aisraelI think I've got something funky going on with my dns on wily w/juju 1.25. It'll work, then stop (can't resolve internal dns), then start working again. At the same time, I'm having deployed machines able to resolve names but not connect (i.e., apt-get update)01:54
aisraelOk, that last part gets fixed by restarting lxc-net (a side-effect of my iptables script to port forward to containers.01:57
blahdeblahaisrael: I experience that all the time completely without respect to juju02:31
blahdeblahNetworkManager seems to be very stop-start when it comes to rational DNS resolution.02:32
aisraelblahdeblah: So I've noticed. The quickest way to get it back is to ssh in and restart nm. I'm combing logs now to try to find what's getting run that confuses it02:33
blahdeblahIt has been like that since at least trusty; I got into the habit of adding /etc/hosts entries for anything important.  I probably should rather start debugging it a little and submit bugs against NM.02:34
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DarkNetoh, so sad. this is not about jujujoints :(04:47
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blahdeblahlazypower: I've read your DNS charm documentation today for the 2nd time, and I'm still trying to work out whether it's what I should be using for my particular application.  If you're around late in your day sometime, would you mind me picking your brain about it for a few minutes?06:45
gnuoyjamespage, Could I get a second opinion on https://code.launchpad.net/~ionutbalutoiu/charms/trusty/neutron-gateway/next/+merge/276833 ? I'm inclined to merge it and add a comment to config.yaml saying "if you need to use this config option please consider filing a bug against the charm to explicitly expose the config option you are setting"08:26
gnuoyor words to that effect that actually make sense08:27
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jamespagegnuoy, agreed - and some unit tests would also be nice09:15
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josearosales: hey, good news! we got accepted into Google Code-In - we're on the search for tasks right now :)16:42
arosalesjose: woot!16:46
arosalesjose: good to hear16:46
arosalesjose we can certainly help with tasks :-)16:46
arosalesjose: would you like me to just send them to you or do you have have a google doc, git-hub page, or something I can reference?16:47
josearosales: google doc is fine. marcoceppi offered to be a mentor I believe, so maybe you can work with him, or if you want you can be a mentor too16:49
arosalesjose: I would be interested. I am not sure how the whole process works, but I would like to learn more and work with you to make it sucessfull.16:52
arosalesjose: would you perfet github repo or google doc?16:53
josearosales: google doc works for me - I'm working on mobile a lot and it's easier to access :)16:53
arosalesjose: oh, I was talking more long term too, not just for today16:53
josearosales: yeah, university schedule keeps me here 7am-8pm :D16:54
joseand semester finishes second week of december16:54
arosalesI bet  :-)16:54
joseso, mentors are basically the ones who publish tasks and review that they have been done16:54
joseand if students have any questions about an specific task they can ask the mentor they published16:54
joseyes, it's easy as it sounds16:54
arosalesjose: I made https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZFAJiuml59dF_1qJmCmrTqRoJxQRJddcL3baxnkmoh8/edit just for the initial plannin17:01
arosalesopen to anyone if anyone elses has any ides17:01
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