odieI get a "No service configured" trying to run a shell script what does that mean00:00
only1dcbHello, all.  I am a linux n00b, & I am seeking help with the partitioning of my SSD for a dual boot between the existing Win10 install & Kubuntu.  It appears that the wizard in the install image I downloaded only has a wizard for a full format and install of Kubuntu.  And I am unsure of how to manually partition the drive to ensure that I keep Win10 installed as is.  Is anyone up who would be willing to help?01:13
only1dcb***2nd attempt *** Hello, all.  I am a linux n00b, & I am seeking help with the partitioning of my SSD for a dual boot between the existing Win10 install & Kubuntu.  It appears that the wizard in the install image I downloaded only has a wizard for a full format and install of Kubuntu.  And I am unsure of how to manually partition the drive to ensure that I keep Win10 installed as is.  Is anyone up who would be willing to help?01:23
krytarik!patience | only1dcb01:29
ubottuonly1dcb: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.01:29
only1dcbI was just following the IRC FAQ (Wait 5-10 minutes before re-posting a question on the channel.)01:30
krytarikonly1dcb: That depends on how busy the channel is really.01:31
only1dcbFair enough.01:31
krytarikCould ask in #ubuntu for that too, btw.01:31
only1dcbTrue.  I am assuming you don't have the knowledge I seek?01:32
krytarikNot regarding recent Windows versions and possibly UEFI anyway, yes.01:34
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:34
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lordievaderGood morning10:10
heinkel_111why is choqok not standard app in kubuntu?11:16
linuxuserwannabeheinkel_111: not standard?11:26
heinkel_111linuxuserwannabe: as in not  one of the applications supplied in the install11:29
heinkel_111telepathy is, choqok is not11:29
heinkel_111telepathy connects to this and that (odd list of services) , but I want something to connect to twitter and maybe facebook messaging11:31
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Smurphy_heinkel_111: I got one Heinkel He 111 as RC Model :)11:40
BluesKajHowdy folks12:59
Smurphy_Morning :)13:11
BluesKaj'Morning Smurphy_13:22
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Smurphy_Well, afternoon here ... Will start gaming with my wife :D Left4dead2 probably :)13:24
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excalibrSmurphy_, you have steam?13:53
mparilloOn 15.10 with backports, I used systems settings to create two new users, guest (with no password) and map (with a password). When I reboot, SDDM shows the two new users, but only map worked. Was it because guest is a reserved user name? Or because a password is really required?14:10
heinkel_111I am trying to open a file in Kate which is encoded ISO-8859-15, but Kate keeps opening it as UTF-8, then finds some problems and locks it for editing14:49
heinkel_111ie sets it to read only14:50
heinkel_111how to make it understand the righ encoding f14:51
heinkel_111got it14:52
heinkel_111needed to empty the session of open files, set tools > encoding > ISO-8859-15 and then load the files14:53
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Guest9778hi friends14:56
linuxuserwannabeheinkel_111: it should if it has BOM: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byte_order_mark14:59
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IlgazHeya people. A mysterious issue happening on HP Pavillion laptop w/ i5500 HD graphics with current kernel. Stops booting when updated to -1815:50
IlgazI suspect it has something to do with the logo being shown.15:55
jorgito11anyone out there who knows how to move the mouse using the arrows keys?16:04
jorgito11I have kubuntu 15.1016:04
Ilgazjorgito11: System / Preferences / Accessibility / Keyboard Accessibility / Mouse Keys16:09
TheDiveOdpkg --audit says that coreutils need to be configured, but dpkg --configure coreutils does nothing; any attempt to update other packaged makes dpkg segfault16:19
TheDiveOE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg received a segmentation fault.16:20
BluesKajjorgito11, system-settings>input devices>mouse>mouse navigation, check move pointer with keyboard16:20
BluesKajIlgaz, this is kubuntu , not ubuntu16:21
IlgazOh sorry BluesKaj , site confused me.16:22
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TheDiveOcan someone please help me dealing with a package not fully installed nor removed?16:26
BluesKajTheDiveO, dependency problems ?16:28
TheDiveOBluesKaj, oo it doesn't seem like that (standard) situation16:37
TheDiveOI've managed to download the coreutils package, and install it (again). Now status is "install ok unpacked"16:37
BluesKajTheDiveO,  that package should be installed by default...which kubuntu?16:39
TheDiveOBluesKaj: 15.0416:39
TheDiveOBluesKaj: may have happened in consequence to dkpg --remove kdevelop16:40
BluesKajis it stuck ?16:40
TheDiveOBluesKaj: what do you mean by "stuck"?16:40
BluesKajis the progress not moving16:40
BluesKajinstallation that is16:41
TheDiveOBluesKaj: there's no progress; apt-get upgrade results in "E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg received a segmentation fault."16:42
TheDiveOBluesKaj: dpkg --audit says that coreutils needs configuration16:42
TheDiveOBluesKaj: dpkg --configure coreutils doesn't report anything (silent)16:43
BluesKajTheDiveO, reinstall kdevelop just to see if that helps16:43
TheDiveOBluesKaj: breaks with the same error message; sub-process of dpkg sigseg's16:44
BluesKajTheDiveO, assume you've updated and upgraded and commented out any ppas that are no longer useful16:46
TheDiveOBluesKaj: yes.16:47
TheDiveOBluesKaj: dpkg status file clearly states: install ok unpacked16:48
BluesKajTheDiveO, what about dpkg --configure -a16:48
TheDiveOBluesKaj: how do I move it to configured? dpkg --configure coreutils does *nothing*16:48
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jorgito11yes BluesKaj but you can only move the cursor with the numpad in that way.... I wonder if there is a way to move it with the arrows keys.17:56
BluesKajno I have no idea17:57
jorgito11thank you BluesKaj17:59
Smurphy_excalibr: Yes - I have Steam, and I have my own Server here. But the Servers are crashing after the 2nd map ...18:05
Smurphy_All of them, at the moment.18:05
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ubottugigi__: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:18
randomGuy12hi guys maby im just an idiot, but how do i send a file from my pc to my smartphone through kde connect18:21
DragonslicerrandomGuy12: in Dolphin, there should be an item under Devices if your phone is paired18:24
DragonslicerYou can also click the KDEConnect icon in the system tray, then click the folder icon18:24
randomGuy12i disablet the remote file system because it dosent work and there is no entery in dolphin18:26
gigi70non ci capisco un cazz..18:31
BluesKaj!it | gigi7018:31
ubottugigi70: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:31
randomGuy12sorry guys im really an idiot the service wasn't selected in dolphin18:32
gigi70liste film18:35
gigi__come funziona18:36
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IlgazHey people. Install kubuntu 15.10, it boots fine, connect to internet, kernel gets updated and it never boots again. Complete freeze situation right at `loading initial ramdisk`. intel graphics 5500. I tried nomodeset too.20:33
Ilgazbbl let me remove quiet and splash params20:37
denza242Ilgaz: which kernel20:39
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hay207hi guys, i want a link explaining package versions21:41
hay207i understand this in changelog http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/debian-dir-overview.html21:42
hay207but what's the number before package version?21:43
heinkel_111what do I do to make Kate notice there is a new syntax file in /usr/share/katepart5/syntax ?21:43
hay207for ex 1:0.6-321:43
hay207i don't understand this21:43
hay207thanks :)21:45
Unit193Hey you actually looked it up, that's all I need to get involved.  Usually happens with upstream has versioning fun (goaccess), or when you need to "go back" a version (quassel, needed .10 for Debian's stable release and someone uploaded .11)21:47
hay207my problem is that i changed 0.7.2-0 to 0.7.2-0ubuntu1 ,but when i install it, i get newer version is available21:51
hay207i m packaging my first time :)21:52
* clivejo wishes hay207 good luck 21:53
hay207so, how should i rename version, installed version's 1:0.6-321:56
clivejois it the next release or did you grab it from git?22:00
hay207it is the current release22:01
hay207kvkbd package22:01
hay207the latest is 0.7.2 while that's available in repos 's 0.6.322:02
hay207it installed successfully22:03
hay207but this message appears : newer version available, although i m packaging the latest22:04
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clivejowhat displays that message?22:04
clivejowhen you install the .deb?22:05
clivejodid you bump the changelog?22:05
clivejois it packaged in kubuntu?22:06
hay207i changed it22:06
clivejowhats it called?22:06
hay207it 's kde virtual keyboard22:07
clivejoits not in wily22:07
clivejoonly trusty?22:08
hay207in trusty22:09
clivejoseems to be for arm6422:10
hay207check there https://launchpad.net/kvkbd/+packages22:11
hay207i can't remember if i installed it manually in trusty22:12
clivejowonder why its not packaged recently22:13
hay207yes, me too22:13
clivejogonna grab last version22:14
clivejomostly debian people in the changelogs22:16
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clivejohay207: does it work in Plasma 5?22:26
hay207clivejo: idk how to check my plasma version, i m using kubuntu 14.0422:36
hay207kde-libs 4.13.322:37
hay207is this what you mean ?22:37
clivejolooks KDE4 only22:38
clivejowhats the code name for 14.04?22:39
hay207kvkbd required this package as dependency: kdelibs5-dev22:41
clivejoyeah, Im getting that, but Im on xenial22:44
clivejoIve pushed it to LP to se if it builds :/22:44
clivejoholy moly22:46
clivejoit appears to have built :/22:48
hay207ok, isn't that good news ?22:49
clivejowell yes and no!22:49
clivejoI dont have trusty to test it22:49
clivejowhat arch are you i386 or amd64?22:49
clivejofancy being a guinea pig ?22:50
excalibrSmurphy, are you able to right click in text input area in steam ui without any problem?22:52
clivejowow, it works in Xenial!22:52
clivejottiny window22:53
hay207ok, you mean font is tiny?22:55
clivejothe keyboard on the screen22:55
hay207yes  , thats acts as a floating icon22:56
clivejothats pretty cool22:58
hay207you select auto-resize font22:58
hay207for bigger font22:58
hay207ok, so i continue my work on packaging it?23:00
hay207clivejo: that's not latest version23:04
hay207check latest here : http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Kvkbd?content=5601923:05
hay207latest 's 0.7.223:07
clivejohay207: http://s9.postimg.org/hq5j0byf2/kvkbd2.jpg23:07
hay207ok good then, check out the colour style23:09
hay207ok, g2g, see you later23:09
clivejoit probably not working properly on KF5/Plasma523:09
clivejogonna try package it for wily and xenial23:11
Bundestrojaner1good evening23:18
Bundestrojaner1where can i find xorg.1.log? it's not in /var/log23:18
bpromptBundestrojaner1:    hmm23:29
bpromptBundestrojaner1:    you could just do a find on it :)23:29
Bundestrojaner1bprompt: i just had a full system freeze - even ctrl+alt+f1 didn't work.23:29
Bundestrojaner1So i'm searching for a log of what happened23:29
bpromptBundestrojaner1:     I'm assuming you may be looking for Xorg.0.log though23:30
bpromptBundestrojaner1:    you could check the /var/log for the files with a recent timestamp with -> find /var/log -mmin -15 -name  X\*log23:33
bprompt-15 that is, in the last 15 minutes23:33
Bundestrojaner1bprompt: it happened 40 min ago, only result for mmin -40 is xorg.0.log23:35
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Bundestrojaner1but this file has no time stamps in it, so i have no idea what to search for?23:36
Guest28562Morning all. Is there some way to list the sheets in a vertical fashion on the right/left in LO/OO?23:36
=== Guest28562 is now known as jussi01
bpromptLO/OO?  what the?23:38
jussi01Libre office/ Open office. Sorryu23:38
bpromptBundestrojaner1:   no timestamp?  it does for me23:39
bpromptjussi01:    open office is a suite, not an app per se, are you referring to spreadsheets in Calc?23:39
jussi01bprompt: yes, my apologies for the lack of clarity, its still morning here and I am only half way through my coffee :)23:40
bpromptBundestrojaner1:     but I think Xorg.0.log is your man23:41
gargoylesmilesjussi01: just checking, is this feature currently available on MS Excel or other spreadsheet app?23:43
Bundestrojaner1bprompt: doesn't contain xorg.0.log the log since rebooting?23:44
Bundestrojaner1what about xorg.0.log.old?23:44
jussi01gargoylesmiles: not sure. It used to be available on apple, however they removed it. just the horizontal tabs are frustrating when you have about 50 odd sheets....23:44
bpromptjussi01:    don't think so, nope23:45
jussi01bprompt: thanks anyway :)23:46
bpromptjussi01:    hmmm it sorta wouldn't be that great of a design to begin with, btw, keeping in mind that it is a spreadsheet23:46
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jussi01bprompt: It wouldnt be bad to have a list view of tabs/sheets for easire navigation23:47
bprompthmmm rather =)23:51
bpromptjussi01:   I gather now I know what you mean, you have over 50 or so, and you'd like to make big jumps over to another one23:53
jussi01bprompt: yep23:53
bpromptjussi01:     in Calc go to View > Navigator, then click on Sheets [+] icon23:53
jussi01yeah, but that doesnt allow me to go to the sheet in question, just add a link into th sheet?23:55
bpromptjussi01:    it doesn't?   it jumps to a sheet for me :/23:56
bpromptI simply double-click the sheet there23:57
jussi01yeah, so that adds the link to the sheet to my current cell...23:59

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