aedendI'm testing out using weechat over ssh16:12
aedendI installed weechat on my vps and connected with a different nick16:13
aedendbut the nick minasota shows me as ~aeden@ How is that possible?16:15
Unit193That's the DO droplet...16:20
aedendUnit193 I get the ip address part. What I don't understand is how it tied me into an unaffiliated nick16:37
aedendwith no prior configuration on the server side of weechat16:37
Unit193You mean the ident, based on your account on the server?16:39
aedendI guess, I read that weechat defaults to a nick based on the user account running it. I changed nicks but the username and real name did not change16:40
aedendI set defaults to minasota for both.. still didn't change16:40
aedendnever mind, seems to work now16:43

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