peterrivasssswhat is this00:03
peterrivasssswho am i00:04
k1l_peterrivassss: this is the ubuntu support irc channel00:04
RipmindHi. can anyone help me? I have launched startx with chromium-browser but it is only half-sized: http://styler2go.de/screenshots/capture.png00:06
Ripmindi am kinda crying over that problem already :(00:07
k1l_Ripmind: you dont want to run a desktop and window manager etc?00:07
Ripmindi just want to have chromium-browser in fullscreen00:07
Ripmindi do not need mouse/keyboard/any input or other window00:08
SeveasRipmind: try starting it with --noerrdialogs --kiosk --window-size=1920,1080 --window-position=0,0 (adjust the arguments to --window-size to what you need)00:08
Ripmindmust have overseen the window size :/00:09
Ripmindi try that00:09
OerHeksalt + middle mouse = resize00:09
k1l_this seems helpfull. it mentions display resolution in the first answer http://askubuntu.com/questions/487488/how-to-open-chromium-in-full-screen-kiosk-mode-in-minimal-windows-manager-enviro00:09
locksmith2good afternoon00:10
RipmindTHAT WORKED, thanks so much Seveas00:10
Ripmindi wonder why --start-fullscreen is not doing fullscreeen00:10
Ripmindfeels liek a bug to me00:10
TenLeftFingersAre there any file managers in existence today that allow you to set a background image?00:11
SeveasRipmind: because it has trouble detecting resolution without window manager00:11
SeveasRipmind: I have a fleet of raspberry pi-based wallboards that run chrome this way :)00:11
k1l_Ripmind: yeah, i guess it wants to demand fullscreen from the windowmanager which is not there at all.00:12
RipmindCan you also help me settign up audio? :o00:13
Seveasnope. My wallboards don't do audio :)00:13
Ripminddamn! :D00:13
Ripmindwell, worht a try :P00:14
Ripmind...o.O sound works instantly... i guess ubuntu > debian :D00:14
perkstrying to build a kernel the debian/ubuntu way… having trouble figuring out where exactly are my build targets?00:26
perkstrying to pass ‘binary-generic’ says it cant find the make target00:27
perksthere are a bunch od debian.<something> folders i dont know what they do as well00:27
Seveasperks: just do dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot, or debuild -S and pbuilder build ../.....dsc00:28
perksfor dpkg-buildpackage can i add the flag that compiles with debug synbols>00:29
Seveasnot in the dpkg-buildpackage call, you'll need to fix that in either debian/rules or the kernel config00:30
perksyeah im grepping for the ‘skipdbg’ flag, should i change it everywhere it appears?00:33
perksits currently in 3 make files in debian/rules.d/00:33
econdudeawesomeHowdy! How can I check to see what motherboard slot a video card is plugged into?00:33
k1l_i guess you dont mean opening the case and looking at it :)00:34
econdudeawesomeyep! I wouldn't know the name of what I'm looking at00:34
econdudeawesomeI have this board: http://us.msi.com/product/mb/870AG46.html#hero-specification00:34
daftykinsecondudeawesome: identify the model -> age will tell whether it's anything other than PCI-Express00:34
daftykinsone of the two blue slots then most likely, highly unlikely to be any other00:35
econdudeawesomeI'm still a bit clueless when it comes to hardware, want to make sure I get a compatible video card00:35
daftykinsecondudeawesome: real question - why does it matter?00:35
econdudeawesomedaftykins: looking to upgrade the video card00:35
daftykinsah you'd be better off in ##hardware then, you want a PCI-Express card.00:35
daftykinswhich is everything sold today00:35
econdudeawesomeI figured it was common. Still, no linux command to look it up directly? My google-fu failed me on that00:36
econdudeawesomebut I'll check in ##hardware00:36
daftykins"lspci" -> identify what's in there already00:36
k1l_check "lshw"00:37
k1l_lspci with -vvv could tell something too00:37
perksfor debian kernels, where can i find the list of ‘flavors’?00:38
daftykinsperks: that'd be a #debian question00:38
econdudeawesomehttp://pastebin.com/3CdY77vs what am I looking for?00:38
econdudeawesomePCI bridge?00:39
econdudeawesomeah, nm00:39
econdudeawesome01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GT215 [GeForce GT 240] (rev a2)00:39
daftykinsthat's the one00:39
econdudeawesomeThat'll do :) thanks so much!00:39
daftykinsso that's most certainly a PCI-Express card00:39
Technobliteratoranyone know the console command needed to install NetBeans?00:40
econdudeawesomeMore of a ##hardware question, but any gotchas I should look out for re: nvidia cards? Usually I've had luck with drivers00:40
Technobliterator(the Java software)00:40
daftykinsecondudeawesome: not really no, just consider your PSU rating before spending the earth :)00:40
econdudeawesome(hey, I really am clueless with hardware!)00:42
econdudeawesomeah, power supply00:42
econdudeawesomeI remember now00:42
econdudeawesomegood point00:42
daftykinsyep, power connector types for graphics cards + wattage rating + 12V rail amps00:42
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paule32i need help in squid3 and mysql00:43
econdudeawesomeThink I remember 500W or 1kW, guess I should figure that out :D00:43
daftykinspaule32: think i saw you earlier, #ubuntu-server and ##networking may be more relevant00:43
bpromptpaule32:   tried #squid yet?  there are quite a few folks there00:43
paule32there is nobody00:43
daftykinsyou have to be patient - and also not ask on a Friday night when everyone's out ;)00:44
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bpromptwell, it's Saturday in Australia and some parts of china =)00:44
Seveasdaftykins: or glued to their tv/internet watching the paris disaster...00:44
daftykinsthat too00:45
daftykinsbprompt: shh :P00:45
Seveasbprompt: it's actually saturday in all of africa, asia and europe already :)00:45
Seveasjust the americans are behind as usual :)00:45
bpromptSeveas:    well, true, but they're sleeping over there I'd think =)00:45
Seveasbprompt: I'm not :)00:46
bpromptSeveas:  rats!00:46
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wxlhas anyone had the very strange situation of having two separate partitions pointing at the same mount point?! i somehow seem to have both /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdc1 on /!00:51
icewalkerhi, installed winetricks on ubuntu 14.04x64, but when i started up winetricks , i get "wineserver not found" any ideas?00:51
k1l_wxl: well, the last one mounted will be overlayed over the first one.00:52
k1l_wxl: check your fstab for that or for typos00:52
wxlk1l_: no, i mean they're BOTH mounted accounting to `mount`.00:52
popeythey will both show up in mount00:52
wxlk1l_: i don't even regularly have an sdc.00:52
reisioicewalker: how're you starting it?00:52
k1l_wxl: think of them stapled now. the last one mounted is the one you see now.00:52
popeywxl, show us the out put of "mount" and "dmesg | grep sd"00:53
wxlpopey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13253938/00:53
icewalkeri just run "winetricks vcrun2008"00:54
popeywxl, i see no sda at the end00:54
popeyso probably sda dropped off the bus and was re-detected as sdc00:54
wxlpopey: uptime is like 120odd days or something00:55
popeywxl, what does "sudo fdisk -l" show?00:55
popeywxl, and ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid00:55
emanuelhey guys00:56
wxlpopey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13254009/00:57
emanueli have a question that someone maybe can help me with00:58
wxlpopey: as an explanation, sda should be the default root. sdb is a secondary drive. sdc is an attached usb drive which i can easily make disappear from the fdisk output by just unplugging.00:58
popeywxl, so you just have one mounted over the other00:58
Bashing-om!ask | emanuel00:58
ubottuemanuel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:58
popeywxl, maybe your /etc/fstab is at fault, what does that contain?00:59
wxlpopey: but if i remove the usb drive, sdc goes away.00:59
popeywxl, of course it does :)00:59
wxlpopey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13254060/00:59
emanuelim trying to install gnome builder on 15.10 with gnome 3.18 but im getting stuck at the autogen stage00:59
wxlpopey: oh, but removing the usb drive does not remove the mount point. long story short, i just want to mount the damn usb drive XD01:00
wxl!language | wxl01:00
ubottuwxl, please see my private message01:00
wxlsorry :)01:00
emanuelmy errors are as follows01:00
popeywxl, so plug it in, and "sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/foo"?01:00
emanuelconfigure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-3.0 >= 3.17.801:00
emanuel                             gio-2.0 >= 2.45.801:00
emanuel                             gtksourceview-3.0 >= 3.17.701:00
emanuel                             libgit2-glib-1.0 >= 0.23.401:00
emanuel                             libpeas-1.0 >= 1.14.1) were not met:01:00
daftykinsemanuel: please don't paste here, use http://paste.ubuntu.com01:00
zykotick9popey: wxl i'd suggest against using /media/foo for manual mounting, but YMMV.01:01
popeyzykotick9, it really doesn't matter.01:01
wxlpopey: says it's already open.01:02
popeyand "foo" is an example01:02
icewalkerreisio: any suggestions01:02
emanuelguys im sorry01:02
wxl…because it's open on /!01:02
* wxl pulls his hair out01:02
reisioicewalker: winetricks vcrun2008 says no wine server found?01:02
reisioicewalker: try running 'winecfg' first01:02
popeywxl, what if you unplug it, do you see it still mounted (I mean,really you should unmount before unplug)01:02
wxlpopey: yes.01:02
emanuelits saying it cant find gtk 301:03
popeywxl, fix that then01:03
popeywxl, unmount it01:03
icewalkerthat or "winetricks" returns wineserver not found01:03
wxlpopey: the only way to unmount / is to not have it be busy. but for that to be true, i'd have to reboot :)01:03
popeywxl, no01:03
popeywxl, sudo umount /dev/sdc101:03
wxlpopey: no workie01:03
popeyyour machine is confused, :)01:04
icewalkerdon't have winecfg command01:04
wxlpopey: umount: /: device is busy.01:04
emanuelit says it cant find gio-2.001:04
icewalkerbeside installing winestricks, do i also install to install wine?01:04
daftykinsicewalker: "dpkg -l | grep wine | nc termbin.com 9999"01:05
emanuelim really lost here hopefully somebody can help01:06
wxlpopey: naturally the practical thing here is to reboot but this is odd behavior i don't like, so naturally i want to figure out a more sustainable long term solution. that may be asking too much :)01:06
wxlemanuel: can you provide a pastebin?01:06
popeywxl, set a proper mount point in fstab for your usb drive and reboot it01:06
wxlyeah, sigh.01:07
wxlthanks for trying :)01:07
daftykinsicewalker: yeah i think it needs wine itself01:07
emanuelim pasting right now01:08
icewalkeri tried to install wine, but i end with unmet dependencies problem and can not (won't) install wine1.601:09
emanuelok pasted wxl01:09
wxlemanuel: link?01:09
daftykinswe're not that great at guessing the unique paste ID :)01:09
daftykinsicewalker: hmm no idea then, not used it myself - maybe the #winehq folks know if there isn't an answer online01:10
econdudeawesomeHowdy! Video-card guy back. Is it possible to tell how Ubuntu is utilizing my video card, or is that a dumb question? I have nvidia drivers being used (I believe the most current ones), but if, say, I'm playing a game (civ5) and things slow down, is it possible to figure out where the bottleneck is?01:10
TJ-wxl: does "cat /proc/mounts" report the same as "mount" (which can report stale stuff due to mtab) ?01:10
econdudeawesome(or even worse -- cities and skylines)01:10
daftykinsecondudeawesome: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999901:10
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econdudeawesomeHoly geez that's a lot of good info. http://termbin.com/w5yi01:11
econdudeawesomeI think I'm in love with nc termbin.com now01:12
zykotick9econdudeawesome: +101:12
daftykinsecondudeawesome: yep right now you're booting with nomodeset which is ruining the nvidia driver, lets see which you have installed too...01:12
daftykinsecondudeawesome: "dpkg -l | grep nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999"01:12
pyioswhat is ubuntu trusty?01:12
reisiopyios: an annoying codename for a specific ubuntu version01:13
daftykinsactually i spoke too soon, it's using it just fine despite having nomodeset 0o01:13
daftykinspyios: 14.0401:13
emanuel14.10 is trusty01:13
emanuelyea 14.04 sorry01:13
wxlTJ-: no, it is different. the /dev/sdc stuff isn't included at all.01:13
daftykinsecondudeawesome: and "cat /etc/issue" ?01:14
daftykinsthat one can be pasted here01:14
econdudeawesome*kicks the dust on the ground shyly* I'm on debian...01:15
econdudeawesomeDebian GNU/Linux 8 \n \l01:15
reisioecondudeawesome: heh01:16
daftykinsthose packages are pretty messy for the nvidia drivers though, i'd not think that is normal for even them01:16
wxlTJ-: that being said, is there any way to get mount to refresh its information?01:16
pyioswhat is this version Linux ubuntu 3.19.0-25-generic #26~14.04.1-Ubuntu ?01:16
reisiopyios: hrmm?01:16
pyiosand Linux vagrant-base-trusty-amd64 3.19.0-25-generic #26~14.04.1-Ubuntu01:16
k1l_pyios: what gives you "lsb_release -d"?01:16
daftykinspyios: that's an outdated 14.04 install01:16
TJ-wxl: mount uses mtab as a source. see 'man umount' for avoiding its use01:16
emanuelmy thing is wxl this is a gnome 3.18 app that i can not for the life of me install01:17
zykotick9wxl: "mount -a" might be helpful?01:18
TJ-wxl: did /dev/sdc1 contain a clone of the file-system in /dev/sda1? I was wondering if they're got identical labels/UUIDs, which could cause the dual mount to happen01:18
wxlTJ-: nope01:18
emanuelive never been whipped by any install like this01:19
plytropyios: is that first output from uname -a?01:19
wxlzykotick9: nope01:19
plytrothat doesn't tell you anything about the version of ubuntu you are on01:19
plytroit can give clues01:19
k1l_<k1l_> pyios: what gives you "lsb_release -d"?01:19
TJ-wxl: you can always just replace /etc/mtab with /proc/mounts01:20
plytroits trusty01:20
pyiosDescription:    Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS01:20
plytrotrusty is still current ubuntu01:20
TJ-wxl: but you need to figure out *why* /dev/sdc1 gets mounted over the root file-system01:20
wxlemanuel: i meant EVERYTHING. what commands are you trying to use, for example?01:20
plytrountil what, April 2019 or something like that01:20
plytro5 years on LTS versions01:20
emanuelok sorry man01:20
plytroso you're on a current release, just maybe not fully apt-get upgraded01:21
k1l_pyios: plytro no matter that kernel is outdated.01:22
daftykinspyios: also the mention of vagrant suggests this system has been script installed/deployed - so done for you somehow01:22
econdudeawesomedaftykins: despite my debian-ness on this rig, I appreciate the help!01:22
plytrok1l_: whats the current highest kernel in trusty?01:22
k1l_plytro: pyios http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/l/linux-lts-vivid/linux-lts-vivid_3.19.0-33.38~14.04.1/changelog  that is the actual version01:22
daftykinsecondudeawesome: np :) i'd purge all the nvidia and start again but i don't know how things work in debian land01:22
plytrok1l_: that is a vivid kernel not trusty01:22
plytroah nvm01:23
k1l_plytro: no. its from the 3.19 vivid backports kernel for 14.0401:23
plytromissed the 14.04 in the name01:23
emanuelwell i go su,then i cd my gnome builder folder,the rest i just pasted wxl01:24
wxlemanuel: what command led to the rest coming up? clearly not just cd ing :)01:24
emanuelyou can see it all there thanks for helping man01:25
wxlah yes i see, you're compiling01:25
wxlnow you come to understand why package managers are so common in the linux world01:26
wxlbecause lots of folks hate compiling01:26
wxlbecause one of the biggest issues with compiling is tracking down dependencies01:26
wxlbasically you need to search the repos for the -dev files and install them01:26
wxlor you can track them down and compile them but then you'd have more dependencies to deal with01:27
wxlsuffice it to say it's not really an issue with ubuntu itself01:27
emanuelive tried to install the package from gnome.org but that fails also01:27
TakumiParis is a warzone xD01:27
wxlyou might have better, more specific help if you track down the gnome-builder support01:27
pwcaI get Input/output error when attempting to delete from my external NTFS disk. what do I do to repair it?01:27
daftykinspwca: how is it connected? is it a partition on a dualboot disk?01:28
wxlbvest of luck emanuel . i gotta jet01:28
daftykinsi get the feeling (without double checking) that emanuel is using a newer gnome than ships?01:28
pwcadaftykins: it's a USB disk.01:28
iamrohit7recently, i've been getting these errors in dmesg (http://pastebin.com/86H83Q6A). so i went ahead and checked my disk with e2fsck. it found 71 errors on my disk. i also did a smartctl but i can't draw much information from it. http://pastebin.com/86H83Q6A can anyone tell me if i should be worried about the disk?01:28
daftykinspwca: the NTFS one? "dmesg | tail | nc termbin.com 9999"01:28
emanuelyes i am daftykins gnome 3.1801:29
daftykinsemanuel: so if it didn't come with whatever you installed and it came from a PPA, not surprised there are issues01:29
TJ-iamrohit7: that 2nd link was the same as the 1st :)01:29
pwcadaftykins: what does that do?01:29
daftykinspwca: shares your system messages01:29
iamrohit7TJ-: here you go http://pastebin.com/ptPDKsxW01:30
pwcadaftykins: I don't want to share my system messages.01:30
daftykinspwca: it'll create a link for you to paste here01:30
daftykinspwca: nothing is personal, your concern is pointless01:30
pwcanothing is personal01:30
daftykinsyeah nothing in the paste01:30
daftykinsopen the link before you share it if you're worried.01:30
emanueli installed ubuntu gnome 15.10 and upgraded gnome to 3.18 like you said via ppa01:30
daftykinsyeah so the fact you can't find packages right now will be the fault of that PPA, you'll need to contact the maintainer / run an "apt-get update"01:31
TJ-iamrohit7: time to replace the disk. It's got unrecoverable sectors early in the disk (LBA 472 listed in the SMART log). Stop using it until you have a replacement you can use as a target for a clone operation with the 'ddresuce' tool.01:31
plytroiamrohit7: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1682021198501:32
plytrogood price on a new ssd for you there01:32
daftykins^ would not buy.01:33
plytrono off brands for you?01:33
plytroI would not buy as a primary drive01:33
plytrotemp drive, scratch drive, transient data drive sure01:33
daftykinsthat chat would be better off in ##hardware01:33
daftykinsubuntu only in here :)01:33
iamrohit7TJ-: thanks. but i don't get any errors in the other partitions (i have archlinux on other system). can i boot it and use without mounting the ubuntu partition?01:34
plytroi'll rephrase to tie it back to ubuntu, hold one01:34
iamrohit7plytro: its kinda spam.01:34
daftykinsnah just stop right there01:34
pwcahello everybody. I am getting Input/output errors when trying to delete files from my external NTFS-formatted disk. what can I do to rectify this situation?01:35
daftykinsiamrohit7: the whole disk is dead. backup your data and take it out01:35
iamrohit7daftykins: sure, thanks.01:35
plytropwca: did you paste the requested output?01:35
daftykinspwca: right, so run this one instead "dmesg | tail" read that none of the information has anything to do with you... personal data... or anything, then share it - your concern is just holding up the free help here.01:35
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pwca"dmesg | tail | nc termbin.com 999" didn't work.01:36
=== Megg is now known as Agent_Isai
daftykinsjust do the first bit; "dmesg | tail"01:36
daftykinsso you're sing some kind of USB converter?01:37
pwcaUSB converter?01:37
daftykinsah no it's just an external seagate product01:37
pwcaI am using an external disk connected by USB.01:37
daftykinsmy bad, 2am and my head was in another place01:38
pwcano problem.01:38
daftykinsif it's NTFS you should use Windows to chkdsk it really01:38
plytropwca: quite easy really though even on linux potentially01:38
plytrogo get an ievm for free01:38
plytrofire it up and chkdsk01:38
daftykinsthere is a program on ubuntu to check it, but it's not without risk01:39
plytroyes, MS gives out free vmware/virtualbox images running windows for testing various browsers01:39
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TJ-iamzero: the disk is failing. Back-up or risk losing everything01:39
=== TheChill57181 is now known as Agent_Isai
pwcathis is a total hassle.01:39
TJ-iamzero: sorry, tab-complete - the other user left the channel01:40
pwcaI tried ntfsfix already.01:40
pwcaalso gparted.01:40
plytrowindows is just better at dealing with windows file systems01:40
plytrothey are the experts after all01:40
pwcaI can't believe I am hearing this.01:41
daftykins...why not?01:41
daftykinsNTFS is proprietary, its' whole use is based on reverse engineering01:41
daftykins(whole use under Linux)01:41
weaksaucedoes monit need to be started up every time the server starts?01:41
daftykinsanywho, it'd need to be mounted read-write to be able to run ntfsfix on it i'd think01:41
weaksauceor is it automatic after you set it up and type monit start $someservicename01:42
pwcahello all, I wish to reformat my external disk. what file format should I use for maximal compatibility + support for large files?01:42
daftykinsweaksauce: a monitor on a GUI-less server? no01:42
daftykinsoh monit, no idea what that is.01:42
plytropwca: fat3201:42
TJ-weaksauce: if the service is enabled, and its config has no errors, it'll auto-start01:42
pwcaplytro: which has limits on file size.01:42
weaksauceTJ- awesome01:42
plytrobut its best for maximum compatibility out of the box everywhere01:43
plytroall of my external drives are ext401:43
plytrobut I installed tools on windows so I could use them there01:43
plytroany drive that needs to be swapped often is indeed fat3201:43
pwcadoesn't Windows recognise ext4?01:43
plytrowants to format it01:43
daftykinspwca: exFAT01:43
reisiopwca: takes 3rd party software01:44
pwcaI do not have admin rights on the Windows machines I use the most.01:44
reisiopwca: sure you do01:44
daftykinsexFAT supports >4GB files and works fine without any third party software (may be a single package install on ubuntu though)01:44
reisionever met a Windows machine I couldn't get admin on :p01:44
pwcaI don't.01:44
reisiodaftykins: on the literally half dozen devices that support it :p01:44
plytroand I don't think the software to read ext# needs admin01:44
pwcamaybe ext4 is a good opportunity.01:45
daftykinsreisio: no idea what you're claiming there, works fine across OSs01:45
pwcaoption, I mean. it's late.01:45
daftykinsno, don't go ext401:45
daftykinsyou'll be in permissions hell01:45
pwcaoh, I have encountered this.01:45
daftykinsuse win7 to format to exFAT with a 4096KB cluster size01:46
pwcaI don't have Win7.01:46
reisiodaftykins: OSes aren't devices01:46
daftykinsalright, well format as exFAT then01:46
reisiono wonder you have no idea :p01:46
plytroso in his use case we have ubuntu and windows and maybe osx01:46
plytroexfat is on all 301:46
daftykinsreisio: you bringing up 'devices' doesn't make any sense to me, so i said what was a sane reply.01:47
pwcaso exfat needs extra software?01:47
plytroon linux only01:47
reisiodaftykins: devices, they're things01:47
pwcaso exfat requires extra software on Linux.01:47
reisiopwca: things that aren't ordinary desktop computers aren't great at exfat01:47
daftykinsreisio: i sincerely hope your command about having no idea wasn't aimed at me.01:47
reisiomay or may not matter to you01:47
daftykinscommand? comment too.01:47
pwcait doesn't, reisio.01:47
reisiodaftykins: cool01:47
reisiopwca: :)01:48
DakshahI couldn't find Ubuntu's Google code in wiki page. Does Ubuntu have one?01:48
daftykinspwca: sudo apt-get install exfat-utils exfat-fuse01:48
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daftykins^on 14.0401:48
=== paule32_ is now known as paule32
plytrogparted may do it now, as of that link I gave you it didn't01:48
pwcasome of the machines I use do not have internet access.01:48
daftykinsreisio: yeah, look at that - your point was useless01:48
=== mfisch is now known as Guest9086
reisiodaftykins: you're so sincere :p01:48
pwcawhich means that I will have to have an external USB disk with the exfat packages with me.01:48
pwcabut it's a one time cost, so I guess it's OK.01:49
daftykinsstill love to know what 'devices' these were01:49
pwcaunless it requires a billion other things.01:49
daftykinspwca: because any other Linux host wouldn't be online to install them?01:49
pwcaany other?01:49
reisiodaftykins: oh? Didn't seem like you were interested01:49
daftykinsreisio: not considering you making it personal, no01:51
=== Gi0_ is now known as Gi0
reisioyou lost me, dude01:51
pwcaok. so far my best options are: reformatting to exFAT or NTFS. the former has the advantage of being salvageable on Linux and the latter has the advantage of being supported with no hustle on anything.01:51
pwcaI will sleep on it and make my decision after breakfast tomorrow.01:51
reisiopwca: what was the original problem?01:51
pwcareisio: I didn't know what nc did.01:52
reisiopwca: oh you wanted an fsck for ntfs?01:52
reisiooh, mmm01:52
daftykinsbeen over that01:52
plytrohe didn't want to get a windows VM and use chkdsk01:53
daftykinsboot media would do it too, but a fair chunk of work just to try01:54
reisiontfsfix usually does the trick01:54
pwcahuman nature is to gravitate towards pleasure and to seek to avoid pain.01:54
daftykinsi'd have done a SMART check if it weren't USB, might not support the query01:54
pwcathe past exchange can be seen in light of that fact.01:54
daftykinsreisio: we were told that was already run01:54
pwcaanyway, I need to sleep.01:54
reisiodaftykins: still usually does the trick :)01:54
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OerHekstrow away your vm and grab a fresh copy01:54
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
reisiommm, fresh vm01:57
* reisio breathes it in01:57
Technobliteratorso, I just installed an application, and now I can't find it anywhere by searching?02:00
reisioTechnobliterator: dpkg -L application | grep -i bin02:01
Technobliterator"dpkg -L netbeans" doesnt give me anything02:02
Technobliteratoreven though I just went through the whole install process02:02
plytroTechnobliterator: did you install with dpkg -i?02:02
plytroor apt-get?02:02
Technobliteratoroh, no02:02
reisioTechnobliterator: mistake :)02:02
Technobliteratormy bad02:02
plytroyou could "sudo updatedb && locate netbeans"02:02
reisioor just find / -iname '*netbeans*'02:03
reisio(updatedb uses find anyway)02:03
reisiobut probably ls /usr/bin/*beans* will suffice02:03
reisioor find /opt/ -iname '*beans*'02:03
reisiosince you installed it wrong02:03
plytroI think netbeans installs in opt02:03
plytrodoes netbeans have a current .deb?02:03
reisiomost things have current .deb's02:03
plytroI always found ubuntu and others to lag a little behind those tools release cycle02:03
reisioI always found netbeans/eclipse to be... not desirable02:04
plytrowell if writing java.....02:04
plytroyou do have the option of intellij02:04
reisio...which I always found not desirable :)02:04
plytroI guess02:04
TechnobliteratorI did find: "/usr/share/app-install/desktop/netbeans:netbeans.desktop" among other things by doing that02:04
syntacticNaCl+1 intellij02:05
reisiotoo many tittles02:05
Technobliteratorhow do I install using apt-get? just "sudo apt-get install netbeans"?02:05
OerHeksopen dash: netbeans02:05
TechnobliteratorI didn't find it using that02:05
OerHeksThen i guess you have not installed the oracle java thingy?02:06
Technobliteratorit created a netbeans-8.1 file in Home, yet I can't find the application02:06
Technobliteratorthe JDK? I installed that02:06
TJ-!info netbeans02:07
ubottunetbeans (source: netbeans): Extensible Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 8.0.2+dfsg1-4 (wily), package size 571 kB, installed size 1362 kB02:07
TechnobliteratorI don't know if I should just delete all my netbeans related stuff and install using the instructions o nthat link02:07
syntacticNaClTechnobliterator, I would use the link.02:09
plytrothe packaged version is a point release behind02:09
plytrothe one in the repos for wily at least02:09
plytroif you are on lts... unsure02:09
Technobliteratornot sure how to delete all my current netbeans stuff first02:09
Technobliteratorsince I don't know where it is :p02:10
reisioTechnobliterator: you could do a find by time elapsed02:10
plytroor if you don't care about wasted disk space, just install using those02:10
reisioTechnobliterator: the sure fire way would be to reinstall it using some kind of sandbox like checkinstall02:10
plytrodid you download the 94mb .sh install script02:10
reisioTechnobliterator: but if it was a .sh, you can probably just read hte script02:10
plytronot sure how much space you are going to lose02:11
reisiomoreover, while your package manager doesn't know where the netbeans files are, it _should_ know where _all other files are_02:11
reisioso can still differentiate, in a harder way02:11
TechnobliteratorI downloaded from the site, I'll use the sudo sh to install it this time02:11
Technobliteratoralright, setup complete02:15
TechnobliteratorYep, it works now :D02:15
Technobliteratorthanks all ^.^02:15
plytrowow that link was last updated 201102:17
bofhhi! sorry for a noob question - how can I get coreutils 8.22 instead of 8.13-3ubuntu3.3 ?02:28
plytroyou on LTS?02:31
plytrolooks like the highest on 14.04 is 8.21 from offical repos02:31
bofhgot some pre-built image on aruba cloud, uname says "Linux validly-http1 3.2.0-29-generic-pae #46-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 27 17:25:43 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux"02:32
plytroor are you further back on 12.04 LTS?02:32
plytrolsb_relase -d02:32
plytrolsb_release -d02:32
bofhUbuntu 12.04.5 LTS02:32
plytrolooks like you may be SOL02:32
plytrofrom offical repos02:33
bofhmm, not sure I got you02:33
OerHeksdemand a fresh image with 1404 lts from that vendor https://launchpad.net/coreutils02:33
bofhnever ever used ubuntu server before02:33
OerHeksprebuild sounds like heavily tweaked02:34
plytroso the offical apt repos for packages for 12.04 only go up to 8.1302:34
bofhlet me see if they have one02:34
plytroif you can get 14.04 you can get coreutils 8.2102:34
plytroat most02:34
plytroif you can get an 15.10 image you can get 8.2302:34
bofhNew release '14.04.1 LTS' available. Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it.02:34
bofhperhaps I could upgrade the entire system02:35
plytroyou still won't get to 8.22 though02:35
plytroeven 14.04 only has 8.2102:35
bofhplytro: do you have coreutils 8.21?02:35
plytroso if you do-release-upgrade you will probably just get 8.2102:35
bofhI'm interested if 'ln' has the flag '-r' there02:35
plytroall my systems are newer than 14.0402:35
bofhif it does in 8.21 - then i'm good02:36
bofhwhatever, I will upgrade and if it doesn't help - then I'll pick another image02:37
plytrobofh: you can go to 15.04 if you need to also02:37
plytrofrom an LTS02:37
OERIAScan someone help with this: http://imgur.com/jvTazEg02:37
OERIAS^ It doesn't let me update02:37
plytrobofh: see https://askubuntu.com/questions/618741/update-ubuntu-14-04-to-15-0402:38
plytroif 8.21 doesn't work for you 15.04 does have 8.2302:38
bofhplytro: thanks a lot!02:38
bofhplytro: okay, version 14 has ln with -r flag, so simple upgrade helped02:46
theme2Hi! Can anybody help me diagnose my computer?02:46
theme2It often crashes after I open a new tab or click a link in google chrome02:46
theme2(apparently nondeterministically)02:47
theme2Do I have to paste logs or something?02:47
havoc-hivehi =) i love you guys02:47
jay__I have a question involving Xterm02:48
jay__Could anyone help me with that?02:48
inteus!ask | jay__02:48
ubottujay__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:48
jay__Okay, is there any difference between "Xterm" and "Terminal Emulator"02:48
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
plytrojay__: likely yes02:49
inteustwo different programs02:49
plytroTerminal Emulator could be gnome-terminal02:49
jay__I mean I know they are different programs but whats their difference in functionality?02:49
plytroyou could check02:50
plytroopen an emulator02:50
plytrorun xterm02:50
plytroand then run gnome-terminal02:50
plytroyes they have different functionality02:50
plytrohowever the command line will behave the same in both02:50
plytroto an extent depending on your .bashrc vs .bash_profile and how they are setup02:50
plytrosome people find it helpful to run gnome-terminal with the prefernce of "Run as login shell" or whatever it is labeled02:51
jay__ Actually don't know what that means, really don't know anything on Linux honestly02:51
theme2My computer *sometimes* hangs (and I have to force shutdown) when I open a new tab or click a link in google chrome. I can't reliably reproduce it. How should I diagnose this problem?02:51
plytroxterm is older and lacks some newer features that some people like/expect02:51
plytrouser terminal emulator, you'll be happier if you're new02:52
plytrothere are a number of terminal emulators for x02:52
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
plytromy old devops guy used rxvt02:53
plytroI use xfce4-terminal02:53
jay__Well I got Xubuntu and it came with a terminal just called "Terminal Emulator"02:53
plytrothat is xfce4-terminal most likely then02:53
theme2btw when my computer hangs, I can move my mouse cursor, but I can't do anything else at all (which is weird)02:53
plytrothats just the label in the menu02:53
jay__Do you know the way to find out the exact name then?02:53
plytroactually you can do help -> about and see what it says02:54
plytrofor me in xfce it tells me its GNOME Terminal02:54
havoc-hivedoes anyone know how to configure a logitech unify reciever on ubuntu?02:55
jay_Whoops, I accidentally left02:56
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest81164
plytrohavoc-hive: no more than google can tell me02:56
jay_At the top, it says GNU bash02:56
plytrono, I mean in the menus you use with the mouse02:56
Bashing-omjay__: Be aware there is no one best, here are more ; 'xterm' (main) , 'kterm' (universe), 'bogl-bterm' (main), 'pterm' (universe), 'torque-client-x11' (universe), 'qterm' (universe), 'torque-client' (universe), 'aterm-ml' (universe), 'aterm' (universe) . That are readily available .02:57
plytrojay_: or if you have a prompt and only one terminal window open you could do ps us|grep term02:59
plytroand find the terminal app name02:59
OerHekshttp://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/10/five-alternative-terminal-emulator-apps-for-ubuntu  or more recent with some nice comments http://www.tecmint.com/linux-terminal-emulators/03:02
plytroI just use the default for my window manager03:04
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=== Guest86222 is now known as JillyBean
thoriehello, im getting error messages from ubuntu saying my /boot is full (100%) ... how can i solve this? i saw there are a lot of various initrd.img files and such, but i don't know what is deletable at all03:28
plytrotry running apt-get autoremove03:31
plytroshould clean up old unused kernels from there03:31
cdk_has any one used chrome remote desktop?03:33
old1Does ubuntu have handbrake batch or is there a link fo a script etc that will allow me to crunch vid files from a dir???...03:37
bazhang!info handbrake | old103:38
ubottuold1: handbrake (source: handbrake): versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (GTK+ GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.2+ds1-1build1 (wily), package size 5450 kB, installed size 10491 kB (Only available for any-amd64; any-i386; powerpc)03:38
old1yea i have handbrake just didn't know if anyone had a script for it on the command line or other that would allow me to crunch vids from dir a to dir b on the fly...03:39
bazhangtry the handbrake channel03:39
bazhang /msg alis list handbrake   to find it03:40
JohnDoe123Hi! I need some serious help. I just created a Ubuntu Live CD and installed Ubuntu on my only disk, a perfectly healthy SSD. Everything went just fine, but within 10 minutes things starts to crash. The additional driver thingie and something else both generated an error and something about closing unexpectedly. What can I do? :/03:40
old1doesn't have to be handbrake just looking for a script/binary to crunch vids in ubuntu???03:42
Bomber4ChatsHey, what's the folder location for kubuntu for default config? (or for plasma). I'm having login issues, and I already know I has to do with bad config files (config thinks I have an external monitor but I don't)03:44
plytroold1: that isn't ubuntu specific03:44
old1 /msg alis list03:44
Bomber4ChatsUsr/bin I think03:46
glenn/join #!!!!!!l03:47
JohnDoe123Hi! I need some serious help. I just created a Ubuntu Live CD and installed Ubuntu on my only disk, a perfectly healthy SSD. Everything went just fine, but within 10 minutes things starts to crash. The additional driver thingie and something else both generated an error and something about closing unexpectedly. What can I do? :/03:48
plytrothats one option03:50
plytroprobably won't do much though03:50
JohnDoe123What do you think is the problem?03:50
OERIASCan someone help me with this problem: http://i.imgur.com/p5wGTp0.png03:51
OERIASIt will not let me apply the updates03:51
plytroJohnDoe123: no clue what the problem may be based on your description03:51
JohnDoe123plytro: I can't replicate it and then give you the crash log?03:52
Rave1JohnDoe123,   most likly video driver issue03:52
plytroOERIAS: what updates? chrome?03:52
JohnDoe123Rave1: Is there anything I can do?03:52
old1well the handbrake channel is zero help oh well...03:52
plytroyou could always open a terminal and do apt-get update && apt-get upgrade03:52
plytrowith sudo on both of those03:53
JohnDoe123plytro: Do you mean me?03:53
tawanAccidentally left "remember forever" when opening an encrypted drive. Need the system to forget this and re-lock the drive - any ideas? Seahorse doesn't seem to help.03:53
plytroJohnDoe123: that was directed at OERIAS03:53
JohnDoe123plytro: OK.03:53
JohnDoe123Rave1: That sounds solveable... What do you want me to try?03:53
Rave1JohnDoe123,  install the proper video drivers.. but i dont use ubuntu  so really cant help with details no how they do it03:53
plytroJohnDoe123: did you enable the propietary drivers?03:53
plytroand then things started to crash?03:54
isReKT2000OERIAS, enable it in the settings. most likely one of the packages are non-free, or i'd rather do what plytro said if you don't want to dig in the settings03:54
JohnDoe123Rave1: I don't know which one to choose. plytro: No, I'm still using the default settings on EVERYTHING.03:54
isReKT2000Which video card do you have??03:55
JohnDoe123GeForce GTX 660.03:55
Bomber4ChatsAnyone know where the default config files for plasma exist?03:55
OERIASplytro, It is a general system updates03:55
lotuspsychjeBomber4Chats: maybe the #kubuntu guys know?03:55
isReKT2000660. Okay, I'll look at it03:56
plytroOERIAS: either do the apt-get stuff as root or sudo them or find the settings in the gui (note I have no idea where those check boxes are)03:56
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: Tell me if you need an image of what my additional drivers list is like.03:57
isReKT2000JohnDoe123, that's later if other things are causing problems03:57
isReKT200032-bit or 64-bit?03:57
OERIASplytro, find what?03:57
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: 64.03:57
plytroOERIAS: anything in the gui honestly03:58
OERIASYou're not making sense03:58
Bomber4ChatsThe answer was .local/share/kscreen03:58
OERIASIt is telling me that I need authenticate these packages03:59
plytroOERIAS: open a terminal window03:59
plytrothen type sudo apt-get update03:59
plytrothen when that is done type "sudo apt-get upgrade"04:00
lotuspsychje!yay | Bomber4Chats04:00
ubottuBomber4Chats: Glad you made it! :-)04:00
tawanAccidentally left "remember forever" when opening an encrypted drive. Need the system to forget this and re-lock the drive - any ideas? Seahorse doesn't seem to help.04:01
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: Are you still there?04:02
isReKT2000JohnDoe123, yeah04:02
isReKT2000ubuntu version?04:02
OERIASplytro, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13256540/04:02
OERIAS^ Check that out04:02
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: Whatever the latest LTS is. 14.04?04:02
isReKT200014.04.3 I believe.04:02
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: That's it.04:03
plytroOERIAS: just run "sudo apt-get upgrade" now04:03
plytrosince the update had the gpg errors the && failed and it didn't run the next command04:04
isReKT2000JohnDoe123, Can't find anything in the repos, so you can download the driver .run over here: http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/9282604:07
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: Is that the same as http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/92826/en-us ?04:07
isReKT2000pretty sure04:08
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: I don't think I've ever installed anything on Ubuntu before. What do I do with the file?04:09
isReKT2000Single click on the file. Does it show as a Shell script?04:10
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: It is a .run file and file properties says shell script.04:10
isReKT2000Run it then.04:10
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: The thing is... I don't know how.04:11
isReKT2000Right-click and click Open?04:11
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: It just opens in Leafpad.04:12
TJ-JohnDoe123: it'd be better to install Ubuntu packages than doing a manual installation04:12
isReKT2000(my linux skills are very rusty)04:12
JohnDoe123TJ-: Do you want to help me?04:12
JohnDoe123I'm fresh out of Windows camp.04:13
isReKT2000TJ-, I can't find any nvidia ppa's or things for the driver version 352.5504:13
TJ-JohnDoe123: sure can. which Ubuntu release is it?04:13
TJ-isReKT2000: JohnDoe123 we have a 'special' GPU drivers only PPA maintained now, at https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa04:13
isReKT200014.04.3, he said04:13
JohnDoe123TJ-: Yes, he's right. 14.04.3 x64.04:14
JohnDoe123TJ-: So I visit that link and then what?04:14
TJ-JohnDoe123: "sudo apt-add-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa  && sudo apt-get update"04:14
JohnDoe123TJ-: Perfect. But one question, why do I avoid the additional drivers menu?04:15
TJ-JohnDoe123: once this PPA is installed and apt aware of it, 'ubuntu-drivers' tooling should see the most recent driver package from the PPA04:15
isReKT2000He has a GTX 660 however...04:16
isReKT2000352 is the latest04:16
JohnDoe123TJ-: Is what isReKT2000 just said messing it up?04:16
plytroOERIAS: things better?04:17
TJ-The PPA has nvidia-355 and -358 for 14.0404:17
isReKT2000All we need is 352.55 thoug04:17
TJ-JohnDoe123: if you've run those commands I gave you, we can now check which driver the system thinks is the best available04:17
JohnDoe123TJ-: Give me a minute to run it and we'll see.04:18
jr-rescueMy hard drive died, I bougth an external hard drive, and I'm trying to copy /dev/sda1 using DDRescue GUI, but I keep getting a "Could not unmount disk /dev/sda1"; can anyone help?04:18
isReKT2000if it isn't right though - apt-get install nvidia-graphics-drivers-35204:18
isReKT2000(if you added the ppa)04:18
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: One minute. :)04:19
jr-rescue(I don't believ I have anything on /dev/sda mounted)04:19
isReKT2000JohnDoe123, Okay ;)04:19
TJ-JohnDoe123: once those commands are done you check what's available with "ubuntu-drivers devices | tee /dev/stderr | pastebinit" and give us the pastebin link it provides.04:19
JohnDoe123TJ-: OK, so "sudo apt-add-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa  && sudo apt-get update" is now run. Next step?04:20
isReKT2000the pastebin package name is clever04:20
TJ-JohnDoe123: give 'ubuntu-drivers' a few seconds; it takes its time!04:20
isReKT2000pasteb init04:20
isReKT2000pastebin it04:20
TJ-JohnDoe123: I hope you have pastebinit installed. If not, do "sudo apt-get install pastebinit"04:20
isReKT2000you get used to apt real quick04:21
jr-rescue(I can use ddrescue [without the GUI])04:21
Huliohi guys04:21
Huliohow are you doing tonight?04:21
JohnDoe123TJ-: I'm stuck on your second step. What do I do with "ubuntu-drivers"?04:21
JohnDoe123It gives me some usage message.04:22
TJ-JohnDoe123: Just in case, first do: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit"04:22
JohnDoe123TJ-: OK.04:22
Huliohow to list disks?04:22
isReKT2000JohnDoe123, do the command after installing pastebinit ubuntu-drivers devices | tee /dev/stderr | pastebinit04:22
TJ-JohnDoe123: Then "ubuntu-drivers devices | tee /dev/stderr | pastebinit"04:23
franklinhow do I change the theme again in MATE?04:23
jr-rescueHulio: Try the GUI program "Disks" in Dash04:23
TJ-Hulio: "sudo lsblk -f"04:23
Huliogood thanks guys04:23
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: OK. TJ-: OK.04:23
JohnDoe123Hold on.04:23
Hulioi prefer Tj answer04:23
franklinfrom mate menu, what's the program called to select theme04:23
jr-rescueGuys, I'm desperate; can someone help?04:24
TJ-jr-rescue: if a mount is reported check with "grep sda /proc/mounts"04:24
HackerIIfranklin,  juat right click on the desktop04:24
OERIASplytro, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13256764/04:24
JohnDoe123TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13256765/ isReKT2000: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13256765/04:25
OERIASNo things are just as bad as before04:25
TJ-JohnDoe123: you see line 12 says recommended: "driver   : nvidia-358 - third-party free recommended"04:25
TJ-JohnDoe123: You can now do "sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall" and it'll do it for you04:25
jr-rescueTJ- THANKS SO MUCH! It reports "/dev/sda1 /mnt ext4 rw,relatime,data=ordered 0 0"; sorry to be a pain, but how do I unmount it?04:26
JohnDoe123TJ-: AWESOME. Hold on.04:26
TJ-jr-rescue: "sudo umount /mnt"04:26
isReKT2000it probably won't be stable though04:26
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: Too late now! Why did you have to tell me that? :(04:26
TJ-jr-rescue: and I'd recommend NOT using the GUI; you'll have more info/control from the command-line especially if the rescue is interupted04:26
jr-rescue"umount: /mnt: device is busy." - YIKES!04:26
TJ-isReKT2000: why would it not be stable?04:27
jr-rescueTJ-: Will do in a sec after I get /dev/sda1 unmounted04:27
TJ-JohnDoe123: if you do experience instability, it's easy to uninstall that version and install one of the others04:27
isReKT2000352 is the latest official driver for his graphics card though04:27
JohnDoe123TJ-: I hope so! :o04:27
TJ-jr-rescue: looks like you have something operating on /mnt/04:27
TJ-isReKT2000: The driver packages specifically *claim* the device IDs they support; the latest is 35804:28
isReKT2000TJ-, still is easy to uninstall though, as you said04:28
jr-rescueTJ-: what could be operating on it and how do I stop it? (Sorry to be a pain)04:28
TJ-jr-rescue: have you changed directory so you have a terminal shell, or some GUI program, with its curent working directory in /mnt/04:28
JohnDoe123TJ-: isReKT2000: The new drivers did nothing to fix the tearing in my browser. :(04:29
isReKT2000TJ-, https://gyazo.com/041d6379f382088684cf5042a9363ca104:29
TJ-jr-rescue: also try "sudo umount -l /mnt" -- that does a lazy unmount, then check with "grep sda /proc/mounts" again04:29
TJ-JohnDoe123: you'll need to reboot the system for the new drivers to be loaded. Did you do that?04:29
JohnDoe123TJ-: No, I'll do that now then. Brb!04:29
isReKT2000and do nvidia-xconfig as well maybe04:30
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: What does that do?04:30
TJ-That's done as part of the package installation04:30
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: TJ-: Brb. Reboot!04:30
isReKT2000TJ-, ;) I learn more than one thing per day, I'm happy about that lol04:30
TJ-isReKT2000: that's the point of packaging, automating the install and config so users don't try it themselves and mess it up04:31
Al3x_10mjr-rescue: you could try this: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-do-i-forcefully-unmount-a-disk-partition.html04:31
jr-rescueTJ-: It's unmounted now, thanks so much. I'm looking up how to do ddrescue from the command line04:32
JohnDoe123TJ-: isReKT2000: The tearing is still here. :(04:32
TJ-jr-rescue: If the hard drive is failing, is there any reason not to rescue the entire drive, or do you only need the file-system that is in partition #1 ?04:32
jr-rescueDo I need to make a partition forst to copt /dev/sda1 ?04:33
isReKT2000JohnDoe123, anything else wrong?04:33
TJ-JohnDoe123: does the PC have hybrid Optimus GPUs04:33
isReKT2000if so, you need to install bumblebee04:33
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: Nothing yet, but I haven't tried anything. TJ-: How do I figure that one out?04:33
TJ-jr-rescue: you can have ddrescue write into a file if you want to.04:33
jr-rescueTJ-: No reason not to rescue the entire drive04:33
jr-rescueHOW? (please!)04:33
TJ-JohnDoe123: "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"04:33
TJ-jr-rescue: see "man ddrecue" note how the synopsis shows "ddrescue [options] infile outfile [logfile]"04:34
JohnDoe123TJ-: Can I send it to you in a private message?04:34
TJ-jr-rescue: so that means you *could* do "ddrescue /dev/sda1 /path/to/rescued-data.file" for example04:35
JohnDoe123Or does it not contain anything private?04:35
TJ-JohnDoe123: it's fine, nothing private in the log04:35
JohnDoe123TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13256845/04:35
TJ-JohnDoe123: it shows what happens when the GUI X server starts04:35
JohnDoe123TJ-: Ahh.04:35
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: What's bumblebee?04:35
TJ-JohnDoe123: OK, thankfully no Optimus! A single Nvidia GPU04:36
JohnDoe123TJ-: Woo!04:36
isReKT2000JohnDoe123, basically optimus drivers04:36
isReKT2000but you don't need it04:36
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: So I don't need it now then.04:36
JohnDoe123TJ-: isReKT2000: Any solution for the browser tearing when scrolling?04:36
isReKT2000Does it do it when scrolling quickly04:37
TJ-JohnDoe123: that sounds like a v-sync issue04:38
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: It does it now and then. I can't tell how fast I scroll.04:38
JohnDoe123TJ-: I can't live with it!04:38
TJ-JohnDoe123: in the dash type "nvidia X settings" and run the tool04:38
isReKT2000If it's Firefox that's usual lol04:39
JohnDoe123TJ-: NVIDIA X Server Settings?04:39
vishal_can anybody help me for creating dual boot ??04:39
TJ-JohnDoe123: go to the OpenGL Settings tab, and tell us what the Sync to VBlank setting is04:39
TJ-JohnDoe123: Yes, that is correct04:39
franklindude you're better of going to stackoverflow04:39
vishal_ubuntu and windows04:40
JohnDoe123TJ-: Sync to VBlank is checked.04:40
TJ-JohnDoe123: try disabling it as a test. if it doesn't help, enable it again04:40
JohnDoe123TJ-: Do I need to restart Firefox or reboot?04:41
JohnDoe123TJ-: I didn't restart anything, but the tearing is still there.04:42
TJ-JohnDoe123: There are 2 locations where the settings need modifying, sometimes. Here's a link explaining it:  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/01/how-to-fix-video-tearing-in-videos-nvidia-ubuntu/04:43
isReKT2000boot a ubuntu live cd, select language and, select "Try Ubuntu before installing." When it boots up go to the installer. On the disk selection, just choose "Install alongside <Windows version>" and  you go through the setup.04:43
JohnDoe123TJ-: But it's not even videos. EVERYTHING is tearing. Does it still apply?04:43
isReKT2000JohnDoe123, Most likely restart Firefox04:44
TJ-JohnDoe123: yes.04:44
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: OK. TJ-: Should I try to restart Firefox first?04:44
isReKT2000it depends however04:44
TJ-JohnDoe123: the cause is when the application is updating the screen fraebuffer as the GPU is in the middle of copying the bits to the monitor - so you get some from frame X, and others from frame X+104:44
TJ-JohnDoe123: I'm not sure it is needed, but log-out and log-in will make sure the X server had restarted and the settings should be set04:45
isReKT2000TJ-, nothing better than not having to restart :)04:45
JohnDoe123TJ-: I've bookmarked your link, but I'll trying logging out and back in, so brb. isReKT2000: Brb.04:46
JohnDoe123TJ-: isReKT2000: Argh! Stupid tearing is still there.04:48
isReKT2000JohnDoe123, quick tip: you can use a real irc client (I'm sure there is one in the repos04:48
isReKT2000but you don't have to04:48
TJ-JohnDoe123: From what I'm reading, the cause is in the Compiz compositor when it is active. The technical term apparently is "Unredirected windows"04:49
isReKT2000ubuntu use compiz, yes04:49
JohnDoe123isReKT2000: I'll worry about that later. TJ-: "anon@PC:~$ compiz --version The program 'compiz' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install compiz-core"!04:49
JohnDoe123TJ-: isReKT2000: I need to confess something to you two. I'm... using... Lubuntu 14.04.3 LTS. I thought you wouldn't help me if I came in here asking for Lubuntu help. I'm sorry.04:50
isReKT2000Oh, fine.04:51
TJ-JohnDoe123: I think part of the problem is you've got a relatively old (don't shout!) release of Ubuntu and the GPU/graphics tools have moved on a lot since 14.04 was released. Because it has Long Term Support however, the more recent kernels and Xorg drivers are backported to 14.04. You could try updating to those.04:51
TJ-!hwe | JohnDoe12304:51
ubottuJohnDoe123: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack04:51
isReKT2000Lubuntu is a direct cousin of Ubuntu however04:51
TJ-JohnDoe123: if you're using Lubuntu, I don't thnk it ever uses a compositor04:52
isReKT2000As advertised by Canonical of course, LTS versions get 5 years of full support04:52
JohnDoe123TJ-: So should I still try to update the kernel and Xorg drivers if I'm using Lubuntu LTS?04:53
TJ-JohnDoe123: usually tearing goes away when the compositor is disabled, so if that is the case on your system (no compositing) I'm surprised you're seeing tearing. That makes we wonder if the accelerated drivers are fully working04:53
isReKT2000352 had a problem that made the desktop unusable though04:53
JohnDoe123TJ-: I always manage to get these weird problems.04:53
TJ-JohnDoe123: Do "sudo apt-get install mesa-utils"04:54
JohnDoe123TJ-: isReKT2000: What do you two think would be the next appropiate step?04:54
JohnDoe123TJ-: OK.04:54
TJ-JohnDoe123: once that package is installed do "glxinfo | grep direct" and tell us if direct rendering is enabled04:54
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ComputerChicHey all04:54
JohnDoe123TJ-: Seems to get stuck on "0% [Waiting for headers]"...04:55
JohnDoe123TJ-: I complained too fast. It's done now.04:56
TJ-JohnDoe123: that's the package updater :)04:56
JohnDoe123TJ-: "anon@PC:~$ glxinfo | grep direct direct rendering: Yes"04:56
=== Guest7308 is now known as arunpyasi_
JohnDoe123TJ-: Is that the info you wanted from that command?04:56
TJ-JohnDoe123: good, that's working correctly04:56
JohnDoe123TJ-: Should I enable Sync to VBlank again?04:57
TJ-JohnDoe123: yes.04:58
JohnDoe123TJ-: Done!04:58
JohnDoe123TJ-: But I REALLY need the tearing to go away. I can live with much, but not that.04:58
TJ-JohnDoe123: I'm reading some posts in the ubuntu forums from users of XFCE (Xubuntu) saying that they replaced/installed the compositor "compton" and ran it using "compton --vsync opengl" to fix their tearing issues. I'm not sure how relevant that is to your situ, but it may be worth trying. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221241804:59
isReKT2000JohnDoe123, it is worth a try, since you want it gone from your browser05:00
JohnDoe123TJ-: isReKT2000: A post in that thread states "Works just fine, so I now I guess it's just a matter of putting compton in the startup applications Cheers guys"... Do I have to do it on each boot?05:01
isReKT2000put it in the startup applications and it will do it everytime05:02
TJ-JohnDoe123: a different solution on comment #5 of that thread suggests editing "/usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-xserver-command.conf" and altering "xserver-command=" to be "xserver-command=X -bs" (which disables use of the backing-store buffer)05:04
mancomunadoWhat can I perform when systemd stucks at "[ok] Starting system message bus: dbus". And last resouce to boot is "xinit startx"? Only "startx" shows "kdm cannot open theme file !!! to be replace by desktop base @@@ mail system possiby broken". And "exec startkde" closes the terminal.05:05
TJ-mancomunado: if you're seeing 'startx' then that isn't the standard package-installed GUI startup. Presumably you've set it up yourself05:06
mancomunadoThere's no boot.05:07
mancomunadoI have to type manually "xinit startkde" to start the machine or get stuck there forever.05:07
ghostboarderhey guys, i have an orphan vm on my iscsi san (using esxi 5.1) that i am trying to make sure contains no data. Booting from the Server 2012 iso shows 'unallocated space' when commencing setup, and booting from a Ubuntu 14 iso doesnt show the volume at all. Is it relatively safe to say at this point that the volume contains no data?05:08
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TJ-mancomunado: is that 15.10 ?05:17
TJ-mancomunado: you first might want to try booting to the console so you can control/test the GUI start-up. To do that, edit the kernel command-line at the GRUB boot-menu adding "systemd.unit=multiuser.target". That'll prevent the GUI starting. You can then log-in at the console and then test GUI with "sudo systemctl start sddm.service" (if the system is Kubuntu) or "sudo systemctl start lightdm.service" if the05:20
TJ-system is Ubuntu/Lubuntu/Xubuntu etc05:20
mancomunadoTJ-, I already login on consoles. that's the whole problem05:25
mancomunadoGUI is necessary to boot manually though startx05:25
TJ-mancomunado: 'startx' isn't the way to start the desktop environment though, the display manager packages do that. If they fail, look at the log files in /var/log/ for clues as to why they fail05:28
mancomunadoTJ-, I beleive there's something related to rc.d05:31
BobozoidI need help05:35
MikeA2Hello! How can I mage GParted to use the entire USB? http://i.imgur.com/X8uSC2V.png05:36
MikeA2It says used 14.52 MiB?05:37
OerHeksMikeA2, there seems to be no unused space, so the missing 1.48 Mib is in the fat filesystem and MBR.05:38
BobozoidGot sick and tired of Thunderbird messing up, installed evolution, set up accounts, all settings are right, but still can not connect, getting error messages: peer cut connection...05:38
MikeA2OerHeks: Wait. No unused space? Don't you mean used space?05:39
BobozoidI don't even know what I am supposed to be looking for here!!!!!05:40
MikeA2OerHeks: Are you there?05:41
OerHeksMikeA2, oh reading it wrong, 14.52 in use, maybe hidden files like . or ..05:43
blooregardGreetings everyone.  Does anyone know of any Linux tools that can view a Windows memory.dmp file?05:45
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shurtagul[23:56] <shurtagul> So why when I executed "sudo apt-get purge wine*" does the shell go ahead and purge all my applications?06:04
c|onemanshurtagul: I think its because purge also deletes related applications06:08
c|onemanwhy the *?06:09
c|onemanI guess purge just app +config files, so thats not why. It must be your asterisk06:10
c_smith_soooo I've a question about a partitioning setup, I'm looking to chop down on some unused space in my root partition with my next install (that I'm doin now) and re-allocate it to /home, would 80GB suffice even for have a good deal of games installed (not counting stuff in Steam that goes into the user folder under /home)?06:12
shurtagulcloneman: because I alse had winetricks I wanted to delete, I thought it purges everything that startes with "wine", what the asterisk is usually used for. I know its done this before and I always forget it. Dunno how to safely remove it :/06:13
c|onemanwell, can you just purge wine and then winetricks without using the *06:14
c|onemanunless you have a lot of other packages that start with wine for some reason?06:14
Luke78923Hey! I just created a fresh Ubuntu Live USB. When I boot, there's two USB options in the list. One with UEFI in front of it and the other one without UEFI. Which do I choose and why? What are the differences?06:14
c_smith_Luke78923: one is using the UEFI setup that PC has to boot where the other is using the old MBR/BIOS mode to boot, as to which to use, it's mainly based on personal preference and hardware constraints to an extent06:15
Luke78923c_smith_: Oh, okay. So I can't mess things up by choosing the wrong one?06:16
Luke78923Or, "wrong" one.06:16
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c_smith_Luke78923: you can, but only if you're intending to dual-boot with an already installed OS like Windows06:16
Luke78923c_smith_: I'm done with Windows. :D Time for another question?06:17
c_smith_Luke78923: ah, then it really boils down to what you want and how big your HDD is mainly06:17
Luke78923250GB SSD. Time for another question? :P06:17
c_smith_Luke78923: MBR/BIOS only supports up to 2TB iirc06:17
c_smith_Luke78923: ask away!06:18
Luke78923c_smith_: After creating the Live USB, I opened the USB in GParted. It's formatted as FAT32. Is that all okay?06:18
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c_smith_Luke78923: yup, perfectly normal, and exactly why it shows up twice,06:18
Luke78923c_smith_: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! :D06:19
Luke78923c_smith_: Nothing can stop me now! >:)06:19
c_smith_Luke78923: hey man, Ubuntu's pretty nice,06:19
Luke78923c_smith_: It can't possible be worse than what Windows is turning into.06:19
Luke78923Or, is.06:19
c_smith_Luke78923: agreed. oh, one more thing, if you want to just chat, there #ubuntu-offtopic on this server,06:20
Luke78923c_smith_: I'm done with questions for now, so I'll just shut up. Thanks!06:20
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greedlexerIt's slow. Islam ala06:46
greedlexerFrench welcomed the Islamic comrades06:48
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mofaphHi, all. I add an indicator icon, how can I add notification messages?07:04
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iBurleyI know this isn't specifically an Ubuntu question, but for mpv (or any video player, really) should I be using alsa or pulse for audio output?07:10
odroidhow to set time from terminal  from my.ntp.server.org?07:11
odroidntpdate not get effect07:11
SirLagziBurley: personally, I'd use ALSA. one less layer than pulse.07:12
SirLagzodroid: check again? ntpdate takes a sec for it to change the time07:12
iBurleySirLagz, alright, thanks, that's what I was leaning towards as well.07:14
SirLagziBurley: no probs07:15
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odroidis there are any way remove chromium (default browser in xubuntu) checks ssl security? It's can't open even google.com if system date is old07:17
wileeeapt-get remove or purge07:17
odroidi can't remove chromium: there are no good browser (opera) at armv71 dists07:18
odroidhow to find out what branch of ubuntu i am running now?07:23
odroiduname - a don't shows that07:23
bindiodroid: lsb_release -a07:30
odroidCommand 'lsb_release' from package 'lsb-release' (main)07:31
odroidlsb_realease: command not found07:31
bindiyou mistyped it...07:32
odroidoh yes, sorry it is "saucy"07:33
wileeeodroid, saucy is end of life, you need an upgrade07:34
odroidam not sure that there are update for ARM6407:35
wileeeodroid, hows about you check, your not supported here with saucy is all.07:35
odroidi can't make working DVB-TV stick on07:36
hamdroidi installed vnc on my ubuntu vps, i can run the server from the root account without issues. im now trying to run it from a differnt account but i get this error vncserver: Wrong type or access mode of /home/vncacct/.vnc.07:37
cristian_cI'd like to use edid-decode to set a new video resolution properly07:37
cristian_cIf I type 'xrandr --props | edid-decode', I get also: ' No header found'07:38
cristian_cbut, previously in the output, I read also: header:          53 63 72 65 65 6e 20 3007:39
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cristian_cthen, after much information, I read: ' EDID block does not conform at all! Block has broken checksum Bad year of manufacture Bad week of manufacture Manufacturer name field contains garbage'07:41
cristian_cHow could I solve this issue?07:41
cristian_cHow can I use properly edid-decode to set a new resolution?07:42
cristian_cAny ideas?07:42
cristian_codroid: are ypu using an odroid board?07:43
maxtimboHello, I have a hot key that locks the screen. I would like to map that key to suspend. How can I achieve this?07:43
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cristian_codroid: what repositories are you using?07:44
odroidi want make working on it usb-tv stick07:44
odroidnow repository not working07:44
cristian_codroid: ?07:45
odroidam working on rebuild sources.list07:45
cristian_codroid: cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit07:45
cristian_cmaxtimbo: lock = hibernate?07:46
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maxtimbocristian_c, lock just locks the screen. there is no actual hibernation. With suspenc the processor shuts off and the session is stored in ... ram or the ssd...07:48
odroidcristian_c: http://paste.debian.net/332629/07:48
cristian_codroid: debian? O.o07:49
odroidcristian_c: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13258060/07:50
cristian_codroid: you are using the usual ubuntu repositories07:50
cristian_codroid: I didn't know they work on an arm machine07:51
cristian_ctechnically they are not arm binaries07:51
odroidthey not work like as default from clear install '(07:51
ubuntu___Hi, i am having troubles formatting a 5TB external HDD (Intenso Memory Center). gdisk shows size of about 36 TB(TiB)07:52
cristian_codroid: wait a moment07:53
cristian_codroid: maybe, you should use deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/07:55
cristian_cfor your reposutories07:55
cristian_cin place of archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu07:56
maxtimboubuntu___, you have to use a certain filesystem type for big hdds. I forget what exactly it is but it's ext3/407:57
odroidnow i change it i to http://paste.ubuntu.com/13258081/  apt-get update still running07:57
cristian_cmaxtimbo: can yout try xev?07:57
cristian_codroid: wait07:58
cristian_cmaxtimbo: yes, it's a tool07:59
cristian_c!info xev07:59
ubottuPackage xev does not exist in wily07:59
maxtimboOh I know what you're talking about...08:00
cristian_codroid: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13258093/08:00
maxtimbomapping the key isn't the problem. I'm looking for the command to suspend the pc so that I can map it to a custom keymap08:00
cristian_c!info pm-utils08:02
ubottupm-utils (source: pm-utils): utilities and scripts for power management. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.1-15 (wily), package size 49 kB, installed size 334 kB08:02
cristian_cmaxtimbo: pm-suspend is the way08:03
maxtimboit sure is08:04
cristian_cman pm-suspend08:04
maxtimbook so that command has to run as super user08:06
maxtimboI know there is a way to enable sudo commands to run without a password...08:06
mate_Hey guys. Just upgraded to 15.10. I have some problems with catalyst. The resolution is different. xrandr shows only this one as available. I can't open amdccle. It tells me to reinstall or drun the command aticonfig. With aticonfig it tells me to reinstall, it says can't open something. Now I am installing open source drivers. Can I go back to the catalyst one?08:13
mate_I will reboot now.08:14
jostHi! I have a very slow internet connection, but want to update to 15.10. How can I just download the packages, but not yet install them? I want to control the time the updates are installed manually, but the download needs to run overnight08:16
maxtimbojost, you can download the image from the website and then burn a disk08:18
maxtimbojost, install chuck it in like normal, restart and it will ask at some point if you simply want to upgrade08:19
jostmaxtimbo: what about downloading the stuff to disk, into the apt cache instead? Would be much easier08:19
maxtimbojost, your call, bro08:19
maxtimbojost, that's the way i have done it in the past08:20
jostmaxtimbo: ok :-)08:20
mate_I guess I wasn't using the catalyst driver before although it was installed. I couldn't open amdccle, it was throwing an error. I would like to know how to install catalyst and get it working. I read there is a problem with gcc5 and it needs to be compiled with gcc4.9? I saw an answer at stack exchange(http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/241893/how-to-install-amd-catalyst-15-9-on-ubuntu-15-10) I would like to know if I install08:20
mate_catalyst from the drivers menu it will be correctly instlaled. Or is there something else to make it working?08:20
OERIAScan someone help with this http://imgur.com/2cZPwZg . I can't update the packages08:23
XenuLivesWhen does Ubuntu Masturbating Monkey get released?08:25
OERIASXenuLives !ops08:30
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang08:31
wileeeOERIAS, If you add repos, you have to add the keys.08:31
OERIASwileee, that's the thing, I lost the repos08:31
OERIASSo I want to remove them'08:31
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html08:31
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wileeeOerHeks, ^^^^ the bot08:32
mate_Ok, I enabled proposed from the bug report and now I am going to reboot.08:32
wileeeOERIAS, sorry OerHeks08:32
MyrttiOERIAS: huh?08:33
OERIASMyrtti, huh what?08:34
=== enzo is now known as Guest58790
Myrttioh right.08:34
mate_Ok still same problem.08:34
OERIASwileee, I get gpg error when i update08:35
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OERIAS*sudo apt-get08:36
OERIAS*sudo apt-get update08:36
wileee!ppapurge | OerHeks08:36
ubottuOerHeks: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html08:36
wileeeOerHeks, are you seeing the ppapurge info, your nic is like another08:37
wileeeOERIAS, ^^^^, getting late here08:37
maxtimbomate_, still have the receipt for the gpu?08:37
OERIASwileee, I need to what is causing the error I do not know the repo that is causing it08:38
OERIASWhich is making me repeat the same question over and over08:38
mate_maxtimbo, I don't know. I just found an answer I am going to try. http://askubuntu.com/questions/445954/unable-to-open-etc-ati-control-please-reinstall-the-driver08:38
wileeeOERIAS, Ah, run the update in the terminal and pastebin it.08:38
mate_I get the same thing with this guy with aticonfig.08:38
wileeeOERIAS, It's all a matter of communication, kit's not always easy. ;)08:39
maxtimbomate_, good luck08:39
mate_Still doesn't work. I get smaller than the resolution I was getting in 15.04.08:42
wileeeOERIAS, sudo apt-get update in the terminal than copy and paste all of it to at pastebin.com and gives us the url.08:42
OERIASwileee, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13258406/08:43
wileeeOERIAS, try this sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 40976EAF437D05B508:44
wileeethan     sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys  3B4FE6ACC0B21F3208:45
wileeesee if those clear and fix it08:46
wileeesudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 3B4FE6ACC0B21F32   one space after keys is correct use this one08:47
OERIASBoth are processed and unchanged08:47
dicktwatgot problem with the updated somewith with launchpad.net ppa's, tryed to change it but still fails08:47
OERIASwileee, I still get the same issues when i apt-get update08:48
wileeeOERIAS, you proxied?08:49
OERIASNot I am not proxied08:50
Dik1srctf on freenode08:53
codernotzi have installed apache2 however htdocs is at usr/local and documentroot at var/www what does it mean?08:53
wileeeOERIAS, Not sure than, I have to assume you ran the commands correct, I see this working for some on the net with exact keys.08:54
codernotzi have installed apache2 however htdocs is at usr/local and  documentroot at var/www what does it mean?08:54
witheldCrazy/serious issue. Ubuntu is trying to decrypt the wrong drive at boot. I start it up, and it promps me for the passphrase for /dev/sdb508:54
OERIASIt is frustrating since I can't install the crummy updates08:54
witheldbut there isn't a /dev/sdb508:54
witheldMy hard drive is /dev/sda08:55
codernotzi have installed apache2 however htdocs is at usr/local and  documentroot at var/www what does it mean?08:55
witheldIt just needs to decrypt sda508:55
codernotzi have installed apache2 however htdocs is at usr/local and  documentroot at var/www what does it mean?08:55
codernotzi have installed apache2 however htdocs is at usr/local and  documentroot at var/www what does it mean?08:57
shanemikelhas anybody used #ubuntu as an experiential reference for support job?08:59
shanemikelor another foss volunteer support role?08:59
witheldFuck....I've got to leave on a two hour drive in four hours and no one has this issue and I can't find anything about it and I'm gonna have to reinstall again08:59
codernotzwhats the issue witheld08:59
witheldIt's decrypting the wrong drive. The root drive was sdb when I installed, and it's now sda. When I boot, it asks me for the passphrase for sdb5 which doesn't exist09:00
witheldSo that just fails09:00
Seveaswitheld: your /etc/crypttab is busted.09:00
witheld/etc/crypttab, alright09:00
witheldI can work with that09:01
Seveasmount the encrypted drive in a live system, mount its /boot as well inside it, fix that file and regenerate your initramfs09:01
Seveascan you work with that or do you need more detailed instructions? (no sarcasm intended)09:01
witheldThink so09:02
Seveasshanemikel: yes, I did that when I applied for a job at the company I currently work at.09:02
codernotzwitheld did you try remounting sdb through recovery mode09:03
Seveascodernotz: that won't work if it doesn't exist :)09:03
codernotzoh so if it says sda .. try remounting that09:04
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SpectreSo people are actually here, that's cool09:07
cristian_codroid: done?09:07
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shanemikelSeveas: if you don't mind what class/type of company is that, what role is it, and how did you present such references?09:18
shanemikeldid you use irc handle references, github screennames, etc.. did you ask the folks for personal email/phone; what was the relationship you'd had with these people before (working on what?)09:21
witheldfixed it, thanks a ton Seveas09:24
Seveaswitheld: you're welcome :)09:30
Seveasshanemikel: e-commerce, sysadmin. I grouped it under 'Volunteer Ubuntu support' together with loco activities and other Ubuntu work I did. No references used/requested.09:31
ubuntu-mateOkay booted live dvd and everything works.09:33
ubuntu-mateI will try to install catalyst on the live cd now?09:34
ubuntu-mateI guess I can't.09:35
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xpl0iterHi I want to assign mutiple ip addresses and server different webpages with each of it using apache. how do I do? What is it called?10:02
NehezvoltRegelniHi! Is that normal, that on a 64bit ubuntu 15.10 apt-get always seems to try to donwload i386 packages?10:03
NehezvoltRegelniJust for a sample, apt-get install bb wants to install libaa1:i386 libcaca0:i386 libmikmod3:i386 libncursesw5:i386 libsdl1.2debian:i386 libslang2:i38610:04
NehezvoltRegelnibut why?10:04
cynixx3NehezvoltRegelni, are you sure your on 64 bit?10:04
NehezvoltRegelniAccording to uname-a :Linux x220 4.2.0-18-generic #22-Ubuntu SMP Fri Nov 6 18:25:50 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux10:05
NehezvoltRegelnicynixx3: i think i am:)10:05
Humbedoohare there 64bit versions of those packages?10:05
NehezvoltRegelnii was supposing that, but i'll check10:05
cynixx3also with those all being libraries maybe they are dependencies for a 32 bit program you installed.10:06
NehezvoltRegelnibut i was trying to install other things, and i never saw :i386 this many times than since i'm using 15.10 (2 days)10:06
HumbedoohI've seen it on occasion where 32bit is the only available option10:06
NehezvoltRegelniif i understand it well, it has amd6410:09
NehezvoltRegelninow i tried with "dia" it wants to install no :i38610:09
NehezvoltRegelniso maybe coincidence10:09
cynixx3any idea what program you installed that is using that library as a dependency?10:09
NehezvoltRegelnihmmmm, maybe the problem is even worse10:10
F4GG07what is the sexiest gui?10:10
NehezvoltRegelnicynixx3, Humbedooh it seems to be that the fault was the repository10:11
NehezvoltRegelnii was using one of the polish ones (no clue why the installer choosed that, i'm at hungary)10:11
NehezvoltRegelninow i changed to a german one, and it wasn't wanted to install :i38610:11
NehezvoltRegelniso now i might have a lot of :i386s that could be amd6410:13
NehezvoltRegelnido you have any idea how to replace them?10:13
NehezvoltRegelnisudo dpkg -l | grep :i386 | wc -l   ----> 175 :(10:13

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