sebsebsebbbc 2  just got intterupted a little while ago with the news00:02
sebsebsebwas showing some rubbish thing or whatever that was anyway, wasn't really watching it00:03
zleapwith any luck our dopey EU MP's will now actually ACT00:04
sebsebsebzleap: by doing what?00:04
zleapmaybe agree on how to stabalise syria00:05
sebsebsebzleap: ok, but did you see the other news about syria etc?00:05
zleapnot sure00:05
zleapbut there is a plan by russia that involves some sort of transition of power in syria and elections00:06
zleapso maybe we need to act and decide exactly what strategy we want00:06
zleapimposing OUR idea of a leader has failed multiple times,00:06
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zleapsebsebseb: no idea what the answer is, but surely it involves all parties working together for a solution,  keep pouring arms in to the area is failing IS are getting hold of US anti tank weapons00:10
zleapsebsebseb: anyway i am off,  lets see what is in the news tomorrow,  so far france has a state of emergency and all borders are closed00:17
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:30
brobostigonmorning popey10:39
brobostigoni noticed something interesting at the jc the other day, they seem to be using an ubuntu/canonical version of firefox on their client machines.10:40
* p42phone waits for a bus that's about 10m away but traffic is stationary18:20
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