odie__is there a good util for switching windows from the command line or script in kde4?00:00
Hudsonkembprompt akonadi is using it? whats akonadi do?00:02
bpromptHudsonkem:     kaddressbook, kwallet, kontac, korganizer, pretty much the PIM apps information database service00:03
Hudsonkemhm.. got it, thx00:04
Hudsonkemwhy when google chrome call dolphin open/salve dialog its appear without color scheme?00:08
bpromptHudsonkem:     the app uses some "file dialog" subroutine, is not really Dolphin's or have to be KDE's or QT's either, in this case, google chrome, as well as otrher browsers like firefox, use GTK dialog00:09
bpromptso, is up to the app, whatever file dialog it will use, no up to the window manager or the desktop manager00:10
Hudsonkemhm.. got it00:12
Hudsonkemso, no fix :V00:12
odie__is there a scriptable program for switching windows in kde4?00:12
odie__like something I can put as part of a shell script or program00:12
bpromptodie__:   no need for that, alt-tab =)00:13
odie__I need it as part of the state for a script00:13
odie__i need to switch to a window, focus on it, and pipe a command to it00:14
bpromptHudsonkem:    what you can do is, change the GTK theme to something you'd like instead, or some gtk theme that resembles whatever theme you're using in kwin :), and you can do that in System Settings > appearance > gtk appearance00:15
mparillobprompt: It seems to me that if I install rekonq first, google-chrome uses kdialog. If I do not install rekonq at all, google-chrome uses something else.00:16
bpromptmparillo:   I'm thinking it uses gtk theme all along, BUT, you can change what gtk theme to use in a kwin session, through System Settings > Appearance00:18
bpromptmparillo:    or may just ba a system kde/qt variable that's being set, that chrome uses, bearing in mind that other app use as well, like Adobe reader or firefox00:19
mparilloAlas firefox has its own strange file dialog.00:21
odie__does plasma have a console api?00:23
bpromptodie__:    think so, from what I recall, you can use Krunner to run kde dialogs, not sure if that comprises plasma00:24
bprompt!find krunner00:25
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 1 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=krunner&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all00:25
bpromptodie__:    but if you install KDevelop suite, I think it has a few kde api samplers00:26
Unit193!find krunner00:26
ubottuPackage/file krunner does not exist in wily00:26
odie__is there a wiki for the kwin/plasma shell scripting apis00:26
mparilloThis might be how the kdialog is invoked under the covers? https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=19055600:26
odie__i see functionality scattered about is there a wiki for objects00:26
mparilloAnd I experience this bug related to kdialog on Chrome and Chromium: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=32365000:27
ubottuKDE bug 323650 in general "KDialog incredibly slow to respond" [Normal,Unconfirmed]00:27
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shurtagulSo why when I executed "sudo apt-get purge wine*" does the shell go ahead and purge all my applications?05:56
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dw__howdy from texas #kubuntu07:12
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lolmausIn Google Chrome (latest stable), I'm suffering from unresponsive and jerky scrolling, redraw problems: http://i.stack.imgur.com/qXgY2.png and YouTube lagging in fullscreen. I'm on Kubuntu 15.10 installed from scratch on a pretty performant laptop: a Thinkpad T430 with a top CPU, 16GB RAM (no swap), SSD, Intel 4000 GPU.10:46
lolmausHelp! I tried disabling all Chrome addons but it didn't help.10:46
lordievaderGood afternoon.11:30
BluesKajHiyas all12:44
lordievaderHey BluesKaj12:46
BluesKajHi lordievader12:46
lordievaderHow are you doing?12:47
BluesKajfine thanks lordievader, and how are you?12:47
lordievaderDoing good here. Bit of a lazy day today...12:48
BluesKajyeah, same here ,think I can relax, finally12:49
lordievaderWhy couldn't you before?12:50
lordievaderToo much stuff to take care of?12:50
BluesKajyeah, the yardwork mostly12:51
lordievaderAh, well earned relaxing thus ;)12:52
BluesKajthis 16.04 is slow to boot one day then fast the next, lotta changes every 2-3 days..more so then 15.10 it seems12:54
BluesKajbuit overall it's stability is quite good so far12:55
lordievaderHaven't used Xenial much since the 15.10 release.12:56
BluesKajHey sick_rimmit12:56
I_need_Helphi guy i want to ask if someone coud help me with a problem regarding synaptic13:12
BluesKajI_need_Help, which kubuntu release are you using?13:13
BluesKajstill on synaptic. why not muon ?13:13
I_need_Helpi get this error whne staring synaptic :13:13
I_need_HelpNo protocol specified  ** (synaptic:17423): WARNING **: Could not open X display                                                                            No protocol specified                                                                                                                Failed to connect to Mir: Failed to connect to server socket: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden                                  Unable to13:14
lordievaderI_need_Help: From where are you trying to launch synaptic?13:14
lordievaderAnd Mir? Is synaptic ported to that?13:14
I_need_Helpnormal louncher13:15
BluesKajno it's still available on kubuntu, think he's using ubuntu13:15
I_need_Helpno im usin kubuntu 15.1013:15
lordievaderI_need_Help: Open a konsole and run 'DISPLAY=:0 synaptic', does that launch it correctly?13:16
BluesKajI_need_Help, do yo also have unity installed13:16
I_need_Helpwihout sudo yes13:16
I_need_Helpwith sudo13:17
I_need_Help** (synaptic:17499): WARNING **: Could not open X display No protocol specified Failed to connect to Mir: Failed to connect to server socket: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden Unable to init server: Verbindung ist gescheitert: Verbindungsaufbau abgelehnt  (synaptic:17499): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :013:17
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lordievaderThat makes sense.13:18
lordievaderThe root doesn't have access to your display.13:19
BluesKajplus why is it looking for mir ?13:19
I_need_Helpbut sometimes it works13:20
I_need_Helpmost times after a reboot13:20
BluesKajthis won't solve your synaptic problem, but why not install muon ? it works well13:21
lordievaderI_need_Help: Does synaptic elavate its right when you want to install something? (After you have started it without sudo?)13:21
I_need_Helpi dont know if its realtet but sometimes bleachbit also dont with root13:25
I_need_Helpand kwin_x11 crashes a lot13:25
BluesKajhave you been updating and upgrading your packages to bring them up to date ?13:26
I_need_Helpevertying shoud be up to date13:27
BluesKajfrankly, I dunno how well synaptic isa supported anymore , it's quite an old app and muon has mostly replaced it over the last few yrs13:30
I_need_Helpok thanks13:30
lordievaderIf it wants Mir... something tells me it might only work (well) under Unity.13:31
I_need_Helpdosent kubuntu use wayland?13:31
lordievaderNo. Not yet anyways.13:32
lordievaderkwin_x11 ;)13:32
I_need_Helpok stil thank i gues im using moun from now on13:33
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tombhow can I open the settings in Konsole please?14:03
lordievadertomb: As in running 'systemsettings'?14:04
BluesKajtomb, systemsettings514:07
HudsonkemI uninstalled apport and somethimes when plasma or krunner crashes, it appear yet, why? its getting me mad U.u14:21
BluesKajHudsonkem, you may need to purge it14:23
* BluesKaj shrugs14:24
Hudsonkeminteresting, apport was there -_-14:25
tomblordievader: no sorry, the settings for Konsole.  Directions say "Settings -> Profile Management -> New Profile", but I can't find that menu.14:25
lordievadertomb: Settings -> Manage Profiles you mean?14:26
tombI guess...14:26
lordievaderDoes that answer your question then?14:27
tombNo, I can't find "Settings"14:28
lordievaderIt is the second to last in the menubar. Did you disable the menubar?14:28
tombperhaps the menubar never was enabled?  How do I do that please?14:29
lordievadertomb: ctrl + shift + m14:29
tombthere we go: cheers lordie14:30
Hudsonkemthumbnail on dolphin 15.08.2 ideas?14:31
Hudsonkemblender thumbnails on dolphin 15.08.2 ideas?*14:31
sick_rimmitBluesKaj:  Hi, sorry was asleep at the wheel back there14:50
BluesKajsick_rimmit, looks like you have some connect probs14:51
LicHackerhow do I log a bug, ubuntu-bug gets confused an is looking for iceweasle when I am using firefox?16:15
LicHackerKDEInit could not launch '/usr/lib/iceweasel/iceweasel'16:16
LicHackerI have a fresh install of kubuntu 15.1016:18
_jamis kwallet broken for anyone else? I'm in 15.10. It doesn't open a wallet, and all the widgets seem broken. I've tried creating a new wallet, importing, exporting and nothing happens18:06
TJ-_jam: not sure; I don't see anything in the default wallet here but not sure if something is missing or if it is empty18:12
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est31okay, now where has the "actions" right click menu vanished19:19
est31I can't even unzip zip files anymore19:19
est31without using the console19:19
est31or opening ark and many many more clicks and useless submenus19:19
est31There is an "activities" right click menu but it contains bullshit19:20
est31I dont want to "link with the current activity"19:23
est31whatever that is19:23
est31I want a shorthand for extracting zip files19:23
est31and I want a shorthand for kgpg -s19:23
suncokrethello, what is better to install, kubuntu 14.04 or 15.10?19:46
est31I reallly regret to have moved to 15.10 now19:46
est31there is lots of stuff happening in kubuntu land right now19:47
lordievadersuncokret: That depends, do you want the newest of the newest. Or do you want (rock)stable?19:47
est31best option is to install an LTS and wait for the dust to settle19:47
est3115.10 isnt newest of newest19:47
lordievaderIn terms of releases it is.19:48
est31in terms of ubuntu releases, yes19:48
est31not in terms of software releases19:48
est31then rolling release is better19:48
suncokreti use now lubuntu 14.04 and it is great, i wish to try kubuntu and i think to try 14.04 too because it have long support, but i ask what you people say19:48
suncokretdo you use kubuntu 14.04?19:49
lordievaderI only have Kubuntu 16.04 installed on a test box.19:50
VeryBewitching15.10 here.19:50
lordievadersuncokret: You could ofcoure try 15.10 as a vm or in the live-environment.19:53
suncokrethow you use 16.04, is that some alpha version or what?19:54
VeryBewitchingsuncokret: Current build of the next release.19:54
lordievadersuncokret: Yes, development release.19:54
VeryBewitchingThere's probably snapshots available for such things.19:54
lordievadersuncokret: I am part of the Kubuntu Teststers Team ;)19:55
suncokretso you are help for developing19:55
suncokretand how much people are in team?19:55
lordievaderNot a whole lot. We could allways use more ;) https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuTesters19:57
suncokreti don't have time for that but i hope i will find enough time to install 14.04 :)19:58
suncokretso almost 400 members...20:00
lordievaderOh, that ain't a representive measurement...20:01
lordievaderThere are 13 people in the testers ping.20:02
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mparillolordievader: Thans for the link. I am on the testers ping, but had neglected to add my name to the launchpad group.20:31
lordievadermparillo: Sure, no problem ;)20:31
mparillosuncokret: If you want a solid, stable desktop, 14.04 is the best choice.20:31
mparillosuncokret: If you want to roll with the latest, the daily build of 16.04 has not let me down.20:32
suncokretthanks for answers20:35
VeryBewitchingDoes anyone know of a way to stop the lengthy checksum check when copying data to a USB stick?20:54
VeryBewitchingOnce the file is on the device, and the notification shows 100% copy status, there's a huge delay before it completes.20:55
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joknis there a good plasma/kde4 command line script for window switching22:57
soee_jokn: try asking on #plasma22:58
joknis the plasma desktop scripting api available in full somewhere23:04
joknis there a DE that works well with ubuntu that is better for scripting than KDE?23:07
MejestoadCan someone help me out with the Catalyst driver23:27

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