jrseligaInstalled a clean version of 15.10, ran dist-upgrade, installed gnome 3.18. After a restart I am able to connect to WiFi however I don't have internet access03:23
jrseligaI'm on a Live USB right now connected to the same network03:24
jrseligaAny ideas03:24
bcxHi is it possible to get back icons on nautilus right-click menus on 3.18?03:47
bcxorg.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings overrides {'Gtk/MenuImages': <1>} doesn't work anymore, any idea ?03:47
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darkxstricotz, I just landed a rather large backport to wily/staging, hope it didnt break much ;)09:08
darkxstatleast it didnt break my laptop09:13
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ricotzdarkxst, if everything is built in the correct order ;)12:24
ricotzdarkxst, btw I noticed the "XDG_SESSION_CLASS" is set12:24
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darkxstricotz, yes they built in the correct order23:17
darkxstwhere is XDG_SESSION_CLASS set?23:18
ricotzdarkxst, I would assume gdm is suppose to23:23
ricotzsorry, need to get some sleep23:25

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