tsimonq2just curious, I have seen build servers for Ubuntu that build packages for the repos. Are those only Ubuntu servers that can do that, or can I contribute my free resources to do this on my server?02:22
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slangasekpitti: latest kernel autopkgtests show a failure because the testbed is being upgraded to -proposed before the pin preferences are set, pulling in a new libuuid1 from xenial-proposed; so when the package tests later try to install uuid-dev (transitive build-dep of apparmor), this fails05:43
jjohansenhallyn: yes, because they are. nsfs use proc magic to have the symlink jump to the nsfs dentry/inode05:45
jjohansenstgraber: the systemd thing is that systemd doesn't have a restart/reload. They do a stop and then start for it. But for apparmor stop tears down the loaded policy, and your attachments/mappings to tasks are lost05:47
jjohansenwe are going to have to do something different so that policy doesn't get removed like that05:48
jjohansenback to nsfs, I have some ideas on how to deal with it, but haven't gotten to implementing them yet05:49
infinityslangasek: Yeah, that's a known bug/misfeature that pitti's left in place to make sure the base system gets testing.  I think we should just introduce some autopkgtests for util-linux, etc, and fix the bug.05:57
slangasekah?  yes, I agree06:03
slangasekit would be less of a problem in this case of util-linux wasn't hanging the ppc64el buildds06:10
slangasek(because then util-linux would be migrate and linux tests would be fine)06:10
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cjwatsontsimonq2: Thanks for the offer, but to ensure proper security we only build packages on systems we run ourselves.10:50
cjwatsontsimonq2: (We're also not particularly short of x86 builder capacity nowadays.)10:51
tsimonq2cjwatson: Ok, I was just wondering as Debian has their buildd setuo15:15
hallynjjohansen: ok, thx.16:45
cjwatsontsimonq2: Debian doesn't take buildd contributions from just anyone, either :)17:52
cjwatsontsimonq2: Most Debian buildds these days are DSA-operated17:52
cjwatsonBut they do have somewhat different constraints.17:52
hjdHi all. :) Someone who around who can rebuild packages which failed to build on Xenial? Looks like both s3fs-fuse and node-string-decoder failed due to random errors when attempting to download packages. (https://launchpadlibrarian.net/225417305/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.s3fs-fuse_1.79%2Bgit90-g8f11507-1_BUILDING.txt.gz and18:15
hjdAnd it looks like libmath-bigint-gmp-perl and turbogears2-doc both attempted to build before all dependencies had been synced/built, so they might work better now as well. Thanks in advance :)18:16
ginggs_hjd: i'll do it18:44
ginggs_hjd: node-string-decoder failed again for a different reason18:51
ginggs_hjd:  s3fs-fuse, libmath-bigint-gmp-perl and turbogears2-doc built ok18:53
hjdginggs_: Yes, looks like node-string-decoder has a real bug. Thanks again :)18:57
Unit193barry: I don't suppose that bzr-fastimport thing is on your agenda anymore then?19:01
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