slangasekwhy does the ubuntu kernel's test suite install... exim?05:00
apwslangasek, erm something must think it wants to send email ... where you seeing that, adt, somewhere else ?21:12
slangasekapw: it's in the autopkgtest output; when the ubuntu-regression-test test runs, it goes about installing a bunch of packages one by one (nice that the output lists the commands it runs, btw!  Wish other things would do that...)21:13
apwslangasek, yeah ... it is21:13
slangasekapw: I looked through the code and it appears to call a sendmail api directly to talk to gmail21:13
slangasekno visible invocations of sendmail or exim in the tree21:13
apwwhy on earth would it need to do that ... bjf ^21:13
slangasekand exim is not the preferred mta :)21:13
slangasekwell I think it's sending mail to Brad21:14
apwyeah, i'd say it is a hangover from the old trigger mechanisms, we moved to aqpm for most things so its likely redundant21:14
slangasekahhhh why is this machine firewalled off of ddebs.u.c!21:14
slangasekapw: ok. fwiw I'm working on fixing the root cause of the actual kernel autopkgtest failures right now (util-linux stuck in xenial-proposed, and autopkgtest doing silly things with base packages)21:15
slangasekahhhh why is binutils failing to create dbgsyms packages!21:17
apwslangasek, doing silly things?  most of the recent carnage was to do with the more selective package pinning changes ...22:00
slangasekapw: the autopkgtest infrastructure does a dist-upgrade of the testbed before installing any per-package deps; then it sets the package pins; which means libuuid1 gets upgraded to xenial-proposed, then we drop a pin that says libuuid-dev can only come from xenial22:00
slangasekaccording to infinity this is a deliberate misfeature at the moment because it "ensures testing of the base packages".22:01
slangasekbut those packages should get their own autopkgtests declared, and we should set the pin before touching anything in the tetsbed22:01
Ben64are we going to get new kernels without rebooting now?22:10
apwslangasek, yep, that does sound confusing indeed22:24

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