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Scary_Guy /c11:57
Scary_Guyokay, I need some help.  windows explorer is a bloated hog and is therefore a horrible shell and file manaager.  I need windows for reasons but want to reduce memory footprint.  Is anyone here familiar with the "dark arts"?  I'd use bblean64 but it's outdatedand buggy12:41
Scary_Guyalternatively if anyone has a badass gaming laptop they want to sell cheap I can take this thing to the range and load up a nice target wallpaper, then have some fun destroying it.  It's barely useable for e-mail, and I need it to do way more12:44
Scary_Guybbl, question still stands if anyone has any advice, thx13:17
cmaloneyGood morning15:08
cmaloneyI haven't played much with the Windows "Dark Arts"15:09
cmaloney(I know he's offline but not sure if reading online archives)15:09

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