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darkxstanyone around that could upload http://pastebin.com/4vcJxuRb for me? I should have upload rights to it, but its a new source package and packagesets haven't updated yet07:17
darkxstit really needs to land before next daily build kicks off later tonight ;)07:17
darkxstinfinity, perhaps? ^07:22
infinitydarkxst: Can do.07:28
darkxstinfinity, thanks ;)07:29
infinitydarkxst: Done.07:32
infinitydarkxst: And added gdm3 to the ubuntugnome packageset for next time.07:35
darkxstinfinity, laney has script that is meant to handle the packagesets ;)07:35
infinitydarkxst: Well, I cheated. :P07:36
darkxstinfinity, ok07:36
darkxstit was a pretty epic merge07:38
* darkxst waiting for the real fallout 07:38
darkxstgdm hadnt been merged since the 2.x days, and the whole gdm -> gdm3 change made for fun07:39
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