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Tumultehello !08:59
Tumultegot a very odd problem : when I use ffado-mixer with FW 410, the mouse becomes "stuck"08:59
TumulteI got a "hands' close" pointer and I can't click anything09:00
Tumultethe system is fully functionnal09:00
Tumultebut I can't click09:00
zequenceTumulte: Sounds strange. You could try dropping into a TTY and kill it09:24
zequenceCtrl + Alt + F109:24
zequenceLogin with your username and password09:24
zequenceThen, try: killall ffado09:24
zequenceOnce you get to to "ffado", don't hit ENTER. Hit TAB a couple of times to see if it autocompletes to something09:25
zequenceOnce you find something to kill, hit ENTER09:25
zequenceTo get back to the graphical login, do Ctrl + Alt + F709:25
zequenceIt's either F7 or F809:26
zequenceIf that didn't work, you can reboot the system. One command is: sudo shutdown -r now09:26
TumulteI already tried killing everything09:47
Tumulteshould probably dig the messages10:16
zequenceSince it's ffado-mixer, it could be qt10:28
Tumulteis there a CLI for this mixer ?10:28
zequenceNot that I'm aware of10:39
zequenceI've never had those issues myself. Which release are you on?10:40
zequenceDid you add any PPAs?10:40
Tumulteit's pretty much a fresh US10:40
TumulteI messed around with pulse10:40
Tumulted'ont know where I burried the corpse though10:40
Tumultezequence: so the answer is whatever version there's in US repo10:42
zequenceTumulte: The latest? 15.10?10:42
zequenceOk. If you have time, it could be helpful if you did a bug report. You need a launchpad account.10:43
zequenceFrom the terminal: ubuntu-bug <packagename>10:43
zequenceLet's see..10:43
zequenceAh, the package name is ffado-mixer-qt410:43
zequenceI will eventually try it myself. Think I already have though, but I'll double check.10:44
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Guest49790hello i hvae lost the volume22:44
Guest49790are you there22:45
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