Spacedawgg_ieyo dudes,  relaise this is a software support channel mainly, but If I have a hardware problem, it can't see SIM no matter what I do. if I bought an android phone off the highstreet, I'd return it and get a replacement, what's the procedure for return a faulty MX4 handset bought from the ubuntu.com site? who do I contact?08:05
Spacedawgg_iein the spirit of the old addage about getting linux community support please insert snide "windows phone is better than ubuntu touch for customer support" comment here. ;)08:06
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jaywinkhi! anyone got any pointers to how I could get an app without a GUI into the sharing menu? so the plan is an app that takes an url (from share menu) and launches the browser to a defined bookmarklet address, since the browser does not currrently support those14:00
jaywinkor basically the question is -  how do I list an app to be included into the share menu? looking at sources of Pockit (https://github.com/turanmahmudov/PockIt), having hard time understanding what does that trigger14:12
jaywinkI guess I can make mine a QML app if the UI is a must..14:12
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dtrgHello --- does anyone have a source of *manual* instructions for installing Ubuntu Touch?17:12
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jaywinktried to hack on an app today, first time with SDK. Was following some API docs and came upon the need for Ubuntu.Content QML lib. Now, I'm on 14.04 but the target is set to 15.04 sdk. Thus I was surprised that this library was not imporable in my SDK. Does one really need 15.04 to develop apps with this library, or is there something wrong in my SDK install?19:30
hasselmmjaywink: guess the proper channel is #ubuntu-app-devel ... although it seems very dead around this time19:37
jaywinkhasselmm, ah thanks, thought this was the one for everything ubuntu phone :)19:41
hasselmmjaywink: well, yeah... actually i am very clueless about his phone still... only got int a few days ago19:42
jaywinkolny had mine for a week or so too. desperately want to make an app for sharing links with, so trying to hack something together that pops in share menu and then when shared to launches a bookmarklet url in the browser19:44
hasselmmjaywink: yeah, the joy (no pun) of owning a niche phone :D19:47
hasselmmi struggle so far with the qtcreator in the ubuntu sdk killing the kits of qtcreator from git19:47
hasselmmmust find a way to keep my kits first, before i can proceed19:48
jaywinkI struggle with QtCreator. Period. :D19:49
hasselmmwhat? :D19:49
hasselmmjaywink: guess you rather struggle with its ubuntu plugin :D19:50
jaywinkstruggling to understand and use it ;) though the run stuff is very nice, works like a dream19:50
jaywinkrunning an app on the phone19:51
hasselmmjaywink: i just wish the ubuntu plugin would live in the qtc repository, just like the plugins for android, ios, blackberry, meego, ...19:52
hasselmmless trouble for people using qtc for their daily work19:52
jaywinksounds reasonable :/19:52
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xenchrarrHi guys. I'm trying to install ubuntu touch on my meizu mx4. When I bought it, it had ubuntu tou installed, then I installed flyme, and now I have android on it. So I have unlocked everything I need I think, but when I try to install with "ubuntu-device-flash" it says that it can't find the device M75 on the server.. Have anyone done this?23:28

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