Pandorianubuntu gnome is no longer loading the GUI shell inside a virtualbox, after some recent updates... any ideas why?06:17
Pandorianrunning gnome-shell returns errors06:17
darkxstPandorian, please provide more details, what versions and perferably logs07:29
darkxstricotz, I can't see why XDG_SESSION_CLASS Would be set in a login session, but probably doesnt matter if its the correct value08:42
darkxstthough I do wonder if we now have a running systemd user sessions08:43
Pandorianits ok i solved the problem, not fully  sure how... i think it might have been either  a bug in the vbox or memory allocation issue where i had to free up more ram09:37
darkxstPandorian, vbox is a piece of crap, just use vmware player ;)09:38
Pandorianthe latest verion seems to be ok09:38
Pandorianhow is vmware player superior?09:38
darkxstPandorian, all the core guest side stuff (including 3D drivers) is fully open-source and mainlined in the kernel09:39
Pandoriani see09:39
darkxstlike you can boot any livecd, and it will be fully functional without installing guest additions09:39
darkxstand there is a reason the evil (According to some) proprietry company has their 3d driver in the mainline kernal, and vbox never will!09:41
Pandoriani will definitely experiment with it09:46
lindolhi all\12:30
lindoldarkxst, Hi :)13:10
lindolWhere could i get Ubuntu gnome 16.04 image?13:20
lindolfor testing13:20
lindolx-Na, Thnk you for your help :)14:06
bcxHi is it possible to get back icons on nautilus right-click menus on 3.18?18:00
bcxgsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings overrides {'Gtk/MenuImages': <1>} doesn't work anymore, any idea ?18:00
bcxhis is specially an issue for people with weak eyes like me, icons help us a lot18:00
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