0lph1n98, ls | grep ++ outputs16:44
diegoaguilarsudo ln -s /usr/bin/g++-5 to /usr/bin/g++16:44
OerHeks!info gcc wily16:45
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.144ubuntu1)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:5.2.1-3ubuntu1 (wily), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB16:45
OerHekslts does not have the "latest"  indeed16:46
paule32here the php script: http://pastebin.com/p1zAkhDQ16:49
paule32and here the config: http://pastebin.com/kE3kbVGT16:49
paule32but i check the mysql database of "foo" if the site "foo" is blocked16:49
paule32but squid3 give me no error page16:50
daftykinspaule32: #ubuntu-server or ##networking might be more appropriate.16:54
oacyhello everyone, is it possible to make a copy image of a device mounted at /dev/mapper/luksloopX, just like you would any /dev/sdbX partition?17:06
daftykinsonly if it's mounted to be decrypted i presume17:06
oacydaftykins, it is mounted after having been decrypted17:07
daftykinsso run it and see!17:07
daftykinsthis isn't the first time you've been playing around with imaging though, is it?17:07
oacydaftykins, with the same 'dd if=/dev/mapper/luksloopX..' command?17:08
daftykinsi would not be using dd.17:08
oacyand which one instead?17:08
daftykinsbut you ignored my clonezilla suggestions the last time so :)17:08
oacydaftykins, not to ignore them, but I am not familiar with clonezilla, either17:08
chrisfromgreeceHelp ! I'm using ubuntu 15.10 is it safe to install AMD proprietary drivers now ??  cause they are not supported by the new kernel and the system won't boot17:08
daftykinsright, you'd need to learn how to use it - but it's easy17:09
chrisfromgreeceHelp ! I'm using ubuntu 15.10 is it safe to install AMD proprietary drivers now ??  cause they are not supported by the new kernel and the system won't boot17:09
meyoui'm trying to create an image of an installed ubuntu machine and then push that image to new pc's. thinking pxe but i'm open to suggestions. the people on site won't be super tech-savvy, so i'd want to have a pretty short set of instructions for deploying17:09
daftykinschrisfromgreece: don't repeat yourself.17:09
oacydaftykins, does dd have a drawback?17:09
meyouanyone know of any good writeups/articles for that?17:09
daftykinschrisfromgreece: fglrx-updates might work.17:09
daftykinsmeyou: err no putting that task to such users sounds like a bad move17:09
daftykinsoacy: yes it'll take time over all the blank space on the disk, so it's a huge waste of time :)17:10
meyouit won't be end users, just a low level tech dude17:10
oacydaftykins, oh the size is not big, not like a whole drive17:10
chrisfromgreeceif doesn't boot what should i do ?17:10
daftykinschrisfromgreece: boot recovery mode and remove that package again.17:10
daftykinsoacy: still, writing a bunch of zeroes is wasteful17:11
daftykinsanyway just try it instead of all this chatter17:11
chrisfromgreeceok thank you i'm install it right now hope it would work17:11
oacydaftykins, I'd agree with that. but it looks more straightforward for me right now17:11
=== coy is now known as Guest38648
daftykinsoacy: it's not. also, if it were, why did you need to come and ask?17:11
daftykinsif it truly is small, you could've tested it by now17:12
oacydaftykins, I am wary of anything with dd. and my question was about whether the mapper path would make any difference in the practice17:13
daftykinsyes which testing would show17:14
oacydaftykins, assume I didnt ask 'you' if it bothered that much17:14
daftykinsoacy: you just seem to come here every time with dd questions, when you could just experiment and learn first hand.17:15
oacydaftykins ^17:15
daftykinsyou won't learn for yourself if you keep asking for handout answers.17:15
Abhijiti have insntalled ffmepg as per this http://www.faqforge.com/linux/how-to-install-ffmpeg-on-ubuntu-14-04/ on my 14.04. which shows it there but clipbucket do not find it.17:15
oacyonce and for all in the next sessions: assume I didnt ask anything to you. fineß17:15
daftykinsoacy: i think you're taking this too personally.17:16
Eczan guys during installation ubuntu 14.04 which kernel should i choose17:24
daftykinsare you sure you're being offered a choice? doesn't normally come up17:24
HackerIIthe one it comes with17:24
Eczani have alot of choices17:24
daftykinsEczan: where are you seeing this?17:24
daftykinsbut what did you do to see this...17:25
Eczanduring installation on vmware17:25
daftykinsof what ISO?17:25
Eczani downloaded the iso image17:25
daftykinsplease press enter less17:26
Eczanubuntu 14.04.3-server-amd6417:26
daftykinswell that likely installed with a 3.19 kernel anyway, but i recall no step where others are chosen - or made to be chosen17:26
Eczani chosen the one is highlighted from the beggining of the opened page17:27
Eczani chose* beginning*17:27
daftykinswhat you just said doesn't make any sense to me17:27
Eczanwell i will printscreen17:28
Eczanand let you see it17:28
auronandacedoes the server version use a text based installer?17:29
daftykinsi don't recall any kernel choice though, unless tasksel is being buried into17:30
Eczanforget it17:31
Eczanwe are here to support linux and bring new linux users , im a beginner so im sorry if you think im lied brb17:32
daftykinsEczan: you're taking this too personally, i'm just confused on what you're seeing is all.17:32
Eczani wonder why it have no graphics17:34
Eczanonly a purple screen and normal text format design17:34
daftykinsbecause server doesn't use a GUI17:35
Eczandaftykins, can i please pm you ?17:35
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.17:36
daftykinsif you're uploading a screenshot, use imgur.com17:36
Eczan4get im going to another ubuntu help channel in other server17:37
* daftykins shakes his head17:37
xela2244hi, i just installed gnome on unity. But they are using same themes (gtk, icons...). How can i use different theme for gnome and unity?17:37
xela2244and i am unable to change desktop background on unity17:38
bellflowerI've reinstalled my OS from 32 bit Ubuntu to 64 bit, but when trying to access my previous HD (the 32 bit system) to copy home files, it refuses to mount the partition to access the files.17:50
daftykinsbellflower: so the 64-bit install is on a new hard disk?17:51
bellflower@daftykins: Yes.17:51
daftykinsbellflower: both are plugged in right now? "sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999" and "mount | nc termbin.com 9999" would be helpful17:52
bellflower@daftykins: Put of the decision to install as new was because of running out of space on the smaller HD that the 32 bit was on.17:52
bellflowerMount gives an error ... ext4 exited with non-zero exit status 32 wrong fs type bad option bad superblock ...17:52
daftykinsi'd rather see the above first17:53
MelRayI'm also joined to #proftpd. My question is how can I setup a user with root access and password to allow ftp to /var/www/html? The configuration directive to allow root access through profited is RootLogin ON/OFF. The issue obviously becomes how do I do this due to ubuntu using sudo for authentication?17:54
=== john is now known as Guest2363
bellflower@daftykins: Trying to but CP from xchat to term doesn't seem to be working correctly yet.17:54
daftykinsMelRay: ftp is a bad choice for this task17:54
delti'm trying to cross-compile my program for windows, but i'm getting this weird error from make: *** multiple target patterns.  Stop.17:55
daftykinsbellflower: just type...17:55
MelRaydaftykins: Ok so what is the better method to employ with a client?17:55
daftykinsMelRay: create a user; add that user to www-data; chown /var/www/html/ to www-data:www-data then that user can use SCP or SFTP.17:55
MelRaydaftykins: Ok great thanks a bunch!17:56
bellflower@daftykins: The first command is only showing dev/sda17:56
daftykinsbellflower: the other disk must not be present, try "sudo fdisk -l"17:56
daftykinsbellflower: if it hasn't failed, my guess is a bad connection... i'd check the cables if this is a desktop. also - you can look for errors from "dmesg | tail"17:57
bellflower@daftykins: It's showing sdb and all details look correct, but partition 4 isn't mounting in any file managers.17:58
daftykinswhat's showing sdb?17:58
bellflower@daftykins: Part. 4 is /home/17:58
daftykinsi'm asking for output here but so far you've shared nothing so i can't really do much whilst blind :)17:59
bellflower@daftykins: What is best method to paste multi-line output for you to see?17:59
=== CoolCold_ is now known as CoolCold
auronandacebellflower: just so you know irc doesn't require the @ symbol in front of the nick you are addressing17:59
daftykins"sudo fdisk -l | nc termbin.com 9999" perhaps.17:59
daftykinsbellflower: http://paste.ubuntu.com but commands as above will produce URLs to share17:59
bellflowerdaftykins: Thanks for the paste url info.  Results at http://paste.ubuntu.com/13249231/18:01
daftykinsok and repeat for "mount"18:02
bellflowerdaftykins: What was the console command to mount? (I'm still a noob)18:03
daftykinsno i'm saying i want to see the output of "mount"18:03
akikbellflower: mount command by itself just lists the mounted things18:03
delti'm trying to cross-compile my program for windows, but i'm getting this weird error from make: *** multiple target patterns.  Stop.18:04
bellflowerdaftykins:  This?   http://paste.ubuntu.com/13249269/18:04
daftykinsthat's the ticket18:05
daftykinsbellflower: so what does "sudo mount /dev/sdb4 /mnt" give you?18:05
keepguessingI am trying to sign the code of conduct for launchpad18:06
keepguessingI used this to do it. wget -O- https://launchpad.net/codeofconduct/1.1/+download | gpg --clearsign | xsel --clipboard18:06
ActionParsnipkeepguessing: the guys in #launchpad can help there18:06
ActionParsnipkeepguessing: I had problems with it too :(18:06
TJ-bellflower: daftykins /dev/sdb4 end-sector 488,396,799 is beyond the reported end of /dev/sdb 488,192,36718:07
bellflowerdaftykins:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/13249296/18:07
daftykinsTJ-: i guess if it'll keep erroring this one will be more up your alley :)18:07
daftykinsbellflower: so what did "dmesg | tail" show?18:08
bellflowerdaftykins:  In short, it says Bad Geometry ... exceeds size of device.18:09
ActionParsnipbellflower: sudo fsck /dev/sdb4     may help18:09
lickalotthey guys, my client dc'd and my logs only go back to 0834.  If someone answered my question or threw an answer out can someone copy and paste it for me please?18:09
=== Peetz0r_ is now known as Peetz0r
TJ-bellflower: daftykins based on the /dev/sdb4 blocks count 116,477,952, the end would be expected to be at 116477952 + 255440896 -1 =  37191884718:10
auronandacelickalott: you may want to mention your timezone18:10
ActionParsniplickalott: what is the qustion?18:10
bellflowerActionParsnip: Would that risk loosing data, when the drive seems to access files and report no errors when it is installed internal as the boot device still?18:10
lickalottsorry auronandace  US - PST18:11
ActionParsnipbellflower: no, ask you have backups. You do make backups of your important data, right?18:11
bellflowerOption B may be slower, but that would simply be swapping the HDs again and copy everything to a third HD before switching them back.18:11
TJ-bellflower: what does "sudo blkid /dev/sdb4" report?18:11
bellflowerActionParsnip: This is kind of an unexpected in-between backups. Rather, the backup became unreadable, so was planning to use the original (smaller HD with 32 bit OS) as a backup.18:12
lickalottActionParsnip, trying to setup a dual monitor except the monitor I'm attempting to use is a 32" tv.  with a VGA cable things are "okay" but the clarity isn't there.  WHen I use an HDMI cable (with the resolution set the same as the laptop monitor) the launcher is off the tv/monitor screen.  I was wondering if there was an easy way to fix/address this.18:12
ActionParsniplickalott: what is the output of:  sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a; uname -a18:13
daftykinslickalott: check for overscan TV controls, or run them independantly so they can be at their own native resolutions18:13
daftykinsHDMI is definitely preferred.18:13
ActionParsniplickalott: use http://pastie.org to host the output then paste the URL in the channel18:13
lickalottsorry....forgot to add that.  There is no scalability with the HDMI interface on this particular model18:13
lickalottcopy all ActionParsnip18:14
daftykinsrun it as extended, not resolution matching, then :)18:14
bellflowerTJ: /dev/sdb4: LABEL="Home" UUID="8a9d9c01-92d9-48c1-9810-7f3285f0220d" TYPE="ext4"18:14
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ActionParsniplickalott: yes, there is no length limit in pastebin18:14
lickalottsorry....lol  copy all = I understand18:14
regeditso my small office here got a new Brother HL-3170CDW printer, happy days for anyone with Windows / Mac. What are my chances on Ubuntu?18:15
port80webcrtl+a, crtl+c18:15
daftykinsregedit: visit your cups web admin and see; http://localhost:63118:15
lickalottlshw output - http://pastie.org/1055518518:16
ActionParsniplickalott: oh is it a laptop?18:16
regeditthis printer ^ works wirelessly too, does that make it any better or worse?18:16
lickalottthe primary is, yes18:16
regeditdaftykins: ok checking that out..18:16
ActionParsniplickalott: so its one of those awful switching GPU things18:16
ActionParsniplickalott: look into nvidia-prime18:16
daftykinsActionParsnip: that has 0 to do with driving displays at their correct res18:17
TJ-bellflower: good, its ext4 so without upsetting the file-system you can do "sudo dumpe2fs -h /dev/sdb4 | tee /dev/stderr | pastebinit"18:17
ActionParsnipdaftykins: might be a refresh rate thing, if you want to take over then be my guest :)18:17
daftykinsthe intel typically draws the picture so it wouldn't be much affected18:17
daftykinsok ;)18:17
antarticI recently upgraded my hardware (cpu,mobo,ram), went from a gpxcard (gone)  to the onboard chip of my new intel i3 6100 (skylake). but I can't seem to get the intel drivers to work. system settings> details states the driver used is "Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 3.6, 256 bits)". how do I switch to the intel drivers?18:18
daftykinslickalott: "xrandr | nc termbin.com 9999"18:18
daftykinsantartic: that's fine.18:18
daftykinsantartic: actually, sounds like you didn't purge whatever card you had before, was it nvidia?18:18
daftykinsantartic: "sudo apt-get purge nvidia* " then reboot.18:19
antartic0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.18:19
antarticI think I tries that before18:20
daftykinsantartic: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log nc termbin.com 9999"18:20
regeditdaftykins: ok i actually see the printer in the Discovered Network Printers list! pretty cool. I see it twice though, once with "dnssd" schema and the other "ldp" schema, which is better?18:20
bellflowerTJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13249384/18:20
regeditTJ-: heya ;)18:20
daftykinsregedit: the one that works...18:20
regeditdaftykins: heh ok18:20
daftykinslickalott: that's running correctly resolution wise for a 1080p TV, so it's overlapping all 4 sides still huh? i'm sure there is a setting, usually it's just hidden or cryptic to work out.18:21
lickalotton the tv or on the laptop (via nvidia control panel)?18:21
daftykinsTV, i doubt you'll see overscan in the nvidia control panel18:22
daftykinsthe nvidia likely does not draw the picture18:22
antarticuh... pasted it. not sure whats happening18:22
daftykinsshould've given you a URL to paste here.18:23
antarticno such luck.18:23
regeditdaftykins: th model is HL-3170CDW which I cannot find in the model list. There's HL-3070CW BR-Script3 and HL-3070CW Foomatic/Postscript18:23
bellflowerantartic: After you submit a paste, just copy the url in the address bar. It should end with numbers.18:23
daftykinsantartic: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:24
daftykinsregedit: experiment. things will not be exact18:24
regeditdaftykins: the next one is HL-3260N BR-Script3. should I try the earlier one or the later one?18:24
daftykinsregedit: try, test print, did page come out? if not, repeat.18:25
regediti see18:25
ActionParsnipregedit: http://support.brother.com/g/s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#HL-3170CDW18:25
=== Netek is now known as netek
ActionParsnipregedit: install LPR, then the wrapper18:25
TJ-bellflower: daftykins 'Block count' x 'Block size' (bytes) into sectors:  "echo '29119488*4096/512' | bc" => 232,955,904  which is much smaller than the claimed sdb4 partition size. So that would infer a partition table entry with Start: 255440896 Blocks: 232955904 End: 488396799. That matches the partition table, but the disk containing that table claims to have less sectors than that18:25
regeditActionParsnip: wow thanks! ok will do18:25
daftykinsantartic: as there a /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?18:25
ActionParsnipregedit: Brother loves linux18:26
TJ-bellflower: daftykins s/is much smaller/is the same/18:26
bellflowerTJ: Could that possibly be a result of having to repair the boot sector once or twice in the past?18:26
daftykinsantartic: oh i see this is not ubuntu, or you've installed a newer kernel on it that isn't normal for ubuntu. what is this?18:26
antarticit is ubuntu running on 4.318:27
daftykinsantartic: why.18:27
regeditActionParsnip: ok the LPR installed fine, but the cupswrapper .deb complains about Cannot satisfy dependencies18:27
TJ-bellflower: The issue here *appears* to be the disk claims to have less sectors in total, than were originally used to create the partitions and file-systems within them. Has this disk beein in a Windows PC lately?18:27
ubuntu972hello, I'm getting real troubles with headers after apt-get update etc. I've update /etc/apt/sources.list with the right servers but still18:27
antarticI read that there was no/limited support for skylake GPUs in older kernels18:27
ubuntu972any tips?18:27
bellflowerTJ: Not long ago I tried to dd if=dev/sdc of dev/sda  (while sdb was a live OS to make the copy). The copy failed and something rewrote the boot to see sdc as the boot drive.18:27
antarticoh right, there is a xorg.conf18:28
auronandaceubuntu972: cat /etc/issue18:28
daftykinsantartic: delete it and reboot.18:28
ActionParsnipregedit: then run:  sudo apt-get -f install18:28
TJ-bellflower: so you cloned an image from 'Disk C' to 'Disk A' and what we are looking at is 'Disk A' ?18:28
ubuntu972auronandace: Ubuntu 14.10 \n \l18:28
antarticrighto. brb18:28
auronandace!14.10 | ubuntu97218:28
ubottuubuntu972: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic18:28
daftykins!eol | ubottu you must upgrade18:29
ubottudaftykins: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:29
daftykinsoops tab complete fail18:29
auronandaceubuntu972: you need to use a supported release18:29
daftykinsubuntu972: EOL ^18:29
TJ-daftykins: you weren't wrong though!18:29
bellflowerTJ: Right. This (sdb4) is the "Home" of the original I had tried to copy. It was repaired using boot-repair twice in the past, since the OS install.18:29
regeditActionParsnip: no the .deb doesnt even allow to install due to the dependencies error. Looking into the install instructions i see it says "ia32-libs or lib32stdc++ is required to be installed." maybe it's that? how do i check if i have those18:29
daftykinsTJ-: on the EOL? :>18:29
TJ-bellflower: OK, so you broke it. 'Disk A' is smaller than the original 'Disk C'. You need to work with 'Disk C'18:30
ubuntu972daftykins how can I upgrade a VPS lol18:30
TJ-daftykins: on the 'you must upgrade' yes :)18:30
ubuntu972ok thank you18:30
regeditActionParsnip: i.o.w. i opened the .deb with QApt and it doesnt allow to proceed18:30
bellflowerTJ: I suspect some corruption since the reported total size would lose a few megs of space after each of those repairs.18:30
daftykinsubuntu972: create a new one, migrate your data. don't upgrade.18:30
ActionParsnipregedit: use terminal, the output is useful18:30
TJ-bellflower: no corruption - the target disk of the clone operation is simply smaller than the source disk18:30
ubuntu972daftykins thanks18:30
regeditActionParsnip: how do i apt install a .deb from terminal18:30
ActionParsnipregedit: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue18:31
bellflowerTJ: Ohh, no.  Current disk A is the newer 1TB I am trying to move to. Disk B (on USB adapter) is the original (a 250GB HDD).18:31
ActionParsnipregedit: its a single line, no need to pastebin18:31
regeditActionParsnip: Ubuntu 15.04 \n \l18:31
daftykinsregedit: if this is printer related and you've skipped the above testing, then you're likely going to make things worse for yourself by installing things you find online...18:31
bellflowerTJ: But the 250 had been repaired a few times and only reads as about 240GB (more or less).18:31
ActionParsnipregedit: ok cool.18:31
ActionParsnipregedit: to install deb files:  sudo dpkg -i /path/to/filename.deb18:32
regeditdaftykins: why, cups wizard would install 32bit dependencies automatically?18:32
TJ-bellflower: I'm talking about what is currently /dev/sdb. That physical disk is *smaller* than the partition table/file-systems on it describe. Is /dev/sdb a cloned image?18:32
daftykinsregedit: what did you get...18:32
antarticit seems to have worked! :D18:32
bellflowerTJ: No. Not a clone. It's the original.18:32
regeditdaftykins: ActionParsnip seems to have linked to an official installations packages/steps for the exact model from manufacturer18:33
antarticdetails now state "Intel® HD Graphics 530 (Skylake GT2) " thank you so much!18:33
TJ-bellflower: then it has lost a large part of the sector making up partition 4.18:33
bellflowerTJ: But sdb1 is a copy of Windows that was once used in a laptop that had Absolute Computrace, which is bad for writing "hidden data" on HDs.18:33
regeditdaftykins: http://support.brother.com/g/s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#HL-3170CDW18:33
daftykinsregedit: i see, so you are indeed skipping the testing of what's built in18:33
daftykinswell, have fun :)18:34
TJ-bellflower: "sudo hdparm -N /dev/sdb | tee /dev/stderr | pastebinit"18:34
regeditdaftykins: is it really that much better than dpkg installing the manufacturer packages and fixing them?18:34
TJ-bellflower: I suspected a Host Protected Area issue might be the cause; lets check that with the command above18:34
daftykinsregedit: yes, because every action you perform with a .deb will not get updated - installing .deb's is unwise18:35
daftykinsit should be considered a last resort.18:35
regeditdaftykins: whereas from cups it will?18:35
bellflowerTJ: The running kernel lacks CONFIG_IDE_TASK_IOCTL support for this device.18:36
bellflower READ_NATIVE_MAX_ADDRESS_EXT failed: Invalid argument /dev/sdb:18:36
bellflowerTJ: That's all that it shows.18:36
TJ-bellflower: what kernel is that ("uname -a") ?18:37
ubuntu972what is the support for 15.418:37
ubuntu972I mean till when?18:37
daftykinsubuntu972: don't run it on a VPS, go back to 14.04 and create a new one.18:37
lickalottno love daftykins.   ActionParsnip, nvidia-prime is already installed.18:37
daftykinsubuntu972: January18:38
bellflowerTJ: Linux tinkerbell 3.19.0-25-generic #26~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 24 21:16:20 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:38
daftykinslickalott: i told you that wouldn't work18:38
ubuntu972january 2016?18:38
daftykinsubuntu972: yip18:38
lickalotti was just answering him, I didn't use it for anything18:38
lickalottthat could've been on two different lines18:38
ubuntu972there is any long term support edition?18:38
Glorfindelok, this was happening while I was on 14.04 too, but on 15.10, if I close the laptop screen, it will sleep. which is fine. but when I open the screen it wakes, and shows an openbox password prompt18:39
daftykinslickalott: i'm confident it's down to TV settings, give it more of a try18:39
daftykinsubuntu972: see where i said install 14.04?18:39
Glorfindelwhich doesn't accept any of my passwords18:39
lickalottdaftykins, that's what I was referring to.  THere aren't any controls on this tv (Vizio POS) for scaling18:39
lickalott"no love"18:39
daftykinslickalott: it's not scaling, it's overscan18:39
regeditdaftykins: ok ok i retraced my steps and will be doing the testing phase. BR Script 3 or Foomatic/Postscript ?18:39
daftykinsregedit: just experiment, it doesn't work -> delete -> start again.18:40
TJ-bellflower: hmmm, something not right there. Give me a moment to check on a 14.04 system18:40
ubuntu972daftykins I've read it I think if I have to go back to same version so perhaps I can fixe it no?18:40
bellflowerlickalott: Vizio isn't too terribly bad (I've seen much worse), but they left out a lot of the manu features in the manuals. Most has to be randomly discovered by the users.18:40
daftykinsubuntu972: no, create a new VPS on 14.04 -> migrate your data -> delete the other18:40
regeditdaftykins: wait a minute, there's an option "Or provide a PPD file". Would that be referring to something i can download from the manufacturer?18:41
bellflowerlickalott: So your issue may have more to do with your TV settings, than anything to do with your system.18:41
lickalottonly selections I have are DNR, Black/White level extender, CTI, flesh tone, Adaptive Luma, and DCR.  None of which do anything special for my situation.18:41
lickalottthat's what I'm thinking.  I just wanted to shoot it off of the big brains before I gave up18:41
lickalottlooks like VGA it is18:42
frendaError opening default ALSA device: No such file or directory ---> http://paste.ubuntu.com/13249513/ ---> What does it mean? (I can listen to mp3 files)18:42
bellflowerlickalott: The HDMI is a much cleaner and better option. It took me a while to get mine working 100% but unfortunately cannot recall where I found it in the TV's menu settings.18:42
daftykinsregedit: i'm going to stop replying now, because you need to think for yourself here.18:43
lickalotti remember having a similar issue on my server at home and just said screw it and went with DVI18:43
daftykinslickalott: that doesn't sound like the full settings a display would offer18:43
lickalottIn that research I remember manipulating a file (resolution file) and playing with those values until it fit the screen.18:44
regeditmkay i'm gonna see if the vendor has a PPD file i can use...18:44
lickalottdaftykins, the HDMI on this is limited.  I have all kinds of options for VGA, to include overscan and scaling18:44
daftykinslickalott: and you're on which ubuntu version again?18:45
bellflowerlickalott: I believe there are some scaling controls, or may only be a few presets and "auto", they are just not easy to find and not where you might intuitively expect.18:45
lickalotti literally spent $50 on this yesterday from a buddy.  it's not top quality by any stretch.18:45
daftykinslickalott: i'd make it so the HDMI display is the only output and see if it behaves any differently.18:45
lickalott15.10 daftykins18:45
lickalotti tried that.  same same....18:45
daftykinsand then as crazy as it sounds, try another HDMI cable18:46
lickalotton my third one today.18:46
TJ-bellflower: I've looked at the Linux and hdparm source-code. The error report is misleading. No Intel/AMD based CPU kernels have support for that option. What is happening is in hdparm - it tries to read the device with a call to the standard 'SCSI Generic' syscall which fails, so hdparm 'falls back' to a 'legacy' method which tries to invoke the IDE_TASK_IOCTL call, which doesn't exist and therefore fails.18:46
daftykinsok, obviously it's a cheap and rubbish display causing quirks18:46
bellflowerlickalott. What model is the Vizio TV? I'll see what I can find if it is similar to mine. I get them because they are half the price of any PC monitor of similar size.18:46
daftykinsit might work from another system with HDMI *shrug*18:46
kamikazeattacksHello !!! Do you know a name of a distro which uses unofficial desktop environment, excluding popular environments like GNOME, KDE etc. ? :)18:47
lickalottbellflower, VX32L18:47
TJ-bellflower: so, it looks like a symptom of the failing disk. It doesn't look like there is much you can do to recover things. That disk would need expert handling. I'd recommend unplugging it to protect what data remains18:47
daftykinskamikazeattacks: you mean like ubuntu gnome and kubuntu? ...18:47
kamikazeattacksdaftykins, No. I mean unpopular desktop environment. :)18:48
bellflowerkamikazeattacks: Try "sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop" . It's what I use most and has a nice clean and lean look and feel. Very efficient.18:48
daftykinskamikazeattacks: ah sorry, misread18:48
daftykinskamikazeattacks: better question for ##linux as this is ubuntu only18:48
TJ-bellflower: let's check its health with "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdb | tee /dev/stderr | pastebinit"18:49
kamikazeattacksdaftykins, I mean distro "based on Ubuntu", which has their own desktop environment. :)18:49
bellflowerTJ: It booted and ran fine, so if no better suggestions, I could swap the HDs back to the 250, and start copying files off of it to another HD. Extra steps and time consuming, but workable.18:49
daftykinskamikazeattacks: yes, we don't really deal with other distros, not even variants18:50
daftykinskamikazeattacks: so unless you want to know of xubuntu, lubuntu or ubuntu MATE...18:50
TJ-bellflower: before you copy, check on how big the disk reports itself. If that is less than 488396800 sectors, it'll not get the data.18:50
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kamikazeattacksdaftykins, Where is a complete list of all desktop environments ever for Linux ??? :)  Could somebody give me a link ? :)18:51
daftykinskamikazeattacks: sure, over in ##linux18:51
TJ-bellflower: it makes no sense that the drive would report different sizes based solely on whether it is the boot device or not, *unless* you have configured the booting OS to *disable* HPA at boot-time18:52
Tahr-userHi  - Firefox will display my pdf properly, but evince, while readable, chooses a font that is not the right one and the spacing is sometimes funky..... it there a cetain .ttf that I should install ?18:53
bellflowerTJ: I honestly have no idea why it boots and functions as-is, but unreadable any time it's connected as USB to a 64 bit OS.18:54
TJ-bellflower: "as USB" HAHA! I wonder if your USB<>disk adapter has a limit - many do18:54
bellflowerTJ: I suspect it may have some of it's own issues, but It does read, repair, and copy 1TB HDs without probs.18:55
daftykinsgah now we're told it's not internal :)18:55
TJ-bellflower: in other words, the USB<>disk chipset is presenting its own view of the disk sectors, not simply passing through the value from the disk itself18:55
bellflowerTJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13249633/  (sorry it took so long. Had to install smarttools.)18:56
=== evarghese is now known as poningru
TJ-bellflower: thanks :)18:56
TJ-bellflower: can you also "dmesg | pastebinit" so we can see what the kernel thinks is connected18:56
ubuntu972daftykins: I get it, the 14.10 it a total mess... better use 14.0418:56
TJ-bellflower: gah, its the bridge! "/dev/sdb: Unknown USB bridge [0x0411:0x01c5 (0x108)]"18:56
daftykinsubuntu972: yay18:57
poningruhello I have weird issue, with the free amd drivers whenver I do a rotation to one of my screens my other screens turns black18:57
poningruI have two screens , one is displayport and other is dvi18:57
poningruthe displayport is setup 'normally' i.e landscape orientation18:57
poningruthe dvi is setup in portrait mode18:58
poningruand when I try to use the display configration utility18:58
TJ-bellflower: smartctl can use special device-specific pass-through commands for some USB bridges. If we identify what it is we may be able to figure it out18:58
daftykinsponingru: try fglrx ?18:58
poningruand change the rotation of the dvi screen my displayport based screen goes dark18:58
bellflowerTJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13249661/  (Looks like line 1039+ )18:58
poningrubut the mouse pointer is visible18:59
poningrudaftykins, thats what I'm using now but is a non-optimal solution for now18:59
poningrucauses multiple other issues that I've to deal with18:59
poningrui.e screen flickers and crashes18:59
poningruthis describes my problem but on a different hardware:19:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1417320 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Screen turns black (only mouse cursor left) when rotating screen" [Low,Invalid]19:00
=== nasomi is now known as Guest49618
TJ-bellflower: all those USB 'device not accepting address' errors don't look promising19:05
bellflowerTJ: I do have some work-around ideas that I can go with. Just the same it would explain why the drive is readable internally, but not via USB.19:07
TJ-bellflower: is the device connected via a USB3 or USB2 port? (and is the device natively USB3?)19:07
TJ-bellflower: yes, internally the disk isn't going through a bridge so it'll be fine19:07
bellflowerTJ: If that is the case, I can always swap HDs back, move stuff to a smaller USB thumb drive, then re-swap and copy them to the newer HD.19:07
TJ-bellflower: did the HD-PCTU2 originally have a 250GB drive in it?19:07
bellflowerTJ: No, it's just an adapter that was reflashed to work as generic.19:08
TJ-bellflower: I'm wondering if Buffalo firmware-limit those things in order to stop people buying the low-capacity cheaper version and simply replacing the hard disk with a cheaper large one19:08
regeditwhat does it mean when QApt doesnt want to install a .deb because "Error: Cannot satisfy dependencies", but dpkg -i does so no problem and a subsequent sudo apt-get -f install doesn't even seem necessary (nothing seems to get pacthed up - unless i'm mistaken?) ?19:08
TJ-bellflower: 'reflashed' ... the more you reveal the more I die a little :)19:08
bellflowerTJ: Ironically enough, the person who gave it to me bought it because they only needed a 500GB hard drive and it was cheaper than locally buying just the HD.19:09
regeditis there any way to see more specifics of what QApt is complaining about when it very generically says "Error: Cannot satisfy dependencies"19:09
bellflowerTJ: Wasn't my doing. IT was a freebie when I needed one.19:09
TJ-bellflower: OK, but the fact you've got obstacles in the way of the disk isn't helping when we start out believing its a direct connect disk with no 'weird' translation going on. Anyhow, so now you know the cause. Loose the bridge :)19:10
bellflowerTJ: Unfortunately, most laptops do not have space or connections for multiple HDs.19:11
bellflowerTJ: But this has seriously been a big help. Knowing where the issue resides reveals a lot more possible solutions.19:11
=== ses1984_ is now known as ses1984
bellflowerI'm off to go swap some HDs around. Good luck to everybody else.19:14
Gnjurachi i have some files that are generated but they are broken cant extact them if i dont rename them duno why19:16
Gnjuraccant extract if not rename to demo.data.gz19:16
Gnjuracso can i somehow mass rename them to ad . 2 leters from end19:17
Octubre2HI. I'm trying to import a .ova in VirtualBox but when is ending returns this report : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13249873/19:21
Gnjuracif i make binbash script how to tell it to read dire where script is located19:21
daftykinsOctubre2: #vbox19:23
Octubre2thx daftykins19:23
greedlexerOctubre2: sounded hard19:23
Gnjuracme me answer me19:24
k1l_Gnjurac: best to ask in #bash for bash scripts etc.19:25
SubCoolwhy is my sound going to my laptop speakers instead of my HDMI Montior? ive gone through the settings on the sounds tray. I have even tested the sounds via the sound tray to the hdmi monitor. ANd it works. but when i play a movie. it plays on the laptop.19:26
greedlexerSubCool: the program may over ride system settings. Check program sound output settings. Gnjurac Octubre219:28
Octubre2he is sick19:29
SubCoolgreedlexer, its a stream via chrome19:29
akikGnjurac: you can use dirname and readlink to do that19:31
SubCoolgreedlexer, wtf?19:32
Gnjuracwill try tky akik19:32
greedlexerSubCool: you sure system settings are right19:32
SubCooli just attached a bluetooth headset, and it wont play to them either.19:33
ulot0how are you19:36
=== c_ is now known as Guest13273
melrayCan someone have a look at this and verify that I need to change write permissions and put the user in the mail group? http://paste.ubuntu.com/13250013/19:40
=== BradCrittenden is now known as Guest54329
SubCoolcan sonmeone please help me with my speakers19:43
latzegood evening19:45
melrayNevermind I got is solved...19:48
latzeI have a Lite-On sata controller which causes a lot of issues with Xubuntu and the 4.x kernels (also with olders ones, but fewer issue there). Is this the right place to ask for help?19:50
akik... nevermind ... and then nothing19:50
isReKT2000latze, it probably is drivers19:50
SubCoolim going in circles, please.19:51
latzeI guess so. But I was hoping someone has already experience with this sata controller and could give a hint on which drivers to use :-)19:51
lostsoulAnyone here lost their NetworkManager in ubuntu 14.0.4?  Isn't showing up on the title bar and I"m connected19:51
MonkeyDustlostsoul  type this in a terminal:   nm-applet19:52
MonkeyDustlostsoul  keep it in the channel19:53
MonkeyDust!pm | lostsoul19:54
ubottulostsoul: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.19:54
MonkeyDustlostsoul  stop19:55
lostsoulThe nm-applets output: ** (nm-applet:7312): WARNING **: Could not initialize NMClient /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager: The name org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files19:56
lostsoul** (nm-applet:7312): WARNING **: Could not initialize NMClient /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager: The name org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files19:56
freeone3000My upgrade to linux-image-3.16.0-53-generic seems to be stuck on the step "Found memtest86+ image: /boot/memtest86+.bin". I'm running inside Hyper-V. Does this step usually take longe rthan 10 minutes, or can I somehow skip it?19:57
lostsoulThose are the two lines it put out.19:57
freeone3000Error "task modprobe:8380 blocked for more than 120 seconds. not tainted 3.16.0-30-generic #40~14.04.1-Ubuntu" is now the most recent error.19:59
SubCoolnvm got it19:59
MonkeyDustlostsoul  not sure what that error message means20:01
SubCoolHere is a good question for you. WHen doing a UPgrade from 12. to 14.0 = via terminal. Do-release-upgrade. THis is a remote system. headless. Will there be any interaction necessary?20:01
MonkeyDustSubCool  yes, a lot, i tried it... took several hours20:01
lostsoulConfigured a DHCP and hosed up the config (after it was working), then when I got communications back the manager was not to be found.20:01
lickalottdaftykins, bellflower, just sold the TV for $100.  made $50 off of it that I can put towards something newer.20:02
SubCoolMonkeyDust, i dont mind the time. but ... - if there is any intereaction on the host side that i can reach via terminal. kinda f'ed20:02
MonkeyDustSubCool  and it was local here, remote may be even slower20:02
MonkeyDustSubCool  but yes, you have to hit enter or 'yes' several times20:03
Kinokoimagine , my mobile have a good hardware, a very well placed on-off power button,,in a certain day, the mototrolla was meaning me to enforce an update from androed 4.1 to 4.4.2, ok, one day was been the suficient time fˆto LINUX SE ENVIROMNMENT, inbuilted in this shit 4.4.2 to DELETE THE POWER ON-OFF command of my mobile, what you say?20:03
SubCooli can do that via terminal cant i? or does it pop up on the host screen?20:03
MonkeyDustSubCool  not sure, as i said, it was local here... just sayong, do-release-upgrade is slow20:04
KinokoThey are distorting LINUX SE USAGE , turning onto a virus20:04
pukahi guys20:05
PiciKinoko: Does this rant have anything to do with Ubuntu?  You're in a support channel right now.20:06
pukafor a reason: "botnet ip" i was banned20:06
pukaon this channel20:06
puka... anyone know why that happens?20:06
geniiKinoko: Maybe you want the #android channel20:06
KinokoPici: of course, LINUX SE ubuntu uses too.20:06
Picipuka: You'll need to take it up with #freenode, #ubuntu doesn't perform any bans like that.20:06
pukaok another problem :) i'm so proud of me :D a guy on a forum need a script in python.. so i made for him the script that actually works EPIC good :D and the guy want to give me a .txt file to transform the file for him20:07
pukalike he have the txt "him;else;adsaf;fdsgsd" etc and i transform that txt into verical that names20:07
pukaso it's a chance to get firuses on xubuntu taking and open that .txt file?20:07
pukaguys ?20:09
wafflejockpuka: not likely, if you don't run the process that uses the file as root it has limited ability to do damage to the system since it can't modify things owned by root, that said there's always a chance of a bug being exploited by some file you pull from the internet20:10
KinokoI am root, the shit gogle don't likes, why? this is linux, linux HAVE TO BE ROOT. if the shits from gogle don't like superuser? who is the superuser? they?20:10
wafflejock!language | Kinoko20:10
ubottuKinoko: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:10
geniiKinoko: This is not the channel to carry on about Android or rant in20:10
k1l_puka: if you dont execute that file while not knowing what it does you cant get a virus from that20:10
pukait's a .txt file20:10
pukaso it cant be a wirus if i run a script in python that (file.txt, "w")20:11
AbeKinoko: No we are not always root most of the time we aren't thats why we use sudo20:11
ioriapuka you can put every script you want in a .txt...20:12
wafflejockpuka: extensions don't really guarantee anything about the contents, like k1l_ said though so long as it isn't marked executable it shouldn't be run as a program reading the contents of a file that isn't executable shouldn't expose you to any possible viruses, but viruses make use of bugs in software to do their dirty work sometimes20:12
Octubre2anybody knows how to extract a disk image from a .ova of virtualbox in ubuntu?20:13
pukasoo if ... :(( i'm so scared now.. so if i have that script..20:13
pukawith open ("uh.txt", "r") as fisier:20:13
puka    a = fisier.read().replace(";", "\n")20:13
puka    with open ("uhfinal.txt", "w") as file:20:13
puka        file.write(a)20:13
pukait's a chance to get a virus in my pc?20:13
Picipuka: thats just cat uh.txt | tr \; \\n > uhfinal.txt20:14
pukai learn pyton not command in terminal so for all things i do i try to use python scripts to learn more20:15
pukaso how i can see if my pc is virused?20:15
pukacuz i'm kinda scarred right now20:15
AbeI think you ment infected*20:15
geniipuka: If you do: file whateveritscalled.txt  it will tell you if it's actually a text file or something different, before you try to do something with it20:15
Picipuka: thats a harmless python script.  also, this is #ubuntu, not #python20:15
BluesKajpuka, you worry too much20:16
vitimitiHi, how can I upload the packages I installed through ubuntu-make? Do I have to redownload them one by one?20:16
MonkeyDust!av > puka20:17
ubottupuka, please see my private message20:17
pukauh.txt: ISO-8859 text, with very long lines, with no line terminators20:17
pukais this ok?20:17
geniiIt's fine20:17
ChaserOctubre2: You can use tar to extract an ova20:17
pukagenii ur a good guy u teach me something new today :D20:17
Octubre2thank you Chaser just now i was reading this on google finally20:18
pukaso my pc it's not virused right? cuz that is a truly .txt file20:18
geniipuka: The odds are your computer is fine20:20
pukagenii also how i know if i run command as a root or a user20:20
pukait's higly recommended to run commands as a user?20:20
pukaif yes how i do that?20:20
MonkeyDustpuka  type   whoami20:20
ioriaor id20:20
pukait say puka20:20
pukawhen i type whoami20:21
=== bryn is now known as Guest15776
geniipuka: Any commands you run normally will just be as the user you are logged in as. If you put sudo before the command ( for command-line applications) or if you put gksu (for graphical applications) then it will be running as an administrator20:22
pukahmm genii i want to know more about how i can detect if a file is viruse dor not20:22
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest54213
=== user is now known as Guest75007
pukagenii: also if i want to open a .txt file and it say i need to insert a password it's kinda "stranger danger" ?20:24
geniipuka: How did you attempt to open the file?20:25
pukadouble click20:25
pukaand it say20:25
pukasomething utfo-820:25
pukathat the file it's not utfo-8 something like this20:25
OerHeksonly if that .txt is outside your home, you would need sudo. else use your common sense.20:25
pukaand i close the tab that appears20:25
geniipuka: That is only a warning about the character set encoding, nothing to worry over20:25
geniipuka: As ioria indicated, if you want to scan for viruses, install clamav and use that20:27
pukagenii: so where u recomend to put files "no-name" if i want to open them?20:27
pukais that in ubuntu software center?20:27
deniz946Hello, can be ubuntu installed on a MAC?20:27
geniipuka: Usually someplace like /home/puka/Downloads  or /home/puka/incoming would be good20:27
ubottuFor PPC discussion, join #ubuntu-powerpc. For discussion on Mac software, or help with same, please visit ##apple.20:27
geniideniz946: The short answer is yes20:28
pukaso should i install ClamTK ... it's gona eat rams???20:28
deniz946genii, but it's hard to make it work?20:28
bekkspuka: Unused RAM is wasted RAM.20:28
pukayeah but i have only 2gb ram :D20:28
geniideniz946: Depending on model and EFI/UEFI, sometimes.20:28
ioriapuka o yes20:29
ioriaif you run in daemon mode20:29
pukagenii: how i can add u to friends or something like that? cuz if i have problems anymore i need someone to contact20:29
bekkspuka: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/20:29
bekkspuka: just visit this channel again.20:29
geniipuka: I am always available on here from 10am to 5pm weekdays, EDT time20:29
pukaoh ok20:30
pukawere r u from?20:30
pukai'm from romania :D20:30
geniipuka: I am Canadian20:30
pukaok so what's the hour on ur country right now?20:31
MonkeyDusta vampire and grizzly adams20:31
pukanot u alex :D20:31
Al3x_10mi'm also from romania..20:31
pukanice :D20:32
geniipuka: Right now it is 15:3120:32
Pici#ubuntu-offtopic exists for idle chatter, lets keep #ubuntu free for support questions.20:32
pukaso u stay 2 hours online right?20:32
bazhangpuka please take the chit chat to the offtopic channel20:32
geniipuka: No, I an online 10:00 to 17:00 so 7 hours20:33
goddardhow can i increase the file limit that is set in ubuntu20:34
goddardit is currently 102420:34
bekkswhich "file limit"?20:35
OerHeksWhat application would need that?20:35
TJ-!ulimit | goddard20:37
TJ-hmmm... ubottu is on vacation?20:37
bazhangubottu, lag20:37
ubottuYou have lag, I don't have lag20:37
PiciTJ-: no, there no factoid for ulimit20:37
OerHeksjust not doing its job, like keeping a log.20:37
akikgoddard: look into /etc/security/limits.conf20:37
TJ-Pici: drat, I thought there was!20:38
goddardakik: i tried but it is write protected even when using sudo20:38
k1l_goddard: can you give more details what you do and what error you get exactly?20:38
akikgoddard: it should be a normal file20:39
OerHeksif i use 'sysctl fs.file-max' in 15.04, i get fs.file-max = 60020620:41
akiki think goddard means nofile open files per process20:42
goddardakik: its helpful when using inotify20:43
bekksgoddard: helpful for what?20:43
goddardfunctions of inotify20:43
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
k1l_goddard: so you want to increase the inotify limit?20:43
bekksgoddard: a full problem description could be handy.20:44
k1l_goddard: its best to give all that informations in the first questions so people dont get frustrated of having to ask every detail and wait for the answer20:44
=== Guest49618 is now known as bewbs
ignacioCongrats, Ubuntu is on GCI20:45
goddardHere is an example of the value I want to change20:46
goddardulimit -n20:46
bekksgoddard: And what for you want to change it? Which error message do you get when doing what?20:46
truckcrashAnyone know why my rsync transfers are always so slow (like 2KB/s on average)?20:55
truckcrashIm not even sure how to trouble shoot it from here20:55
truckcrashthe internet in general is not that slow (at either end)20:56
john_doe_jrwhen I do a make command to build some software..where does that binary usually get built?  Is it in the bin folder or something?20:56
andres_hola soy nuevo aqui quiero que me ayusen por favor20:56
MonkeyDusttruckcrash  rsync from..to what?20:56
Picijohn_doe_jr: generally. or somewhere within the folder you run make from.20:56
genii!es | andres_20:57
ubottuandres_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:57
wileee!details | truckcrash20:57
truckcrashlocal machine to my vps20:57
ubottutruckcrash: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)20:57
john_doe_jrPici: how would I know?20:57
truckcrashwileee, I will gladly give more details,but like i say Im not sure what else to provide. I can answer any questions you have20:57
Picijohn_doe_jr: look for new executable files?20:58
wileeetruckcrash, playing dumb does not help basic details are basic details.20:58
truckcrashwileee, please enlighten me, what else would you like to know.20:59
wileeeattitudes get a free ignore20:59
MonkeyDusttruckcrash  what were you doing, prior to coming here... what brings you here21:01
Chasertruckcrash: if you scp a big file do you get more throughput ?21:01
Chaser(would start there)21:01
geniiwileee: Please try to be civil, this user does not appear to be purposely giving vague information, they likely just need someone to ask the right questions to elicit it21:02
truckcrashMonkeyDust, I would like to transfer some files from my local machine to my vps, so I opened the terminal, and typed the rsync command.21:03
truckcrashChaser, I will try with a larger file and let you konw21:03
Chasertruckcrash: if this was subsequent rsync, then there may not be much to transfer at all :)21:03
truckcrashChaser: just trying to find a new big file to transfer now :)21:04
wileeegenii, this channel as is addressed above by a mod has a problem with a the least regular user coming here and not diving basic details. If I'm treated with an attitude I'm glad to mirror it, that was not started by me nor should I have to play the drama.21:07
wileeesorry for spelling errors21:07
OerHekstouch abc.txt && truncate -s 256M abc.txt21:08
reisioyou using truncate to do the opposite of truncate? :p21:09
reisiothat's villianous21:10
jamesguessiswhere do I ask for help?21:10
OerHeksoh i can fill it with random data too,..21:10
k1l_jamesguessis: here :)21:10
geniijamesguessis: If you give a brief description here, someone should try to help21:10
jamesguessisok, so I'm trying to build a program from it's source, but when I run `make` it gives me the error saying it can't find uuid21:11
jamesguessisbut I have uuid-dev installed21:11
angelica_hi how to uninstal xubuntu i need to put a fresh copy in it ?21:12
ubuntui'm using ubuntu21:13
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest37133
MonkeyDustangelica_  use gparted on  a live dvd or usb, delete the ubuntu partition, reinstall21:14
k1l_angelica_: just install over the old one21:14
Guest37133this is ubuntu 5.1021:14
Guest37133Live cd21:14
Chaserjamesguessis: uuid-dev doesn't seem to install uuid binary just dev files. I would install uuid package21:14
geniijamesguessis: Is this some program you need to make because it's not already provided in the repositories or in a PPA?21:14
angelica_it will delete the old one?(my intent)21:14
k1l_jamesguessis: what program exactly? what ubuntu exactly? what exact error? (in a pastebin)21:14
MonkeyDustGuest37133  you mean 15.10?21:14
Guest37133or 16.0421:14
angelica_i have xubuntu on usbpen but when i insert it on this older version of xubuntu instead of autorun the install it run how call it simulation of it till the pen is in21:17
jamesguessiswell the program I want is here https://github.com/MCMrARM/mcpelauncher-linux21:18
jamesguessisI'm using 16.0421:18
angelica_how is called here the exe?21:18
jamesguessisand that's the make output21:19
MonkeyDustangelica_  insert the usb stick, reboot, select usb (F12 or so)21:19
k1l_jamesguessis: "lsb_release -d" gives you what output?21:19
angelica_ok ty alot will try21:19
jamesguessisk1l_ Ubuntu Xenial Xerus (development branch)21:20
MonkeyDustjamesguessis  if you want to try 16.04, better use a vm21:21
MonkeyDustjamesguessis  it's what i do21:21
wileeeangelica_, This a wubi download?21:22
jamesguessisMonkeyDust: whelp it's too late now xD21:22
MonkeyDustangelica_  don't use wubi, it's the worst invention since alcohol free beer21:23
wileeeangelica_, If you working with the regular downloaded iso, never mind, there was another install type called wubi21:23
angelica_sadly didnt work with f12 keep engasging the simulation21:23
goddardk1l_: here is an example http://entrproject.org/21:23
angelica_a ok :)21:23
goddardbekks: ^21:24
MonkeyDustjamesguessis  you actually installed 16.04 ?21:25
wileeeangelica_, you mention a 'exe' and 'simulation' can you share more on those?21:25
angelica_when i wad on windows i inserted the pen i had the option to see if i want install xubutu or try it first if i like it now with xubuntu installed the pen just force me in the try simulation21:25
jamesguessisMonkeyDust: yeah, about a week ago, works just fine21:25
angelica_/whe i had21:25
wileeeangelica_, Ah simulation is a live run?21:26
goddardk1l_: if go to to the section "Watching for New Files"21:26
angelica_yea didn t find the right word21:26
angelica_live run21:26
goddardk1l_: i use find instead of LS so I can get a recursive list21:26
jamesguessiser works fine other than letting me have uuid properly21:26
MonkeyDustjamesguessis  great, but you'll have to go to #ubuntu+1 for support21:26
wileeeangelica_, Cool, so you have to boot the usb, you may have figured this out already, wont work from windows unless in a virtual.21:27
TJ-angelica_: I've not looked at the ISO boot code for xubuntu recently, but that could be because it detects an existing installation and doesn't want you to accidentically wipe it out without realizing21:27
jamesguessisMonkeyDust: so I should ask about my uuid problem there?21:28
vnonly UEFI option I can find in my Award BIOS is related to CD/DVD and from what im googling, my DVD boot issues (its freezing on debian, ubuntu, arch, lubuntu and kali2, before I can get a shell or syslog) seem to be related to UEFI..any hints on what/where I should check?  I'm also told to try nomodeset, but there are radeon issues...kinda lost21:29
angelica_yea but my intent is to wipe out because who put previous xubuntu didnt give me the pass so if i use it so after a waile he ask me the pass i clarly dont have21:29
angelica_so wanted to put a fresh xubuntu in21:29
angelica_as i put this on this notepad21:30
pukahave a awesome night guys21:30
angelica_ty u too21:30
angelica_for the boot the pc seem cheking external device first so should see the pen or even the win xp i put to try to delete this old version of xubuntu21:32
MonkeyDustjamesguessis  yes, but 16.04 isnt even in alpha yet21:32
angelica_buyed this old pc at low cost but now i cant put my fresh xubuntu i m stik to some one else stuff?21:33
wileeeangelica_, how did you load the pen with xubuntu?21:33
MonkeyDustjamesguessis  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseSchedule21:34
angelica_inserted the pen the activated the pc21:34
OEPIs there anyone here with experience with the Apache 2 MPM ITK module on Ubuntu 14.04? I am trying to use it but get the "No MPM loaded" error when I start Apache.21:34
wileeeangelica_, How did you put ubuntu on the pen for the install?21:34
angelica_charge normaly but instead the old xubuntu or instalation start the live21:34
MonkeyDustOEP  is that a server? if yes, there's also #ubuntu-server21:35
Quake2i love you angelica_21:35
OEPMonkeyDust: Yep, thanks for the tip. I will ask there.21:35
angelica_wasn t  me , ahah why XD cause i m noob :)21:35
angelica_the guy where i buy the pc21:35
bekksgoddard: You provided a link, but didnt answer my question.21:36
angelica_sr for my english and ty alot guys for all21:36
goddardbekks: what?21:36
bekksgoddard: 1113 222358 < goddard> k1l_: here is an example http://entrproject.org/21:36
wileeeangelica_, What is your native language?21:36
g1bbsdoes anyone use Gerrit for code review?  Or other tool suggestions?21:36
wileee!it | angelica_ might be more helpful21:37
ubottuangelica_ might be more helpful: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:37
reisioman, nobody's named Angelica anymore, far out21:37
reisioangelica_: don't apologize because English speakers mostly only speak a single language these days :p21:37
wileeeheh I speak gibberish21:38
goddardbekks: go to a directory with more then 1024 files and then type in your terminal "find /your/path | entr echo "file change detected" "21:38
angelica_:) eheh21:38
angelica_daccordo grazie ubottu21:38
wileeenot a slant on you angelica_ just a joke. ;)21:38
angelica_ma dove lo digito?21:38
cristian_c!italian | angelica_21:39
ubottuangelica_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:39
angelica_know wilee nice one :)21:39
angelica_posso tener aperte entrambe ? se digito qui?21:40
MonkeyDustangelica_  stop21:40
angelica_was answering to ubotto red typing message are private or just highlited ?21:41
k1l_highlighted if someone writes you nickname21:42
k1l_angelica_: like this21:42
=== Acilim_A is now known as Acilim
angelica_a ok got it :)21:42
MonkeyDustangelica_  and ubottu is a (ro)bot, a program, a script21:42
angelica_well he helped :)21:43
=== Acilim is now known as Acilim_A
g1bbsdoes anyone here have the title "architect" at their company?21:43
k1l_g1bbs: better ask that in ##chat or #ubuntu-offtopic21:44
goddardbekks: i have never ran into a problem like this21:44
Seveasg1bbs: I used to have that in my jobtitle at some point when we couldn't figure out what I would do ;)21:44
=== peppers is now known as guest3453
g1bbsk1l_: I was specifically interested in Android architects21:44
reisioif I had that title, I'd fire myself21:44
k1l_g1bbs: more chance to find android devs on #android21:44
reisioangelica_: private messages open in a tab with the user's nick as its name, or have hyphens surrounding the user name21:45
g1bbson paper it could be interesting.  Take business requirements and lay out actual components and OOP design for use21:45
=== root_ is now known as nemdiggers
reisiocushy job if you can get it21:45
reisiogreat way to get paid by not doing much21:45
g1bbsbout right21:45
g1bbsthat's my understanding heh21:45
reisiothis hotel? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burj_Al_Arab21:45
reisiothe architect drew a curved line in the shape of a sail21:46
reisio...and then the _engineers_ built it21:46
reisioafter designing it21:46
reisioarchitect wears cardigan, engineer wears self respect :p21:46
angelica_ty reiso:)21:47
=== kasubai_ is now known as Razzdoll
reisioangelica_: type r-e-i, then hit TAB21:47
reisiotab completion, it's great; use it everywhere not just on IRC21:47
nemdiggersreisio: I wish linux had question marks21:48
reisionemdiggers: me, too21:48
reisioquestion marks rule21:48
vnonly UEFI option I can find in my Award BIOS is related to CD/DVD and from what im googling, my DVD boot issues (its freezing on debian, ubuntu, arch, lubuntu and kali2, before I can get a shell or syslog) seem to be related to UEFI..any hints on what/where I should check?  I'm also told to try nomodeset, but there are radeon issues...kinda lost, any ideas/hints?21:49
reisiomaybe that was his ideal use of a second chance :p21:49
reisiovn: try a usb instead21:49
reisiovn: in fact, try a usb regardless, optical media is dead21:49
vnreisio: my 14.04 on USB does the same21:50
reisioangelica_: r, then e, then i, then tab21:50
Al3x_10mhahaa nice21:51
=== Ripmind- is now known as Ripmind
reisiothat is, type the beginning of a nickname21:51
angelica_mm it didn t complete for me k will retry21:51
reisioand then TAB to finish it without having to type it all (or risk a typo)21:51
reisioeven more useful for commands you don't want to mess up21:51
reisioand paths21:51
vnheh that reminds me when I learnt about nick completion, I couldnt believe it21:51
angelica_reisio, got it ty :)21:51
reisiovn: I still can't21:52
reisioangelica_: yarp21:52
reisioangelica_: now go into xchat's settings and change that comma to a colon :p21:52
reisio/set completion_suffix :21:52
reisiosend that as a msg here :p21:53
reisioeveryone will look at you if you use a comma21:53
reisioone of us, one of us21:53
reisiovn: colons, amirite?21:53
angelica_:) will try21:54
vnreisio: yea?21:55
reisiovn: word21:57
vnI wonder if people try to autocomplete my nick..heh21:57
angelica_XD i m lost lol21:58
benbro1what package adds /etc/init.d/paulseaudio ?21:58
vnbenbro1: you're looking for pulseaudio21:58
benbro1when installting the pulseaudio package on a server I don't see the file21:58
Seveas~$ dpkg -L pulseaudio | grep init.d22:00
reisiovn: I do, saves me the ': '22:00
reisioand also any typoes22:00
benbro1Seveas: apt-get install pulseaudio -> on a server22:02
benbro1Seveas: can't see /etc/init.d/pulseaudio22:02
vnk so windows isnt uefi...no uefi options in bios..I shouldnt need anything special with that then I spose..enabled/disabled vt-d and IOMMU, no change22:02
reisiobut yours is one of the few ultra-short nicks that my IRC client will complete for22:02
reisiousually I tell people with such tiny nicks to diaf :)22:02
Seveasbenbro1: which ubuntu version?22:02
reisiovn: what happens with usb boot, again?22:03
benbro1Seveas: 15.10 server22:03
vnreisio: usb or cd boot, it starts, then jams after 30 seconds, around whoopsie.service or networking.service without errors, even in debug22:04
reisiovn: try the mini/mal image22:04
reisioalem: hi22:04
Seveasbenbro1: dpkg -L pulseaudio | grep init22:04
Seveasdoes that show the file?22:04
vnreisio: minimal is even more minimal than server?22:04
benbro1Seveas:  /usr/share/doc/pulseaudio/examples/pulseaudio.init.example22:04
reisiovn: oh did you want a server install?22:05
Seveasbenbro1: interesting. please pastebin the output of apt-cache policy pulseaudio22:05
alemI seem to be having an issue with my NIC not wanting to come online. I recently had a motherboard/PSU problem, and have replaced the faulty hardware, but the only thing that is now presenting issues is the NIC. If I run lspci I see it listed, and I know outside the OS it is working as I get a PXE Boot option from the NIC, but otherwise I am lost. Nothing appears in syslog or dmesg (that I see about it anyways).22:05
reisiovn: I'm not sure it is, really; possibly not22:05
vnreisio: naw, desktop22:05
Seveasalem: please pastebin the output of: ip a l22:05
vnreisio: will try minimal and report22:06
reisiovn: then try the minimal install image22:06
reisiovn: less things are loaded, fewer chances for things to go pear shaped22:06
alemSeveas, I won't be able to pastebin (seeing as how I have no way to pastebin from that machine, and if the output is too long, I won't be able to copy it all here), but I can try to describe the output to you.22:06
alemHold on one second.22:06
Seveasalem: copy it to a usb stick or take a picture with your cellphone?22:06
benbro1Seveas: http://pastebin.com/bzD3z6hN22:07
benbro1Seveas: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/pulseaudio/filelist22:08
Seveasbenbro1: that's Really Weird. I have the same ubuntu and pulseaudio version and do get those files.22:08
benbro1Seveas: in 14.04 I see the init.d script in the list of files. in 15.10 it's missing22:08
benbro1Seveas: maybe something replaced it?22:08
alemSeveas, http://imgur.com/baQRWrB22:09
alemOutput of ip a l and lspci with a grep output22:09
Seveasbenbro1: hmm. dpkg says the initscript comes from the package, but dpkg-deb --contents pulseaudio_1%3a6.0-0ubuntu13_amd64.deb doesn't list it. Digging a bit more.22:10
Ricky_Rat5005Just ran setup of Ubuntu Server on MS Hyper-V. It said it was done and needed to reboot, upon reboot there isn't any video. Any suggestions?22:11
bekksRicky_Rat5005: Define "there want any video".22:12
benbro1Seveas: http://pastebin.com/xJxmvBTV22:12
Seveasbenbro1: looks like it's my system that's wonky, not yours. the initscripts should have been removed by the upgrade: pulseaudio is now completely udev-driven.22:12
benbro1Sevas: how is pulseaudio started for each session?22:12
benbro1Seveas: what does udev-driven means? How am I supposed to start it on a server (headless) ?22:13
benbro1manually with pulseaudio -D ?22:13
Seveasbenbro1: unfortunately, no idea22:13
Ricky_Rat5005bekks - Black Screen with what appears to be a pixelated Hyper-V writing22:13
reisioRicky_Rat5005: I suggest you not waste time with Hyper-V22:14
reisioit's quite awful22:14
reisioparticularly for Unix guests22:14
reisiobut also very much just in general22:14
Ricky_Rat5005reisio While I appreciate the suggestion, that is the platform I am working in.22:14
Seveasalem: your network interface is the p10p1 interface. Is a network cable plugged in? If so, do a screenshot of the output of sudo ethtool p10p122:14
reisioRicky_Rat5005: then I pity you, a lot :D22:14
reisioRicky_Rat5005: make _sure_ you're at least using the latest version of Hyper-V22:14
reisioearlier versions were _even more incredibly terrible at this_22:15
Ricky_Rat5005reisio Yes, it's a server 2012 R2 machine, Gen 2 Hyper-V22:15
bekksRicky_Rat5005: and make sure you are using the "nomodeset" kernel option.22:15
bekksRicky_Rat5005: Make _sure_ you have applied ALL patches available to Hyper-V.22:15
reisioalso, it's hard to imagine you wouldn't want the server install image22:15
reisioand not the desktop22:15
daftykinsnomodeset on a server install might not be relevant if a DE wasn't installed22:15
Ricky_Rat5005beeks Is that an option upon install?22:15
reisiowhich should not bother starting any graphics nonsense in the first place22:15
daftykinsreisio: you'd think, yet plymouth remains oddly o022:16
bekksRicky_Rat5005: No. It is an option of "Windows Update".22:16
Ricky_Rat5005reiso it is the server install version, not desktop. I am not complaining that there isn't any gui, there isn't any display period. I can't see what is on the screen.22:16
alemSeveas, http://imgur.com/ggOQRbi22:16
bekksRicky_Rat5005: use nomodeset.22:16
bekks!nomodeset | Ricky_Rat500522:17
ubottuRicky_Rat5005: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:17
amranyone here use iwlwifi as their wifi driver? having problems with power usage?22:17
reisiodaftykins: for the server image?22:17
alemThere is a cable plugged into the NIC, was initially, as I was hoping it would just pick up the static ip address I gave it before my hardware issues previously.22:17
Seveasalem: according to ethtool, no cable is plugged in (link detected: no). So check the cable.22:17
Seveashow did you give it a static IP address?22:17
Seveasnetworkmanager or /etc/network/interfaces?22:18
daftykinsreisio: well, on installs - albeit with some text theme, heh22:18
alemDuring the OS installation option, so I would guess /etc/network/interfaces22:18
Ricky_Rat5005bekks looking at that link now. thx.22:18
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
Seveasalem: actually, that's probably networkmanager. Check the interfaces file. Maybe the interface name needs to be corrected there. Alternatively, check networkmanager, maybe it is hardcoding an interface name.22:19
alemSeveas, I mean, there definitely is a cable connected, I plugged it in twice to verify. The activity light is not lighting up, but it is definitely plugged in. Here is a picture of /etc/network/interfaces: http://imgur.com/MmxjUcS22:20
reisiodaftykins: really, the server install has plymouth?22:20
* reisio shakes head at catering to Windows Server "people"22:21
Seveasalem: ok, so it did go in the interfaces file. In that file change eth0 to p10p1 and reboot.22:21
daftykinsplymouth doesn't cater for anything i thought *shrug*22:22
bekksreisio: Yes.22:23
teweaI am new to eclipse in ubuntu version  15.04 and trying to set up maven in my project. I am at very initial stage of it. I have just installed Maven on my computer but when I try to create a new project with Maven, it is not showing any Maven option.  I am using Eclipse22:23
goddardbekks: any idea how to fix this issue?22:23
daftykinsalem: regardless of link state that looks misconfigured22:23
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd  release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ - 15.04 reaches end of life in Januray of 201622:23
Seveasdaftykins: why?22:23
reisioone of the server guys at work rebooted our lone Unix box once22:23
reisiohe said he only saw a login prompt22:24
=== bryn is now known as Guest8760
bekksgoddard: Fixing which issue?22:24
reisioand was concerned it wasn't running :p22:24
goddardbekks: go to a directory with more then 1024 files and then type in your terminal "find /your/path | entr echo "file change detected" "22:24
Seveasreisio: *facepalm*22:24
reisioI guess checking that the web server was working was too difficult22:24
reisioour top server admin, he is22:24
bekksgoddard: And WHAT is the issue?22:24
reisioin his defense, he has no interest in that install22:24
goddardbekks: error for opening to many files22:24
reisioin his offense, he's a goof22:24
alemdaftykins, in which way?22:24
goddardbekks: ulimit -n stats 102422:25
bekksgoddard: WHICH erro?22:25
Seveasreisio: could you please stick to support things in here. #ubuntu-offtopic is the chatter channel22:25
alemBecause regardless, right now, it won't boot up into Ubuntu again. :/22:25
daftykinsalem: doesn't matter, focus on the link state22:25
bekksgoddard: How about FINALLY stating WHICH error you get when doing WHAT exactly?22:25
goddardentr: Too many files listed; the hard limit for your login class is 102422:25
Seveasalem: where is it stuck?22:25
reisioSeveas: read your logged msgs sometime22:25
alemIt can get to Grub, and then just boots to a black screen. After a few seconds, my monitor shows that it is in standby mode.22:26
goddardbekks: entr: Too many files listed; the hard limit for your login class is 102422:26
alemSo somewhere after Grub. I may just run boot-repair from a USB drive and see if that solves it.22:26
daftykinsalem: 14.04 server?22:26
daftykinsboot repair is not for situations like that22:26
alemdaftykins, it is 14.04 server22:27
Seveasalem: then something in your hardware is still broken. A network connection not coming up cannot cause that.22:27
alemIt seems to boot fine if I don't press any key on the keyboard to force it to book22:27
teweaI am new to eclipse in ubuntu version  15.04 and trying to set up maven in my project. I am at very initial stage of it. I have just installed Maven on my computer but when I try to create a new project with Maven, it is not showing any Maven option.  I am using Eclipse22:27
alemIf I just let the timer go through the process of the count-down timer, it boots without issue. If I press a button, it stops.22:27
reisiotewea: how'd you install maven?22:27
Seveasgoddard: either raise your open file limit or use something more modern than entr (incron comes to mind)22:28
teweareisio: from package manager22:29
reisiotewea: gj22:29
bekksgoddard: I'm callsifying those message sas symptoms. What are you actually trying to accomplish? What is the reason behind your usage of inotify?22:29
goddardbekks: im using entr22:30
reisiotewea: perhaps #maven or #eclipse ?22:30
goddardbekks: it is a program that allows you to watch the file system and execute commands22:30
alemAlright, so it has booted up, and... running ifconfig -a on p10p1 says it doesn't have any address associated with it.22:30
neldogzHi everyone, it seems that Gnupg is ignoring the default-cache-ttl timeout set within the gpg-agent.conf file. Every time I enter my password it resets.22:30
neldogzAnyone else notice this issue?22:30
teweareisio: maven22:30
Seveasalem: did you fix /etc/network/interfaces before rebooting?22:30
bekksgoddard: I perfectly do know what inotify is and what it is for. But that doesnt answer my question to you.22:30
alemYes, I manually brought up the interface this time, and it does have an IP on it now.22:31
alemSo I guess I also have to change auto eth0 to auto p10p122:31
goddardbekks: if you dont know how to fix the error then just say so22:31
bekksgoddard: If you cant explain your use case then just say so.22:32
goddardbekks: i have given you plenty of information22:32
akikgoddard: so did you look into changing nofile in limits.conf ?22:32
teweareisio: when i check the verstion(mvn --version) it is installed already22:32
daftykinsgoddard: back down and provide what you've been asked for if you expect any help22:32
goddardakik: ive gotten conflicting information22:32
k1l_goddard: why not use inotifywatch or such?22:32
reisiotewea: gj22:32
daftykinstewea: is anyone in any eclipse channels any help? (just a thought)22:33
goddardk1l_: i haven't heard of that why not? i dont know that is why i am asking a question22:33
alemSo daftykins what was wrong with the layout/formatting?22:33
daftykinsalem: doesn't matter, it's not going to bring an interface up if it's not :)22:33
ArchNoobHello here!!22:34
reisio'lo arch22:34
alemAlright, and then, finally, what could cause the system to not boot if I press the enter key to manually boot it, but will boot fine if I leave the system alone?22:34
daftykinsalem: can you boot a live session of desktop on this thing?22:34
ArchNoobreisio: hey.. I got a problem, i don't know where to exactly post it..22:34
k1l_goddard: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man1/inotifywatch.1.html and http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man1/inotifywait.1.html22:34
alemI would have to either burn a CD or make a new USB stick, but I could, yes.22:34
alemdaftykins, ^22:34
k1l_ArchNoob: if its a ubuntu issue state the issue here?22:35
reisioArchNoob: cool22:35
daftykinsalem: sounds like a plan, i'd match version if you can - it'd just be useful to see the NIC(s) working via DHCP away from the install22:35
alemWell, this is the DHCP server, so... ;)22:35
alemThats why I need it back online. :)22:35
daftykinshome or office?22:35
bekksgoddard: You didnt answer my main question. But nvm, I'm not interested in discussing the symptoms of your issue anymore.22:35
daftykinshaha, ridiculous setup22:36
ArchNoobI'm trying to record a video tutorial with simple screen recorder. And Seems whenever i'm plugged in AC cable, there is a noise coming .. I can't remove it.. How can i overcome this?22:36
Seveasalem: all that happened is that your interface name was changed due to the hardware change. With your configuration modified to match that, all should be good now :)22:36
alemIt works nice for a learning environment. :P22:36
goddardbekks: i already gave you an example of exactly what I am trying to do and a way for you to reproduce it22:36
Seveasalem: though your dhcp server config may also have the interface name in it somewhere, check that.22:36
daftykinsalem: you're learning a lot tonight :)22:36
goddardbekks: you just refuse to accept it for some strange reason22:36
ArchNoobPs. I'm using ubuntu..22:36
k1l_ArchNoob: could be hardware issue22:36
bekksgoddard: nvm, I'm not interested anymore.22:37
goddardbekks: an exact command is not good enough any more I guess22:37
alemSeveas, yeah, for the NIC. But I am still concerned that the GRUB booting issue. That is the second time it has done that. If I press the enter key to boot, before the count-down timer is finished, it stalls booting. If I leave it alone, it boots without a prooblem.22:37
bekksgoddard: correct. because it does not explain the use case WHY that command was issued. big picture, go figure.22:38
Seveasalem: hitting enter there makes it pause so you can choose something else from the menu22:38
ArchNoobk1l_: well, whenever i'm not plugged in the voice is perfect. Is there any other channel i could post this to then?22:38
ArchNoobk1l_: Like the hardware channel?22:38
daftykinsalem: oh i missed when you said it boots with no config, i take it you allocated it by hand and there was no change?22:38
goddardbekks: i want to be able to watch the file system and execute commands how is that not exact enough?22:38
ArchNoobk1l_: or Ubuntu sounds or something i don't know..22:38
alemNo, Enter should allow me to boot it up faster in this situation. This is the GRUB boot menu (that boots for memtest, ubuntu, advanced options, etc)22:38
SeveasArchNoob: sounds like interference and an improperly shielded audio input in your laptop. Not much you can do except stay on battery22:39
k1l_ArchNoob: well. when pluggin in the power cord there are mechanical/electrical things going on. and some of them are known to make a sound.22:39
alemdaftykins, no, this was done through boot-repair a while back as I was experiencing issues getting drives to recognize a raid card correctly. It was magically push itself to the front of the list sometimes and then everything would fail to boot.22:39
alemI can try posting a video, but I fear it would take too long to upload. :D22:40
daftykinsalem: what was done? just boot that live session, your install sounds exotic :P and by that i mean as stable as a cow in a shopping trolley22:40
ArchNoobWell, i guessed that for sure.. That the electrical signals and stuff are interfering .. I guess I have to buy another battery then..22:40
alemIt used to be stable before I had to switch the motherboard out.22:40
ArchNoobcause it stays for like, ten minutes and dead..!! **22:41
alemThe live session won't help fix a GRUB Booting issue if the live session bypasses the instance of grub that is having the problem.22:41
goddardbekks: ?22:41
daftykinsalem: i'm surprised your failures didn't take the RAM with it, did you memtest to be sure?22:42
akikalem: do you mean that when you turn on your computer, you only get the grub timeout counting down and don't see the grub entries?22:42
goddardk1l_: how can i use that program?22:42
alemakik, no. I mean, when I get the grub timout counting down, if I press enter to boot Ubuntu early (as opposed to waiting till it counts down to 0) it fails to boot. If I let the grub timeout countdown finish counting down to 0 completely, it works fine.22:43
akikalem: sorry don't know, they should do exactly the same thing22:44
alemYeah, I know, that is why I am sorta confused.22:44
alemI assume it is some BIOS feature that is specially built for Windows that might be causing the problem.22:45
SabbathHave you tried reinstall grub?22:45
alemI just tried that, and will reboot soon to see what happens.22:45
akikalem: what i've noticed that setting GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT and GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET to an empty value, makes all the grub entries visible vs. "hidden"22:47
daftykinsalem: that's a bit of a stretch. is your OS install on-RAID or off?22:47
lostsoulUbuntu 14.04, I have lost the NetworkManager.  When on-line, no indicator on top bar.  Any suggestions?  Can't even launch my VPN. service.22:47
alemMy OS install is not on a RAID system in any fashion. I have storage devices on RAID however that are in the fstab file.22:47
daftykinsalem: is this basically the first bunch of boot attempts since the rebuild?22:48
alemdaftykins, yep22:48
daftykinsalright, pull all your drives and reduce it to the minimal config and boot a live session of desktop to test the board out22:49
alemAnd the same thing happens after reinstalling grub, it just loads a black screen and the monitor goes into timeout mode.22:49
k1l_goddard: i am sure i linked you the man pages22:49
Seveaslostsoul: did you try rebooting? nm-applet sometimes crashes for me and the only way to get it back is a reboot.22:49
daftykinsanything else will be a total waste of effort22:49
daftykinsalem: what make + model is the new mobo?22:49
goddardk1l_: i am sure you did as well but it doesn't show an example of watching the file system and then executing a command22:49
RazzdollDoes anybody know what soft and hard line to set for the script quota to be able to set a user to 300mb, and 5gigs22:50
isReKT2000or maybe running nm-applet in terminal22:50
alemASUS m5a99x pro r2.022:50
SabbathLostsoul: run sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart22:50
daftykinsalem: ok do the above and check the BIOS version22:50
lostsoulI get some kind of strange error, that I haven't found a resolution.  I can probably duplicate if you care to see it.  It's about 4 or 5 lines.22:51
alemHm.. it isn''t necessarily that pushing the enter key fails it to boot. It just seems to be that every other time it boots, it fails.22:51
isReKT2000pastebin it22:51
alem1 works, 1 doesn't, and it keeps repeating that cycle.22:51
daftykinsit's time to get serious, not debate the quirks of a boot menu :)22:52
daftykinsthe current BIOS version (i.e. newest available) is 250122:52
isReKT2000we've should've gotten serious already ;)22:52
k1l_goddard: this is one example howto: https://xaroumenosloukoumas.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/watching-directories-for-file-changes-with-inotifywait/22:52
lostsoulsudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart22:53
lostsoul[sudo] password for jack:22:53
lostsoulsudo: /etc/init.d/NetworkManager: command not found22:53
daftykinsisReKT2000: i was trying, too much faff going on - nice grammar btw ;)22:53
daftykinslostsoul: don't paste here please.22:53
daftykinslostsoul: "sudo service network-manager restart" i think is what you're after, but that's pre-15.0422:53
isReKT2000isn't systemctl supposed to be used?22:54
daftykinsonly if it's there22:54
daftykinsnot all supported releases use it yet.22:54
Seveaslostsoul: it's /etc/init.d/network-manager, not NetworkManager.22:54
daftykinsnot that init scripts are the way at all :)22:54
isReKT2000idk if systemd is on his system22:54
k1l_isReKT2000: depends on the ubuntu version number22:55
isReKT2000Seveas, that's pre-15.04, as said22:55
daftykinsno my suggestion is pre-15.0422:55
daftykinsisReKT2000: you're not really adding to this situation, just parroting22:55
isReKT2000k1l_, yeah22:55
isReKT2000daftykins, /me leaves22:55
Seveasthe initscript still works on 15.10, it just redirects to systemctl22:55
isReKT2000oh, well I guess22:56
alemdaftykins, it is at 2501 already22:56
SeveasI really wish ubuntu would actually remove the initscripts. It'll be impossible to unlearn using them otherwise :)22:56
daftykinsalem: alright, so pull the unneeded devices and run a minimal config with the live session, checking functionality.22:57
isReKT2000systemd is there already so removing them would be fine22:57
lostsoulIsn't finding that one either, I will look around for network stuff there...22:57
daftykinslostsoul: version?22:57
k1l_isReKT2000: not if there is no working systemd functionality22:57
isReKT2000k1l_, yeah, but maybe in a few versions it would be done22:58
lostsoulthe 'service network-manager restart' seems to have executed, but can't see any change.22:58
isReKT2000restarted yet? or does it do it on boot?22:59
lostsoul14.04 desktop + 3.19.0-30-generic23:00
isReKT2000one question though23:00
isReKT2000does it disappear straight away?23:00
isReKT2000or it does it after a period of time23:00
alemdaftykins, will be a while. Have to download a 14.04 LTS iso and take everything out....23:02
daftykinsalem: just disconnect...23:03
daftykinslostsoul: what are you after? what's going on?23:03
alemThat wouldn't help me in anyway.23:03
daftykinsyou obviously do not have 20 years hardware experience23:04
alemWell, or you could be more concrete with your answer. Disconnect from IRC, disconnect hardware, etc. ;)23:05
daftykinsthe extraneous hardware components that i've already stated 3 times in a row23:05
Latrodectusum i'm trying to use gmusicbrowser and i encountered: "playing error: can't create sink 'autoaudio'", what's the fix for this?23:06
daftykinsi'm not sure how much clearer that kind of basic methodology needs to be?23:06
daftykinsLatrodectus: i take it a close and reopen didn't help?23:06
Latrodectusand i've also killed it completely and restarted it, then i tried a reboot23:06
daftykinsrestart and test the guest session?23:06
Latrodectuswill do23:07
Latrodectusguest session is missing a plugin23:09
daftykinsmp3 playback that sounds like23:09
daftykinstry playing another format if possible23:10
Latrodectusthe thing is that i've used it before, and i haven't changed anything on the system since i tried it the first time (not in guest session)23:10
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daftykinsso what prompted this?23:12
Latrodectusi have no idea23:13
Latrodectusi specifically have this system setup to be isolated from changes23:13
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Latrodectushttp://pastebin.com/gwBegcpT | error output when started from terminal23:16
Latrodectusi guess you were right23:17
Latrodectusbut how did these codecs get deleted?23:17
Latrodectusthe only thing i can think of is bleachbit (i run it semi often but i haven't had problems like this on other systems that i run it on...)23:18
daftykinsi've heard of quirks from that one23:20
Latrodectusgood to know23:20
Latrodectusty for the help23:21
just_some_guydoes anybody knows how to change the order of the minimize maximize and close buttons to be similiar to windows?23:25
just_some_guyin ubuntu 14.0423:25
wileeeon the right just_some_guy23:25
k1l_just_some_guy: you mean on the right side?23:26
just_some_guyi mean the order of the buttons themselves23:26
just_some_guyto be minimize maximize and then close23:26
just_some_guyand not maximize minimize and then close23:27
wileeejust_some_guy, gconf-editor has editing23:27
just_some_guyi tried that23:27
just_some_guybut it doesn't change23:27
OerHeksjust_some_guy, dconf, http://askubuntu.com/questions/9867/how-to-switch-window-controls-to-the-left-gnome-shell23:27
k1l_see org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences  button-layout23:27
OerHeksminde the :  at the end or front23:27
OerHeksit is a seperator, you can put it in the middle too,23:28
just_some_guyi remember doing that in 12.0423:28
just_some_guybut for some reason it's not working on 14.0423:29
OerHeksnot sure you need to logout, but surely need to restart a browser to take effect23:29
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
just_some_guyso i will try to logout and login later23:30
just_some_guyhopefully it will work23:30
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smeraldifilm zorba il greco23:35
RubyDZi have a question not related to ubuntu ... does anyone know a good irc channel like this for windows support?23:36
bekkssmeraldi: wrong network.23:36
bekksRubyDZ: ##windows23:36
OerHeksRubyDZ, ##windows perhaps?23:36
RubyDZin freenode?23:36
bekksRubyDZ: yes.23:36
OerHeksmind the double ## as it is not official microsoft23:36
RubyDZthanks guys23:36
OerHekshave fun23:37
Jonny_KenilworthHey Guys,23:37
Jonny_KenilworthWhat command do I use to add 2015 to these file names in one go. "Together.S1E2.hdtv.mp4" to "Together (2015).S1E2.hdtv.mp4"23:38
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
Jonny_Kenilworthgot a lot of files to do.23:38
k1l_Jonny_Kenilworth: ask in #bash for regular expressions23:39
Jonny_Kenilworthk1l_: Thanks23:39
Latrodectusdaftykins: about my codecs beging deleted, what log file would monitor that?23:40
daftykinsit's highly unlikely something would pick a package to remove23:40
daftykinsbut apt's history log would23:41
Latrodectuswhere are those stored?23:42
Latrodectusnvr mind man'd apt-get23:43
Latrodectusoh, it's not in there23:43
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang23:45
silvaban them bots23:45
OerHeksset the channel on +r ..23:46
DalekSecOerHeks: Already happened.23:47
dopstarOerHeks: what does setting the channel on +r do?23:47
Latrodectusdamn those spammers23:47
Latrodectusdopstar: only registered accounts can access this chan23:47
daftykinsback on topic now :)23:47
silvaIt's just one person with a bunch of bots.23:47
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
silvaOkay, on topic. This is a support channel.23:47
dopstarLatrodectus: okay thanks, how do i register my nick?23:48
silvaRegister via NickServ.23:48
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode23:51
AbeThe amazing Salamander Man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27oCUgnPRx423:55
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
daftykinsAbe: not on topic. do you have a support question? if not, please depart.23:56
AbeIm sorry xD23:57
peterrivasssshello guys23:59

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