pleia2well, it won't be the strongest issue, but it has some headline articles I want to get out there this coming week01:12
pleia2prepping and sending off to summary writers01:12
ahoneybunpleia2: you can't make it to fossetcon right?01:14
pleia2ahoneybun: no, it's the only week I have home in november01:15
ahoneybunalright :(01:16
pleia2ahoneybun: hopefully next year :)01:16
pleia2I traveled a lot in october too, so it was a bit much01:17
ahoneybunyea I saw01:17
ahoneybunmhall119: so OTA8 will drop during fossetcon01:18
pleia2I expect many pictures01:18
ahoneybunI hope not too many during my talk01:18
pleia2yes yes, pictures during ahoneybun's talk!01:20
pleia2ahoneybun: what are you speaking on?01:20
ahoneybunLoCo activity01:20
ahoneybuntrying to get more LoCo's active01:20
Unit193...They aren't all dead?01:20
pleia2Unit193: go to your room01:20
ahoneybunthe South end of mine is not now01:21
pleia2california is still doing well01:21
ahoneybunwe've had like 6 Ubuntu Hours, a Release party in the past 3 or so months01:21
Unit193...Now I'm thinking Doctor Who, thanks. ;P01:21
pleia2I mean, it takes work, but when we build it, people come01:21
pleia2Unit193: hee01:21
Unit193Ours...  Well I think there might be people in Ohio using Ubuntu.01:22
ahoneybunpleia2: http://usefoss.com/index.php/2015/10/27/15-10-release-party-result-success/01:22
pleia2ahoneybun: yes! I was pleased to read in the newsletter a couple weeks ago :)01:23
ahoneybunit went very well I think01:23
pleia2I think I edited that summary some01:23
pleia2now I want pizza01:23
* ahoneybun makes summaries01:24
* pleia2 preps for arrival-of-friend01:25
* ahoneybun also looks for cool domain names01:25
pleia2have fun :)01:26
ahoneybunso many ext01:26
ahoneybuna local bewery got 'hollywood.beer'01:27
pleia2at my talk today, someone asked if they could have an @princessleia.com email address XD01:27
pleia2"haha, no"01:27
ahoneybunahoneycutt.tech is open01:28
pleia2I think I have pleia2.me01:28
ahoneybunwhy the hell does google charge more for domains01:28
ahoneybun20 bucks for the same one at domain.com01:28
ahoneybunfor 1001:28
pleia2all registrars charge different01:29
pleia2are you signed up with the ubuntu member discount at gandi.net?01:29
pleia2it's not cheaper for everything, but I use it01:29
ahoneybunI should be getting LWN too but nope01:29
Unit193I use namecheap.01:29
pleia2ahoneybun: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Gandi01:30
pleia2heh, LWN turns off your subscription if you don't log in for a while, happened to me01:30
ahoneybunI never got it01:30
pleia2got behind on reading, then one day - no more!01:30
Unit193ahoneybun: Same.01:30
pleia2the process to apply for it was always kind of convoluted01:30
pleia2I didn't bother doing it again01:31
ahoneybunnot cheaper then domain.com01:31
ahoneybunbut better then google domains01:31
pleia2ah, .tech at gandi on sale for $9.99 but renewal is back up to $45.9701:33
* ahoneybun wants and needs tacos01:35
* pleia2 goes back to figuring out where to go for dinner01:35
tsimonq2pleia2: ping02:32
tsimonq2pleia2: I did a good majority of the summaries03:55
tsimonq2pleia2: I might finish them up, but I really worked hard on that03:56
tsimonq2pleia2: I finished all I could, so the summaries are done04:12
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pleia2made a couple edits before I go out museuming, thanks for your work tsimonq2 :)13:19
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