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lordievaderGood afternoon.11:30
sick_rimmitlordievader: Hi how are you ?11:36
lordievaderHey sick_rimmit, I'm doing allright. Slept in until late. How are you?11:36
sick_rimmitGood, just kicking back today.. It's the weekend..11:37
lordievaderYeah ;)11:38
BluesKajHiyas all12:44
lordievadersick_rimmit: Having issues with your network connection?12:46
soeeit's getting dark in here :D14:44
BluesKajhey sick_rimmit, connection probs ?14:49
BluesKajhey sick_rimmit, connection probs ?14:50
sick_rimmitWell. not that I know of.. I've got a tail on syslog because I seem to keep dropping out aevery 5 minutes14:51
BluesKajmore like every min here on freenode14:54
ahoneybunmore like every few secs14:55
sick_rimmitAh right then I think I have an issue with wpa_supplicant14:55
sick_rimmitI am getting this in the logs14:55
sick_rimmitwpa_supplicant[838]: wlp2s0: WPA: Group rekeying completed with a4:b14:55
sick_rimmitI'm going to drop out of Kubuntu and return in a different OS, see if it stops14:56
lordievaderHmm, group keys shouldn't be used for data towards the AP.15:01
sick_rimmitOK... I'm Back using Ubuntu Studio. 15:08
sick_rimmitI think there is an issue in Kubuntu with wpa-supplicant, lets see if the connection is stable now15:08
sick_rimmitSame machine and everything, just booted to different OS15:09
BluesKajwhich OS ?15:30
ahoneybunUbuntu Studio. 15:38
sick_rimmitAh ha it so quite there, I though I was on the wrong server15:39
ahoneybunits a saturday lol15:40
sick_rimmitGetting frustrated with Internet DJ Console, trying to make it work so I could use it for Kubuntu Podcast15:40
sick_rimmitBut it's being very naughty and won't play anything :-(15:40
BluesKajheh, well i was actually asking sick_rimmit, but ahoneybun for how and what do you use studio?  I've often thought about it , but I don't do much recording.15:41
ahoneybunBluesKaj: sick_rimmit said he booted to Ubuntu Studio. 15:41
ahoneybunI've not used it15:41
sick_rimmitIt's actually very good15:41
BluesKajok , should have scrolled up15:41
sick_rimmitI use it for Midi and Audio using Rosegarden, and Ardour15:42
sick_rimmitFor Guitar and Vocals, and play over backing tracks15:42
BluesKajoh that must be quite a setup 15:42
sick_rimmitBut getting Jack setup and working is a PITA15:42
BluesKajright, I've heard that15:42
sick_rimmitGet really confusing very quickly15:42
BluesKajwe're thinking of recording some tracks, but looks like we're gonna go with reaper on W715:43
BluesKajnone of the other guys are linux users15:44
BluesKajback in the day we used to record thru an audio centron mixer into HiFi vhs tapes15:46
BluesKajI'm old :-)15:47
sick_rimmitIt's no good, I've had to resort to RTFM on IDJC18:16
sick_rimmitInternet DJ Console18:28
sick_rimmitIt's a DJ Mixing tool18:28
sick_rimmitThat I can't figure out how to use18:28
lordievaderIsn't that the first step when trying to figure out how something works? Reading the manual?19:01
murthyhow to stop kickoff from not showing my chrome bookmarks19:03
ubottuKDE bug 346602 in Application Launcher (Kickoff) "Application Launger (Kickoff) not filtering search results from system settings" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]19:03
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ovidiu-florinI think I've added backports wron20:22
ovidiu-florinI've tried it 3 times20:22
ovidiu-florinand either ppas started working differently, or....20:23
ovidiu-florinthere are no new updates in backports for wily20:23
yofeldepends on what you expect to be "new"20:23
ovidiu-florinI've added backports20:24
ovidiu-florinsudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports20:24
sgclarkplasma is in backports20:24
ovidiu-florinand ran sudo apt-get update20:24
yofelcurrent contents: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=wily20:24
ovidiu-florinand then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:25
ovidiu-florinand I have no new updates20:25
sgclarkdunno if I should apps in there yet. ktp is busted.20:25
sgclarkwell it is there..20:25
ovidiu-florinisn't backports disabled durring upgrade?20:25
yofelrelease upgrade? yes20:25
yofellets do this the foolproof way: what's your version of powerdevil?20:26
murthycould anyone help be with a bug20:27
ovidiu-florinmuon sais 4:5.4.320:27
ovidiu-florinI don't know what 4: means20:27
yofelepoch, technical stuff20:27
sgclarkthat is the latest ovidiu-florin20:28
yofelbut that's as new as you'll get20:28
sgclarkmurthy: sorry I have to head out shortly20:28
ovidiu-florinthen I had backports before?20:28
ovidiu-florinbut didn't know it20:28
murthysgclark: ok20:28
yofelpossibly, did you use the release upgrade or did you dist-upgrade?20:28
sgclarkmust have. there is nothing newer20:28
ovidiu-florinmuon updatec click click finish20:28
murthyyofel: can you spare a min?20:29
yofellooking at that bug link20:29
ovidiu-florinI didn't upgrade to wily via CLI20:29
yofelhm, I never did the muon thing, and now I wonder what that actually executes :/20:29
ovidiu-florinI think it runs commands20:31
ovidiu-florinhas any of you experienced terrible KRunner in Wily?20:32
ovidiu-florinor terrible searchin in Kickoff?20:32
murthyyofel: does kickoff use baloo to display chrome bookmarks?20:32
yofelmurthy: no idea. I can confirm that the limiting doesn't work in kickoff though20:32
yofelI thought that was the same code as krunner, but it doesn't seem so20:33
murthyyofel: ya20:33
murthyyofel: can you confirm on the bug report so that I can reopen it20:33
murthycan you give me Kai Uwe Broulik nick20:34
ovidiu-florinwhenever I try to search for something in krunner it lags massively20:34
yofelovidiu-florin: can't say I've seen that20:35
ovidiu-florinalso when ever I try co calculate something in it20:35
ovidiu-florinif lags when showing the numbers I type20:35
yofelmurthy: kbroulik according to identity20:37
yofelwould be good if you could confirm it with plasma 5.4.3 too20:37
murthyI can confirm20:38
murthyI am on 5.4.320:38
murthyand the bookmarks are still showing, I will update the bug report20:39
yofelI wonder what component that search kcm is20:39
yofelthe defaults button does nothing20:39
yofelfun, running "kcmshell5 baloofile" crashed krunner...20:41
yofelbalooooooooooooo @³[]²¼²320:41
yofelah, plasmasearch20:43
murthyopens fine here20:43
yofelthe db crash is a rather common one20:44
yofelbut I think it only oocurs when indexing is disabled20:44
murthydo you want to update the component?20:45
murthyright now its kickoff20:45
yofelleave it at kickoff20:45
yofelkrunner did filter the search, so it's not the kcm20:45
murthyI just reopened the bug20:46
murthyyofel: for me krunner works fine20:46
murthykrunner does not show bookmarks20:47
murthywhen opted out20:47
yofelthat's what I just said?20:47
murthyah sorry20:47
murthyyofel: when will the ffmpegthumbs frameworks package be available?20:55
yofelerm, can't remember right now. There was some talk about the missing plugins lately20:56
yofelwasn't there a way to do full text search in kmail?20:57
murthyyofel: baloo search?20:58
murthybaloo indexes kmail right?20:58
yofelI was just too blind to find the search dialog -.-20:58
murthyI am not sure which plugin was refered too regarding ffmpegthumbs, but I am using it right now from frameworks without any issue20:59
yofelfrom git I guess21:01
yofelshould be in applications 15.12 then I guess21:01
yofelcan't find the mail21:01
murthyits ok21:02
yofeland the "find message" dialog in kmail doesn't seem to work21:02
murthyI am getting those mail too21:02
yofelhow helpful21:02
murthyI will search it21:02
murthytry the milo search widget21:02
yofelWe are sorry, Plasma closed unepectedly21:03
yofeland the crash is unretracable21:03
yofelI quit21:03
murthyseems the same db error21:04
yofelwell, it doesn't retrace it at all, and I have like almost all debug packages installed21:04
murthythat happens to me too, I find some of the debug messages missing. any idea why?21:06
murthysorry that happened when with dolphin21:07
murthywhen I was trying to debug ffmpegthumbs21:07
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