ahoneybunmm plasma is becoming a BIG pain in the butt with monitors01:13
tsimonq2ahoneybun: with Lubuntu I use arandr01:13
ahoneybunplasma does everything01:13
clivejoahoneybun: and the CI keeps blaming me :(01:14
ahoneybunclivejo: your doing your best on a system that is broken to start with01:14
ahoneybunwe all thank you for the work you, sgclark and yofel are doing01:14
* ahoneybun knows not how to restart plasma01:15
clivejoIm not doing anything at the moment, I have no idea whats going on any more 01:15
ahoneybunI was using Unity and it was working great for what I was doing01:16
ahoneybund_ed: still kicking?01:16
ahoneybunlogging out and back in fixed that01:19
sgclarkthings are a bit up in the air while we figure stuff out. hopefully we can work out a workflow next week01:20
ahoneybunI just don't know what to blame, plasma, the kcm, or kwin01:20
sgclarkoh I guess he left01:21
sgclarkmonitors broke again?01:21
ahoneybunthe panel was not listening01:21
ahoneybunno menu, no right click01:21
ahoneybunone desktop was black with nothing01:21
ahoneybunlogging out fixed it01:21
ahoneybunone thing that plasma never has gotten right I think is anything more then 1 monitor01:22
sgclarkwell I am nt much help. dunno what I did but my laptop keeps racing to 100% CPU and locks up.01:22
sgclarkI need to stop doing a million things on it I guess01:22
ahoneybunI had that but with the hard drive doing it01:22
ahoneybunnew harddrive fixed it01:23
sgclarkcould very well be01:23
sgclarkno monies01:23
ahoneybunI moved from a 1TB spin to 240GB ssd01:23
ahoneybunyou could try to request it from the fund01:23
ahoneybunubuntu one01:23
sgclarkcouldnt upgrade if I wanted to01:23
ahoneybunhow bad is your hardware sgclark?01:23
sgclarkcouple years old01:24
ahoneybunwhat CPU?01:24
sgclarkguess lappy here is actually going on 401:24
sgclarki7, was nice for its time01:24
ahoneybunyea Gen 2 maybe01:25
sgclarkjust wear and tear. I do everything on it..01:25
ahoneybunI have a 2 year old i7 here01:25
ahoneybunGen 401:25
ahoneybunIntel makes good chips01:25
sgclarkaye, this thing does much compiling and everything else, I think though it is just saying, I am tired mom, let me rest haha01:26
ahoneybunI have an AMD build I made about 4 years ago01:26
ahoneybunyea you need a decent CPU and SSD to really compile01:26
sgclarkyeah qt brings this thing to its knees.01:28
sgclarkand I been running jenkins and docker stuff for CI testing, but I think I have finally most of it moved to kde infra.01:28
sgclarkI can utilize launchpad for compiling till I can afford an upgrade.01:29
ahoneybunyea LP does have some uses lol01:30
ahoneybuneveryone is going away :(01:32
ahoneybungo munich01:32
sgclarkgonna be all work. Tons to do in short time01:32
ahoneybuneither way01:33
lordievaderGood morning10:10
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:59
clivejoyofel: ping19:57
clivejoor sgclark ?19:59
clivejoAnyways, following the publishing of kdeconnect-plasma here - http://download.kde.org/unstable/kdeconnect/0.9/src/kdeconnect-kde-0.9.tar.xz.mirrorlist  I packaged it up, but using the 0.9 as the version, is this ok?20:09
clivejoprevious its been 0.0+gitXXXXXXXX20:10
clivejowanted to know your thoughts on it20:10
clivejoif there are any testers here, its in my PPA (ppa:clivejo/wily and ppa:clivejo/xenial)20:14
* clivejo wanders off20:14
mparilloclivejo: Not sure I can test it, but it seemed to upgrade successfully: Unpacking kdeconnect-plasma (0.9-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1) over (0.0+git20151110-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1) ...23:11
mparilloOn xenial23:11
valorieoooo, leet23:12
clivejoI have it installed on xenial and seems to be working :)23:12
clivejovalorie: do you know why kvkbd has been dropped?23:12
valoriedunno what that is?23:13
valorie!info kvkbd23:13
ubottuPackage kvkbd does not exist in wily23:13
clivejoon screen keyboard23:13
valoriewell duh23:13
valoriethere is work on a new one, I believe23:13
valorieor adapted from one that already works on android23:13
clivejoits designed for KDE4, but seems to work on my xenial install23:13
valoriedoes it need porting?23:14
clivejolast update was in 201423:14
valorieI've heard one complaint in #kubuntu about the lack of an os keyboard23:14
clivejovalorie: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Kvkbd?content=5601923:14
valoriefor people wanting to run kubuntu on tablet, they really need one23:15
valorieclivejo: I would ask in #plasma and get some opinions23:15
valorieor better yet, plasma-devel list since it's a weekend23:16
clivejoit seems to work as intended23:16
clivejoIll package it up for wily and xenial, get some more people to test it23:16
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valoriecool. I'm upgrading my travel computer to xenial, since everybody seems to be having a good experience with it23:50
valoriethat's `sudo apt devel-upgrade -d` or so?23:50
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade23:51
clivejovalorie: dont do it if you need that computer for anything23:51
valorieI won't need it until April, really23:51
clivejoat the moment its just wily with a few new packages, but when development really kicks off, it will probably break!23:52
valoriewhen I'm not traveling, it is now the Test Box23:52
valoriebeen there, done that, and not doing it with *this* computer23:52
jussi01good morining lovely kubuntu  peoples :)23:52
valoriebleeding-edge can be painful23:52
valorie{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} to jussi01!23:53
valorieand good morning to lovely jussi people23:53
valorieclivejo: it is worth asking the author why his work isn't on KDE git, so that it gets released to everybody23:57
valoriekde-apps is a rather crappy site, but until someone replaces it, it molders away....23:58

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