tsimonq2I am kinda confused, where do the machines from https://launchpad.net/builders come from?03:53
tsimonq2and if I can add my own, how?03:54
tsimonq2because if I can help out I will03:54
retrojefflaunchpad will switch from bzr to git soon?04:33
wgranttsimonq2: Launchpad's security guarantees rely on the builders being under our control.05:42
wgrantMalicious admins could easily compromise any packages built on those machines.05:43
wgrantSo they're all on hardware maintained by Canonical.05:43
wgrantretrojeff: Launchpad supports both Bazaar and Git repositories.05:43
tsimonq2wgrant: ok, thanks, just wondered06:25
tsimonq2wgrant: because Debian does buildd, I was wondering if Ubuntu had something similar06:25
sergio-br2are there any way to the lauchpad recipe run debuild on ./folderX/ instead on ./ ?07:24
sergio-br2upstream tarball has not the same structure of the git master branch...07:25
sergio-br2changing to dh $@ --sourcedirectory="yabause/" is the dummiest way i guess07:31
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