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vthompsonI was wondering if anyone here has tried to move to the new Ubuntu.Components v1.3 and have had to work around issues with the header actions seemingly enable/disable at times. It is causing issues with the Music app moving to the new components in that a PageHeadState with a TextField as its contents also gets disabled, causing the OSK to disappear and reappear. I have a bug filed against Music for it: bug #151414316:01
ubot5bug 1514143 in Ubuntu Music App "While searching often times the keyboard hides while typing" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151414316:01
Spacedawgg_iehi my new ubuntu handset started displaying 'no sim', I got a new sim and tested it and it's good, still 'no sim' on my MX4, any suggestions?16:15
piercedwaterhow do i put Ubuntu Touch on my Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3"?16:17
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Nube68need  some help with a Franklin U600 modem..It worked fine for years in Ubuntu..loaded new software and the USB modem stopped working..on start up i see the franklin string but under a USB device it lists only vendor ID and addressee.. Any one out the have a idea?16:23
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Spacedawgg_iemy new MX4 is a brick that says 'no sim' where do I request replacement/refund?17:06
OerHeksSpacedawgg_ie, contact your vendor, or telco for a new sim17:15
Spacedawgg_ieOerHeks, I did this today, got a new one, still didn't work, I tried it in my old phone, works fine. my new MX4 is bricked :(17:36
Spacedawgg_ie...or the linux equivelant of an ipod touch!17:38
Spacedawgg_ieeverything still works except the phone.17:38
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vthompsonAre there any UITK SDK guys around? bzoltan, zbenjamin, zsombi?20:39
vthompsonCurrently the default AppHeader for the MainView is disabled when it's not exposed of if it's "moving". What this seems to do is also disable the header when the data in the view is loading or changing. This means that the music app's search feature currently causes the OSK to show and hide as the contents refresh during a search. Is there a way to override the AppHeader's enabled property?20:42
vthompsonThis is bug #151414320:43
ubot5bug 1514143 in Ubuntu Music App "While searching often times the keyboard hides while typing" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151414320:43
vthompsonI can fix this bug by hacking the AppHeader to allow it to be enabled when it is "moving" and I'd like to override it as such20:45
vthompsonIt looks like this MP is the one what introduced the behavior: https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/20-AppHeader-use-cppHeader/+merge/27309620:59
vthompsonI've marked the ubuntu-ui-toolkit package as affected by bug #1514143 and have provided a simple example that exhibits this issue.21:59
ubot5bug 1514143 in Ubuntu Music App "While searching often times the keyboard hides while typing" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151414321:59
vthompsonI'd appreciate a workaround, as we are getting pressure to land the app with UC1.3 support, and also think this needs to be fixed. The C++ header's moving property is not behaving as it should.22:03
gkeen_is there an ETA on ActiveSync (EAS) support for Ubuntu Touch devices?23:22

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