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rouge_but I need to start ffado-dbus-server AND restart alsa in order to get some sound21:10
rouge_can you explain this weird behavior ?21:10
OvenWerksrouge_: I am not sure I can help... but it looks like the first line of what you said is missing.21:36
OvenWerksrouge_: I don't have any experience with firewire stuff at all. I do know that it has changed and that FW drivers have been introduced into ALSA.21:38
OvenWerksrouge_: I do know that only one or the other can be used. The general idea is to try ALSA with no ffado drivers and use it like any ALSA audio interface.21:39
OvenWerksrouge_: However, If your particular FW audio interface will not work with the ALSA drivers, then ALSA has to blacklist it's FW drivers so that the FFADO drivers can be loaded instead.21:41
OvenWerksrouge_: That is the extent of my FW knowledge  :)21:41
rouge_OvenWerks, thanks22:06
rouge_it works with both actually22:06

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