xubuntu51wWhen I suspend my laptop and close the lid, it always overheats and the battery drains quickly. Anyone have an explanation for this? I'm on 15.04.01:05
xubuntu51wHow can I optimize the power consumption (aside from making changes to the power settings in the settings panel). Could it be that my hardware isn't efficient with the OS?01:06
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steven___woow lots of people here tinite.06:21
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xubuntu45whow is every thing?15:13
PhilGEEthings are good16:47
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naknomikHello! Just installed Xubuntu in a VM. It's great, fast! How do I map the 'Windows' key to open the Whisker Menu?18:02
naknomikmrkramps: Is Whisker Menu a command?18:05
mrkrampssry, `xfce4-popup-whiskermenu`18:05
naknomikmrkramps: Thanks.18:08
mrkrampsyou're welcome!18:08
xubuntu53wIs there a tool that will let me change the system-wide fixed-width font?18:09
mrkrampsxubuntu53w, i guess no18:09
mrkrampsif you talk about terminals and texteditors it is all a per application setting18:10
mrkrampsxubuntu53w, or are you talking about the monospace alias from the font cache?18:11
xubuntu53wI'm not entirely sure. but I'm guessing it's that. Think like in mousepad, where the default is 'use system monospace font'.18:13
mrkrampsxubuntu53w, that is a bit more tricky18:16
mrkrampsgimme amoment to check it out18:16
mrkrampsxubuntu53w, http://www.techytalk.info/change-serif-sans-serif-monospace-generic-font-families-mapping-linux-operating-system/18:25
xubuntu53wthanks for the help. i'll take a look. :)18:26
xubuntu53wI think i remember having seen this before. Thanks again, mrkramps .18:28
JohnnyComeL8lyHi, I need help with mounting a disk... nothing GUI works anymore. "Failed to mount 'x GB Volume' /n Not authorized to perform operation"19:18
hexhaxtronHi! I got a fresh install of Xubuntu 15.10. However, it's missing packages like pcsxr, teamviewer and rssowl... Should I add something else to sources.list?19:55
Unit193I've heard of one of those, teamviewer, which is proprietary and a wine packaged program.  http://bugs.debian.org/346541 there's that too. :P19:58
ubottuDebian bug 346541 in wnpp "RFP: rssowl -- Reader for RSS/RDF/ATOM Newsfeeds" [Wishlist,Open]19:58
hexhaxtronUnit193, is there a source with all those missing packages?20:03
Unit193I wouldn't know, except that you can download the wine bundled teamviewer from their site.20:03
JohnnyComeL8lyHi, I need help with mounting a disk... nothing GUI works anymore. "Failed to mount 'x GB Volume' /n Not authorized to perform operation"20:25

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