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mwhudsoni tried to upgrade to wily on friday and ended up reinstalling :/21:57
mwhudsonthank heavens for backups and usb321:57
ibeardsleebit soon for wily isn't it?22:01
ibeardslee..oh n/m wily is 15.10 .. carry on22:02
ibeardsleeXenial Xerus is 16.0422:04
ajmitchmight still be a bit early to upgrade for some22:05
ibeardsleelet's not get me on things like choices between things like Unity7/Xorg and Unity8/Mir .. LTS should be solid and set for one of them .. leave the other versions for that sort of playing22:06
ajmitchunity 8 by 18.04 then?22:11
ibeardsleeheh, it might also come with perl 622:13
olly_precise had perl 6: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/rakudo22:15

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