* daftykins rolls his eyes at pwca01:36
TJ-Amazing isn't it?01:42
daftykinsreisio is a right asshole01:48
TJ-Just ignore him, totally. He has been argumentitive in several channels tonight I watch, and been told off in several01:51
TJ-Ever since I saw how he behaves I deliberately don't respond to him01:51
TJ-I've had in on ignore for many months at times; much calmer that way01:52
daftykinshe's like the me that takes it too far! :D01:52
daftykinsg'night all \o01:57
TJ-night :)01:57
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:55
TJ-Arghhhh! you're here to haunt me and make me feel guilty!04:21
TJ-I got caught up programming again04:45
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lordievaderGood afternoon.11:30
BluesKajHiyas all12:44
pauljwHi everyone12:54
BluesKajhey pauljw12:58
pauljwhey BluesKaj  :)12:58
MonkeyDusti wonder, does anyone ever ask how to do something in windows, 'like it's done in linux'...18:28
OerHeksoffcourse MonkeyDust, and it should do 'exactly' the same18:29
OerHeksno matter what :-P18:30
Samsruti_Dashi want to be a mentor for Google Code In 2015 ( Ubuntu)19:56
OerHekspauljw come back!20:36
OerHeksow, never mind20:36
OerHeksBashing-om Bashing-om hi hi20:36
Bashing-omOerHeks: Hey .. Away from keyboard, returned and system had shut down, logs do not say why . Anyway, I am back on and all looks good with my system .20:38
OerHeksno overheating signals in a log?20:39
OerHeksor a wobbly powercord that has been inserted/pulled too many times? then the 2 limbs would bend ..20:39
* OerHeks fixed many mystery-rebooting-computers with that20:40
Bashing-omOerHeks: Yeah, overheating was my concern . but nope, not this time according to logs . Maybe as benign as the front panel reset button being hit ... anyway .. will run and see what results .20:42
MonkeyDustBashing-om  thermald and indicator-cpufreq saved my laptop from overheating20:43
Bashing-omMonkeyDust: It is a thought I do consider. I have the box in a bad place, and must clean it on a regular basis .. and I am behind . Got to make a trip into town and replenish the air can supply .( bios is set and shutdown is in good shape )20:46
OerHekswait .. it is saturday ..21:36
MonkeyDusttime for a drink, in a local bar21:42
* OerHeks walks to the local fridge and grabs 2 monkeybeers21:43
pauljwgotta run guys... later23:16

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