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Kilosohi who_da_fly 07:43
Kilosmorning everyone07:43
theblazehenhi Kilos 08:20
Kiloshi theblazehen 08:20
KilosMaaz_ seen inetpro 08:53
Maaz_Kilos: inetpro was last seen 13 hours, 27 minutes and 52 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-11-13 11:25:37 PST], and has been online on freenode since 2015-11-13 21:47:18 PST08:53
QAoom Kilos, he's here09:04
inetprogood mornings09:04
Kiloshi inetpro did you get some rain09:04
Kiloswe havent had 1 mm yet09:05
inetprouh.... a few drops09:05
theblazehenStill getting some here :)09:11
GnikLlortLooks like rain here10:03
EvilDMPHello South African Ubuntans. I hope you're enjoying your summer more than I am enjoying our winter.12:16
EvilDMPIn January: http://na.pycon.org12:16
EvilDMPwould love to meet some ZA open-source people there12:17
Kiloshi EvilDMP 16:19
theblazehenI'm making as many files as I can..16:32
theblazehenls | wc -l16:36
inetprohow can I make Ubuntu Trusty stop doing lookups of AAAA records when doing DNS queries?16:44
theblazeheninetpro: Do you have an IPv6 address? WHy do you need to stop the lookup?16:45
* inetpro noticed this strange behaviour starting with Ubuntu 12.0416:46
inetproI always disable IPv6 because we our network does not support it on the WAN16:46
inetproif I do a name lookup with 'host google.com' while watching 'tcpdump -ne dst port 53' I see three lookups:16:47
inetproA? google.com., AAAA? google.com. and MX? google.com. 16:47
inetpronot a major train smash but just wondering why and how I could disable it16:48
inetpros/we our/our/16:49
inetprorelated bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glibc/+bug/109269116:50
theblazehenIt shouldn't be a problem unless your computer tries to access it via IPv6 however? Hvae you tested, perhaps eg. firefox will only lookup only the A record? Might be 'host' itself doing the multiple queries?16:52
inetprohaven't noticed any performance issues because of it... just picked it up when monitoring DNS queries on one of our web servers 16:54
inetprooh and that still being on Ubuntu 12.0416:55
theblazehenIf it's just the lookup, then it shouldn't have any impact. Or am I missing something?16:55
theblazehenWell, 12.04 is LTS16:56
inetproand after a bit of research still see the same behaviour on 14.0416:56
inetprowell yes it is just a lookup but is it really necessary?16:56
theblazeheninetpro: Shouldn't be, just thinking that there's probably other areas that are also inefficient16:57
theblazehenSame behaviour on Arch16:58
inetproanother debate around the same issue: http://serverfault.com/questions/632665/how-to-disable-aaaa-lookups17:00
inetproat least we do not have 70 million name resolutions like others have17:03
theblazehenYeah, have you considered using dnsmasq or something for DNS caching?17:04
theblazehenHi Audioburn 17:04
Audioburnwhat is it like living in SA17:04
theblazehenIt has good parts, and it's bad parts. Overall, it's alright17:05
magespawngood evening17:35
theblazehenhi magespawn 17:40
EvilDMPHello Kilos 17:55
magespawni found this a little while ago http://www.allitebooks.com/18:12
magespawnseems okay so far18:12
magespawnthere does seem to be some question about that site18:24
theblazehenmagespawn: Seems nice18:30
magespawnnot too sure about the legality though18:48
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:16
Kilossee you tomorrow19:17
superflyBye! See you all in a weeks time. 19:40

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