hasselmmzbenjamin: hi, is there a branch of lp:qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu that compiles with qtc master?19:18
hasselmmeven more: what speaks against moving the plugin to the qtc repo and then let tobias and his gang deal with their permanent api breaking? ;-)19:19
hasselmm...but situation right now is, that I'd have to setup a virtual machine or something for using the ubuntu sdk, as the qtc from ubuntu sdk kills my kits from qtc 3.619:20
hasselmmhmm... found https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/blog/2015/04/13/inner-workings-sdk/, and this gives me a click package19:38
hasselmmquestion now is how to manually upload it to the phone19:39
hasselmmhmm... let's see what the plugin does for deploying packages...19:44
jaywinkappdevs: tried to hack on an app today, first time with SDK. Was following some API docs and came upon the need for Ubuntu.Content QML lib. Now, I'm on 14.04 but the target is set to 15.04 sdk. Thus I was surprised that this library was not imporable in my SDK. Does one really need 15.04 to develop apps with this library, or is there something wrong in my SDK install?19:49
ahayzenhasselmm, if you use adb push /path/on/pc.click /path/on/device.click ... then you can run ... adb shell pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted /path/on/device.click .. to install the click on the device19:51
ahayzenjaywink, how are you running the app in the emulator or on a device or on the desktop directly ?19:52
hasselmmahayzen: cool, let's try!19:52
jaywinkahayzen, the problem is qtcreator says "cannot import" to the QML import .. ie "import Ubuntu.Content 1.1" as per 15.04 API docs example19:53
jaywinkso I'm assuming the library is just missing. I just added the PPA and installed the ubuntu-sdk19:54
ahayzenyeah i get that as well, but it runs fine on device19:54
jaywinkaha :P19:54
jaywinkso the lib is just missing locally for some reason. A friend of mine said for him it imports in the editor too, but he is running 15.0419:55
ahayzenidk, i've always had that problem with QtC seems to get confused with the chroot's or something. Probably best to ask in EU working hours in the week when some sdk guys are about if you want further help/guidance19:56
ahayzenjaywink, have you got a device or setup the emulator to try it on ?19:57
hasselmmahayzen: hey, this works! cool!19:59
ahayzenhasselmm, yey \o/19:59
jaywinkahayzen, yes I have an Aquaris 4.5. I'll ignore the import errors then and actually try running it. I didn't even try running or working on the app due to the missing parts of the SDK I need. thanks!19:59
hasselmmso much more enjoyable to get live help via irc, than visiting endless stackoverflow pages.20:00
hasselmmfeels so much more real, it so more enjoyable :D20:00
hasselmmbut hey, cool. seems for a start i can deal with customizing qtc project settings... long term solution (ubuntu plugin in qtc master :D) will take longer :D20:02
ahayzenhasselmm, this script may be of interest to you, i use it for deploying bzr branches to my device http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13289724/20:04
hasselmmguess i'll have to abuse that i can visit the qtc creator developers via public transportation, and donate some a few beers... :D20:05
hasselmmahayzen: thank you!20:05
ahayzenhah :-) no problem20:05
hasselmmand my spelling is horrible this evening... sorry for that.20:06

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