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flocculantpdf is broken in docs06:38
knomeflocculant, elaborate?09:59
flocculantit didn't build http://pastebin.com/fvhpze2h 10:02
knomeweird, i just pulled the latest state and it built for me10:03
flocculantI pulled when I said it was broken10:03
flocculantNo revisions or tags to pull.10:04
knomeare you on xenial or something other weird stuff? :P10:04
Unit193bzr status10:04
flocculantof course10:04
flocculantUnit193: status just tells me the things it did build 10:05
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1194369 in fop "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.xmlgraphics.xmp.Metadata.mergeInto(Lorg/apache/xmlgraphics/xmp/Metadata;)V" [Unspecified,Closed: rawhide]10:05
flocculantknome: just fyi - it built fine yesterday10:06
flocculantsuppose I should have a look see what I've updated10:06
knomemaybe some syncs from debian landed?10:06
flocculantbut later, biab - dodging showers here :)10:06
knomeyep, looks like libxmlgraphics-commons-java is 2.010:08
knomebut fop is 1.110:09
knometbe, it has been 1.1 since trusty10:10
Unit193Debian has newer.10:10
knomethere's some ubuntu patches, so it isn't synced autoamtically10:11
knomesomebody want to poke people on #ubuntu-devel?10:12
Unit193knome: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fop/1:2.0+dfsg-410:12
knomegood then10:12
Unit193(Except, -proposed and ftbfs, but yeah otherwise good.)  Also, I don't see any patches in Ubuntu...10:14
knomei assumed there was something because the package version was XubuntuX10:14
knomebut i guess it's something else silly then10:14
knomebut good that somebody is actually working on it, even if ftbfs and propsoed10:14
Unit193That's delta, not patches.10:15
Unit193Build-dep transitioned.10:15
* knome shrugs10:15
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flocculantthanks for looking :)13:10
flocculantI've no need for pdf's - but thought I would mention it was broken here, just in case 13:10
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sidi-unbouncedhi people14:24
sidi-unbouncedDoes Xubuntu have an easy-to-use API for displaying permanent notifications?14:24
sidi-unbouncedthat libindicator thingy?14:24
sidi-unbouncedi want my sandbox daemon to have a way to display running sandboxes and notify of sandboxed apps performing specific actions14:25
ochosiyeah, if you're thinking xubuntu then yes, you could write an indicator14:27
ochosibeware that that'll only work in ubuntu, few distros really support it and the indicator maintainers said they aren't interested in making indicators work in other distros14:28
flocculantan ochosi ... 14:28
ochosithe better way may be to write a small panel plugin14:28
sidi-unbouncedochosi, the study im doing is on Xub so that's fine by me for now :-)14:28
sidi-unbouncedright, that too14:28
ochosinot sure whether a panel plugin is actually more work...14:28
ochosiin both you have to live with the restrictions of gtk ;)14:28
sidi-unbouncedi have a C daemon written in very low-level C code, without even a glib linked to it right now14:28
sidi-unbouncedit's setuid, too :D14:28
sidi-unbounceddont wanna put up too much code into that. Panel plugins are loaded by the panel dynamically, right?14:29
sidi-unbouncedand they have an init function that's called and run as a panel thread afterwards?14:29
sidi-unbouncedactually i was thinking of using that persistent thing only for a history of notifications14:30
sidi-unbouncedand using Xfwm to display primary controls for sandboxed apps14:30
sidi-unbouncedsidi, ping ping14:33
sidi-unbouncedit seems my bouncer is back.14:33
krytarikknome: I think a manual sync of the recent translations to the docs branch before renaming the user docs source dir would be wise? Also, notice the .pot file will be renamed too, of course.14:52
krytarikAlso, should I try and exempt the SD from the translation too?14:53
krytarik(In the subdir way, that is.)14:55
krytarikOr, similar to the CC one, we could move it to the doc-specific "libs" directory.15:16
krytarikI'd prefer that.15:20
krytarikknome: Just noticed, you might need to fix the placement of the branch icon here :P - https://unit193.net/xubuntu/docs/contributor-docs/C/howto.html#bzr-push  Also, might be nice to spell out "Bazaar" for once in the title at least. And I'd expand the title of the page a bit again, to more than just "How to..."  And for the XSD one, I'd drop the "The" at the start.16:26
krytarikAnd I think we should add 'bzr mv' there - it's really important for the resulting diff, as I've just noticed recently! :P16:32
flocculantwords and words and words :p16:33
krytarikYeah, sorry about that. :|16:33
flocculantwhy worry :)16:33
flocculantor rather - nothing TOO worry about :)16:34
flocculantknome: but if you do do anything - can you fix the with with in QA team release responsibilities :)16:42
krytarikHah - plus missing period.16:48
krytarikAlso, I'd make the whole "Release Note" the link.16:49
krytarikSimilarly for other links in that page.16:50
krytarik* on16:50
krytarikLike "Manual Testcases".16:51
krytarik"bug report to the testcase project" - "bug report" should link to "../+filebug", rather than "project".16:54
flocculantnot that concerned about that tbh 16:54
flocculantimo these pages shouldn't need handholding 16:55
krytarikBasically, I want the anchor text indicate what to expect of the target.16:56
flocculantwell you know what I want got :p16:56
krytarikYep, "just click the link!" :D16:57
flocculantthings like that really don't bother me much :D16:57
flocculantthat said if you're that concerned - do an MP as long as you don't change words without me knowing :)16:58
flocculantremember to do the with with though :p16:58
flocculantwhich does bring up a point seriously16:59
krytarikYeah, I have a huge MP upcoming anyway. :P16:59
flocculanttaking QA as an example16:59
flocculantif changes to QA pages are subject to an MP - then the QA lead should ack them16:59
flocculantand docs- doc team16:59
krytarikYeah, agree.16:59
krytarikJust add as additional reviewer then.17:00
flocculantnot really an issue when it's all new and the people concerned are filling the hole17:00
flocculantperhaps should be in there somewhere as a point17:01
flocculantkrytarik: yea 17:01
krytarikIn Processes probably then.17:02
flocculantconsidering there wasn't anything at all a week or two ago it's all pretty much \o/ if you ask me17:02
flocculantyea - that would probably work17:02
krytarikSo many "Xubuntu" there that seem unneeded! :P17:12
flocculantprobably 17:12
flocculantin fact unless it's pointing to somewhere linky - not sure it's needed ever17:13
flocculantexcept the strategy doc 17:14
krytarikAlso, noticed while in the index it says "Subteam documentation", QA has three chapters in there. :P17:14
flocculantgreedy as you like17:14
krytarikNot sure the title of the SD needs to have it either though.17:15
flocculantneeds to have what? 17:16
flocculantit doesn't 17:17
flocculantat least not here 17:17
flocculantsays Part I. Subteam documentation here17:18
Unit193There's only one pot file?17:19
krytarikUnit193: One per doc variant.17:21
Unit193Ah good, OK.17:21
flocculantI thought pot files were translation things? 17:23
krytarikYep - it'd seem Unit193 is referring to something reg. the user docs one I said earlier.17:26
krytarikUnit193: And yes, I only touched that one.17:26
flocculantso - forgive me if I'm looking at this wrong - should there be any pot file for the cont docs? 17:28
krytarikThere is.17:28
flocculantright - but why? 17:30
krytarikknome put it there first! :P17:31
flocculantnot saying he didn't :)17:31
Unit193flocculant: I wondered too.17:31
flocculantI vaguely saw Unit193 and knome talking about cont docs and languages - with the result being it should be english17:32
flocculantnot sure when now - days merging :)17:32
krytarikNo one concluded it shouldn't be offered for translation at all though - only exempt the SD.17:33
krytarikI'd certainly not promote it as much as the user docs though.17:33
flocculantyea - but if cont docs are in say swahili - tends to imply if someone comes here talking swahili someone will answer them :)17:34
flocculantshould be in en imo - if for no other reason than it implies that all the cont stuff is en17:34
flocculantanyway - not overly bothered till someone tries to talk to me ;)17:35
Unit193Well infinity popped up, but that's not the one we're looking for, IIRC.18:41
flocculantfor? 18:41
krytarikCore MPs.18:42
krytarikUnit193: Also, they're going to force you to update them anyway! :P18:42
flocculanthe'd do I'm sure18:42
Unit193I'm not sure.18:44
Unit193Honestly, I'd say have them review first, then fix if NACK and update if ACK.18:45
flocculantUnit193: iirc he was involved with the discussion before slangasek18:45
flocculantand yea agree with that 18:46
flocculantcos it's easy for me to say :)18:46
Unit193flocculant: You remember well.  The second is the one that wanted changes/did more of a review.18:46
Unit193Also, I don't plan to update it for review. :P18:46
flocculantyea - well I did ping slangasek a while back but 18:46
Unit193Yep, thanks for that.18:47
flocculantUnit193: I assume you mean - let them ack the way we want to do it - and then update it if they ack 18:47
Unit193Rebase/make it nice, yeah.18:47
flocculantk - just like to know where we are :)18:51
Unit193Seemingly in a rowboat in the middle of a great lake without a paddle.18:53
flocculanthope it's a big boat if we're all in it with you :D18:58
flocculantgot an LO update earlier - seems I had some other icon set too 18:59
flocculanthey ho knomio 21:12
Unit193Are bugcontrol members ever useful?21:33
Unit193flocculant: In order to try and get you back on my good side, new xfdashboard is already in the extras PPA!21:48
flocculantI'm always on my good side ... 21:49
flocculantI did see the mail an hour or so ago about that21:49
flocculantwhy's it in ppa twice though? 21:50
Unit193Still building.21:50
flocculantaah - ok :)21:50
flocculantUnit193: oh yea  - I did use the xfce sound plugin for a while - but I had two sound notifications21:52
flocculanteven though I had removed other one and rebooted21:52
Unit193indicator-sound was purged?21:52
flocculantwill check that properly tomorrow again 21:52
flocculantpretty sure I did 21:52
Unit193And, ochosi or someone wants results on that, I'm just the packager.21:53
flocculantat the time - the 2 notifications was annoying enough to just stop even looking21:53
flocculantI'll check it out again tomorrow21:53
Unit193Understandable, I'm not testing it either. :321:54
Unit193I should though.21:54
flocculantppa says newer version available - that always confuses me 21:55
Unit193Fixed. :P21:57
flocculantI'll check it out tomorrow :)21:57
flocculantanyone need to know anything about xfdashboard? 21:58
flocculantI only wish it wasn't enormously full screen :p21:58
Unit193I do!  Is it going into Ubuntu?  That's the "development" branch we've got in the PPA, I'd presume we'd want stable?21:59
flocculantnot as far as I know 21:59
flocculantI guess full screen would be ok if you had a whole bunch of things open :)22:00
Unit193OK, well enough users in extras to keep it going (heck, a team member likes it, that's good enough), so that's fine anyway.22:04
flocculantactually it's bigger than full screen 22:07
flocculantif I whack the mouse over to the right it sees all the right pane22:07
flocculantand just upgraded it 22:07
flocculantunless it's always been like that and I'd not noticed ... 22:08

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