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tsimonq2just curious, I have seen build servers for Ubuntu that build packages for the repos. Are those only Ubuntu servers that can do that, or can I contribute my free resources to do this on my server?02:27
PryMar56tsimonq2, nothing is stopping you. apt-get source PackageOfInterest02:38
PryMar56tsimonq2, run ^^ as user02:39
tsimonq2PryMar56: but is there an automated way of doing this and reporting it back to the server like the automatic build machines?02:43
PryMar56tsimonq2, I can barely rebuild a single dsc by hand.. I would never try that02:55
tsimonq2PryMar56: but then how do the servers do it?02:56
PryMar56tsimonq2, that is need to know basis.. when you need to know, all will be disclosed (my interpretation)02:56
tsimonq2PryMar56: can you disclose?03:11
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tsimonq2PryMar56: I would like to know03:45
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hungry_mosquitoHi! how to I create a Limit rule for a user in Ubuntu Server 15 ?06:21
hungry_mosquitoerm...bandwidth limit rule.06:21
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lordievaderGood morning10:10
stochastixI take it ubuntu 14.04 does not use systemd?16:38
jellystochastix: correct16:40
jelly14.04 LTS is still on upstart16:40
stochastixjelly: thanks.  Do you know off hand if you change the nginx website root dir in the nginx.conf file?16:46
jellyno idea about nginx16:47
stochastixk, thanks, let me google that for me  :)16:47
mrtAkdenizguys hey there17:25
mrtAkdenizhow did I done i have no idea, but I stopped my server's ssh17:25
mrtAkdenizi checked what is listening port 2217:26
mrtAkdenizit returns nothing..17:26
lordievaderThat makes sense, right?18:49
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jaffrayHello from Canada. I would like to setup a network of ubuntu machines across a few physical servers running ESXi 6 as the hypervisor and ubuntu server as the os for most machines.  I find that it's a pain setting up user accounts on each machine. My research leads me to believe that I want to setup an authentication server with all user information.  Would someone please kindly give me21:35
jaffraysome important terms and concepts which I should include in my research so I can address the important issues?  Right now I see LDAP as the user database, I know I need RSA keys for users, and I have yet to figure out how to have the other servers use the authentication server for their accounts.  Thank you and much appreciated!21:35
TJ-!info libpam-ldap | jaffray21:40
ubottujaffray: libpam-ldap (source: libpam-ldap): Pluggable Authentication Module for LDAP. In component universe, is extra. Version 184-8.7ubuntu1 (wily), package size 40 kB, installed size 167 kB21:40
stochastixhow do i see what version of php is installed?21:51
stochastixcan i see that with aptitude?21:51
TJ-stochastix: "apt-cache policy php5" ?21:52
stochastixis php5 different than php5-fpm?21:54
jaffrayTJ - Thanks.  I'll start with that.  Any other 'search-terms/concepts" or programs you can suggest?21:58
bindiwhich usb creation tool should I use for 14.04 server?22:45
bekksbindi: dd22:45
bindiwhich usb creation tool should I use for 14.04 server on windows?22:45
bindihi, i've tried to create my usb 3 times now, md5sum matches for the ubuntu-14.04.3-server-amd64.iso, tried with unetbootin twice and linux live usb creator. it always fails integrity check on the same package: ./pool/main/m/maas/python-maas-provisioningserver_1.7.6+bzr3376-0ubuntu2~14.04.1_all.deb22:46
bindiposted that on #ubuntu - you sure it'll work? :P22:46
bindii checked the md5sum of that file myself just now and it matches what the md5s file has22:46
bekksbindi: check the md5sum of the iso.22:47
bindii did that aswell22:47
bindii did mention that22:47
bindido i want to use "write in iso image mode (recommended)" or "write in dd image mode"?22:48
bindigoing with dd :)22:51
jvwjgamesHow do I regenerate 80 persistent rules23:15
jvwjgamesThat control the network23:15

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