xubuntu11wHow do I check that?00:03
mrkrampslscpi | grep Network00:03
xubuntu11wcommand not found00:05
geniior pastebin the results of sudo lshw -C Network00:05
knome^ lspci ...00:06
mrkrampslspci | grep Network00:06
xubuntu11wlspci | grep Network didnt do anything?00:07
xubuntu11woops ignore yes"00:09
geniiMan, I have never seen output from lshw like that for a wireless device00:10
xubuntu11wim going to assume it hardware issue than?00:11
geniiLooks like it's trying to use rt2800usb driver though00:12
mrkrampsargh … stupid me00:12
mrkrampstoo tired, sry00:12
xubuntu11wit okay mrkramps00:12
geniixubuntu11w: Is this thing inside your machine, or plugged into a USB port?00:13
xubuntu11wusb port'00:13
mrkrampsfinding an usb adapter is quite impossible searchin pci devices :S00:13
mrkrampsxubuntu11w, the output of `lsusb` is what i was looking for00:14
mrkrampsxubuntu11w, actually it should work00:25
mrkrampsxubuntu11w, which xubuntu are you running?00:26
xubuntu11winternet is working im on it right now. But ive been disconnected several times. Like ill be playing a game and then all the sudden the game immediately closes. Then it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting at same times several times. Then usually it will finally get connected for a little bit after that and the computer just freezes then.00:29
xubuntu11whilario@1337:~$ uname -a Linux 1337 4.2.0-18-generic #22-Ubuntu SMP Fri Nov 6 18:25:50 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:31
xubuntu11wim on 15.1000:31
mrkrampshave you tried using this adapter with an older version before?00:31
xubuntu11wnope. but this might of started after kernel update. I was on Arch linux before and it was having more problems than just this.00:33
mrkrampsfrom what i read on the internets this device should be fully supported by 14.0400:34
mrkrampsbut as wifi with linux is a little bastard stability is never guaranteed00:35
xubuntu11wyeah. im thinking it something to do with my motherboard having issues or something. Or the kernel being too new.00:36
mrkrampsi was expecting to find some more information about it, but it is mostly outdated from times when there had been ni firmware00:36
xubuntu11wthis computer was built not too long ago.00:37
mrkrampsyeah, this might also be part of the problem00:37
mrkrampslinux needs some time to support newest hardware00:37
xubuntu11wpretty good frame rates and runs games good it seems. But computer and games crashing left and right due to something with the internet. This wireless adapter never has problems. So idk why it does on this computer00:38
mrkrampsunstable firmware probably00:39
mrkrampsmy general recommendation for wifi on linux is to have multiple adapters with different chipsets00:39
mrkrampsat least one should work then00:40
xubuntu11wfirmware? what do I do about it?  this wireless adapter works fine with linux. but on a different computers00:40
mrkrampswith the same operation system?00:41
mrkrampssame version?00:41
mrkramps--operation ++operating00:41
xubuntu11wdifferent operating systems didnt effect the wireless adapter when I had my old pc. Just this one00:43
mrkrampsdo you use it on a usb 3 port?00:45
xubuntu11wnope 2.000:46
xubuntu11wmy biggest concern is finding out if there is hardware issues?00:48
xubuntu11wthere was more errors in syslog file00:48
mrkrampsyou can search for these errors00:49
xubuntu11walso there is like 8 syslog files00:49
mrkrampsthat's normal00:49
xubuntu11wsearching error has a match of 1/5300:49
mrkrampsyou may paste the whole syslog00:50
mrkrampsi cannot promise much, but willingly have a look00:51
xubuntu11wand here is kern.log00:55
mrkrampsxubuntu11w, you're running a usb hub?01:02
mrkrampsok, maybe i just get the messages wrong01:05
xubuntu11wusb hub is the thing you buy that allows you to connect more usb through one usb slot right?01:06
xubuntu11wyeah I dont have one of those01:06
mrkrampspretty weird stuff, CS:GO segfaults, you unplug the stick, plug it in again and MN segfaults01:16
mrkramps--MN ++NM01:16
mrkrampsand later on NM just segfaults01:17
xubuntu11widk what any of that is. But im not unpluging it. the computer is doing that by itself. I only unplug and plug back in once, but was when the computer freezed01:19
xubuntu11wthat was when the computer freeze.01:19
mrkrampsxubuntu11w, is there a reason why your avahi-daemon is so busy sending to
mrkrampsok, that's close01:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1342400 in avahi (Ubuntu) "avahi-daemon constantly reporting "Invalid response packet from host"" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:26
xubuntu11wwhat is this avahi?01:28
mrkrampsa daemon for zero configuration networking01:29
xubuntu11whow can something being connected to my network cause problems for my computer? And nothing osx is connected to my network. The only apple stuff connected at my house is iphones and ipods?01:30
mrkrampsfor now it is the best match i have found01:31
xubuntu11wokay so how do I apply the patch though?01:32
mrkrampsxubuntu11w, you should first try to temporarily disable the daemon and see if this has a positive affect01:36
xubuntu11wok, how do I do that?01:37
mrkramps`sudo service avahi-daemon stop` should do the trick01:37
mrkrampsthe daemon will start again with a reboot01:38
xubuntu11whow can I disable so that it stays disabled that way I can have time to see if the issue changes?01:43
xubuntu11wor should i just run that command after i log in everytime?01:44
mrkrampsthe daemon is important for some other services afaik … cups and such01:45
mrkrampsi would recommend just running the command after system boot01:45
xubuntu11whilario@1337:~$ sudo service avahi-daemon stop [sudo] password for hilario:  Warning: Stopping avahi-daemon.service, but it can still be activated by:   avahi-daemon.socket01:46
mrkrampsjust give it a try01:47
xubuntu11wi did?01:47
xubuntu11wthat was the output01:47
mrkrampsand if you like install 'lnav' to monitor your syslog01:48
xubuntu11winstalled. does it have a gui?01:49
mrkrampstui ;)01:49
mrkrampsgreat, obviously the daemon was restarted directly after stopping01:51
mrkrampsi'm running out of ideas01:55
xubuntu11whow do i exit it in the terminal?01:55
xubuntu11wim am so confused how this is even happening01:57
mrkrampsxubuntu11w, a complex topic01:57
mrkrampssometimes things just don't work01:58
xubuntu11wI refuse to use crapy windows. it hasnt even touched my hardware once. I hope to keep it that way. But this problem is very not good. And its random01:59
mrkrampsi am sorry, but i have to leave now … bed is calling02:00
xubuntu11wokay. thank you very much mrkramps for your time02:01
mrkramps you're welcoem02:01
xubuntu11whave a good night rest02:01
xubuntu11wdoes anyone else here got any idea on how to help me?02:02
ceasarI want a help about connecting bluetooth audio devices10:36
sim642Is there some way to get fully automatic login on 15.04? Some option I found claiming to do that still requires me to click "log in" although doesn't ask for a password11:53
two_jaysi know that the option is choosable when you create your profile at installation, but with already installed systems i doesnt know12:05
jbermudestwo_jays: Perhaps this might help? http://askubuntu.com/questions/530072/how-to-auto-login-in-xubuntu12:22
jbermudeserr, sim64212:22
sim642jbermudes, alright, will try12:30
jbermudessim642: It might be a good idea to make a backup of that file in case it doesn't work :)12:30
sim642it's just one line so whatever12:32
* pro slaps gabkdlly around a bit with a large fishbot13:01
xubuntu40wI use Xubuntu for my Desktop combined with a number of KDE applications such as Kate, Kdiff, Kmail and some others.  I can no longer configure the appearance of KDE applications using KDE systemsettings as their are now additional KDE config modules which must be installed.  The KDE apps have lost their look and feel of GTK+, their toolbar icons, etc.  I tried installing kubuntu-desktop which left me with no longer being able to 14:35
xubuntu40wI've looked in vain for the list of systemsetting modules which should be installed for basic KDE appearance settings.  Documentation is not a strong point of KDE.  Anyone know the answer?14:37
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phantom1024i have multiple monitors and a panel on each. Currently both panels are showing all the windows. Is there a way for each panel to only show the application currently on each display ?19:09
mrkrampsphantom1024, single desktop?19:13
phantom1024mrkramps, yes19:15
phantom1024i actually have 6 desktops but 2 monitors19:16
mrkrampsone desktop span over 2 monitors with 6 workspaces?19:16
mrkrampsthere should be a checkbox in the window button panel plugin's preferences19:17
mrkramps"show windows from all monitors"19:17
phantom1024got it19:17
phantom1024thank you very much19:17
howdystrangerHi all - I'm having a problem with Xubuntu 15.10. It crashes on the blue loading screen with the white loading symbol (and just freezes). If I use linux 3.9.0-32 it works fine though...20:22
bekkshowdystranger: how does it "crash"?20:30
howdystrangerbekks: the white loading symbol stops spinning, and the login screen never appears20:30
bekkshowdystranger: try rebooting, and press esc when the loading symbol appears.20:31
howdystrangerbekks: okay thanks I'll try that and report back20:31
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